Revenge, Part 2

February 12, 2015: Barry Allen and Janet van Dorn continue to work the case.

Gotham City

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The Gotham interrogation rooms at the local lockup are about what you expect. Green, tiled, and with a one way mirror. Hunter Kerrig is here with his attorney and it looks like they're hoping to make a deal of some sort with the District Attorney's office.

The wrench still hasn't been found and detectives are losing hope that it will. There is perhaps enough physical evidence to tie Kerrig here, but why he would murder a man he has absolutely no history with, and that he has never had the sort of history that most serial killer types do, well, the question of motive was one that had detectives scratching their head.

A confession is a slam dunk—Going to trial without is iffy.

When there's absolutely zero motive, there's usually a reason for it. A reason for there being no reason. Janet van Dorn, Gotham City DA, is comfortable with this concept. It probably means that either her mind is twisty enough to pick up on it or both straight and sharp enough to cut through the Gordian knot that is Gotham city politics.

She doesn't make them wait long. She doesn't even send an ADA to do her dirty work for her. The case is such that she's interested in making sure it gets handled right. That, and no one else really wants to touch it.

Janet steps into the little interview room carrying a slim briefcase. She sets it down next to the desk and, presumably after the usual sorts of handshakes and greetings, settles herself down.

"I hear you want to make a deal," she says. Not much for the preambles.

"That's right," Alex Erickson, a slick defense attorney who comes well dressed and well regarded in the law community. "We're willing to plead to manslaughter, 5 years before parole." This makes Kerrig twist a little in frustration, but it is what it is. He clearly doesn't like this one bit.

"Such a deal," Janet replies, raising her eyebrows. "I think there's going to be at least one more Star Wars movie between now and then. Five years is an awfully long time for something you maintain you didn't do."

Her eyes flick back to Erickson with an inquisitive glint: "Five years in exchange for…?"

"A written confession," Erickson says as though this is going to be a very short conversation. Kerrig's eyes flicker towards Erickson before back towards the ground.

That's a surprising one. Janet tilts her head slightly, eyes flicking toward Kerrig and back to Erickson.

"It's an interesting offer," she replies. "You're handing me a conviction on a plate. Why?"

"Well," Erickson says with a slight irritation in his voice, "That's how plea deals work. My client doesn't go to the chair, and you get your conviction." Kerrig looks as if he's about to say something but then he stops himself beforehand after getting a glance form Erickson.

"Did you do it, Mr. Kerrig?"

Janet folds her hands on the table. She's not even reaching for her briefcase. "Did you kill that man?" Waving her hand, she adds: "Off the official record, of course."

"Well," Kerrig begins to speak but he gets another angry look from Erickson. "I…"

Erickson interrupts, "It's best my client does not discuss this matter." He straightens his tie and stretches his neck a bit.

Meanwhile, behind the glass, Barry Allen watches on with a perturbed look on his face. Something's not adding up for the young investigator from Central City.

"How did he do it?" Janet's eyes never leave Kerrig. "What was the weapon used?"

"Do we have a deal or no, Miss van Dorn?" Erickson says, trying once more to broker the agreement. "I don't want a damn deal!" Kerrig exclaims in a voice so loud even Barry shudders a bit behind the glass. The look on Erickson's face looks as if he's about to explode. Imperceptibly, he reaches into his pocket.

And Janet's eyes dart to the lawyer like a snake.
"We only have a deal when I say we have a deal," she replies. "I'm trying to make a deal to put a killer away, and I'm wondering whether that's what's going on here. Can your client answer some very simple questions about the murder?"

"I did, but I didn't, okay?!" Kerrig yells. "She was controlling me!"

"SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!" Erickson says as he pulls a pen from his pocket and lunges towards the man in handcuffs.

Everything happens so quickly. There's a glimpse of light as the door is opened up amid a crackle of lightning and massive gust of air.

Clearly, Erickson was about to stab Kerrig, but when it's all said and done, Erickson is out on the floor unconscious.

A second later, Barry is in the doorway, "van Dorn, are you alright?!"

Janet's no slowpoke herself. She was getting ready to rise, to launch herself at Erickson, but she's a tiny woman and Erickson is so, so much closer to Kerrig, and she knows she's not going to make it.

And apparently, she doesn't have to.

Glancing left and right, looking to Kerrig, then to Erickson, then to Barry in the doorway, she regains her composure. "Get that man in cuffs and get him out of here!" she shouts, gesturing down to Erickson. "And you," she adds, eyes dropping to Kerrig. "We can help you. But we need to know the truth."

Barry looks pretty thin—it doesn't look like he's cuffed someone, like ever. So it's lucky that the other officers who heard the commotion from down the hall come in to cuff Erickson, who is already now coming to.

It takes a solid 5 minutes for everything to calm down, but eventually it's just Barry, JVD, and Kerrig.

"I did kill that man, but it wasn't really me. I could see what I was doing, but I couldn't stop it," Kerrig begins to cry. "I told my attorney, and yesterday he had wanted to come to your office and tell you he felt like it was something to do with the mutants." Kerrig's tears are big and soppy now. "And this morning, he'd completely changed his tune."

Once Erickson is out, once it's quiet in that room once again, Janet sits down with Barry next to her. She leans forward slightly to listen to Kerrig, her lips thinning to a pale line.

"If someone got to your head," she says, "maybe they got to his, too. We'll get to the bottom of this. It might be a good idea to put you into protective custody. Who was it? Who made you do this?"

"I…" Kerrig falters, not wanting to do this. Not wanting to throw her under the bus… "I think it was my wife. That guy…that guy I killed. He…he hurt her back in college. He hurt her badly."

Janet takes a deep breath and nods. "And she wanted revenge. But if she used you to get that revenge, that's not okay. Do you remember at all how it happened?"

Kerrig shakes his head, "The attack? I didn't meat Maggie until we were both in our 30s."

"I mean you think that she might have done something to you. Made you do it. Do you remember what happened before that?" Janet asks.

"The first thing I remember, I woke up…dressed myself, and got in the car for work. As soon as I started my car, I lost control. My body set the park, went to the garage for a wrench,…but it wasn't me."

"Has she been acting at all strangely, your wife?" Janet asks. "Any behavioral changes? More affectionate or less, staying out more or less often…?"

"Not that I noticed," Kerrig admits. "But she did say about a month ago that she found out where this guy lived. She talked about it off and on. Went to counseling and all that."

"Counseling?" Janet inquires. "Do you happen to know the name of her therapist?"

Kerrig shakes his head, "No, she stopped seeing the therapist before we met. But she told me about how she used to g—" Abruptly Kerrig stops and goes catatonic. Barry's eyes turn from the killer to Janet van Dorn in surprise.

"Hell," Janet whispers. "I was worried that might happen. We need to keep this man under observation, and we need to call a neurologist. I just hope he's all right. But first, we need to find his wife. I just hope we can do it quickly enough to — "

The last few minutes come back. "Did you see what happened there? When Erickson got knocked out?"

Barry shakes his head, still looking at the man. "I saw the door was opened and I ran around to try and get there. By the time I got the door open and got around, Erickson was already out."

"We'll have to review the tapes," she mutters. "Later. Whatever happened, I hope it saved this man's life. At least it gave us a few more minutes with him."

Barry is pretty sure he was too fast for the video cameras in the interrogation room, and he'd checked the room behind the glass too. He's hoping he's covered. "I think we'd better visit ole Mrs. Kerrig."

"Sounds like it to me," Janet replies. "And as quickly as we can, too."

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