Happy Valentine's Day, Spider-Man

February 13, 2015: The Wall Crawler returns. Good thing there are others there to win the day. This might not end well.


The Big Apple



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I'm not sure if you understand the sort of racket that student teaching is. Essentially what happens is you work like a dog and the cooperating teacher gets to kick back for a few weeks while someone takes over for them. The really good teachers will help you, but that's not what I've got.

I've got a end of the road, soon to be retiree who is more interested in his plans for Vero Beach than with the last physics classes of his long and undistinguished career.

That's me, the guy in the plaid shirt with the red face, eager to put an end to what has been an awful week. Three fights, one of them in class (Tuesday). I could have sworn that my smartest student turned in plagiarized work, but when I re-checked the Google Doc it had all been changed. Did someone figure out how to hack the History function? Must investigate further. And then I had a lab where my students proved that gravity doesn't exist. Which would have been phenomenal had it been groundbreaking and not a colossal screw up by one of my students (who everyone else just copied).

But that's okay. Tonight I have a date with Isla Merriweather, one of the fellow student teaching students who I've known passingly since sophomore year. I'm spending my last dollars before my next Bugle check comes in on taking her to a little restaurant in Queens. Trust me when I tell you that I've been planning this one out for quite some time. Out punting the coverage on this one, friends. I got one chance to make good on this.


School ends at 3:00. My day starts showing signs of fraying at 3:01. First, Mr. Kaufmann 'forgot' to tell me we had a meeting after school that lasted until 4:30 and was reduced to the drivel of old teachers being bitter about a changing world and education structure that they don't understand. At approximately 4:32, Kaufmann handed me a stack of old response papers that he had held for me before I even got this placement. At 4:41, I realized that a bigger bag would have been useful as I dropped a stack of papers in the snowbank outside of school. At 4:43 I received a call from the collections agency that is after me over some 'credit card' issues I've been having (I dont' want to go into). At 4:54 on my way toward the subway and the blessed trip home, I witnessed a man in black clothes running from the cops and I sort of realized that this was a day I am going to give up on. It looks like my 6:00 reservations are about to become null and void.

I am Peter Parker and this is my life.


Spider-Man is a little late (what took him so long anyways?). By the time he finds a place to store his belongings, change, and get his bearings, that man in black who is running from the police has leaped into the back of a white van that now tears through NYC traffic.

At points, the traffic becomes too much, so it goes up on the sidewalk to try and squeeze through, sending people leaping to and fro. Spider-Man is giving chase behind them, desperately trying to keep up via web-swinging.

Normally, Rain doesn't really fly around on her broomstick in New York, especially not before sundown. But it has made driving in a car feel weird, so she's going to her parked motorcycle. She is loading in some cargo when a creeper van now tears through on the sidewalk. Rain and her cat yelp, diving out of the way. "Way to suck at driving!" The violet-eyed witch is duly annoyed. Grumpgrump. Captain, the orange tabby cat in a tan trenchcoat is now several times larger looking due to him being completely fluffed out.

"That's New York for ya," The gotham-accent having cat comments. Annoyed, she's probably going to turn around and help out. Go go gadget flying broomstick! And thankfully, she can put a bandana on. Total disguise power.

Faster then a speeding segway, more powerful then the socks left out in the sun for four months. Victor bounds again and again through the air with his Jump Jets, thankfully by now he at least knows how to strike that landing without smashing up the city streets. He's having one heck of a time keeping up without causing excess property damages but he manages to almost crash right into the speeding car, his shirt and hood partially ripped to show off the glowing light of his power source, a single bright glowing eye as he tries to get a good aim at his target.

Kara is walking down the sidewalk with a few bags held in her arms after what had been a rather fruitful shopping trip. For once, she wasn't running around with a Giant-S painted on her chest and she felt good about it.

The people screaming are her first cue something is wrong, then she sees the Van, "Of course. This is Earth, nothing is ever just an average day." Moving as quickly as she can, she begins to push people out of the path of the Van; trying to be as inconspicuous about it as possible. Hopefully it didn't hit her.

Everything happens so fast.

Victor goes in a fly by—he avoids running the van into anything, but he does obscure the driver's vision slightly. From Rain's vantage point, she can see the van curl away sharply and head, out of control, across two lanes of traffic and directly into oncoming traffic. This is about to get ugly very, very quickly.

Meanwhile, Spidey is hanging on to the back doors for dear life as the van flails to then fro. "Dude, you've lost so many points off your license. Good luck on your retake, sucka!"

SMASH! A Spidey fist goes through the back window. If the eyes of his mask could get any wider, they would. Because as he looks past the six pack of jewel thieves, the driver and the watcher, an oncoming semi looks to smoosh the lot of them!

Oh geez. That's not good. And - there's Victor, too. Rain feels her face go red. Noooooooo. "Ah, crap." Sigh. She feels really bad about running away from him and now he's about to be a guest star in what's going to be the best or worst replay of Burnout here. She's got to do something, and do it now. She really wishes her magic weren't quite so slow, but maaaaybe… just maaaaybe…

She'll have to do this fast. Deep breath, concentrate. Hat tilt. Adjust cat. Captain grunts. "It'll all be vine." Really. She goes quiet to concentrate. If all goes well, a calvacade of vines will rip through the cement to grab/slow the oncoming semi. Combine it with breaks, and hopefully there won't be spider-pancakes or Cyborgbits all over.

Actually, it's likely more a slow than an outright stop. Physics!

Of all the things he could do the one that no one probably expects is to rip off the cloth covering his arm, and ripping a single tube out of his arm. The sudden liquid that comes out almost 250 degrees centigrade bellow zero, the hope being that he can freeze it down to the street. If his own internal scans are right he might even be able to produce more of the chemical himself, at least he hopes so. "Freezey does it guys." Oh how he hopes that he can make more of this stuff himself, as it slams into the side of the vehicle freezing even the air around it, as he tries to plug it back in.

Kara would totally intervene but everyone seems to have it covered at this point, still it would only take her a second to change into her 'costume'. For the time being, she continues to try and get people to clear out of the area, calling out to a group of pedestrians, "Stop trying to take pictures and get out of here!"

"Don't worry, I totally saw this on Teen Wolf," Spider-Man says now surfing the roof of the van. The vines were a good idea, but on their own they probably would not be enough. Instead, it's a tag team effort as webs and vines combine to flail up from the ground and web out from the sides of buildings to bring that semi to a halt! "The old one, not the new o——YAAAAAGH!"
Spidey-Sense only works when you're paying attention, and when you have something to push off of. Victor pulls the van to a stop with his sticky-icky-icky blasts, which is great, because they would have plowed into the semi. The bad news is that Spidey slams hard into the pavement and goes for a road rash slide after an errant webshot.

There have been better days than this.

Well, it's close enough to a stop to count. "… almost totally counts." Wince. Captain puts a paw over his eyes and nose. Sigh. "We really need to work on your technique and power." Pout. "My power is /fine/. I'm - we should go check on them." She takes her broom down and lower. "Why the hell was he surfing on a van…?" "Darwin Award?" Sigh. The two look worried. She decides to go check on the fallen arachn-man.

They land nearby. Captain nudges Spiderman's face with a paw if they're able to get close. "Hey, man." "I think he's hurt." "No shit, Sherlock."

And there's - Cyborg. She's trying not to look or turn red. Rain still feels quite bad about it. "That was pretty cool, though…"

Moving over one stomping footstep after another his hood having fallen down some time ago to reveal the cybernetic parts of his face Victor suddenly punches an arm through the door of the van ripping out one of the men inside. To say it's a bit terrifying is something of an understatement, his red glowing eye lighting up the interior of the vehicle. The door like little more then paper for him with how easily he punches through it.

When she sees Spidey hit the ground hard, she realizes that maybe she should get in on the action. The blonde haired Kara disappears into a near-by alley amidst the confusion, changing with superhuman speed from ordinary clothes into the costume that had caused many to call her 'Supergirl'.

Flying in from above, she joins Cyborg in dealing with the thugs, coming in from above the cab of the vehicle and tearing it open to get at the driver and passenger and yank them out, "Looks like you're all trapped between a rock and a hard place." Likely referring to the man tearing through the door and herself.

"DEAR GOD!" screams the driver as he desperately tries to go the other way. Before they can, however, the lid of the van is ripped open like an old school tin can on a chance meeting with Popeye the Sailorman. Although this is a lady, not a navy dude with big forearms. And likely with better pronunciation skills.

"I'm good. I'm good," Spider-Man says, holding a hand up towards Rain and Captain. It's clear that he's not, though, and though he's not sure, it's likely his back is hamburger meat. Thank heavens for healing factors, amirite? "Did we get 'em?" he says towards Rain.

Rain winces, hearing the van mayhem behind them. "You have a terrible level of lying skill," Captain offers. The cat. Is talking. It's a talking house cat. Rain looks over her shoulder, she pauses. "I think so. There's a Superlady and Cyborg," She offers. "Do you want any healing?" He's probably figured out she's not exactly /normal/. Although, purple eyes aren't terribly weird, are they? Or a talking cat? She does offer a hand up at least.

Rain is big on patient consent. "Actually, yeah, those guys do look pretty hosed. Good job rounding them up." Hey, he played his part and the witch gives credit where it is due.

"Little bit of a tip," Cyborg bringing the man in his hand closer to himself enough that he's practically breathing down his face. "Crime doesn't pay nearly as well as it used to." Soon after sending down the man in a bit of a smash to the ground a small bit of wrapping paper of all things tieing him up. "Hey webhead, you alright over there?" Called back as he goes to run to the Spiders side eye lighting up as it tries to scan over the mans injuries, his hand morphing into a rather odd set of tools for medical practices.

Kara aka Supergirl helps take care of the thugs as best as she can without hurting them. She does a quick once over of Spiderman, possibly scanning him over with her enhanced vision to see if he's injured or not. She really wants to recover her stuff in the alley and get back to her normal day out, "Well! Looks like you've got this handled from here. If I'm not needed, I'll be going.."

Eventually Spider-Man peels himself up off the ground. His back looks bad, but not as bad as he'd feared. He'll be okay, especially with Rain's magic or Cyborg's medical assistance. Supergirl gets a nod from the ole Webhead, "Yeah, we got it all covered," he says putting her at ease but being about as convincing as a squirt gun salesman at a tenement fire. "Oh, pardon," he says to Supergirl as he seems to be getting a message.

He takes the phone out.

It's screen is cracked.

He's got a text message.

It's from Isla Merriweather.

«Sorry, Pete, I got a family thing. I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. Raincheck?»

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