14 February, 2015: Tim, Jay and Vorp have a social moment at the Titans' Castle.

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Vorpal is not in the best of moods right now- he only has about three hours to prepare for 'the surprise,' after that assassination attempt on Detective Pezzinni ate up his own time. Coming through the front door, he doesn't bother to change into his human form- he just plops himself down on the couch and puts one of the pillows over his face and groans.

"… oh god."

Robin has taken the day away from Gotham for many reasons. Many annoying reasons. He's been pushing himself too hard this semester, and needed a day off. He's certain Batman will forgive him this, though let's be fair: Batman never takes a day off. His professors will have to do without the few assignments that are due Monday — he's already emailed and asked for a one-day extension. And then he came to the Castle to see what the deal was.

And now here's Vorpal. Purple, furry, and looking utterly exhausted.

"And what happened to you?" asks the Boy Wonder, having managed to hide in plain sight 'til now — or just, he simply wasn't making his presence known.

The pointy - eared cleaning woman is making the rounds of the Titan Castle this evening. She is unaware of any surprises. Well, aside form stray clothing and apparently some more people being added to the Castle's 'Do Not Bite' list. Eagerly she makes her way through the front lounge area to find… A Vorpal on the couch?

She pulls out a beaten rag, gives it a few splurts with some pungent combination of cleaning chemicals, and starts cleaning an end table near the catboi's head when Robin makes his presence known.

Slitted eyes squint a bit at the Boy Wonder, and a faint smile starts to creep to her lips, though she's trying to fight it.


Well, if one's gotta say something, say something complimentary?

Vorpal's eye opens. And it's dark. Why is everything dark? Has he lost his si-

Oh. Pillow.

He removes the pillow and stares at Robin. "Robs, I'm in trouble. I'm in sooo much troubl-"

He looks at Jay and takes a deep breath, "Jay… you're going about one twenty in a thirty five lane here. Slow, please, I've got a headache."

Robin quirks a faint smile at his new nickname. "That's a mouthful," he observes to Jay. "Probably best just calling me 'Robin.' Nice to meet you at last, Jay." Not that she's really been mentioned to him so much… but he keeps up with the team's files.

"Trouble," he continues, now turning his attention to Vorpal. He knows of some trouble Vorpal -was- in — that little miscommunication regarding the Gotham DA and the status of his former Bat-brother. That was over a week ago, though, and he's assumed the issue was resolved. "What kind of trouble, Vorpal? What happened?"

The custodial sort polishes the end table to an almost mirror-sheen. Which is impressive given that it is.. varnished oak. There's a little bit of a sparkle to it as she moves to the other end table and starts to work on it.

"Oh. Okay. I'll slow down then."

The corners of her lips continue to try and tug upward as she fights to keep her expression as neutral as possible. One heck of a facial twitch, there.

"Okay, 'Robin'! Nice to meet you too, sir. Do you need help with any cleaning projects around town?"

That… is probably noted as 'not recommended' in her file. Especially not in Gotham.

"Oooh. Did you break a vase and try to clean it up without telling me about it?"

Because that's the only trouble she could imagine. She pays a bit more attention to the couch as she cleans, hand moving a bit slower.

Vorpal smirks, looking at Robin and Jay. "It's… three hours to our six month anniversary slash valentines day date. And I still don't know what the hell to do! I want it to be memorable…" he sighs, and shrugs.

"I'll… think'a something. How about you, Robs? Jay? What's new with you?- oh, there was an assassination attempt on Detective Sara Pezzini. It'll probably be all over the news… I sort of… ended up killing someone. Accidentally."

He clarifies, "COMPLETELY freak accident. They shot at me, I created a bracelet- you know, like the ones Wonder Woman wears?- and damnit that bullet bounced off it… and then off a lamp post. And then into the guy's throat. I didn't plan it that way… it just… happened. I'm glad the police were there to see it, or they wouldn't have believed it."

"No major cleaning projects, no," Robin tells Jay. "But thank you for offering. I'll let you know if anything comes up." Probably best, based on what he knows of her, to let her continue to keep the Castle clean until something requires her particular talents.

When Vorpal explains the situation — uncertainty about what to do on Valentine's Day — Robin sighs inwardly. Somehow he knew the so-called holiday would enter into this somewhere. The assassination attempt on Pezzini and the accidental death of the assassin… those are much more complicated issues. The latter, in particular, causes him to wince behind his mask. He's not going to criticize Vorpal for it, but… wow, would that get him in trouble in Gotham. "Honestly, it's been all I can do to keep my head above water lately," he says. "I'm calling this a sanity day." Which is why he's at the Castle going over files. "Memorable is in the mind of the one remembering," he adds. "I mean, what did Spoiler and I do together? Put her dad in jail, mostly."

"It sounds simple, but a nice clean room with fresh bedsheets and dusted and polished is a good gift to give someone. Especially if you live like a slob sometimes! Or a nice simple heartfelt meal that is easy to tidy up after." Wow, so obsessive yet helpful, Jay!

"Oh, me? I've been cleaning around the Castle and some side jobs but otherwise trying to stay a bit warm because it has gotten chilly and snowy lately. Never thought I would say it, but it's getting kind of boring because the dust is having a hard time keeping up with me. Which means it might be time to find another cleaning gig to do as well." There's a hint of sadness in her tone at the prospect of doing the job too well, but that's quickly washed away.

"It is good to take sanity days. If you don't, then you go all crazy and think that anything is okay, like cleaning people's teeth with a wirebrush or trying to clean fire with your bare hands. This isn't a good idea because of burning."

Two steps forward, then a sidestep to the right, and one backwards?

"Oooh. Is he a bad man guilty of serious crimes?"

Of course, to Jay, what a 'serious' crime would be is anyone's guess.

"Well, there was that rooftop rendezvous that I arranged for you. And which I think backfired on you…" Vorpal stopped playing matchmaker after that. Though not for long. "And yes, he was most likely a bad man. He and his cronies fired automatic weapons from two different teams in the middle of a sidewalk. I didn't plan on killing him, it just happened… with his own bullet. But considering he and his friends were trying to kill everybody on sight, I am not broken up about what happened to him. Died by his own bullet deflected by someone who was trying not to get killed…"

"Spoiler's dad, also a bad man," Robin puts in. "Whatever the case…" He shakes his head. "I'm sure he'll appreciate whatever you decide to do with him, Vorp." He can understand where Vorpal is coming from regarding the death of the man who was attacking, well, everybody. Nonetheless, his training says 'nobody dies'. And he does his best to avoid it. So when somebody dies, he worries. Even if he wasn't there.

Great, Tim, get stressed out about something you had no way of preventing on your day off. Brilliant.

"Speaking from experience, getting shot isn't fun. So if someone was shooting and trying to share the not - fun with others, then it is only fair that some of it came back to them. But it is sort of sad that they died, because that means there's one less person in the world that had a life, maybe a family, maybe not, but something they had going. And mourning someone is natural, even if you don't know them. It is a sign of mental health and fitness and connection to other people."

She nods repeatedly a few times, eyes alight before moving to the coffee table. The end table *SPARKLES* because she'd kind of forgotten she was cleaning it for a bit there.

"And Mister Robin, it is a sanity day. So what do you do to de-stress and become sane again?"

Alfred Pennyworth she isn't. But she does have a point.

Vorpal doesn't seem to be troubled that the man had a life.

He is part cat. Sometimes people make drop-dead stupid choices and get themselves killed. "Robin, no stress allowed. Please don't make me try to blue-screeen you into rebooting. You go kind of loco when you over-stress."

Robin waves a hand. "I'm fine," he says. "I just need a day off. Back to patrol later." He's missing major things in Gotham right now, he's sure, but he can't be expected to know everything. Whatever Batman may feel on the matter. "Maybe I'll actually watch some TV." Doubtful. Very doubtful.

Jay gets a dangerous glint in her eyes for a brief second, and tosses a clean rag to Robin. "Have you ever seen the classic tale of hard work paying off with muscle memory training a mighty warrior to fell his opponents in a tournament for the ages?"

Did she just make an oblique reference to 'The Karate Kid'?

"Why would Robin have watched 'A Star Is Born?'" Vorpal asks. His concept of some movies is a little… screwy.

"I'm not sure more training by way of waxing the floor and painting the fence is likely to help me, Jay," Robin tells her, a wry smile on his face. "No offense intended. I appreciate the… suggestion." It wasn't so much a suggestion as a question, but Robin thinks he understood the intent.

Vorpal gets a very intense look for a half - second then the pointy - eared woman is nodding to Robin. He gets it!

"Mister Miyagi was trying to teach Daniel-san the most important part. Not the fighting, not the muscle memory… but the work itself is its own fulfilling reward. When you clean a thing and you can walk away with that moment of satisfaction going 'I have made something AWESOME'." There's a bit of a pause as she moves to an entertainment center and starts working on it, leaving a sparkling coffee table behind.

"See. Sure, you'll have to clean again in the future, but it gets the mind and body working in a way that's not fighting, but kind of… 'knowing' a thing?"

"… I am confused. This does not happen very often, I am often the cause of confusion in others." The Cheshire sits upright on the sofa. "You know, Robin, Gar and I did finish putting the library in order. We found quite a few valuable and rare books… I know how much you enjoy worming…"

Robin nods to Jay in understanding. "That's a very Zen way of looking at things," he says, "though I might disagree with your premise. At least in terms of 'The Karate Kid'. But I certainly understand the sentiment — the accomplishment is worthy in itself."

He puffs out a breath. "But there is no shortage of accomplishments or achievements right now. There's a lack of time to take a break from making and knowing. And, right now, that's what I need. Just to forget, for a little while, all the things I need to do." To Vorpal he smiles wryly. "I'll figure out something," he says. "Books are excellent, of course, but I've had to read about fifty of them in the last week for classes."

The elfin girl pauses in her cleaning, places her palms together and does a slight bow to Robin. To each, their own.

"So why not do something you don't need to do, and something instead you might want to do. Maybe something that will help Vorpal out of his circumstances dire?"

Is that a hint of a smile in her tone, despite the forcefully held thin lips?

"I would offer to cook or clean his room, but these are prohibited by the Deal I'm operating under currently. You aren't as restricted, and you could learn something new while also regaining your sanity. It isn't overrated!"

"I think the last thing Robin needs is to deal with my thing with Gar," the Cheshire raises an eyebrow, "I mean, sure, we kissed, but it was totally platonic." Occasionally, Vorpal teases Robin every now and again. There's no malice to it, mostly good-natured ribbing, "Besides, if it weren't, Spoiler would totally kill me. And I'm too young to die… and I've already died twice."

Robin grimaces at this. "Given that Spoiler is not actually talking to me at this point," he says, "and that she's basically pretending that we've never actually met…" Yeah, there's that, too. Not something Robin particularly wants to deal with. He is currently of the same mind of most of the world's single population: Valentine's Day sucks.

With a sigh he notes, "All things considered, Harley Quinn has probably kidnapped the lead singer of 21 Pilots to prove to the world that she and the Joker are inseparable. Again." His nose wrinkles. "This was a bad day to take off."

"No dying. Dying is bad. Dying sucks. Don't die."

Okay, thank you Miss Obvious!

She waggles a finger at Robin.

"I used to work twenty - four seven, three hundred and sixty five and a quarter per year. But when I was in school my teachers told me that sometimes life is too short and if I didn't take time to stop and breathe and smell the roses sometimes then I would die a sad old woman that had a lot of regrets. What is something you want to do but never take the time to do that you can do on short notice?"

"Where did you go to school, Jay?" Vorpal asks, casually. Maybe he can get a little piece to the puzzle!

"At the moment, if I had a clue," Robin says with a sigh. "I'd be doing it." He really doesn't deal terribly well with time off. More's the pity. "Believe me, Jay, I do know that taking a break is a necessity. I'm just not very good at them." He rises from his position, stretches his shoulders under his cape. "I think I should probably go back to Gotham. I just know there's something that needs my attention. Sorry, guys."

The pointy - eared girl blinks at Vorpal. She doesn't usually get that question. Leave it to a cat. "Oh, Waveland School for the Gifted? It's in New England. Small exclusive school for students who have neat abilities like cleaning like I do."

"Mister Robin, please don't become a bat. He's scary and he's one of the reasons I don't clean in Gotham even though I want to very much because it looks like it could be an even bigger challenge than New York! You are your own person, so please never forget that!"


"You could go back to Gotham. Or…" Vorpal says, eyebrow raised, "You could come with me to the library and we could play a game of Go and we can have a little chat over coffee. Decaf." The Cheshire stands up, "Just a nice, quiet time and talk."

"I know very well that I'm my own person, Jay. I promise," Robin says. "I'm not Batman — not the current Batman, anyway — and if I'm ever tapped to wear that cowl, I will be a very different Batman than he is. But I do worry that I'm missing something important in the city — this is the sort of night Calendar Man loves to do his thing. Or Ivy will get ticked off at people picking roses. Or any of a thousand other things." He grimaces. "I promise, Vorp — I'll take you up on that another time. You have your own concerns to deal with tonight, and I wouldn't be great company anyway. I'll see you guys soon." With this he heads not for the front door, but deeper into the building. He's Robin, after all. He has his own way out.

The idea of a nice game of Go! and coffee sounded like a good idea to Jay, but she remembered Vorpal's original dilemma and shakes her head vigorously.

"You're going to come up with something awesome for Gar. Because!"

Like that's really a good enough reason?

"Bye, Mister Robin! Be safe and careful out there!"

She watches after his departure for a few moments worriedly before glancing back to Vorpal.

"You. Go get awesome for Gar! Shoo!"

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