Valentines Day Shopping

February 14, 2015: Kate and Kara go shopping, and run into the most interesting people at the most interesting store.

New York

Let's go to the mall today!



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Valentines Day. Here on Earth, it's sort of a big deal. Probably more of a big deal than it needs to be, but it does mean that people have plans, usually with some sort of significant other. Couples are everywhere. Normally Kate would probably be with Clint, but apparently he had some sort of op. At the moment, 'some sort of op' means SHIELD business she isn't invited to. So to take her mind off of it (more the part where she isn't invited than the not being with Clint part), Kate invited Kara to go shopping. Kara needs normal clothes, and Kate needs…something special.

The mall is crowded, that's for sure. It's hard to tell if there are more happy couples or scattered boyfriends or girlfriends shopping for their significant others, but people are everywhere. They've already been in enough stores to have a collection of bags, and Kate is searching for her next stop.

Kara is currently decked out in an outfit she pieced together from Kate's closet and she had a handful of bags in her hands; following along with the other woman. She looks positively excited, "These clothes are amazing, thank you sooo much for bringing me here." A Frappuccino is also held in Kara's hand which she manages to take a sip of despite the bags being held, so many new clothes to wear.

"Thanks for coming," Kate grins to Kara, shifting the bags in her hand as she weaves around another couple. "It's been almost forever since I had people to go shopping with who actually wanted to go shopping. Usually it's the boys, and they're just…" She trails off, smile faltering at some memory before she shakes her head. "Anyhow. I'm about to go pick up some fancy lingerie, and I need the moral support," she adds as she comes up in front of a boutique lingerie shop, peering inside. "Like. A lot of moral support."

"It's no problem, I love shopping and all the styles here are so different from Krypton. Besides, boys suck at shopping, it's totally a girlfriends thing." Kara grins right back at Kate as they stop outside of the lingerie store. The young woman peers inside, finding some of the articles of clothing more in line with the seemingly revealing Kryptonian styles for women, "Moral support power activated! Let's go try some on." No fear of Lingerie from Kara!

Kate may be given pause by the sight of some kind of… homeless person in the store.

No, actually, on second thought, it's just a dirty hippie. A woman a bit on the tall side, wearing a heavy coat, a long shapeless skirt, Uggs boots or their non-union Mexican equivalent… and hair that might strike a slightly familiar chord, a mop that's dark at the roots but grows out into a torched-blonde dye job.

She's biting her pinkie, looking at a rack with a sales associate. "I mean, I want something like… I mean, did you see 'Gone Girl?' The, you know, the, like, lingerie in that one scene? Do you know what I'm talking about?"

The shopgirl, who looks like she might be losing patience, says, "…um, do you mean the scene where she cuts Neil Patrick Harris's throat and kills him?"

The hippie blonde pauses for a long moment, still chewing her pinkie, and then says, "Uh, yeah."

"Let go of me, man, I ain't going in there, you can't make me" Victors voice calling out the sound of his feet dragging against the floor soon behind. "This is cruel and unusual punishment!" The image of a 6'6" hooded figure being dragged along by this tiny little woman coming into view. With how much he's fighting it you'd think that he's being dragged in front of a firing squad not into a women's lingerie store

"They have lingerie stores on Krypton?" Kate eyes Kara for a moment before following the other girl in with a shake of her head. "Never mind. Of course they do. Did. I mean. What doesn't like sexy times? Oh my god, I cannot buy lingerie if I'm still referring to it as sexy times," she groans, scrubbing a hand over her face until she hears Victor shouting. At least someone's more uncomfortable here than she is. Ronnie's voice catches her attention, brows furrowing slightly when she follows it to the hair, but she doesn't seem to have placed it yet.

"On Krypton, we just call it clothing. I mean, you've seen my Ceremonial Battle Armor, right? It's a little more revealing than some of the outfits they've got on display." Kara teases Kate, but well, she's pretty much serious when you think about it. The hippie girl doesn't really catch her notice since there's so many others around but when she sees Victor being dragged in by his grandmother she stifles a giggle, "This should be good."

"We have this…" the shopgirl helping the hippie says, indicating a set that's white, a bit translucent, and would be fairly revealing even regardless.

The hippie woman puts her cheek against her palm, thinking. "Um…" The shopgirl turns away so she can discreetly roll her eyes. The hippie's thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of Victor and his grandmama, and she glances over for a second — a 6'6" man in a hoodie provokes certain instinctive reactions to (undercover) SHIELD agents.

Likewise, she's trained to listen to conversations around her. At the mention of 'Krypton,' the dye-blonde looks over at Kate and Kara — and there's a moment of eye contact with Kate before looking back at the bra and panty set. "I mean… it might be too much…" she says to the shopgirl, who is trying not to sigh, "but he's had some rough times this year so maybe it's, uh, not enough.."

Victor's fighting her every step of the way but the little old lady dragging him along practically has him as a vice grip as she speaks in a thick Louisiana accent. "Corky you might big but don't think I can't still haul you over my knee and paddle your ass. You're gonna need to get used to doing this if you're ever gonna get me granbabbies" With his free hand Cyborg pulls his hood tight as he can, his face bright red. "Granmama what if someone see's." He's about as ready to die as he's ever been from the embarrassment. "No one'd pay you any mind if you'd just stop your wineing."

"How does that count as armor?" Kate asks with a brief, amused quirk of her lips, distracted from the horror of lingerie by the fact that Kara's uniform counts as armor. "So you're saying this stuff is closer to everyday wear than, uh. Something you'd only wear in a bedroom?" Suddenly, some of Kara's outfit choices make a little more sense. Huh. She starts to step toward a display, flickering a small smile toward Eventide. Why does she look so familiar? Hard to say. But Victor's voice she can place, turning with a curious arch of her brow. "Victor, is that you?"

Kara replies a bit matter of factly, "Well, it is supposed to be Ceremonial Armor. There hasn't been wars on Krypton in a very very long time or anything. Like, fashion back home, was a lot less restrictive I guess than it is here, which isn't always a good thing." She shudders at the thought of some of the styles that had become popular for brief times back on her homeworld.

She waves to Victor, having met him a day or so ago and recognizing the awkwardness of the situation for him, "Hi Victor!" If anything, at least his grandma would think he knew girls, right? That was like 0.0001% of the way to having grandkids.

The hippie woman pretends to still be mulling over her potential purchases. "I mean…" she says to the shopgirl, who looks like she might start to cry if she has to keep helping this indecisive woman, "…do you have anything that says… like… I don't know…"

Really, the woman thinks she recognizes Kate and is already committing the blonde girl's face to memory, as well as the big hoodie guy, what she can see of him… part of her mission is to establish who knows who and how.

"…like, something that just says…" The hippie taps her chin thoughtfully.

"…I love you?" the shopgirl suggests, at her wit's end.

"Uh, more like, let's screw so hard the neighbors call the police." The hippie shrugs. "But also I love you, I guess. That too."

"Oh god I'm just gonna die." Victor tries his best to hide himself even further into his jacket, not wanting to even acknowledge the existence of the girls. "Corky, you going to answer these nice ladies, or am I going to have to answer for you and embarrass both our butts." A light slap on his hand, is all it really takes for victor to slowly pull his hood back down cybernetics and all. "Y-yeah, it's me, this is my granmama" He motions to the frankly rather tiny old woman, who offers a kindly smile completely different from the look of shame she was giving poor victor who doesn't seem capable of getting a break sometimes. "She's uh," He doesn't quite know how to explain it but just waves to the people looking at him.

"Hello, ma'am," Kate smiles politely to Victor's grandmother, nodding once. "It's nice to meet you." Catching Ronnie's conversation, she looks back over again, when it clicks. Controlling her expressions isn't her best trick, and she blinks at the woman before turning a brief smile on the others. "Excuse me." Picking up the first thing she can find - a lacy black teddy - she steps over to the saleslady. "Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt, but do you have this in a 32B, maybe?" she asks, passing it over.

Kara smiles at the elderly grandmother, "It's nice to meet you." She looks over at Kate for a moment before asking Victor, "So, whatcha doing here? Shopping?" She picks up a lacey babydoll with a leopard print pattern putting it in front of her and looking in the mirror, deciding if she's going to try it on. It also serves to make Victor probably a little more nervous!

The shopgirl seems relieved when Kate interrupts her dealings with the hippie woman. "I'd be more than happy to," she tells Kate perhaps a little too pointedly, and politely takes the teddy so she can go check in the back room.

This leaves Kate and the hippie woman standing next to each other — a rich socialite next to someone whose handbag was 100% bought at a farmer's market. The dye-blonde woman exchanges a look with Kate, flattening her lips and pressing them together like 'hey, so, here we are, buying panties.' Then she steps toward a rack of stockings, examining the packages of thigh-high undergarments.

"She's trying to embarrass me to death." Victor states looking over with a sense of pleading for help in his eyes. Though he doesn't have time to say any more before he's cowering and getting a light 'friendly' smacking over the head from the frail elderly woman, who could still pack one heck of a whollop if she wanted to. "Boy's almost 19 and he can't bring home a girl to his ol' grandmama, being half robot isn't any excuse for it, boys got to learn how to please a woman, learn what kind of gifts she expects on a day like this, not some 'videogames' or chalk hearts"

Kate gives Eventide a long look - I see you - but steps away once she's rescued the poor shopkeeper. "Well, that's sort of perfect, actually," she says as she moves back toward Kara and Victor. "Because we'd love to hear things from the male side of the fence, too. Although, honestly, ma'am, unless you're in a really serious relationship, I personally think buying lingerie for a girl is…well. Sort of creepy."

Kara is clearly amused by the situation with Victor and his Grandmother, replying to the elderly woman, "I agree Miss, being half-robot is no excuse at all, if anything that should make it easier for him." She grins just a little at Kate when she returns, still eyeing the babydoll in the mirror before asking Victor, "What do you think Victor? Should I try this one on?"

Eventide — now that Kate recognizes her as such, and not just some woman who's really into granola — looks back over her shoulder at Kate, and the look she gives is much different. Not the spacy, brain-fried hippie thing. It's a cold, brown-eyed stare, like a predator ready to strike. The effect is only slightly undercut by the fact that Eventide, feared vigilante, is holding a package of black sheer stockings.

Like a big screaming neon sign: 'Yeah, I'm who you think I am, what about it.'

Wouldn't the smarter move be to deny, deny, deny?

In any event, Eventide doesn't follow Kate back to her friends, though the relationship between the group and her satellite orbit certainly feels different now. When the shopgirl returns with Kate's teddy in a 32B, before the shopgirl can even get a word out, Eventide interrupts: "Uh, excuse me, uh, miss? I think I know what I'm looking for…"

"I w-uh-w-"Victor just stammers and sputters a bit getting about as red as Rain was the other day any other questions or comments lost on him as he just sort of blurts out "Go for it Kara, you uh- won't know how it feels until you try it." The old woman chiming in with a broad smile "Oooooooh," Shoving victor a bit closer towards Kara thankfully away from the valentines days specials. "Might not be right for the first date, but gotta get Corkey past that."

"Maybe to the first date would be a good start," Kate laughs ruefully, taking the teddy from the saleswoman with an apologetic smile when Eventide calls her back again. "Thank you." Of course, she puts it back on the rack as soon as the woman's back is turned, but that isn't the point. Instead, she wanders off to another rack, chewing on her lower lip as she considers some pieces in royal blue silk and black lace, fidgeting with the material.

Kara blushes a little, although she has no idea why, "Well Corkey, you should help your Grandma out." She moves over to Kate, eyeing the piece she is looking at before telling her, "You should try it on." She holds up a handful of items she's scooped on her way over, intending to try them all on; although she had the advantage of superspeed in the changing rooms.

Eventide sounds more confident when she speaks to the shopgirl, and how much of that is an act being cast off and how much of it is a genuine eureka moment — who knows. She still plays up her California-ness.

"I want, like… a garter belt to go with these stockings. And, um. You know, like, I want it all to, uh, match. But like. A bra with a clasp, and a thong or something, with, you know, those ties on the sides? And a robe. A sheer, sheer, sheer robe."

Eventide gives Kate and Krew a stray glance, then fixes her eyes back on the shopkeeper. "Do you know what I mean? Like, something where the whole effect is… unwrap me. Slowly." The shopgirl, given some kind of real direction for once, goes to fetch something, and Eventide gives the group of women — and Victor — one more glance before slapping the package of stockings into her palm and stepping toward where the shopgirl is collecting something.

Victor Stone turns away taking in a deep breath before speaking back with his grandmother, the cybernetic man trying to have a bit of a hushed discussion without letting his face stay as red as it has been. He's failing completely however as he tries and fails to try and get her to move back for the exit.

"I don't know, Kara," Kate sighs, turning the whole thing around on the hanger. "I mean. I want to-" She cuts off, flushing slightly. "I also don't want to put on the whole show and then…not. What if it's too much pressure with all the lingerie and everything?"

Kara replies with a smile, "I don't think you need to impress him, he seems to really like you. The question is, do you think he's going to feel pressured or do you feel like you're pressuring yourself?" She keeps her attention on Kate, not noticing the disappearance of Corkey and his Gramama.

Meanwhile, in intense shopping negotiations: "This is perfect." The shopgirl tries to hold in a sigh of relief as Eventide signs off on each piece of the outfit she described. "But I don't know if I like this bow thingy, here…"

Before the shopgirl can have a coronary, Eventide relents. "Eh, who'll even notice. I'll take it all."

"Uh," the shopgirl says, trying not to outright shame a prospective customer. "Did you look at the price—?"

"Doesn't matter," Eventide says, with a shrug. She walks right past Kara and Kate with her haul of sheer and outright see-through black and lace, sparing Kate another cool look before she hits the register.

Kate takes a deep breath, forcing it out slowly. "Pretty sure it's all me on this one," she admits. "Clint's fallen into bed with waitresses he met at dinner and been perfectly happy about how everything worked out. I'm the one who's a little more complicated. But, you know. I do want to do something special for him. He's been trying really hard to do the good boyfriend thing, which is not what's normal for him. He deserves something back, you know?" As Eventide passes by, she watches the other woman, but she seems determined not to pressure her.

Kara considers it, she honestly didn't have a super-duper ton of experience with this sort of thing yet, "Hmmmm. Well, uh, honestly I've never really had a lot of boyfriends. If I was nervous, I would probably just take it slow. That's the advice my mother used to give me, she would say 'Kara, just take it slow with boys. There's no need to rush anything, if he's special he will be happy to wait'." A glance is spared for Eventide, her eyes giving the other woman a quick scan beneath the surface.

A quick scan says a lot about Eventide. One, under all the billowy clothes and heavy layers, she's ripped. She's not just fit, she's so fit it's disgusting. Her body temp is higher than normal. Her heart is beating harder and faster than the average jane's. Something is up with her. Her blood doesn't scan like normal blood.

At the register, Eventide is rung up for a three-figure total — more than one would expect a patchouli sort to spend, probably — and offers her credit card to pay. Beep.

"I'm sorry, this card's been declined," the clerk says.

"What?" Eventide looks like the clerk just told her that Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was a historical documentary. "It shouldn't b— Oh, wait, right. No, I know why, okay, um, hold on. Eventide fishes through some more cards in her wallet. Eagle-eyed Kate might not catch the name on them, but super-eyed Kara certainly could — VERONICA HAUTZIG, EXP. 3/17.

"Try this one." Eventide hands over another card, and it goes through, which is good.

"He is. And he has been." Kate smiles faintly, running the material through her fingers. "That's sort of my problem," she admits to the other girl. "I've never really done the boyfriend thing, either. So it's a little weird. Throw in that valentines day is weird for Clint anyhow, and it just gets…" She trails off, rolling her eyes. "I probably don't need to help complicated things."

"Just do your 'Valentines' with him and see where it goes then. The problem might just be, the whole overthinking part. Problems you can punch are definitely the best kind, I'm not going to lie. Quick and satisfying conflict resolution." Kara grins and nudges Kate, "Come on, let's try some of these on." She wonders just a little about Eventide aka Veronica Hautzig in the back of her mind, but it wasn't really something that was at the forefront of her thoughts.

Eventide signs for her purchase, and then leans against the register while she waits for the goods to be wrapped up and put into one of those signature bags. She must be strong. The sound of her breathing — to someone with super-senses — betrays it, the way her muscles work with each breath she takes. She gives Kara and Kate a stray glance, and upon looking at Kate, mouths 'See you around' and winks discreetly.

"That…is so true," Kate agrees with Kara, smile rueful as she picks up a few other pieces to try on. "All right. Dress up time. Assuming I can get into any of this. Oh my god, how can anyone who isn't a sailor get into this thing?" she asks as she walks past something that seems to consist largely of…straps. Really. And lacing. Catching Ronnie's eye, she flashes a brief smile to the other woman. 'Take care,' she mouths, before she disappears into the dressing room.

"Just take a deep breath before you get into it, not like you need to anyways." Kara had obviously noticed that Kate had to be in peak shape to do what she did. She disappears into a change-room, trying on the lingerie without fully getting the significance of it just yet. Was it housewear for lounging around the mansion? The kind of clothing you wore on a date? Whatever it was, she thought they looked pretty.

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