Back Down To Earth

February 11, 2015: The Green Lantern returns the passengers and crew of the Valmorra to Earth. Heated discussion ensues.

Downtown Metropolis — Metropolis

Welcome to the Big Apricot, The City of Tomorrow, and the proclaimed home to
some of the greatest Superheroes coming to be known.

History of this city began as early as 1644, when the residing Algonquin
tribe sold the land to settlers, opening it up to the razing and rising of
buildings known current day, though the current inspiring appearance of
buildings and bustling did not begin to breathe until after Waldo Glenmorgan
claimed Hunter City as home and made it the base for his scientific prowess
and birthed the name Metropolis.

Science, industry, advancement. This city is paving the way for the future
in not only its resident businesses but in the way it even appears.
Skyscrapers reach for the heavens as if trying to garner the attention of
anyone who should pass, and who would not notice the by the architectural
flawlessness, the placement and the beckoning gleam of light off the windows
when the sun is up.

When the sun sets a whole new light is shed across the city's streets, cast
by a neon glow that runs artistically along the buildings eaves, both ominous
and awe inspiring with the skyward stretch that still pulses 'life' through
the giant metal monoliths.

This is home to some of the cities biggest corporations. The Daily Planet,
formerly known as Our Planet, stands a beacon with its rotating globe, having
its first editorial written by George Washington. LexCorp and S.T.A.R.
Laboratories being the main employers for the city and harbor the
technological and scientific advancements that keep the city's pulse flowing
in more ways then one, and not just through the veins that cut through
underground from Union Station.



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It's been an eventful evening thus far for an intrepid band of adventuring heroic sorts. From Diana of the Amazons, to Shayera of Thanagar, to Corvinus of Archaeopia — AKA 'Jim' Reha — the crew of the ill-fated Valmorra has found themselves in the gentle care and custody of Hal Jordan, the resident Green Lantern designate for Earth's sector of space. Thankfully, the appointed guardian was able to get them to atmosphere and then to Metropolis with not as much fan - fare as might be expected after the destruction of the Thanagarian vessel in orbit.

Corvinus is keeping a wary eye on Shayera, attempting to ensure that she doesn't die from her shock at being betrayed. Diana is keeping an eye on Paco, a man of most exquisite culinary taste from M - town that Hawkgirl has brought along on the aborted mission to promote peace and understanding with her home world…


Hal Jordan descends slowly into Metropolis, choosing a park near a hospital facility, close enough to easily transport if needed. He's not sure Shayera will go easily - he doesn't have much experience with the alien Hawk woman, but he has enough to know she's proud, fierce and prone to gratuitous violence. Kinda hot, but a) he's not in the market and b) she was -really- mean.

Although they had shared some nice Chinese noodles once.

He bathes Shayera in a glow from his ring, "Let me see if I can help you," he says. His ring contains a full knowledge of Thanagarian anatomy, thanks to the Encyclopedia Galactica, and its energies are capable of helping flesh to regenerate and knit together. It may not be capable of healing her all the way, but it should be able to pull her back from the edge and help her recover from her shock.


In reality, physically, Shayera was fine. A few bumps and dings which comes with a rough ride that they suffered only moments ago.

Diana, in her ever growing concern, took Paco away from the scene and into the hospital proper, whilst the three remain outside to deal with the matters at hand. Matters that.. Shayera could not really believe herself.

"I'm fine." She snaps out towards Hal, her hand lifting to pound hard and twist the emblem upon her chest to near breaking, the armor falling away and sinking back into its depths so that she could lean forward, her head down, her hands soon viewed and curled into tight, knuckle cracking fists. Her wings even splay as well, remaining high and on guard, a terrible sight for one so small.

Because she felt it.


The obsidian avianoid watches the green energy wash over Shayera. It tilts its head a bit as it contemplates the amazingly compact technology used to create the construct as well as the scan. Its concern at the moment beyond Shayera's future health, though, is that of his partner, who is currently held in a — 'complicated' - status.

Prior to the flight, Jim had taken a critical wound to the chest, but to get him medical attention that wasn't going to compromise the overweight fellow's safety it would have to be a bit smarter than the average bird, something it has been having a bit of difficulty with late with the influx of emotional context that it had never had encounters with before. Sure, it knew emotic algorithims, and it could easily 'pretend' to be emotional but actual emotives? Unheard of. Well, as far as it knows, at any rate.

"This one apologizes. This is all this one's fault."


Hal Jordan sighs and shakes his head, "I can't say I begin to understand what's going on here. Pretty obviously, you just got dicked over by your home planet, in some fashion," he says, gesturing to Shayera, "And you were supposed to be the one that got her back home, but they decided just to blow you the hell up and save themselves the cost of a trial or a reprogramming or whatever's going on, which, by the way, my ring can analyze stuff and you are alllllllll kinds of weird, for the record."

"My first priority here is this sector. So…Hawkwoman, do we need to prepare defenses for an invasion? Are Thanagar's forces poised to attack the Sol system?"


"You apologize…" Shayera says quietly, still staring down into her hands. While, eventually, she'll forgive the Demon Bird, her thoughts were still.. troubled.

"You apologize?" Reddened eyes look up towards Corvinus, almost ready to strike out at him, but what good would it do? It wouldn't, the action, allow her to return home. Nothing really would.

"You do this.. every time. Every time I've needed you, you.. somehow.. some way, you fail me. You apologize? Keep this apology. I do /not/ need it."

She finally rises from her place, that same gaze set upon Hal as her jaw tenses. She in a way, she hoped that they come, so that she could lay waste to them all. Terran and Thanagarian alike. But the people of this world do not deserve such a fate. Even though inwardly, she was giving them much of her anger.

She just wants to watch the world burn, now.

"I do not know." She answers honestly. If his ring had a lie detector? He could tell that she was telling the truth.


The avianoid straightens up a bit when the Lantern asks that question and start to nod vigorously but stops as it realizes the question is directed to Shayera. It would say that the more defenses that could be prepared for Earth, the better the world would be in the long run, and in fact, its first few months it was nearly obsessive trying to line such things up on the quiet.

But the Thanagarian woman's response… it leaves the ancient entity almost reeling. IT doesn't remember this. Yet… she does. It again spurs deep searching of memory in the space of seconds to determine that no, it does not recall this information, but clearly it does exist. It slumps a bit.


Hal Jordan frowns, "Look, I don't know what kind of old grudge you two have, but it's pretty clear that the same people want you both dead. Whatever the reason for that, you stand a better chance of surviving getting along than you do pissing in the wind for pride's sake," he says.

"Hawkwoman, you're a member of the Justice League, correct, along with Wonder Woman? I presume you will prepare just in case? If you have any need of me, I can provide you with a means to reach me," he says, "Or you could give me a means, whatever's more simple. I should probably check in with World's Mightiest at some point…" he says.


Good. Corvinus was silent. She couldn't and probably wouldn't want to deal with him at this point.

"No. NO. This has got to be some.. no.. I can't even pretend.. but.. maybe.." Her gaze soon turns towards the sky, bypassing all that Hal had said. She was lost in her own thoughts, jaw tensing, reddened eyes narrowing into a certain apex of the sky where pieces of her ship may remain.

"I need a structure. Somewhere abandoned. Where no life passes and will not think to pass. Then I will need tools. I believe your people call them Snap-On. Though I do not understand as to what the reasons as to why it is named as such."

She does not pace, she just stands still, her body shaking just a touch, wings still raised and riled. Her hackles were up.

"I need to repair the Valmorra. And I will return home. And I will confront them all." Justice League?

"Not as of yet."


"One does present pertinent and valid points. This one is willing to set aside concerns with individuals from a given world in light of the fact that said given world has attempted to eliminate this one and Shayera and a couple of others. Pride is indeed the bane of Humility, and it is only through being Humble that one can learn one's place in the greater scheme of things."

It peers at Hawkwoman and her sudden acquisitive needs.

"This one knows of one that can provide these things or things of higher quality. The partner notes that they are referred to as such due to the ability to interchange and adapt the device to various other applications. And if the Valmorra cannot be repaired, would one be willing to provide someone with schematics to her to have her rebuilt?"

Would Pepper Potts want to build a spacecraft? Probably not. But there are other powers at Stark Industries that would love that challenge.

"This one may be contacted through this world's computer communications network. This one utilizes the 'electronic mailing designation' of ornithologist at gee mail dot com."

"Is there something else this one can do for one, Mister Lantern?"


Hal Jordan raises an eyebrow, "By yourself? That's suicide. I didn't save your life just a minute ago to watch you throw it away because you've got a feather up your ass. So, let's think - why would this have happened? You seemed to expect to be welcomed home with open arms - what could have changed? Has your government been corrupted or compromised? Could you have been betrayed in some way? Going in blind and unthinking will only make things worse - and I don't need to tell you that, formidable though you are, you against an entire army…well, it'd be close. You'd at least wanna bring me along as backup."

He finally turns and looks back at Corvinus, "Are you friggin' serious? Can you not speak in the first person? Is this, like, a weird BDSM thing? Because I'm not comfortable with that," he says. Then he points a finger, "Pepper Potts. That's where I know you from. You were at Stark's party. I didn't know Stark was getting involved with alien tech. Whatever. If she needs a mechanic, I'm sure she'll call you. If you get any weird woojie feelings that say "Hey, a giant invasion of Hawkpeople is coming, just send out a general worldwide alert, I'm sure I'll pick it up."


"I. Don't. Care." She snaps at Corvinus. Yes. She was still upset. But Corvinus was right. They attempted to kill everyone before they reached the shores of Thanagar, before they even left this sector of the sun.

"I do not trust easily. I do not trust you nor what you know. It is a far throw that I even trust the Amazons and the Princess of Themyscira. So no."

She was done here. A step was taken as soon as Hal offers her aid.

They shared noodles once.

There was a slight grunt towards his quip towards the Demon Bird, echoing her sentiments but leaving out the fact that she herself was a gifted mechanic as well. She could handle her own ride. And outfit it with defenses borrowed from the Terrans to blast her own right back into the Dark Ages.

"There will be no invasion. No other of my kind shall set foot upon this Terra. For if there is to be a fight. I am taking it home."

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