Don't Call Me Princess

<February 10, 2015>: Kate Bishop and America Chavez meet for the first time… in this universe, at least.

New York

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The news says the storm of the century is coming in. Or something similar. And it keeps saying that. Kate doesn't seem particularly worried, but then, Kate has friends who can teleport, so…a little snow isn't the worst thing that could happen. She's actually just finished delivering some medication to a woman who recently moved out of the shelter to live on her own. The woman in question has a child who needs regular breathing treatments, so the possibility of being out of medication for a few days isn't a great one.

Mission accomplished, Kate is taking her time walking back to her place, hands in her pockets as she takes the time to appreciate the beauty of the falling snow before it causes complete chaos.

America has been putting her own hours at the nearby shelters. As someone with super-strength and hypersonic flight, getting supplies is not something that is out of her reach. She's done her rounds for half of the shelters in the city in the past three days, by tomorrow night, she might get the rest done if nothing happens in between shelters.

She's walking down, her head covered in her red hoodie, when she spots someone through the falling snow accross the street.

A raised eyebrow. Interesting. She imagined there'd be a Kate Bishop in this dimension. She smirks a little and decides to cross after looking both ways.

America starts accross the crosswalk when the light turns green. She seems intent on Kate, so intent that she does not seem to notice the vehicle that is careening towards her- black ice is a horrible, horrible thing.

Snow. Traffic. It's New York city, snow or not, there are going to be people who think they really need to get to-

"Hey, look out!" she calls toward America when she sees the car coming toward the intersection, breaking into a jog before she even registers that there's probably not time to reach the other woman.

And the crash would be spectacular. America turns around to face the car just as it comes to hit her, and suddenly… she's not there to be hit. The car keeps spinning out of control, however, towards the intersection. A blur of red, white and blue maneuvers around to the incoming car. The car does stop, although it will probably not be serviceable. Its passengers, however, are safe, if a bit turned around and banged. America's handprints are indentend in the front of the car… which looks like an accordeon.

Kate skids to a stop as America disappears, and then stops the car, blinking. "Well, all right, that's an unexpected turn of events." Getting her feet back under her, she jogs toward the car, ready to help the passengers out before another accident can happen. "Hey," she flashes a brief smile toward America, leaning toward the window to wave to the people inside. "Not how I expected that to go, but glad you were there. You guys okay?" she asks the people inside. "Let's get you out of the way here."

"Take care of them, Princess. I'll move the car," America says. The passengers- a mother and her two children- are shaken, but not injured. Once Kate takes them off the street, she starts moving the car towards an empty space on the sidewalk.

Kate quirks a brow at the name, but there are people here to help. She gets the kids out of the car with a few gentle words and easy smiles, guiding the mother into getting a call in to a towing company and a cab. "Hey, just like a car trick in a movie, right?" she assures the kids, giving the youngest's nose a tweak as she crouches nearby. "Don't worry, you'll be home soon."

"It's a good thing I was there," America says as she approches Kate and the family. She has grease and other car fluids on her jacket. She goes through the damned things like tissue paper. She doesn't finish the sentence, but its meaning is clear- if she hadn't been crossing, the car would have spun into the intersection.

"Here," she shrugs off the jacket- it's not pretty afer the incident, but it's warm. She hands the jacket over to the mother. Her kids are bundled up, but she apparently left her own jacket in the car. Probably took it off to drive better. The irony.

"Definitely a good thing," Kate agrees, keeping an eye on the kids while Mom waits on the phone with the tow company. "Lucky thing," she adds, pausing to take a closer look at the woman who stopped the car. "Hi," she introduces herself, offering over a hand. "I'm Kate. And judging by your response, that's not the first time you've done something like that," she adds with a swift, crooked smile.

"America," she answers back and takes her hand with a firm handshake. "It isn't the first time for either of us," she says without a hint of a doubt. But before Kate has any chance to ask, she nods, "There's the Starbucks on the corner," because of course there is, "We can take them there so they can stay warm until the truck comes."

Although the woman is on the phone and talking, America foists her jacket onto her shivering frame before they herd them gently towards the Starbucks.

Again, Kate quirks a brow at America, but she leaves any questions for after they've got the family ensconced in the warmth. Once they're there - with hot chocolates for the kids and a coffee for mom provided by Kate, she turns her attention back to America, unzipping her own coat and tilting her head curiously. "Not quite how I expected the night to go, but I've had worse. I'm guessing you're okay?"

"It takes more than that to bruise me," America says. When the mother hangs up, America says, "Keep your coat on."

The woman tries to thank them effusively, even return America's jacket, but the young woman simply says "Keep it, you'll need it. C'mon, Princess."

She grabs Kate gently by the arm and drives her out of the Starbucks, after giving the children a slight smile and a wink.

In the jacket given to the woman, one of the pockets feels a little lumpy. America walks fast, and by the time the woman has dug into it to extract a bundle of bills… a lot of money, America and Kate are already across the street.

"I've got to ask. You doing the bow and arrow thing here, too?" Just like that.

"Sure it's not creepy at all that you're calling me Princess and asking personal questions," Kate quips as she walks, giving America another of those curious looks. "Give yourself another twenty years and a sex change and we're having a different conversation here." She takes a few more steps, then shrugs. "But yeah, that's me. Hawkeye." Pausing, she arches a brow. "Did you get one of the business cards? For the hotline?"

"-Hotline?" it is now America's turn to pause, looking over at Kate. "What hotline?"

For a moment she considers making a quip about which kind of hotline- but this is not Kate. It's a Kate.

Kate reaches into her pocket, pulling out a card that just says HAWKEYE with a number on it. "This one. There's one the Red Team has, and another run by the Titans. Monitored and kept secure by a few of the more information tech-minded sorts around. It's dangerous out there for people like us right now. No one should have to do it alone if they don't want to."

America takes the card and gives it a good look, and then chuckles. "Just like you. Good idea, though. What do you mean by 'dangerous?'"

Traveling back and forth between dimensions does make it easy to get backlogged in news. America has not heard of the hero killers yet, she has only been back for a few days.

"Just like me?" Kate echoes, curious. "The familiarity thing is a little bit weird, you know." Hands back in her pockets, she continues down the sidewalk, still watching the snow. "There're some people out there killing heroes. Or people who want to be heroes. They're taping it when they can, putting it out on the internet. One of them killed a friend of mine a few months ago. I'm not in a place where I can find them and eliminate them yet. So in the meantime, I'm making sure I help the people I can."

America frowns at this. Interesting. "You have a lead on who these killers are?" She slides the card into her jeans pocket. There is another Starbucks (of course) down the block, so she leads them there.

"I know who one of them is," Kate grimaces. "Finding her, a little more complicated. Removing her…even more." She steps inside the Starbucks, letting out a breath of relief at the warmth inside. "They're not stupid, though. They're not picking fights with big names. They're not going network news. They're hitting the little fish. The ones other people categorize as vigilantes anyhow. The ones who aren't as able to protect themselves."

"Nobody knows me in this world," America says, she was not terribly bothered by the cold outside. "It shouldn't be too hard to make me seem to be one of those 'little fish.'" she smirks and sits down at one of the tables, leaning back. "I'll need some help doing it. That's where you come in."

"Yeah," Kate says slowly, smirking back. "You don't really give off 'little fish.'" She settles into a seat, glancing outside at the snow. "But I appreciate the thought. America, you said? I'm guessing from what you've said you're not so much from around these parts. So what's your story?"

Chavez smirks and tilts back on her chair, arms crossed. "Depends. Would you believe that I know you and you know me, and that together we've stopped an interdimensional parasite from destroying the universe?"

Kate considers for a moment, tipping her head back, before grimacing. "Last night I ran into Loki, the Norse god, in the park. And I'm pretty good friends with his son, Fenris. My friend who was killed by the cape-killers? Not dead anymore. So yeah," she sighs, looking back to America. "I'd probably buy that."

"Loki." America growls. It's pretty close to an actual growl, anyways. "I need to find him and kick him to the moon again, for good measure." Once a Loki, always a Loki. "The way I figure it, new costume and I pretend to have a different powerset. And a certain media-savvy princess can take care of the uploading of the videos."

She shoots Kate a look loaded with meaning, "And then when they come for me, they'll find they've bitten off more than they could chew. That's the plan."

"No way," Kate shakes her head. "They're not that stupid. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the offer, and I appreciate where you're coming from, but it's more complicated than that. If I'm lucky, I'll have one chance. One chance, and one chance only. And when it comes, I'm going to have ti set. But I'm not going on fast and unprepared. All of which is tangential to the fact that we need to organize anyhow."

"Fine. Your killer. What do they do? Powers, strengths?" America leans forward on the table, looking at Kate in the eyes. "What do you know of them?"

"Reflections," Kate answers, grimacing. "She can scry through them. She can move through them. And she can make duplicates of herself in glass. They shatter, but they seem to be capable of independent action. I've seen up to seven of them at a go, but I don't know that she can't make more of them."

"Is she invulnerable?" America asks, interrupting Kate near the end of her exposition. "Is she super strong? Can she fly?"

Kate holds her hands up, palms open. "Don't know. I ran into her once, and then there was just one count of taunting after that. Which is part of why I'm not setting anything up. I don't have enough information to be sure. Though," she adds, "If she's also super strong and can fly, I've got some serious beef with the universe."

"I guess I can always find out. I can understand you not wanting to be part of it, don't want to risk your chance at her… but I know some who might. I can always ask Richards what he thinks." America looks at the coffee bar and ponders ordering. Does she feel like coffee, or…?

"Not just my chance," Kate shakes her head. "The more people take shots at her, the more cagey she's going to get. Then again, the longer we wait, the more people she hurts." She takes a deep breath, rubbing a hand at her brow. "The day that bitch is dead is going to be the happiest day of my life," she mutters.

"You don't want to kill, Princess. Leave that to me." America isn't quite sure if the black hole women she punched counts as killing or not. It's uncertain whether the Normalizers were alive. But it is obvious that she does not seem to be afraid of this assassin. People who punch black holes and come out unscathed usually don't fear much.

"We can discuss plans over dinner. Do you like Korean Barbecue?"

The question is more of a formality, really.

"Kate," Kate corrects firmly. "Not a princess." Leaning back in her chair, she crosses her arms over her chest as she gives the other woman a skeptical look. "Are you always this pushy?" Because being pushy is usually Kate's job, you know.

"Usually more. It's a mellow day for me," America smirks and stands up from her table, one hand comes up to brush a strand of hair back. "So, do you?" she asks, gesturing towards the door.

"You tell me," Kate says as she stands up, hands in her pockets. "Miss, inter dimensional time traveler who saved the world with me. You're my sidekick, right?" she asks, smirking as she heads for the door.

America smirks. She wonders for a moment how much in common this timeline has with Earth 616. Only one way to find out. It would be interesting to find out if this Kate got the pretty earrings and the uncomfortable family disclosures from her father on her eigteenth birthday. "Sidekick. Right."

By the time America steps outside, the stars in her outfits are glowing a bright blue-white, as ar her eyes, her star pendants and her necklace.

They walk for a good part of a block before the energy is ready, because this dimension is stubborn, but then it's just one step to create the glowing star, and a kick to shatter it, revealing-

Earth-212. In Loki's words, "The absolute PINNACLE across ALL realities."

At least when it came to Korean barbecue, New York style.

It was also one of the dimensions where the Beatles never broke up. Kate might find that interesting. "After you, Kate," America says, her smirk turning into a half-smile as she gestures to the star gateway.

Kate eyes the star for a moment, then shrugs. "Can't be worse than rabbit holes," she declares, then steps on through.

"Rabbit holes?" America's words are the last things heard on this Earth as the portal closes behind them, "What are you talking about?"

And there will be Korean Barbecue to be had. And probably shopping afterwards- Loki is Loki, and Kate is Kate, and if this Kate doesn't like the idea of shopping in an entirely new dimension… America will believe she is a skrull.

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