Girls Day Out Meeting Cyborg

February 11, 2015: Kate, Rain and Zee organise a Girls Day Out, that doesn't eventuate

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The Titans have a public office. Which, of course, is the place to find them. Because they've already lost one not so secret hideout they're a bit gunshy about the second. Can't blame 'em really. The door rings to admit Jericho Trent, who is carrying a small box under one arm. He kind of looks like a delivery guy, honestly, if you don't know him. Long sleeved shirt. Jeans. Boots. Faded grey baseball cap with no logo. It's his usual 'blending in' clothes. And they do tend to work, concealing his traces from casual observation.

"Heya. Zatanna Zatara please."


Zee happens to be in the office today. It is unusual for any of the Titans be here, it's just the public office, not Titan base, but Gar had asked her to drop something in. She's planning to kill two birds with one stone whilst she's here and has called Kate and Rain, suggesting the three women get together for a 'girls afternoon out'.

The young magician is dressed is a cute little dress, stockings (NOT fishnets), high heel knee high boots and at her throat is a diamond encrusted collar.

Hearing her name and recognising the voice, she walks out of the break room "It's ok Alfie, I'm here…. Hello Jericho, to what do I owe the honour of this visit?" Her eyes flick to the box under his arm and she grins, the last time he delivered a box here….


Rain sort of keeps to herself most of the time. Her job(s) are quiet, but critical. She learns from Loki (and keeps him off Tumblr), occult detectives it up, hangs out with Captain and tries not to get nosebleeds around a certain druid (foxy! Druid!). Nevertheless, it's polite to let people know you're still alive and not off in mines in Asgard or something. Or on fire. There are witch hunters, and being ye olde pagan(e) witch with a broomstick and such paints Rain as a target. Also, murderous relatives, tentacles, soul reavers, the Avon Lady chimera and possibly that strange guy in the suit who keeps asking if she found Jesus. She could if he wanted her to divine for him, gosh.

Either way, she makes her way in. Long coat, jeans, a little disheveled from the window and with Captain in his trenchcoat following. "Heey." The baritone voiced familiar greets - a delivery guy and - oh right, she was totally called here. Socially impaired, ahoy!


Kate Bishop has been back and forth between New York and Metropolis lately, doing her best to make a sort of home for the members of the Justice League who tend to do the same thing. And it's working. It's definitely working. But the offer of some time with other friends is a tempting one, so she's stepping into the Titans office in skinny jeans and a loose-fitting cashmere sweater under a down coat, pushing her sunglasses up onto her head as she comes inside.

"Made it," she announces cheerfully, waving to those already gathered. "Trent, you're not a girl," she adds, helpful.


Out front of the titans office a low rider taxi pulls up its bottom just inches above the street bellow. It actually pulls off the look quite nicely that sort of street feeling that makes it no ordinary taxi, until one occupant steps out and the whole thing stretches back to it's normal height from the ground. That occupant is Victor stone, a relatively large man made to look a giant with how oversized his muscles seem to be. With his black hoodie, and dark bluejeans Victor Stone could almost pass for a bodybuilder if it weren't for all the chrome still peaking through and the bright red chest light.

He makes his way up to the office building clutching a small series of business cards given over the last few days in his grips. While still nervous about this whole thing he's got a good inclination that this is pretty much his one chance at something good after all that's happened, and he didn't even use his jump jets to get here. His hoods draw strings are pulled tight hiding most of his facial features as he moves for the buzzer hoping someone, anyone is there. "Hey uh, this the place with the Titans Tryouts? Your man Bobby sent me this way, along with this Agent chick."


Jericho grins and holds out the box. "Present from Illyana." For the contented kitty, she'd told him. Knowing Illyana… well… the hacker is grinning so he seems to know what's in it.

"Hey Kate. No, I am not a girl. Last time I checked anyway. Hello Rain, Captain." He'd seen them both at the magical Conclave. He's about to say something else when the other cyborg comes in. The sliiiightly more obvious one. Well, that's interesting.


Zee hugs Rain and Kate first "Hey Rain, Kate and Captain. Let me sort this out with Jericho and I'm sure we can be on our way." Eyeing the box Jericho holds out with suspicion… she takes it slowly, his grin just making her that much more cautious.

"From girlfriend scarimundus, how nice. I suppose you want me to open it…" Cracking the lid on the box, the raven haired woman looks inside and rolls her eyes "A laser pointer, how original." she says dryly but her lips quirk at the shared joke.

The young mans appearance at the door draws her attention "It's the Titans office, yes. But we don't really do tryouts… I'm Zatanna, Zee, how can we help you and which Agent chick sent you?"


Rain politely returns the hug. Captain's eyes widen a bit at the mention of 'laser pointer'. "Ack." He fidgets a little. Rain waves to Kate, smiling politely at those gathering. "We do tryouts?" What is this, the Mean Girls cheerleading squad? Someone should tell Rain these things. She'd probably get wedgied and stuffed into a locker. She manages a smile to the new comer. "Pleased to see you all."

The wiiiiiiitch looks to be at a slight loss, glancing amidst them. "I go by Rain. Pleased to meet you." That is not her name. We do not talk about Rain's name. It's awful, really. "Welcome."


"If you're coming to girl's day, you're going to have to up your game," Kate winks at Jericho, returning Zee's hug with a warm smile. "The ball cap just isn't going to cut it." But then someone else is coming in, and she looks to Victor with a comfortable smile that turns even brighter when she sees the cards. "Ha!" she exclaims, pointing at his hand. "It works! Hi, I'm Kate," she introduces herself, stepping forward to offer a hand. "So you got one of the cards from the Red Team?"


"Still got her card somewhere," Victor starts off digging around his pockets the motions visibly straining his hoodie, despite the darn thing being made of some rather durable stuff. He checks one pocket and then another eventually pulling out a pair of cards with contact information on them. "Uh Morse, and Bobby from X-red" The two cards getting held up in the air. "Though Bobby told me to say he sent me."

With all the moving about his hood winds up falling down, showing only a small portion of his face to look 'normal' the rest of it like his hands a bright chrome coloring. The human side is that of one Victor Stone NCAA superstar Turned youngest man in the NFL, turned according to the news Coma patient, and yet here he's standing with a half of his short curly hair and everything. The other side of his face is a bright chrome skull-like exoskeleton with a single bright red eye, that teliscopes on it's own occasionally its inner camera automatically focusing.

The man doesn't look older then 18 but the sheer amount of modifications done to him is just cruel, and more apparently to anyone who'd seen him before the modifications. He was buff before, but not quite like this, with barely anything remaining of what he used to look like other then that portion of face and his mouth of bright and shiny white teeth. He doesn't exactly look comfortable to say the least but he's at least trying to look happy.


Jericho puts his hands in his pockets. He looks like he's just looking Victor over but really he's running a file on him, pulling up history and analyzing his modifications. It's… kind of just habit by this point. His eyes are lit up, like actually lit up. Glowing amber slightly as he watches.

Zee gets a wink. "Thought you might like that." The both of them had. Then Kate's comment makes him break into a grin. "I dunno if I've got game for that Kate. You guys might be kind of out of my league."


"Oh, I don't know Kate, Jericho gives a pretty good massage." Zee returns the wink with a slight smirk. "I can use the laser pointer in my performance, I'm sure. Tell Illyana that I scowled though…" Zee's puts the pointer away, to save Captains sanity and pulls out her phone, tapping out a quick message. "No Rain, we don't do tryouts… but Keith and Gar like to meet prospective Titans first. I've just sent them a message."

Victors hood falling back and his uncomfortable look gets a warm smile from the raven haired woman "Well, you're in the right place." She'll wait to see how Keith responds.


Captain can't explain why laser pointers make him a little loopy. But they do. And one day, he will catch that dot. And then all will know his mighty feline reign!

Ahem. He is pretty quiet. Rain nods. "I didn't think so," She offers. "And welcome. What should we call you?" She asks Victor/the Cyborg-fellow. Rain is like a snail. She seems friendly enough, if a bit bad at socializing and more than a little vulnerable to salt. There's a little smile, looking to the cards. "And wait, was I supposed to dress up?" Sad trombone.

"Bobbi and Bobby," Kate smiles crookedly up at Victor, apparently unfazed by his implants. "These guys are great, by the way," she adds warmly. "I'm sure they'll make sure you're comfortable." Jericho gets a grin as she steps back, shaking her head at him and Zee. "If we're going to the spa, I'll take a pro, thanks. Letting Trent help out is how you end up with Henson sticking his tongue in your ear or something. And no, Rain, it's cool," she assures the other woman. "I don't think we had plans to go anywhere with a dress code."


"So uh, is this a co-ed team or?" Cyborg scratches the back of his head a bit, with that chromed hand of his looking from one face to the next feeling a bit more comfortable, just having the chance to be around people who don't look at him funny with his new body. "I mean Bobby wasn't super clear on how this whole thing would work while the whole legal battle was going on"


Lady Godiva was a freedom rider, she didn't care if the whole world look-
Joan of Arc put the Lord to guide her, she was a sister who really cooked!
Isadora was the first bra burner, ain't ya glad she showed up?
And when the country was falling apart Betsy Ross got it all sewed up-
And then there's Vorp!

The aforementioned Vorpal emerges from a rift in the fabric of spacetime usually known as The Rabbit Hole, a certain green figure following him.

"Hey Zee! We're here," the cheshire cat says, brandishing his phone, "What's up?"


Gar Logan, green guy, might have been singing along with Vorpal's ring-tone there, but he'll never admit to it.

"Hey, Zee, Hawkeye, Rain, Spooky Holographic Wolf Bird Guy, and … woah. Yeah."

Gar peers for a moment or two at the shiny metal (partly) and says, "One of the other me's knew a guy who looked like you. I think he was named Vic. Hi. I'm Gar Logan, aka Changeling."


"I think he introduced himself as Cyborg." Jericho grins. "And hello Gar. Vorpal." The hacker seems content at the moment to watch because yes indeed that's some rather odd looking (heavily ruggedized, possibly militarized) tech that Victor is sporting and where exactly he got it is of some interest. What was that about a legal battle?


Zee will give Rain another quick hug, if she allows it, "No Rain, we didn't need to dress up, I just like to mix it up sometimes, you know?" Kates comment about K-Nert gets a slight snort "I guess you're right there, Kate."

Turning her look to Victor, Zee frowns slightly "Yeah, we're co-ed. Anyone is welcome, really… as long as you're one of the good guys, that is. What legal battle?" The young magician looks a little confused. And there's Keith and Gar, and that ringtone "Hey you two" she gives them a hug, making sure the package is out of sight "This polite young man is asking about joining the Titans. Thought you might want to know."


"Oh, I was worried for a moment." Rain returns the hug carefully. "So was your wardrobe," Captain beams. Rain sighs and moves to pet him. They really are close. "Yeah, yeah. We got to see Thor and that was pretty fun," She considers. There's a pause. "Legal battle?" That's ground even she dare not tread.

She smiles, waving to Keith and Gar. "Hello, you two." At Jeri's words, she ahs softly. "I see." Then an amused look at Kate. "Okay, good to know. Otherwise, she'd've been arrested and tazed by the fashion police.

"Hey, guys," Kate smiles warmly as Vorpal and Gar show up, but before she can say anything else, her phone is beeping at her. "'Scuse me, that's Clint's tone," she says to the others, pulling out the phone and taking a few steps away to text back, rolling her eyes at something on the phone despite a decidedly smitten smile.


"I really don't want to talk abo-" Victor lets out a bit of a low sigh, before trying to explain anyway. "Something attacked me when I was trying to tell them about how things went with the superbowl, then this thing attacked me, and when I woke up" He surprisingly enough pulls up his hoodie to reveal that he is actually almost entirely machine, well sculpted muscular machine made from hyper advanced materials but still. A bright red glowing power source of some kind placed deep inside of his chest. "Now my dad's sort of sent the science police to try and collect me because I'm apparently STAR labs property." At this point he actually turns around to try and give a bit of a welcome to the other two one of which apparently knows his name.

Cyborg's a bit in shock at the green man and the giant purple cat. "Hey gaaaaaaAAAAAAAA" This is evident by the fact that the moment he sees them come from seemingly nowhere he lets out a shrill scream somewhere between a dog-whistle, and a tween at a Beiber concert before feinting right on the spot, managing to fall right to the floor. The massive muscular hunk of NFL star seemingly floored completely by a green man and a cat. The lights on his cybernetic body going very bright for that moment as his heart rate skyrockets.


Vorpal is left there, with his mouth open as Victor gets the vapors. He stares at the fallen man for several seconds, and then looks to Gar and then to Zatanna, Rain and Jericho.

"Not. one. word. I'm even wearing deodorant today," He grumbles.


"Huh. Yeah… you cannot OWN people in this country, and given our friend's skin color, I am going to say that the first line of defense is to bring up that whole 'people are not property' thing, with specific reference to the 13th amendment," Gar says in a very irritated voice. He doesn't seem surprised that the Cyborg bluescreened and fell over… Gar has been to Star Labs before. He knows JUST how much they skimp on their IT budget come quarterly budget review time. Who knows what kind of OS is running on that man's mainframe?

"Hey. Wait. Science police? There's no such thing … if they're sending private … he's not listening, Gar. Help him wake up first."

Gar somehow resists turning into a large dog and waking the man up the way dogs do, SLURP… No. He did think it though. Instead he just gently pats the flesh-and-blood side of his face.

"Hey. Wake up. You OK in there?"


Jericho walks over to Cyborg and… kicks him. Lightly. The guy's made of metal so it's not likely to do much other than make him ring. "Did you break him somehow?" He sighs and starts opening up connections. Is this guy networked? Does he need a hard reboot. "Zee I don't suppose you or Rain can summon a giant bucket full of ice water and baby kracken…"


Zee looks at Jericho, quite aghast "I could summon a bucket of water, but I don't think we should." She drops to her knees next to Victor and holds one of his hands "Hey… it's just Keith and Gar, they're good people." She taps on his cheek lightly "Come on wake up. Titans don't just faint you know…."


Rain blinks.

Captain laughs. His voice is a deep, rich baritone tinted with a Gotham accent. "Yeah, I was kinda wondering when that was going to happen. He didn't seem to mind /me/ too much…" But the moment the purple cat guy shows up, well. All bets are off it seems. Rain will quietly go to a water cooler, fill up a couple of cups and gently splash poor Cyborg. She's mindful not to get anything wet that might be water sensitive. "You know, I'm curious but I think the engineering degree would make it all kinds of creepy," She finally considers. There's a wave with an empty cup as Kate goes. Aw.

Though, now that she thinks about it. "Also, you uh. May want to get your sensors calibrated or something." Maybe Rain plays Mass Effect. MAYBE. And she's probably going to die alone. It's the cycle of life.


With all of the percussive maintenance, and water splashing it's a wonder he doesn't just explode. His human eye slowly opens back up, his robotic one glowing a bright red. "Maaan, my head, I just had the strangest dream" He looks arround for a bit, "Yeah, you where there, and you where and I was this freaky robot, and there was this giant talking purrrr" He trails off eye opening the rest of the way in the middle of his pointing. "Awwww man it's not a dream, I'm still a toaster," He stops for a few moments before correcting "Uh, not that that's a bad thing, I'm just saying you do not want to know where I have to plug into the wall socket." He shoves himself back right to a stand wiping water off with his hoodie.


Getting an up close and personal view of the thing that made you faint is not usually considered a good idea. It's the reason why Vorp didn't step forward to revive the man who dropped like a stone.

However, at the 'giant purrr', the cheshire's grin vanishes as if by magic and a certain look comes accross his face. It is subtle and ambiguous, like the looks of all cats. Gar, who knows him better than anyone, might be able to identify that look. Namely, the 'I am thinking of dropping a tiny anvil on his testicles' look.

But the cheshire is only thinking that. "… I was about to introduce myself before you bravely fainted."


Gar looks at Vorpal with a mild frown. "Tiny? HAH!"

What was that about? And why did it sound like the voice of (bad) experience?

Note: Gar is an actor, that is, he gets paid money do do voices. He never got much money for playing Mister Tork on Space Trek 2025. But why would he be lying about something that he's only implying when the only person who'd get it would be Vorpal, and whoever had their room bugged with a tiny camera? If there were such a person anyway.

"So, you need a lawyer? I can get some recommendations," Gar says. "We can contact some people who know people to find the best one too."

Wait, wall socket? "Dude, what kind of power supply do you need anyway?"


Jericho crosses his arms. "Power mmm?" That means he's not got an internal generator. Or at least not one big enough to keep him operating at full capacity. "Do you actually plug into a standard wall socket? Cause I'd think your draw would be a lot bigger than any circuit could handle." There's a reason his stuff runs on bio etheric energy.


Zee stands as well and goes to lean against one of the walls. "What was that about Star Labs owning you? Gars right, there are laws and the like… " The young magician nods at the power questions. Gar and Jericho have asked the next questions, so she settles to watch and to listen.


Rain is quiet, listening for a moment. She does at least offer poor Victor a clean hankerchief to dab off with. "Strictly speaking, you're a person. A sentient being, too, if you count the - shiny parts." Ahem. "Also, no describing anyone as a talking purr. Captain is a cat, Mister Vorpal is - Vorpal." Yes. Rain isn't going into those waters. There be dragons and angry felines down that path. She feels a bit strange, uncertain about all of those.

"I can offer to share some energy." Pause. "PLATONIC ENERGY." She looks flustered. And Rain was doing so well. Maybe it's best she goes and joins a convent. "For power!" Yes. "I think I am going to go outside. And be ashamed." Yes.

Captain sighs. "That's sad. You're sad. This is sad." He really does care. It's just his witch happens to be painfully shy and desperately nerdy.


"I didn't exactly ask, before I uh." Victor scratching the back of his head at the mention of power-source requirements. "Well before I… left? Through the roof of the deep labs, so I' not exactly sure what most of this stuff does." He stops for a moment, before holding up a finger. "I did make something that should help me generate more power though it's a new" reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a smashed lump of what was electronics before he smashed it. "Uh oh," His other hand quickly turning into a small selection of tools so he can try to fix it up. "I can still play though, trust me," His expression getting a bit more fearful oddly enough as his hand motions speed up a bit. "Not damaged goods, just a lawyer to deal with the whole legality side of things, and some time to work out what everything does, I don't need to be terminated."


Vorpal lets go of the perceived slight to focus on what's truly important. "Right, looks like there's no two ways about it- if the labs think they own you, it behooves the Titans to prove them dead wrong. You've requested to join us, as I understand it, and so it is. Unless there are any objections, you will have part and parcel of our protection as a team-member and will also have the aid of our legal team." He looks at Gar, "Unless you can think of something?"


"Yeah, we aren't going to let anyone terminate you, and nobody gets to repossess your body without making at least an equal trade," Gar says. "We will also get on the line to the ACLU. Do you need a place to stay?"

Gar figures Jericho or Kate will know who can deal with the whole 'Largely Mechanical Person' thing - he's not really up on that side of things, but he's pretty sure from half-remembered shared memories that Vic is generally good people. Unless he's gold. For some reason, gold is bad.


Jericho actually holds up a finger here, signalling for peoplep to pause. See, he's honed in on something. One specific phrase, in fact. "Can still play? Play what?" Pause. "Er, Victor, what do you think this team does?"


Zee looks between Jericho and Victor and raises an eyebrow before looking to the device he is working on. Interesting. Another warm smile to the young man as Keith and Gar make their offer, an effort to allay his fears.


"Listen I'm not too proud to admit I've been sleeping at bus stations for a while now, only got a place to stay last night because of that Shield agent," Victor stopping for a moment looks a bit confused for at Jericho's comment placing down his multi-tool of a hand and asks. "What kind of question is that? It's some sort of football team right?"


"… clearly we need to get Lisa to really up our public exposure," Vorpal mutters at that, and looks at Gar.

The look says: I designate thee Stormcrow, bearer or brain explodey news.

Because cats are cruel bastards like that.


"Uh, well, not precisely. Though we do sometimes play some sports for charitable purposes. Or at least the informally named previous team did."

Gar turns into a bear. Still wearing his uniform shirt. And still green.

"We've all got metahuman powers. We're a kind of a superhero group. But not to worry. If you don't want to join a superhero group, we'll still help you get off the streets and help you get a lawyer."

Definitely calling the ACLU as soon as he can.


Jericho thought that might be the case. Victor was, after all, a football player. "Well sounds like you wound up in the right place. You guys give me a call if you need." He ways with a wave. "Enjoy the toy, Zee." The hacker grins sharply as he makes his exit.


"Yeah, I look like I'm on a football team…" Zee glares at the rest of them "and none of you make comments about being a cheer leader." Jericho gets a small smirk "I'm sure I will Jericho… maybe I'll use it on Keith…" She might be a minx…

Watching as Gar turns into a bear, Zee laughs a little "I'm not a meta human… I'm homo magi." Like that explains it all.


"Hey, I wasn't going t- OH GOD NO IT'S A BEAR" Cyborg jumps through the roof of the building at full force, flying into the air, in such a way that if it weren't for the sheer heigth of it could be almost confused for a 1940's cartoon woman jumping away from a small inoffensive mouse. When he comes crashing back down it's with a single hand on the glowing red spot on his chest. "Damnit man, don't do that to me." Bits of roof falling down all around. "And I've already been doing some hero work" Trying to ignore completely the massive hole he just made in the ceiling.


"… I see we're going to have to pay for that," Vorpal mutters. The offices of the Titans were not the only offices in the building. Cyborg's surprise jump probably landed some heavy repair bills. "At least he didn't do it right under the laywers' office."

The cheshire cat smirks and leans in to give Gar a surprise kiss on the nose. "… tell you what, I'll leave you here to deal with the prelims, Yogi Bear. I'll head over to the castle to make sure there's a free room."

He gives Zee a puzzled look. Homo what?

Looks like there was more to ask when they had some time for coffee together.

"Anyways, see you at the castle, peeps." The Rabbit Hole opens and he steps through.


"I'm glad I didn't turn into a spider," Gar says as Vorpal exits. A threat follows which will include a text message warning.

"And Keef, you get to warn him about the Occuleggus."

Because if ordinary animals do this to the Cyborg dude, imagine what the alien thing living behind the refrigerator and down in the water shaft — the one with many-branched hairy legs and eyes at every joint — would do. He might manage to break something hard to fix.

"Yeah. Insurance claim … dammit. No marshmallows in the cocoa for you tonight, Mr. Purple Kitty."

Yes. You will believe a green grizzly bear can text.


Zee looks at the hole in the roof and sighs to Cyborg "You are so going to have to stop doing that…." and then looks to Gar "I can fix that…" but she'll wait for his approval. Keith gets a small wave "Later Keith."


Cyborg collects his senses, after a friendly goodbye for the catman and the single bit of circuit board still left after his sudden jump. "Aw man, I'm sorry about the roof, I just need more warning when people are going to start turning into giant bears." He dusts a bit of debris off of himself, before starting off on a bit of an excuse only to cut himself off"Not my fault I- actually it kind of is my fault, my bad." A single hand extending out to Beast boy, as he tries to offer his own olive branch. "Listen, sorry about freaking out there, and the roof, and the floor, and that poor lady on the sixth floor, but I'm still getting used to these changes man," He takes a bit of a look about at the hole in the floor he made when he rather overly heavily fell over. "I mean I just got used to those other changes, and now I need to get used to being able to shoot lasers from my hands, survive being shot in the head, and jump the height of a skyscraper. Though I might be able to make it up to you guys with my world famous waffles."


"I suppose that's a good idea," Gar says. "I assume you'll do it differently than the way Wiccan did the tower? Because I don't want to start turning red in here. Go for it."

Cyborg will have to ask if he wants to know what that means. Meanwhile he reverts to his human form, fully clothed, thanks, and says, "I do animals. ANY animal that you can find on earth, I can be it. Sometimes, I am creepy animals. We may go somewhere so I can turn into them and you can freak out safely."

He ponders. It's rude asking Zatanna to do all the moving-people-around in non-emergency situations, so getting them to the Castle is going to be interesting, since they'll be going to the ESU campus, which is in Manhattan … so they can use the Magic Door there. Which means Gar will have to turn into something that can carry Cyborg. Possibly a Shire Pegasus. There will be a demand for liniment afterwards, for certain. The man does not look light-weight.


It's not rude to ask Zee to move people, you … just… you know… have to ask if she doesn't offer. "I don't really know how Wiccan did it, but I'll do it like this" Waving a hand at the debris, she speaks

~ xiF ehT egamaD oT ehT gnilieC ~

The debris will animate and the hole patch itself. Looking quite pleased with her efforts, the young mage looks around "Now… back to Titan Base… looks like my girls afternoon isn't going to happen…. Who needs a lift?"


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