Gotham's St. Valentine's Day Massacre

February 14th, 2015: The unthinkable happens and Calendar Man escapes Arkham in a bloody crime spree that ends in the death of some very prominent members of the criminal underbelly of Gotham. A number of individuals show up but it may have been too little too late (Emits by Batman and the Joker). Warning: Excessive Violence and Language

// Blessed Plot, Diamond District, Gotham //

South of the Finger River and along the southern portions of Miller Harbor is
the Diamond District, the Diamond District is also more commonly known as the
Fashion District and to some extent the Financial District (Old Gotham splits
this title with it).

The neighborhoods surrounding Grant Park are popular for young professionals
living in their trendy homes, hundreds of fashion designers and creative
sorts live and work around this area and some of the most colorful
individuals in Gotham can be found here. If any place in Gotham bends to the
side of the eccentric it's the Diamond District especially Collgate Heights.

With Commerce Street Highway cutting a path through the Fashion District,
Financial District, City Hall District this is a prime location for
business, trend setting and opportunity. As long as no one looks too closely
to the squalid eyesore hidden in the middle of the Finger River known as the
Narrows. A place the residents of Diamond District pretend doesn't exist.



  • KGBeast (Joker)
  • Calendar Man
  • Arkham Inmates
  • Santini Family
  • Inzerillo Family
  • Ibanescu Mobsters (Joker)
  • Odessa Mobsters (Joker)
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • GCPD

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-Found with the dead GCPD guard in Julian Gregory Day's Arkham Asylum cell, the following letter was made out of Valentine's Day candy heart letters-

My first saintly act this wondrous day was freeing several inmates and of course myself! It is a joyous day and I was ever so bored but now that I am free I promise to make this gay and love filled Holiday a memorable one!

Yours truly,
Calendar Man


"Yes it would seem the revolving doors of Gotham have swung once again after a guardsman was shot fourteen times in the escape of Calendar Man and his associates. Police have advised the citizens of Gotham to be on the look out! The M.O. of this lunatic is a special brand of Holiday flavored mayhem as his name may suggest.

Here we have with us Doctor Ashley Kafka of Ravencroft Institute New York, one of our sister cities, a talented and world renowned psychiatrist known for many of New York Cities criminally insane recently she has also worked very closely with Mr. Day in a redoubled effort to deal with some of Gotham's more deranged individuals."
"Hello Dr. Kafka, may I call you Ashley?"
"Good afternoon… "

New Market Road located in the Diamond District of Gotham.

The site? A church that obviously caters to Gotham's Gothic stylized architecture that is largely courtesy of Cyrus Pinkney but also appreciates a progressive and contemporary flavor this trendy district is known for. The Blessed Plot is what the locals call this general subsection off New Market Road, thanks to the many churches and small personal cemeteries. The area itself stands out amongst the rest of the Diamond Districts fast and flashy entertainment geared theme. It's a very well respected location amongst Old town Gothamites and those who lived here before the cities remodeling post '09.

Why is this a location of interest at this very moment in time? A wedding is about to happen. A wedding that could effect Gotham for years to come. Two of the cities most notorious crime families are about to engage in wedlock, Rosalie Santini and Felix Inzerillo. Sicilian mobsters the Santini's have long laid claim to the Diamond District territories and the Inzerillo like-wise claim areas around East End and Chelsea where they contend regularly against the Irish gangs of Gotham.

Obviously with the street wars happening in East End with the Odessa, Catwoman's Alley Cats and the rest of the Gotham criminal underbelly a wedding wouldn't be happening in that location. The Inzerillo are happily showing their courage and faith in meeting on the bride's family's territory.

It's a beautiful engagement already, lots of cars, lots of people paying respect to the families in question, even rivals. The weather currently the only visible sour aspect of this entire event with its heavy gray clouds and usual chilly Gotham winds.

Why else is this a site for attention beyond the police, informants and enemies of the Sicilian-American criminals? This very well may be what the Calendar Man's second ominous letter was aiming towards.

Less than twenty minutes ago an APB went out with details attached another victim of the Calendar Man had been found, a woman in her early 20's named Dolores Anne Crichton, her heart had been carved out of her chest and laid on a table, a letter was found placed neatly beside the removed organ, "Dolores my dear, I am remiss that we must part ways but as an appointed saint of this most holy day I must see to my second act and bring the love we felt to others, others who are better suited for such things. Ill-fated lovers who will surely be sentenced to death by their actions. For our Gotham is a cruel place and even the friendly neighbor with the every day wave hides a corpse with a dagger in it… from your Valentine."

Mrs. Crichton is the daughter of a missing GCPD officer and security guard. It was his credentials that got the Calender Man's accomplices in and out of Arkham Asylum. It would appear to those capable of gathering such intel that her and Julian had been intimate for some time.


Oracle has seen the APB go out and has been monitoring the Akham breakout. Locating those inmates, just one of the many priorities she has to deal with.

The gathering of the mob families in the Diamond District are displayed on the screens in the Clocktower and Gothams Information Goddess is collating the whos who of the attendees.

The details of the APB and the gathering are sent to the Bat teams communicators as a text based update, and the wheelchair bound redhead settles back in her chair watching.


Finally a covert mission! And it was something Rodaga had a hand in. The wedding was news to her employer, and whilst everyone in East End is almost known, Melody, dressed as she was, was not. Surely they're used to seeing someone with a baseball cap that covered the eyes and hair that was tucked to resemble a young boy, big baggy jeans and oversized coat that could or could not be Rant.. but this? This was a welcome change. For everyone else.

"Nnh!" *SNAPS* "Nnh!" *SNAPS* "Nnnnhh! Giiirl, you is gonna be da belle of da bawl! Hun-tie, dey ain' gonna be able to keep dey eyes off you!"

Rodaga spins Melody around in the chair to face the mirror and soon, her hand reaches up to smack against her face. "Uggghh.. I fucking hate you guys.."

But confidence. Melody had to look the part to wear the clothes, heels pounded the pavement as gloved fingers brush away thick, dark curls from eyelashes that were obviously thick due to make-up magic, the natural blush emphasized the make-up already in play to make her look magical enough to belong. The dress was okay by her standards, something form fitting and long, whatever. It was something made for a wedding that she planned to burn as soon as she returned to Tin Roof.

Her clutch was held tight against her as she slips into the church with the rest of the attendee's, her lips bunched up into a foul frown as she lifts a hand to pinch her earlobe in between fingers, using that as a cover to apparently talk to herself.

"I hope you're seeing this. There's a lot of people here to celebrate.."


Amongst the people gathered are florists and caterers, because even though it wasn't the reception you know some of these mobsters were going to want refreshments; it was just in their nature. One the florists, the one who had been responsible for the ornate floral arrangement the bride would wear was Dinah; disguised wearing a black wig and a long midnight dress with a slit down the leg and heels.

Unfortunately she was working alone without support, one of the disadvantages of only having arrived back in town recently. For a moment her thoughts drifted back to her own wedding, years ago; but that felt like a lifetime ago and she quickly banished it from her mind.

Most of the faces around her were familiar, big players in Gotham's crime scene and all of them gathered here made a target that would be hard to ignore for many of the cities nefarious elements. It was a gut feeling, but she knew something was bound to happen, it was Murphy's Law.


Mikial has heard the APB and has is here in his best tux that he had at the moments notice.
Mikial slips into the church and seats himself at one of the back pews, keeping his eyes peeled for the maniac that seems to be upset that no one came to see him on Valentines day. Mikial fights the urge to finger at his concealed gun, nervous that things could get messy quick here.


Those not directly family of either Inzerillo or Santini are forced to stand around the walls behind the benches. The place is alive with energy like the inside of a hornets nest, the buzz of quiet conversation, arguing, celebration and activity. Yes, the trained eye can spot many sidearms on a large number of those gathered. Enforcers are obvious as they make rounds, their earpieces not hidden.

The GCPD is also present though their cars are parked at a respectful distance, the street barricaded off headed north towards the Finger River.

This is definitely nothing less than lively and expectant.

"I'm so nervous. I hope we're getting hazard pay." A thin brunette girl standing near Dinah can be heard saying to her companion, a catering company employee, one of the four that has been hired for this gathering.

"Thats not nervous, that is scared. We'll be alright. No one would be dumb enough to attack the Inzerillo AND the Santini family in one place." The burly blonde male beside her assures with a shoulder pat. Famous last words anyone?

Melody's was briefly searched at the door with a pat down by means of a no-necked Santini mobster. Once he was satisfied he waved her in and to the brides side. It would appear Rodaga knew someone special enough to get her a free pass.

Mikail is not so lucky as he moves in to sit down another suit wearing thug approaches him and leans over the pew he sat in, "Bride or groom?" Yeah, they're paying attention to who comes in and out.

A man, an elderly man steps forward and stands near the front of the chuch where the preacher should shortly be joining. "I'd like to just take a moment to thank you all for being here, the Santini family and the Inzerillos future together is going to be a glorious one and that all of you are with us… "

A woman in a cream dress shuffles over and whispers in the man's ear, gesturing towards the back.
The old timers face darkens, twisting in obvious irritation, "Where the fuck is—." His voice rises and the woman snaps at him almost instantly he cuts what he is saying and looks around cautiously at all of those gathered. A heated and whispered arguing continues, their angered waves continue to sling off towards the front of the church.

Elsewhere, "I can't get inside. I'm on site but there is no entry." Batman's voice to Oracle, "Not easily at least. There is enough guns here to put a third world country back on the map." The Dark Knight doesn't sound happy. He is frustrated this is all very short notice and unexpected, his focus has been on handling the SRD's shipments of CC-CV1 and hunting down Aquaman's assassin. Dealing with yet another Arkham break was not on his agenda today.
"Calendar Man is incensed. He's sloppy with this but he's not doing this off just insanity alone… something stinks…"


Oracle has the blueprints for the church up on her screens in no time at all. "Not easily, no. But there is an entry… " Relaying the details of an out of the way service duct, probably used for equipment maintenance, to the Dark Knight, the red head watches the arguing at the front of the church through the security camera's.

"Somethings going on. There's a heated discussion occurring at the front of the church." It will take her a few minutes to work out who they are.


The brief pat down made her nervous. The phone was on in her clutch, but everything else was transmitting through her nanites to a computer in Catwoman's room; whatever Melody sees, she sees. Arms were lifted, she was checked and passed on, the pew that was settled in the middle of the church was taken up with Melody at the end to provide easy access if she's noticed. But that Rodaga did a damn good job, she barely even looks like herself today.

Whatever words were spoken, Melody turns her head just a little, listening in on her internal comms to try to filter through the chatter. "Everyone is. Yes. No. You know, I'm honestly starting to think I'm just your personal pin-cushion here, that's totally not fair."

A woman next to Melody stares at her, then clears her throat. "Excuse me?"

"Oh no. I wasn't talking to you. Sorry, I'm on the phone." Melody gives the woman a brief smile, then quickly turns away, her eyes widening just a touch as she presses herself against the pew.. away from the staring woman. "Aawwwkwaarrdd.."

As the man near the front swears, this draws Melody's attention, her eyes squinting just enough to bring the man and the woman into focus. "Someones upset.." She murmurs to Catwoman on the other end. "Always some type of drama with weddings.."
"Friend of the Grooms friend" Mikial responds, giving cool eye contact and not showing that he didn't expect to be approached at all, and quietly hopes his answer is good enough for the thug.


Dinah listens to the girl and the mobster, replying assuredly when they're both done speaking, "Nobody would be that dumb, of course not." Then again, it was dumb NOT to expect some kind of trouble at a gathering like this.

Her attention however is focused on the old timer who seems to be irritated before she spares a glance towards Mikial who is being questioned by enforcers; the only other situation of note that seems to be occurring.


Charlie, aka Misfit, is eating a bowl of cereal behind Oracle watching the screens. She is in her full armor and gear as she slowly eats her frosted sugar bombs. Really she is waiting for the network to ping an Arkham escapee or something to go down at the wedding and she will bounce where the all seeing one sends her. After one such bite and chew of her cereal she asks thoughtfully "I wonder why there aren't bat sugar bombs.. I think the Titans are going to get a cereal and it will have Misfit Marshmallows… it is a good way to make money.." she trails off "We don't really seem to need money like the Titans do we."


The man and woman arguing at the front are the father and sister of the groom. Stefano Santini and Cornelia Santini-Palermo. Stefano is one of the biggest opiod traffickers in Gotham (alongside a lot of gangs and families out of Chinatown). His son, Felix will inherit this one day. Oracle will find this out rather quickly once she can de-pixelize their faces.

"Get up." The thug says to Mikial, quietly of course but there an assertive tone to it. A finger doing that curl motion number. Yes, Mikail is about to get patted down.

The blonde who was just re-assuring the caterer glances at Dinah and lets out a low whistle, "Hi there, names Salvadore De Amaso, I'm related to the bride. How you doin?" His entire demeanor just changed and he is even sucking in his gut. The brunette rolls her eyes at the man. Dinah will notice he is armed by means of a shoulder holstered pistol.

The two in the front continue their bickering before a rather large man shuffles out of the front, his bald head is downcast and he moves with an awkward gait, he pauses, still looking at the floor and mumbles something to the arguing Santinis.

Oracle will get a ping on her system that the odd man is one of the wanted inmates and he is unsurprisingly dressed as a deacon.


"No, we don't" Oracle murmurs distractedly to Misfit, her eyes narrowed as she watches her screens. The information on the arguing Santini's is relayed to the Caped Crusader as her attention is drawn to the shuffling man.

As the information on /who/ he is flashes up, the redhead points him out to Misfit. "That's one of the Arkham guys."

"Heads up, Batman. We have an Arkham escapee in the Church. Misfit is able to enter the Church, just say when."


"You do realize, that I don't know any of these people that you're talking about, right?" It was all spoken in hushed tones, Melody's eyes upon the arguing few, her gaze soon spanning the room to take in each face present. There was a lot going on, but everything was being recorded on the other end to suss out later.

"Which way?" Melody asks, drawing an arm over the bench to turn, her gaze falling upon Mikial and the thug, and not too soon after, the man who approaches Dinah with the attempts to be fresh. "Nope. Not a chance."

She turns back around again to face the front, her eyes soon drawing towards the lone figure who stands, her eyes lifted to watch him as he passes, her face scrunching up just a touch.


Mikial gets up and puts his hands up slightly, not in a arrest-y way or anything like that, more like 'the jig's up', "Ok, so I wanted some cake, is that so bad? I'll save you the trouble and vamoose, all right?"


She had to play it cool. The thought of this overweight mobster trying to flirt with her sickened her stomach, just a little bit. Dinah flashes a friendly smile to Salvadore, "Audrey Burne, I'm just the florist." The pistol doesn't go unnoticed and she tries to make small talk as she looks around the room her attention seemingly on the man, "You look strong. Do you work out?"


Charlie's eyes widen as Oracle says that guy is an Arkham escapee. She steps around the chair to get a bit of a closer look at the guy and his information on the monitor. "Cool.. is it someone famous or super wierd." she squints and then archs an eyebrow behind her yellow goggles. "He looks kinda plain really for an Arkham escapee.." she pauses a beat and checks her utility belt. Not on the comm channel with Batman and out of the loop for the chatter other than what she hears directly in the room from Oracle "Ready just give me the Go…" she does ease back to not be in the way.


"I've only heard the name, Oracle. You know how I operate." Batman's first response is clipped, a bark almost. Yeah, he is frustrated.
"Something is coming. Cars, opposite the GCPD blockade." Of course the GCPD in question are not responding. They are actually turning around. After Gordon's retirement a lot of the corrupt old guard had found the GCPD welcoming again, this is the result. House cleaning is a required thing again in Gotham on all fronts.

The thug harassing Mikial motions, "Get the fuck out you scavenger." The motion will become a shove towards the door if Mik doesn't move fast enough. That heavy Eastern Gotham accent coming out with a thickness now that the mobster has more of an excuse to be rude.

"Audrey, thats a sexy name. Oh you noticed these sick pythons?" Flex flex. The blonde is now grinning ear to ear and very proud of himself.

The shuffling "deacon" turns around and walks away from Stefano and his daughter. Stefano speaks up now, "Okay, a momentary delay is all. Now that we're back on track I wanna say, I'm very proud all of you are showing your support to our families and this union on this very special Valentines day. Thats it. Thats all… " Short but his daughter is tugging his arm because the priest just made his show at the podium.

A rather unimpressive looking man with a lopsided toupee, underneath the left side what looks like lettering or numbers can be seen etched in to his skin. Dull dark eyes scan the crowd and that already homely face pulls back in a ragged smiles, "We can begin." A book repositioned in front of him and the organs of the church suddenly blare to life in the traditional Bridal Chorus. A bit off key as it is apparently the musician is rusty (yet another inmate).


"Stand by Charlie." Oracle murmurs to her young charge. Bringing the feeds of the outside of the Church up, she zooms into the oncoming cars. "Checking those cars, Batman."

The priest, displayed in another window, gets her attention and she points him out to Misfit "Another inmate on the inside, Batman, this time he's playing the priest."


"You're quiet." Melody murmurs, her eyes shifting towards her right. The woman who had sat next to her had enough, she had moved a few spaces down to give Melody a berth in her private conversation. "Are you there?" Apparently, Catwoman had gone dark, and Melody couldn't risk pulling herself from the situation to check the cameras in the Tin Roof. She just may miss what Selina was looking for.

The speech continues, and soon Melody focuses upon the scene ahead, the music irritating enough for her hand to reach up to press an ear closed. She hoped like hell no one on the other end was listening, she was sure Selina would come to the church to beat the pianist herself.


Dinah/Audrey sticks close to the enforcer, making it easier to take him out of play if violence began; it would be one less gun firing into the crowd, "Oh, thanks. It was my Grandmother's name."

Continuing her charade, she moves a little closer to the man, her heels clicking on the ground as she does so. The slightly off-tone of the music is a bit of a red flag, this was not the kind of place where the organist would mess up, besides she was a master of sound, "Is this a special version of the Bridal Chorus?" Her question could be asked of the mobster near her or anyone else in ear-shot. (Maybe Melody was close by?)


Well Charlie "Rodger rodger" and just keeps on checking her gear. When the next one is called out she looks and then nods lightly. "Okay so the Priest…" she squints "hey an alert on the organist, looks like he is too Oracle.." she points it out with a gesture to the alert. "This place is going to go super side ways…"


Mikial Manages to move it fast enough and gets the hell out of where he quickly realized he had no business being, and exits the church.
Mikial makes hast to a place he has hidden his gear, not too close, not too far, dark and where no one would be, he mutters to himself, "Note, that was a fucking bad plan. No, scratch that, did I even have a fucking plan?!? Get it together dumbass!" He hisses to himself as he changes into his Vigilante gear.
"Allright, lets do this a little different this time, shall we?" Mikial says to himself, he should have known better than to do something as stupid as what he did in there.
Mikial makes his way to a ally with a good view of the church and then turns on his HUD, "Let's see what GCPD records have here…" Spearhead/Mikial starts looking over each person that he sees as a possibility of one of the Escape-ies and spots one. However, right as the info pops up, the link is lost to the database that he had tapped into. "Goddamnit…" he mutters as he turns the power off and keeps an eye on the man dressed as a Deacon.


A growl and Batman's voice cuts through the channel to Oracle again, "Send her in! This is about to turn in to a massacre." Yes, exactly that. A janitor named Steve (according to his name tag) has just using only a mop taken down two Inzerillo-Santini mobsters with expert bojutsu techniques. The cowl is drawn back on and Bat-Janitor races down the street to try and slow some of the incoming vehicles.
"Oracle, get those people out of the church. Now!"

Mikail once his suit on will witness Bat-Janitor in a rush down the road towards the fast incoming vehicles, about five of them each one is packed with men in various masks from nylons, scarfs to hockey masks. Every single one of them armed.

Inside the church the bride has appeared, a beautiful young woman with thick dark curls and brilliant blue eyes and a nose that well, she has a very very large nose. Still she is lovely in her white dress. At some point the groom had also joined, a slender young man with swept back hair held in a pony tail and stylish widows peaks. Attractive these two young lovers. The Calendar Man looks very pleased. His smile is ever growing. "Ladies and gentlemen, members of the Inzerillo family, the Santini family…"

"Bet granny was a sexy one too. You got some stems on you, Audrey" Yeah, he is talking about her legs. "Definitely got to be in the genes to be built up like that."

Melody being the hacker she is has become full aware that her link up with the GCPD was just cut short. Not that she was 'cut out of it' but that it just straight up shut down. That blockade out there has completely went dark and ceased their radio chatter. They'e cut themselves off from the rest of Gotham (Oracle is also aware of this).


A caravan of five large sedans and SUV's rolls up to the church, blocking traffic, which promptly becomes very scarce when each and every one of them turns out to be a very heavily armed Russian mobster. Gone are the suits of the 40's. Now they come out in whatever they felt like, prison tattoos showing along with RPK's, AK-74's and enough ammunition to fight a small war. Out of the center vehicle steps a man taller than most of the rest. He's got high end augments and one of his arms appears to have been severed at the elbow and replaced with… uh, it's not clear what. But it's got a couple of very large, dangerous looking barrels on it. And a protruding blade.

"Right. No survivors." He addresses to the others in a slightly mechanical voice. The men approach the church at a purposeful walk, fanning out to cover the yard.


"Go Misfit. And don't get in Batmans way." Oracle, trusting that Misfit has already gone, use the Building Management System to cause the fire alarms to sound in the church.

"Batman, the GCPD blockade has cut themselves off from the rest of Gotham. You've got five cars with hostiles out the front." The redhead frowns at the video feed and starts to process the images she's seeing.


"I don't know, but honestly lady? It's really, really terrible." Melody tells Dinah, regarding the music. It really was a shit show, but at least the guy tried.

"Who am I talking to?" The voice within Melody finally cuts back in, her eyes glancing back towards the front as her face wrinkles considerably.

"Cats.. the police are gone." She couldn't hear the chatter, the regular transmissions that played over, especially in regards to EE. "Look outside?"

She does. Her head leaning back slowly as her eyes alight upon the ceiling, pulling herself apart just enough to access the camera feeds with..

"Someone's alrea.. okay!" Sure, someone was already piggy-backing off of the feed, but it doesn't mean that Melody couldn't cut right in and watch right along with them. And what she saw? Transmitted by to Catwoman (for clarification for the KGBeast Boy), which led to a few choice words that causes Melody's head to snap forward, one hand pressed to the ear.

Anyone could guess easily what was said. 'Get the fuck out of there!' But is she going to scream that to the others? Nope. Let the Italians take themselves out to leave more room for Selina.

Melody stands, a slight smile upon her face that was points nervous, her gait taking her towards the bride and groom with a little shuffle that screams 'Bathroom please!'. Yeah. No bathroom for her, she was going to make a run for it out the back.
You paged Black Canary with 'KGBeast and Calendar Man are relatively infamous individuals. She probably will recognize them.'


The Black Canary may not have had support on her little mission but as she looked closer at the Deacon noticing the numbers upon his forehead; it struck her that her intuition had been right. Crap, think Dinah think. She glances outside the window, that didn't look good either.

"Yeah, sure." She mutters in reply to the man trying to excessively hit on her. She hears Melody but she's distracted and she had to act quickly, "Salvadore. It's your moment to shine, you need to get the bride and groom to safety now big boy."

She distances herself from the mobster and begins to move along the side of the pews towards The Calendar Man, if she was lucky she could act before anyone was hurt.


Spearhead's head snaps to the caravan that just pulled up, "They don't look like they are here for cake…" He says, taking the marksman rifle off his back and chambering around as he kneels to steady his shots. He aims for the shoulder blade area on one AK toting Mobster after another, injuring them in their dominant arm for the guns, but makeing sure to try and keep the shots from being lethal, "Hope you know what you are doing down there stranger." he says as he picks off the russian mobsters.


Charlie is indeed already gone on the 'Go Misfit' vanishing from behind Oracle with a splash of bright pink and purple smoke >pinkurple>. A split second later she appears in a lesser spill of smoke on the Priests lecturn in her full Misfit looking batgear putting herself between the Calendar Priest and the to be married happy couple there. She is standing on his book even.

Not aware she has any backup in the room at all, Misfit quips to said Bride and Groom even as she kicks into motion "Love your dress, sorry about this, run!" and launches herself back off the Lecturn in a leaping backwards somersault kick aimed to try to catch the Calendar Man right in his face with her new combat boots and then end up back on her feet in front of him. Also those boots totes match the rest of the costume Batwing made her too, stylish.


"Oh hey, another one." Salvadore says as if he just now realized Melody existed and then Dinah brings up the bride and groom, "Wait, what? Get me your digits, Audrey, cmon." Apparently what she said went right over his head. "I'm a standup guy. Hey, what is going on? Why the alarms on?!"

"Hey, you skag, don't you dare ruin my daughters wedding!" A woman, with the biggest wig this side of East Gotham tackles Melody and starts to pull at her with raking claws and the kick of gawdy heels.

"What the fuck are you morons doing!?" Stefano is shouting. His eyes bugging out of his head as chaos has just descended on the lovely Inzerillo-Santini wedding. "Luka Inzerillo, you behind this!?"

The bride has just fallen to her knees and is sobbing horribly as the fire alarm having gone off then cue the sprinkler system. Young miss Inzerillo looks like a very sad clown.
Felix is tugging her arm roughly, "Get up damnit. C'mon. Get up!" Then Misfit appears and the girl stops crying, Felix has let her go and is pointing, "Shoot her. Someone shoot them… they're fucking everything up. Just shoot anyone you don't know!"
The bride begins to wail again. Louder now.

Calendar man reels back with a kick to the skull that sends him bouncing off of the large cross, a gun drawn up. "This is all wrong! Nobody is in their places! YOU'RE RUINING IT! YOU'RE RUINING VALENTINES DAY!" Veins pop out of his neck and he screams, the screams lead to gunshots all of them aimed at Misfit. He doesn't yet notice Dinah moving in on his left but the inmate, the dopey Deacon had and he is now with that odd surprisingly fast shuffle is running at the woman. Hands out in front of him. "Pretty, pretty, snap and break the pretty. Pretty, pretty, twist and rip the pretty." Definitely from Arkham.

Mobsters with sidearms are rallying now to meet the incoming better armed Russian horde. It's a mad dash for sanity in absolute madness right now.

"Coordinate Oracle. I just took down another three Santinis. We need the inside of the Church secured, anyone with weapons in there needs neutralized." Batman's speaking again, but has paused long enough to take cover when he hears shots ring out from behind him, Mikial. The Bat-Janitor peers up over the car for a brief glance then ducks down. "Another one, line 3 switch, Penny-One, do you hear me?"
"Yes, Batman, go ahead."
"Runs facial recognition on new shooter determine threat level so I know when to take him out." (If required) Threat level or possible undercover GCPD. That would be a shocker if one of them is actually helping. Days like this he misses Gordon even more. At least he still has Babs.
Then the Bat-Janitor makes visual contact with KGBeast. "It just got uglier. KGBeast is here." That goes to both Alfred and Oracle.


Speak of the Russian Devil and he shall appear. Or well, don't speak of him and he shall appear so you can. KGBeast lines up with the front door as the Italian mob fires on the advancing Russians, heedless of the pistol rounds skipping around him. The Russian line stops about ten feet from the door and then… "Kill them all." The Beast says calmly.

Weapons fire fills the air, from the staccatto bark of the AK's to the canvas-rip sound of the light machineguns to the heavy thud-thud-thud of KGBeasts arm mounted cannon. It rips into the chapel, the wood and drywall no match for high caliber rounds. Anyone within a couple pews of the back of the sanctuary is at great risk of of being torn to shreds by the sheer amount of lead in the air. Only the pews further in provide any cover at all.

A muted whup precedes the roar of an incindiary explosion as KGBeast lobs thermite into the church along with simple bullets. "Five each left and right. Run down the ones headed out the back. Leave no one."

Spearpoint finds himself engaged. The Russian Mobsters aren't, by and large, soldiers, but they do notice being picked off and have a general area to return fire at. Also, they have plenty of ammunition to waste.


Never say things can't get any worse. Oracle watches as the chaos erupts. Coordinate, Batman says. The sprinkler systems have already been triggered, that should address any immediate fire damage from the lobbed thermite but still… the Gotham Fire Department is already despatched by the red head.

"Misfit, we need to neutralise all the weapons in the church and secure it. The people need to be taken out the back, the front entry is under attack." Oracle hasn't identified the extra backup in the Church yet.


"Excuse me, need the bathroom! Excuse me.. nee-.. woah.." Melody stops cold as a woman appears in between the Calendar man and the bride/groom. And then she's tackled, splatting against the ground with a loud thud, her phone shattering but not breaking the connection she had towards Cats. Catwoman, who's now screaming in her ear for Keith, who probably wasn't around, per usual.

She just got jumped by some crazy old Bronx lady. Yeah. This is why she hates going outside.

Melody keeps her hands above her face, twisting this way and that to avoid the scratches and hits, "Lady! I'm trying to leave! I gotta.. go!" But sadly, nothing was going through to the woman, and Melody hated hitting old crazy ladies. Old crazy ladies were the bees knees sometimes.

Melody bucks her hips into the air to send the lady forward, her hands dashing out to soon grip the woman by the shoulders as her arms flail to keep her balance. That ol' barely used metahuman strength kicks in as Melody tosses the woman, skidding her across the ground right towards the mobsters who soon pull their guns in aim towards Misfit.

As soon as the fire starts, Selina barks orders in Melody's ear, her hands reaching up to grasp at her cheeks as she shouts outloud over the hail of bullets. "You want me to do what?!" Yeah. Selina totally wants her to do just that.

She inches along the ground, pulling herself just inches from her further position. And just like Selina said? A body falls right atop of Melody, bleeding from being shot to death, in which the little hacker promptly hides beneath, playing dead. "I can't shut down.. too risky.." She whispers, hoping the point got across. "Cameras? I'm going in again.. I got good cover." Cause dead bodies make good cover. Yep.


When the Arkham Asylum lunatic comes rushing towards Dinah, she side-steps him with surprising alacrity and replies, "You need to work on the flattery pal." Even as she speaks a quick jab to the man's neck with her middle and index finger is given, a move that would cause him to lose all control of his body. She had trained for years to be a weapon and her status as one of the world's top fighters was no joke, unless the dopey Deacon was some super-villain he was likely down for the count.

The bullets are some cause for alarm, especially when she lacked any kind of protection but she wasn't about to deviate from her target. Using one of the pews for momentum, she handsprings off of it in order to mid-air snap kick Calendar Man directly in the chest (Hopefully).


As soon as Spearhead sees the barrels of the AKs start moveing in his direction, he dashes for cover behind a dumpster, keeping low and takeing shots at the mobsters, makeing his own profile as small as possible as shells pepper the dumpster, sending slowed fragments clattering against his full face covering helmet and the body armor he has. Spearhead takes out the ones who seem to be better shots first to give himself a better chance to stay in this fight.


Right thinks Misfit…. secure all the weapons currently being angrily fired at you in the middle of an overly armed mob wedding and then evac angry mobsters while some of Arkham's finest are evidently out to remake the Valentine's Day massacre in Gotham. Basically just like every other Holiday in Gotham really.

The young woman is already moving as soon as she hits the ground from her backflip of a kick. Vanishing again in that spill of smoke >Pinkurple> and reappearing next to Calendar Man, one fist swinging to try to clock him in the face, while the other hand snaps to try to touch his gun. "Oh hey backup!" she says chipperly to Canary there. Then Misfit is gone again >pinkurple> hopefully with said gun but leaving the man to the Canary who no Misfit doesn't know but hey kickings.

Really what starts to happen is pretty rapid fire at this point, Misfit appears in a matter of split seconds, bouncing in and out of existance and touching (and teleporting with) people's guns in the Church. She seems fearless of the hail of bullets, because between her armor and her bouncing she can't do much better outside hiding under a body on the floor. "I" >pink> "Said" >urple> "Run people!" weapons get tossed post bounces haphazardly.


fwump fwump fwump The old woman who tackled Melody and was about to go at her again makes for an impromptu meat shield. Her body slumping forward as Russian bullets rip through the lady-corpse.

Stefano is grabbing a pistol up from a fallen mobster and only to begin firing back at KGBeast. Screaming at the top of his lugs with each shot fired.

Felix on the other hand is rocking back and forth clutching his wounded bride to be. If that isn't a Kill Bill style tragedy in the making.

Salvadore is fumbling for his pistol to defend himself (or Dinah) only to drop the object as the Deacon tumbles past. Survival instinct takes hold and Salvadore grabs the unconscious Arkham Escapee and pulls him over his body. There is after all a Russian hitsquad lead by a cyborg mowing down the church.

Calendar Man is no fighter, he's a psychopath and a thinker. The backflip kick had him on the ropes and now his gun is gone AND he is pinwheeling in to one of the hardest kicks he has ever been dealt. Ribs pop and crack and he is on the ground in a feeble 'dying cockroach' posture. A wheeze, "Valentine's Day is ruined, he lied to me… what a waste, I should have saved Dolores for next year… my dear Dolores… " Darkness descends on the Gotham villain.

The Russian's weaponry is far superior to that of the Italian sidearms, the initial assault had taken out many innocents and gunmen alone in the back row what remains are those smart enough to take cover or far enough away they've gotten lucky. Mikial is artful in his marksmanship, one by one he is dropping their numbers. This will no doubt be noticeable as the Bat-Janitor likewise has taken out a sizable portion of the men outside, mostly mobsters but now he is picking up on the Russians. It's not exactly orderly, this isn't his team but it's at least working, they're disassembling the threat chunk by chunk.


The group of flankers nearest Mikhail are the first to go down before the others make are obscured by the church itself. There are still, half a dozen or so mobsters firing and KGBeast has noticed that his numbers have thinned a little bit more than what the Italians can account for. He half turns, sights in on the man's position and looses one, two, four HE grenades in the direction of as yet unknown sniper.

Then he's walking inside with what's left of his crew, braining an unfortunate too close to the door and sighting in on Canary taking down Calendar Man. Then he takes fire from Stefano

"Have some respect for the cloth." The mercenary snaps, perhaps somewhat ironically as 15mm auto fire opens up on two women and an Italian. Yeah, this can only end well..

Out back, there's going to be some trouble out back, as indicated by more scattered fire. Those who made it through the back exit are under attack. Again.


It's now obvious that Dinah and Spearhead are fighting on the right side. "You have extra backup, a woman in the church and a man out front" Oracle relays the information to Misfit and Batman "The exit out back is compromised. They're going to come in from both directions." A review of the blueprints and another exit route "Direct people to the west side exit, Misfit."


Like Salvadore, Melody found sanctuary underneath a dead body. A body who was now starting to get heavier by the second. With the cameras inside the church on watch, Misfit's poo-poofing did a good job at thinning the numbers of bullets that were flown. With orders to move, Melody carefully edges the body away from her, all covered in blood and in a mess, soon turning upon her belly to crawl towards one of the pews for cover. Out back, people were attacked, the women near Calendar Man were being fired upon, the front was blocked by some angry mercenary.. and with no focus upon the little hacker, she decided to make her own exit.

Because fuck this noise! Getting shot hurts!

Melody peeks her head up over the pews, her eyes squinting as she counts the number of men surrounding the main entrance. She couldn't sneak along the side and stick to the walls to escape, she'd be seen. Turning her head to the side just a touch to listen, her head ducking down as she begins to argue with the voice through her own comms.

"Are you serious? Do you know how much that's going to hurt? You're killing me here! And this is too dramatic! I don't do dramatic! This eff'ing sucks!"

But, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. She kicks off her shoes and rises, making a mad dash towards the windows. Yep, she was going out the windows, making her own exit where the others were compromised. Thankfully, they were shot out, so with a flying leap, she effectively Superman's out the window, hitting the ground with a rolling thud and missing any shards of glass that could tear her asunder. She doesn't stop there either! She gets to her feet and hits the ground running, arms flailing as she screams to herself.. "DONT GET SHOT! DONT GET SHOT!" Pretty sight there.


"Oh Shh—-." Is all Spearhead manages to get out as he sees the flash of the launcher, and quickly drops the gun in order to shove the dumpster with all he has from the wall it's pressed up against, and slipping in the crack made as soon as it's wide enough for him to squeeze in. The grenades hit, Spearhead is peppered along his shoulders, his right side, right arm, and his his right leg has a few fragments in it, Spearhead lets out a loud groan as the pain hits, but soon adrenalin is overcomes it, and spearhead pushes the dumpster out more, and reaches for his rifle, "Ah! shit thats hot!" the rifle was out in the blast and is quite hot. Spearhead pulls it in with a few quick movements and lets it cool enought to be handeled before he peeks the barrel out to look for another shoot, he spots one of the last of the mob turning the corner of the church, "Shit, the other side" He says to himself as he slings the gun onto his back and draws a pistol out, and makes his way out from behind the dumpster, following the Russians flanking the back, though being fraged slows him down considerably


The 15mm rounds careening towards Dinah present a definite threat and she dives for cover near the organ that the Dopey Deacon had formerly been using, replying back to KGBeast, "Clearly your mother never taught you how to treat a lady." She cringes just a little at the thought of how many people were dying in the area, but she had to reassure herself with the fact that they were mostly mobsters and criminal scum.

She had options, but most of them involved not trying to dodge automatic weapons fire at the same time. Too bad she couldn't teleport in poofs of pinkurple like that other girl, it would make this so much easier.

She starts to countdown from 3 in her head.


Misfit vanishes once more bouncing up and away for a moment at the hail of 15mm rounds through the Church. Of course she repears next to the goons with KGB, behind them really. She then proceeds to surprise three stooges two of them, heads, together, BAM. "DARK VENGEANCE!" and gone once more.

This time though she doesn't appear by the other couple of goons, newp no sir. Misfit reappears eh near the ceiling, and tosses a BAT-FlashBang down right at KGB's head, before vanishing and appearing near Dinah behind the Organ. "This is totes crazy.. nice kicking."

Batman's in motion following the KGBeast lobbed grenade to make sure that Mikial is in one piece. Confirmation that the man is still mobile and slinging more weapons. Three batarangs are lobbed at Spearhead the targets are ankle, wrist, shoulder.
"No more shooting! Just stay down."
The Dark Knight is aware Spearhead is assisting yet still has ZERO info back on him from Alfred and damage control is already hard enough without more unaccounted for shooters in the mix. Fortunately with the aid of the gun-toting vigilante -they- have beaten down almost all of the hostile forces outside of the church Italian to Russian a-like.
The aggressive and quick moving Bat-Janitor doesn't look so janitorial now that his outfit is mostly shredded to reveal the cape-less black body armor underneath. "Don't force my hand, stranger. There has been enough bloodshed this night." His attention pulling from Spearhead only briefly he starts talking to Oracle again, "All outside hostiles are neutralized, KGBeast and a squad are inside the church, how is your girl doing? We have Odessa and I think I seen Eugene Ibanescu, obvious joint effort. Keep your eyes peeled."

Stefano goes down with the KGBeasts fire, dead, his throat missing. A round has torn clean through it. Felix is dragging his bride to cover and can only watch with horror stricken eyes as his father and sister are mowed under. His mouth moving in silent protest.

The major portion of this battle is indoors, the KGBeast squaring off against Black Canary and Misfit.


KGBeast has not gotten this far by being stupid. The hit has been by and large successful… and now it's time to get out. Who knows how much ammunition that weapon arm of his holds but he seems quite determined to use it all as he backs out the door and signals to the one vehicle that still has a driver to make ready to peel out. "HAPPY VALENTINES DAY YOU CAPITALIST PIGS!"

Or that's what he was saying until there's a Bat-Flash in his eyes and suddenly the spray is wild and going up. A heavy, thickly accented russian voice comes from a speaker on his shoulder. "Light Polarization Filters Deployed, Comrade."

"Do that BEFORE the explosion you ChiCom excuse for an optics package. BEFORE!"
Tracking a specific mobile signal can be very tricky but Oracles' learned some tricks and uses them now to identify Black Canary's phone. Hoping the woman has an earpiece and that a ringing phone won't distract the woman too much, the red head sends out a call… Black Canary's phone should start ringing.


"My young lady, Misfit" Oracle responds to the Caped Crusader "is getting them down, it's her and another woman in there, doing the damage." As she delivers the update, she notes the withdrawal of KGBeast "You have KGBeast heading your way, looks like staging a retreat. Stefano and Cornelia are down though and potentially the bride." The redhead turns her attention now to the chaos muppet "Misfit, the hostiles out front are neutralised. Keep your focus in there, you're doing well."


"Thanks, nice work yourself." Canary replies to the young woman who has just BAMFed in beside her, "Cover me if you can." The plan had been formulated before-hand and Misfits bat-flashbangs made it even easier.

Using the chaos of the situation, Dinah moves through the pews with acrobatic certainty, avoiding the chaos within and calling out to KGBeast, "Not so fast!"

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A sonic scream erupts from Black Canary's lungs, the force of the blast focussed on that gun-arm of KGBeasts; her fine control of the canary cry allowing it to shatter even metal. Better to eliminate the enemies best weapon before taking him down, just in case; that and it would hopefully leave KGBeast vulnerable to close range attacks.


When the sonic scream ends, Dinah reaches up to click the bluetooth earpiece, "Uh, hello? I'm a little busy—" She seems surprised to get a phone call in the middle of all of this.
Spearhead finds himself seeing stars for a second, next he is on his back with that Janitor fellow standing over him, though he doesn't look much like a janitor now. Spearhead holsters his pistol and props himself up to sit, "Stay down? theres still alot going on, and this is open right here, if anything, I'm moveing to cover, that is, if you have this, not-so-Janitor." he says, now checking his arm.


Misfit peeks and watches Canary, cause well she said cover her. "Oracle this lady is awesomesauce"

Oh right cover her. Misfit disappears >pinkurple> and reappears near the three remaining Russian Mobsters with KGBeast, batarangs double thrown as soon as she appears from both hands, thwipthwip thwipthwip, the aim being, gun hand, gun hand, gun hand, blunt end to the nose. She dives towards their legs fist first, like she is sliding to first, vanishing >pinkurple> just to appear right behind the two that didn't get the batarang to the nose. Her weighted gloves aimed at the back of those two goons heads. "HSss!"


The sonic scream is new and very different. Batman will definitely be investigating but right now priorities. KGBeast looks handled and the GCPD are actually moving now, "Incoming, GCPD has decided to wake meaning the SRD is not far off. Get everyone out of here before they try to pin this on us." A look over at Spearhead and Gotham's champion grunts, "Go, the help is noted, we'll meet again." That is the closest thing to a 'thank you' anyone gets from Batman.
"I want any information you have on the Black Canary, she isn't supposed to be… young. Also, your young lady Misfit did well."
A quick leap and Batman has cleared a car, he is running and then just not there. The Batmobile is somewhere two streets away snarling to life. This entire ordeal is a bloody nightmare but they did what they could, they brought a fight and stood down terror. The scum of Gotham will know this and so will the rest of the city.
"I can't handle this, I have too much going and need to find Aquaman's killer. Find out whoever has the most to gain from Santini and Inzerillo not forming an alliance and we'll figure out who was behind all of this. I have my theories but you got this, your team can handle it." Batman's finishing message to Oracle before he cuts radio communications and goes dark. They'll need to talk again soon anyways, BMK I is still an issue at hand.


KGB reels back as the sonic screech from Dinah batters his arm, bending barrels to the point of unusibility and as the police roll in… he does the smart thing and surrenders. He's been at this far too long to go out in a hail of gunfire. But Misfit and Dina? Oh those two he won't be forgetting any time soon.
"This is Oracle." The red head speaks to Black Canary, her voice digitally disguised "Perhaps you've heard of me. That was nice work there." Let's see how the new comer, responds to that. "Already on it, Batman and of course my team can handle this." The dry tone won't translate of course. "I'll pass your feedback on to Misfit, as well." The redhead is quite pleased with how the young woman is progressing.

Now there is the issue of what to do with KGBeast… Gotham PD can't be trusted, obviously.'


Black Canary was going to get the hell out of there, she wasn't intending to wait around for the police or any kind of Special Response unit; not with the potential government watch out on her already.

When she realizes KGBeast is surrendering, she saunters towards him, fishnets visible through the slit in her dress, "Lights out sweetie." She punches him with enough force to knock him out, making his surrender to the police a little easier. It would probably give him something else he wouldn't be forgetting anytime soon.

As she's fleeing from the scene, she replies to Oracle, "Black Canary. I've heard of you, the all-seeing eye of Gotham."


Misfit looks down at the goons and the KGBeast. She slams her fist out to the right and DAPs the one who took the batarang to the nose knocking his ass right out without looking. Really though she is pondering how to ziptie the Russian Metacriminal what with no arm anymore.. a lack of wrists is distinct. She will need to ask Oracle about this really.

Then well Canary takes care of it with another sonic scream "That. Is. So. Cool…" and she leans to get a fist dap with Dinah "See you later." and she vanishes in a splash of smoke >PinkUrple> back to the Clock Tower …. by the Gods She Needs Kraft Mac and Cheese… with hot dogs.


Spearhead gets up and hobbles along away from the scene as fast as he can to get away before he is caught by any of the cops get ahold of him, and goes to work on his wounds in some shady hotel.

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