Warp Drive to Valentine's

Fenruary 14, 2015: Roy, Lian, and Starfire exchange for a foreign holiday. To aliens at least.

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  • Lian Harper
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Valentines Day? Some things you cannot explain to Tamaranean's, or to one in particular… Especially. K'tten is sitting there staring at a red heart box with a bow in it and a flower already wilting, her eyes narrowed and nose wrinkled. Lifting it she shakes it by her tilted head, listening to the contents slide and rattle around.

"What is this? By X'hal if it scrambles my computer, a box of magnets….ORN!" The giant alien is staying in the kitchen, he hears, knows and sees nothing aside from reading a new recipe book by Paul Deen with a large barrel of butter and a spoon. Fudge?

Starfire on the other hand is sitting in the captains chair, one leg swung up over one arm, hr back pressed against the other, her head downcast to hide her expression behind the waterfall of red hair.

K'tten now turns glaring daggers at Kori, to which she only grabs her hair and curtains it in front of her face. "it's Valentines…" Comes the muffled and strained words from Kori.

Heading to the bridge was old hat for Roy by now, but the grumbling from the Tamaranean pilot made it so even a blind man could find his way just fine.

The shout of excitement coming from the kitchen, on the other hand, makes it quite clear where Lian was- handing out a valentine card and candy to the giant Orn.

When the doors to the bridge slides open, Roy leans against the jam, holding up a bouquet of flowers across his chest almost defensively, and a box almost up as a barrier against K'tten's rage. "Someone needs more hearts, does she?" Roy asks, mostly towards Kori.

You paged Nate Grey with 'But I go in later, so might be able to squeeze some morning rp in?'

"More than that Tin Man." Kori states from the defensive barrier of red hair that veils her smile that will only make for more rage from K'tten, because Kori wasn't telling, she was just going to let K'tten figure it out on her own. An Oz reference! Lian is versing her well in movies, or at least showing her how to navigate the NetFlix.

Her hand drops slightly to allow her to peer towards Roy, pupilless emerald gaze glinting from the shadows just before she pushes her hair back and away. "Why don't you open it, K'tten?" Kori finally states and gestures to the box of battered chocolates while the disgruntled Tamaranean beats it against the edge of her desk and then scans it for precaution—- "You're over thinking it, it is like a smaller Christmas.."

"I still do not get how a fat man got on our ship undetected. I want to study his reindeer with Depalo.."

Kori just stares and looks at Roy with a helpless glance and shrugs.

"I dunno, I think the Tin Man actually -knows- what he needs. Who gave her that…?" Roy asks, as he closes the distance towards Kori, leaning in to give her a kiss and then offering the flower and the box.

Flashing a devilish half-grin, Roy taps the box a bit. "Or you can open it up and show her what's in -yours-." At least Kori's box was truffles and creams. For whatever reason, the truffles were quite pleasing - soft creamy middles that practically fell apart decadently into chocolate smoothness across the tongue. No question whatsoever about how good -those- were.

Lian Harper, meanwhile, skips in on the bridge, dragging Orn by the hand while clutching a handful of paper hearts. The giant alien has what looks like a handmade paper cutout and an awkwardly decorated cupcake in one hand, a Tupperware box under his other arm, and a glare that dares -someone- to comment.

"I just need a new warp drive… This is too small to be -that-." K'tten says before she lets the beaten bow fall from the delapidated box of abused chocolates, opening it a crack to peer within suspiciously, then sighing and flopping the top off to pull out a chocolate oozing out caramel like it died a horrible death.

"Gave her what?!?" Kori says innocently while shifting her eyes back and forth. The things you do for amusement… And to earn a death glare from K'tten.

"With all do reth'pect Printh'ess. I hate you." Grumbles K'tten from around a mouthful of chocolate.

Returning the kiss from Roy Kori accepts the flowers and smiles, shifting in her chair to place the chocolates neatly in her lap, opening them and showing the entirely in tact piece to K'tten in a 'haha' gesture before eating it.

Reaching behind her she withdraws a gadget, gunmetal, black and red outlining it, attachments are propped neatly for the display, showing small loops attached to wires that go around the fingers for digital 'triggers'. A wrist borne cross bow as well as test arrows she made for him that are for testing fun. "It is still a prototype…" Kori says in her offering of the present to Roy, her smile broadening when Lian comes out with Orn.

Rising now she spins t await this presentation, not need to /say/ anything.

"Oooo." A crossbow attachment for the waist. A much heartier kiss is in store, and then Roy steps out of the way, more to fiddle with his toy while trying very hard to not smirk at K'tten's examination of chocolate… well, aside from a "So, can you tell which chocolate is which?"

Orn, meanwhile, stoically lets go of Lian's hand, and then kneels so that Lian can excitedly open up the tupperware cup. A cupcake is withdrawn and offered to Kori, along with a proud "I decorated it myself!" The frosting is half smeared-on, half-knifed, and little cake crumbs can be seen on some areas, the result of an errant knife. At the very least, though, there's a well-placed heart candy on it.

"She decorated herself more than she did the cake," Roy mutters under his breath.

Following that up, Lian fishes through the paper valentines, and then offers one to Kori, this one a laced cut out with a crayon scrawl of a figure with orange crayon hair streaking below her and little scrawled hearts. "Happy Valentine's Day!"

There is an audible crunch as K'tten stares daggers at Roy. That one has toffee apparently and once she is done chewing it she is delving a finger into her mouth to pick the confection from between teeth. "It's good. That's what matters." More murmured as she is resigning to the bit of fun in front of them, especially when Lian gives her presentation. She's not that cold.

Setting the bouquet on her chair, Kori lowers to Lian's level when she is offered the Valentine and the cupcake, grinning broadly and now giving her her gift, her own wrist cross bow to match Roy's, but hers is pink, gunmetal, and purple and her arrows are ones with heart shaped suction cup tips. "Since you liked your dads so much." By no means is it any less deadly. Just keep her away from real arrows!

A finger sweeps over the frosting, bringing it to her lips with the heart candy as well. "Delicious." She states while a brief touch is given to Orn, silently thanking him for his patience in this matter every holiday.

Don't lie, he loves it!!

Lian's attention is drawn briefly to her father as he toys with the wrist crossbow. "I helped make the arrows! It's full of little hearts and glitter and fireworks!"

"Oh really…?" Roy replies, as he eyes the arrows, before loading the wrist.

And while Lian is busy exclaiming in delight and enlisting Kori's aid in arming her own little wrist crossbow, Roy takes aim. "Hey, K'tten, think fast."


Orn, meanwhile, calmly and carefully squeezes at the paper covering the bottom of the cupcake, popping the entire thing into his mouth without having to peel that annoying thing off, returning Kori's look with a nonchalant shrug that essentially translates into "It was nothing." Even though, to Kori's well practiced eyes, there's quite a content posture about his body.

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