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February 12, 2015: Nancy takes Roberto and Bobby out to celebrate getting her Bachelor's degree.

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Without so much as a knock or buzz or any sort of announcement to her arrival, Nancy comes into Roberto's apartment. The smile on her face is from ear to ear. "Berto! Get you're sweet patootie out here. And if you're naked, then get here faster!!" As cheeky as always, she stands in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips as she waits.

Which isn't long. Roberto isn't naked, for once: the delicious sun isn't up anymore and his post-construction-work shower was hours ago, but it's too early for him to have settled on someone to take to bed for the night. He is, however, just getting dressed for the night out, so he comes to the living room carrying two pairs of pants and wearing only short boxer-briefs. It would be fair to start to wonder whether he's ever fully dressed at home.

"Hey, Nancy! How's it going?" he greets her enthusiastically, having recognized her voice from the other room. He holds up a pair of pants in each hand and shoots her inquisitive look. "What do you think goes best with this shirt: jeans or slacks?"

Nancy wears her customary smirk as she watches Roberto approach. She doesn't hide the fact that she's appreciating the view. "Well, I just got my degree, so I'm going out to party. So wear whatever is gonna let you dance the night away down in the Village." She takes a moment to think, stroking her chin. "Well… if you are going to the Village, maybe something that doesn't show off your butt. Unless you want that sort of attention."

Roberto gives Nancy a wide-eyed grin, leaning back in surprise, then darts forward to give her a warm hug. This means that she ends up with pants all over her shoulders and back, but the sentiment is too pure to delay. "Parabéns, minha amiga! That's fantastic!" He pulls back and examines her with delight. "A master's degree, certo? Does this mean I have to call you Mistress Nancy?" And there's the inevitable teasing.

After a second, he also gives the garments he's carrying a skeptical glance. "I'm not sure I have any pants that don't show off my butt. A lot of futebol went into that bunda. It's kind of…" He trails off as he searches for the right word in English. "Irrepressible?"

Nancy hugs Roberto, laughing at his pantlessness. "No, just my bachelors of Music. I don't think I could last another 2 years to get a Masters. Besides, with my changing my focus of study, I don't think I'll manage a Masters for a good long while." She hugs Roberto again and then pulls back. "Now now. Only Cold twin gets to call me that.

She looks over at the pants and points to the jeans. "If any guys hit on you, just tell them you're Bobby's property."

"Whatever the girl version of a bachelor is, you aren't, so that's not nearly as fun," Roberto says with exaggerated disappointment. "I suppose it'll have to be plain 'Nancy,' then. Although" — he tosses aside the slacks with an impish smirk — "I notice you don't seem to mind giving orders." He bends and sets to work getting his jeans on. He's got enough practice getting his clothes on and off that it takes hardly any time at all. "It's sweet of you to offer," he continues, still smiling, "but I don't really need Cold Twin to protect my virtue. I can take care of myself, and it's not like it'll be my first time at a gay bar."

Nancy leans on the couch as Warm Twin gets dressed. "Hey, giving orders is what I do! Have you not seen things at the Nest. THey're my minions, they just don't know it yet. Best not to actually tell them though. They'll get all uppity." She reaches into her purse and pulls out some tickets. "I got four tickets to see Scissor Sisters live. Know anyone that would like to join us? And hey, I'm sure you can defend your honor. I just like the idea of leading you along by a leash while I hold Bobby's hand." Her grey eyes dance with impishness, giving as good as she gets.

Bobby pulls up at Berto's place and gives a low whistle. Nice. Then again, most things involving Berto are. He comes up the stairs and knocks a couple times. "Heya Nan, Berto… er… did i come at a bad time? Leash?"

"Ha! If you think I'm going to get LESS attention in a gay bar being led around on a leash, I'm starting to wonder whether YOU've ever been to one," the Brazilian teases, grinning warmly. Is he intentionally making this a worse part in the conversation for Other Bobby to walk in on? Why yes. Yes, he is. He heads into the bedroom in search of shoes. If Nancy or Bobby follow him in, they'll find it mostly neat and spacious, but with a few rejected bits of clothing tossed onto whatever surface was handy. He seems to have had particular difficulty selecting a sock color. Roberto's vain, in a way, but it's a really weird way. "Live dance music? Count me in. They did that Take Your Mama Out song, right?"

Upon seeing Cold Twin walk into the suite, Nancy smiles brightly and walks over to drape her arms about him and kiss him soundly. "Oh, I'm just teasing Berto about keeping the guys lusting after his body at bay by leading him around by a leash. We're going to the Village to celebrate my getting my Bachelors of Music. Scissor Sisters." She waves a hand in Berto's direction, not actually worrying about the previous topic. If Berto gets hit on, that's his worry.

Bobby laughs and kisses Nan back. "I think Berto can take care of himself in that department. I doubt it's the first time he's ever had to." The ice nerd holds a hand it to the business tycoon. "Hey, by the way I firmed up our contact in Tokyo. We should probably think about leaving soonish if we're gonna pursue this."

"Soonish is tricky," Roberto says, returning in comfortable dance-ready sneakers. "Very soon would be fine and later would be fine, but I'm supposed to go to something called the Negative Zone with Reed Richards this weekend. Who even knows how long that's going to take." He rolls his eyes in amusement — Richards is pretty infamous for poorly planned voyages, at this point. "You're welcome to come, if you like, Bobby. It'll be sciencey. Nancy…" He considers briefly, then grimaces and shakes his head. "We'll probably be fighting local creatures with, I dunno, mandibles or whatever instead of powers. You might not enjoy it." He shrugs at her.

Nancy gives an angellic look as she shrugs. "Can you blame a girl for wanting to be seen holding the hand of one hottie and leading another around like a pet?" She starts to laugh then, not even taking her own self seriously. "I should probably leave the blaster here though, huh? Hard to explain that to the coat check." Looking between the two Bobbie's, Nan's eyebrows quirk upwards. "Tokyo? You're bringing a plus one, right?" Roberto gets a glare as he says she might not want to come to the fighty fighty stuff. "You know, that blaster does have a stun setting which I'm not afraid to use."

"I'll come if I can Berto, and if you can get away Nan, I wouldn't mind bringing you along. I need to see if Doug or Mike are going to come along." The ice nerd shrugs. "Enough of that for now though. When are we headed out?"

"There will also be a lot of X-men," Roberto adds, his voice hesitant as he cops to the real reason he thought Nancy wouldn't want to come. "I know you're still on the outs with some of them." There's a brief flash of unhappiness in 'Berto that is pretty unusual: he's very accepting of disagreements between his friends, but he doesn't like feeling as though he's excluding someone he cares about by spending time with people they don't like.

The dip in the mood doesn't last long, of course. He grabs a coat, bows dramatically, and waves Bobby and Nancy forward toward the elevator. "To the motorpool! I'll drive," he announces, beaming like an impresario.

"As soon as Berto here is ready to go. I still have that fourth ticket if he wants to drag along a date. Or maybe just see a hottie on the way there and drag her along for the fun." Nancy links her arm with Bobby's and she starts heading towards the elevator down. They get into the car that Berto picks and the three head off to the Village. When ROberto mentions the X-Men, Nan sighs. "Ah, yeah, they don't really like me much. If they don't mind me there, I don't mind them either. Just letting it go.

The last time Berto drove they did New York to Gotham in forty five minutes. It's usually a ninty minute drive. That was impressive. And it scared the crap out of Doug which is also impressive. "Right then. To the Berto-mobile!" He grins and winks at Nancy.

"We'll have outselves a nice time. Maybe some dinner and drinks after."

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