A Cyborg in the Park

February 10 2015: Bobby is helping some folks finish up the Central Park reconstruction… and Victor drops in

Central Park

Central Park is just receiving some finishing touches from the X-Red led reconstruction effort.



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Central Park. Thanks to the efforts of X-Red and the Titans it's all starting to come back together. The efforts have been fairly intensive (and, thanks to Berto, also fairly public) but it's finally all starting to look like a park again. Bobby's out supervising a group of volunteers putting up some finishing touches near the the south western corner. And by supervising we mean absulotely abusing his ice powers to help keep things where they're supposed to be while the people with tools fix them into place. Ice is a wonderful thing especially when wielded by someone with a physics degree. He's also here to make sure they all stay safe. Meta protesters and anti-mutant types have occasionally caused trouble, which sort of boggles Bobby's mind a bit, but that's just how some people feel about it. They'd rather not have metas anywhere, even rebuilding Central Park.

Suddenly from the sky a tall muscular figure comes crashing down into the middle of the park causing a decently sized crater from the sheer speed of the impact. With how he comes back to a stand it looks almost like something out of the terminator. Actually looking at just the exposed robotic side of his face, red eye, chrome plating and all one could be forgiven for thinking he was a terminator. He's dressed in a torn and bullet hole ridden brown hoodie, and similarly damaged cargo pants, the hood having been ripped down before he even landed.

Luckily the volunteers that had been until this point planting flowers there are able to jump right out of the way. Landing on either side of the rather deep crater. They do manage to get a good view of this thing, one half of his face a chrome plated skull ripped right from the T-800 the other that of a teenage boy with dark brown skin, pitch black short curly hair, and a rather disheartened expression at the fact that he's just made a bit of a scene of things.

Bobby's over there… well not quite in a flash. He has to run to get to the crater and by the time he does there's a small crowd gathering. "Alright, folks, easy." A young (well, older than Victor but 22 isn't that old) sandy haired man whose hands are currently starting to ice over. That is until he sees the rather crestfallen look on the young man's face. What is it with Bobby and happening on unknown meta types?

"Hey? You okay?"

Flipping back up his hood Victor makes his way over to the edge of the crater and it's only when he's on proper even ground that it becomes a bit obvious how, well large and bulky he is, at 6'6" tall with bits of chrome, and lighting poking through the bullet holes in his jacket. Really looking at him about half of his head marks the only real 'human' parts to him, the single eyebrow he has allowing him a bit more range to emote.

"Doing better then whatever this was supposed to be" The teenager scratching the back of his hood. "Sorry for" A small pause as he motions over towards the damage with a single chromed hand. "Well that, I'm still getting used to this new body." Victor lets out a bit of a nervous laugh still sounding perfectly human if not a bit shamed with himself. "Don't exactly have any money to pay to fix it."

Bobby pulls over one of the volunteers. "Hey, go tell Berto we're gonna need another load of potting soil and some more concrete, yeah?" He grins and nods in the direction he last saw the solar mutant. "Think I saw him somewhere over that way." And off he goes.

"Okay folks let's get it cleaned up." The ice nerd offers a hand out. Still iced up. He can make ice from nothing but can't exactly just make it go away. "Let me help you out of there. Say… you look familiar… Victor Stone, right?" No, that can't be right. "Er, aren't you supposed to be in a hospital?"

"It's just Cyborg now," Victor affirms, taking Bobby's hand and using it to help himself out of the small crater. Trying to give a bit of a smile to the man of ice, his own hand yet more of that same metal that covers the rest of his body excluding that small portion of skull. From this close a dull red glow visible on his chest even through the bullet ridden hoodie. "I got better."

Bobby mostly works in a lab. 'Hero' work comes with the X-Red job but for him it's a lot of civil relief and emergency 'constuction' and a lot less crime stopping. Though he does, granted, get into more than his fair share of fights like this. Which is why he catches the state of the hoodie. "Cyborg huh? Fits. Though by the looks of things someone objected to you getting better." Beat. "I'm Bobby Drake." He doesn't say X-Red though their launch was very, very public and Bobby's name and face were part of that media blitz. He's not a celebrity or anything but folks do have a greater than average chance of knowing who he is.

"Bobby Drake," Victor parrots, trying to ignore some of the looks he's getting as people try to minimize the damage he just caused. "You're with that x thing right?" He asks after a moment of thought, getting his footing stable again. "And eh wh-" He cuts himself off holding up the hoodie a bit to check the bullet holes again not quite sure if he's expecting them to be gone now. "Sometimes you just jump into the wrong part of town, you know"

"Is the wrong part of town like fifty stories up?" Bobby grins as he looks back the way Victor came, trying to figure out where exactly that would be. "Because if so, I need to make a note." Manhattan can get rough though it is gentrifying a lot. Even Hells Kitchen is a lot nicer than it used to be. As people get back to work Bobby lowers his voice.

"You in any kind of trouble? I can help but there are people here and if I need to clear them out I'd rather know now."

Victor's doing his best to keep his moral high, but with things how they are that's proven a bit difficult. "Listen man, I.." He almost doesn't know how to put it, pulling the hood back down as his expression grows a bit more serious. "I'm kind of on the wrong side of the science police at the moment, dad thinks just because he fixed me up I'm property of STAR labs," He throws down a single arm a bit exasperated as he speaks trying to keep his voice down "Man, I can't even take a dump without them showing up trying to haul me back in for 'completion'"

"Science Police, eh?" Bobby folds his arms, thinking. Victor doesn't need a superhero right now, he needs a damn lawyer. Possible that X-Red can help out there but… maybe best to get the facts first. "Hey, everyone, we've been at this for a while. Why not go down to the food truck and get some coffee and cider and grub?"

The volunteers seem to like this idea and as they clear out Bobby motions for Victor to follow him deeper into the park. Bit more privacy there. "Okay, so your dad works for STAR labs and he keeps trying to haul you back. Sounds like this is a bit complicated, huh? Mind telling me what's going on? Decent chance I can help, or know someone who can. I just need to know where to send you."

Doing the smart thing Victor waits until the break is called, and people have for the most part filed off for their respective lunches before saying anything more. "Listen man, I don't know what happened all I know is one minute I'm talking with mom about how the superbowl turned out, and Bam" He smacks his hands together to get the point across some sort of short range EMP going off and short circuiting the cellphones of the poor workers nearby. "I wake up strapped down to some table in the lab, with a whole best buy strapped to me, people hovering over me saying mom's dead, and I'm 'better'"

Bobby frowns at that. "Better, huh?" Okay, so, maybe medical intervention but still… "I'm guessing it wasn't a hospital or anything right? And how's your dad involved?"

Victor runs a hand down his face letting out a sigh as he tries to think of how he can explain this without sounding crazy. "They are…" He pauses for a second "Were, the top researchers for STAR labs, used me like a guinea pig my whole life, guess dad didn't want to lose his favorite experiment." A small bit of disgust in his voice.

Yeah. Victor definitely needs a lawyer. A good one. Unfortunately X-Red's lawyers have a handful dealing with the fallout of Audrey's problems. Which is rather significant given that they're going up against the Department of Defense and even though they have the right of it it's not like it isn't risky, expensive and time consuming.

"Alright. I think I have a rough idea then. So, I'll be honest, you're gonna need someone to go to court for you. And, also some backup on top of that since your dad doesn't seem to be real scrupulous." He gets out his wallet and pulls out one of the Titans' business cards. One with an address for their Staten Island office on it. "You know about the Titans?"

Flipping over the card a few times in his over-sized hands Victor looks a bit confused for a second. "Played with the Ford Titans for four years," His robotic eye zooming clearly in and out on the card as he offers another smile, trying not to let the idea of a legal battle against his father get to him. "I uh, don't suppose these guys are a team looking for someone like me?" A rather joking tone to his voice as he pockets the card.

Pretty much no hero team openly recruits. For good reason. That's a good way to get the nutjobs to come out of the woodwork. Most though keep an eye out for promising talent. "You'd have to ask them. Though if I were you I'd worry about getting clear first and then career options later. Head down there and tell them Bobby sent you. We're on pretty good terms. Explain your situation to them and I'll bet they think it sucks just as much as I do."

"Booyah!" Cyborg calls out a bit louder then intended pumping down his fist. "Still in the game baby, mutant big leagues here I come," He doesn't seem to care that he's just managed to rip his hoodie open completely exposing his fully chromed upper body, more focused on getting right back on the pitch. "I can see it now 'Cyborg' worlds finest wide receiver, just wait till they see me in action baby."

Hopefully Cyborg makes a better reciever than he does a ball. Bobby's fairly sure he'd rather not be near any falling Victors in the future.

He also deliberately doesn't correct the young man. If he's excited about going down to see the Titans and thinks they're a football team, well he'll soon have that fixed. The important thing right now is that he goes and sees them. He's got a serious problem and Bobby doesn't think that X-Red can help him just at the moment.

Though that thought of a meta sports league… you know that has some potential… if ever you could build a stadium that it were safe to hold it in. "From the looks of you, I'd do that today. Before more folks show up to pay you a visit." Beat. "Do you, um, need some spare clothes?"

"Go Cyborg, it's your birthday," The teen breaking into a bit of a mini dance at the sheer idea of moving into an even more challenging bracket despite such a thing not really existing for him anymore in the world of sports. "go cyborg get some work day, go cyborg go c- I uh- what"

He stops in the middle of his happy dance coming to the sudden realization that now he's just wearing what looks like a chrome armor suit, but is actually his body now. "Oh good gravy" His face suddenly turning as bright a red as it can with embarrassment as he covers all of the nothing he has on display, trying to hide himself from the world. "Clothes, please."

Bobby chuckles. It's not the first time he's seen some meta with tore up clothes. Bodies being more durable than clothing is not an uncommon problem. Nyx has it all the time.

"Come on. There's a place up the street, we'll find you something that fits." Perks of being X-Red? Bobby gets paid fairly well.

Cyborg peaks out from the bush he's hiding in, his body molding honestly looking enough like clothing as it stands, if not for the blinking lights, and bright red chest piece reminiscent of Iron man. "Are you kidding, I'm not walking around /naked/" He hides deeper into the brush when a woman about his age jogs past through the park, his face turning an even brighter red, as he tries to use a leaf to hide his face. "I need my cloooooooothes"

Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Dooooooooon't laugh. Despite the fact that it's really funny. "Well… hang on…" Bobby goes over to a bench where a number of the volunteers had laid their coats when the work started getting sweaty. One of them is an oversized trench coat. "Here. See if this fits. We really will have t oget you something fit to you. You're pretty tall."

"I swear if you tell anyone about this…." Victors voice cracking a bit as he tries to speak from the embarrassment of it all. Practically ripping the trenchcoat out of Bobbies hand, Victor quickly vanishes into the bush. Coming out soon after in a trenchcoat that's about two sizes two small for him. Yet it covers up the important bits…. which he doesn't exactly have anymore from the looks. He kind of looks almost normal dressed like this, well if you ignore the roboskull and odd hands. "They better have a hoddie in my size." His face still visibly red with embarrassment.

"I'm sure we can fine something." Bobby soothes, still doing his best not to laugh. This is another reason to get him down to the Titans' office building right away.

Clearing his throat Victor starts walking at a somewhat quickened pace. Which at his size is a fairly good clip, though nothing to write home about in a world with the speed force. "Please no paparazzi, please for all that is good and cheesy in the world." Victors face finding itself hidden behind a conveniently discarded newspaper that he picks up from the trash. For someone who basically looks to be built inside of his clothing he really seems to be shy.

Bobby doesn't say anything about the likelihood of him going unnoticed if someone decides to start snapping pictures. Fortunately, the ice nerd himself is not camera bait, so the block or so to the clothing outlet is fairly easily covered. They get some odd looks once inside, but Iceman manages to mostly diffuse them with a shrug and a slightly roguish smile.

"Okay, where we are. See if you can find something that fits and you like and we'll go from there."

Victor practically runs into the store after what to him felt like an eternity and was in actuality only about five minutes of walking at the very most. He's diving right for the big and tall section grabbing the first thing he sees that's in his rather admittedly specific size with the modifications. Then before even the cashier can say "Aren't y-" he's darted into the small changing room, and slammed the door behind himself.

Bobby's leaning on the counter watching Victor rather frantically locate clothing and then turn the changing room into his own private fortress. "He's very sensitive right now." The ice nerd winks, perhaps a bit mischeviously. "It's the hormone therapy that goes with the surgery. Makes him a bit emotional." Hey, he's helping the guy. This seems like a good way to keep folks from asking too many questions.

Plus it's funny.

Immediately any and all questions seem to be smashed with that one passing statement, it seems even in a world filled with mutants and superheros there are still a few sure fire ways to kill even the potential of conversation. The cashier just sort of giving a silent nod with a partially open mouth before they try to close it to be polite.

Victor on the other hand really does make it practically his own fortress for what seems an age before coming back in what amounts to a pallet swapped version of his earlier clothing. Picking a a simple black hoodie without any logos on its surface, and some jeans that haven't even been tumbled for that well warn look, the hood pulled over his features. In spite of the rather large selection of clothing he had gone in there with. The black hoodie does still do a bit better job of hiding his glowing chest piece, the still somewhat embarrassed teen making his way over to the counter.

Bobby motions for Victor to hand him the tags and pays for the (surprsingly inexpensive) wardrobe for Cyborg before escorting him out of the store. "So, can you get down to Staten Island on your own or would you feel better in a cab?"

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