Opening Day

February 15 2015: Nicholas Gleason gets an applicant as he sets up his office in New York

Rescue Offices

A converted Taxi Dispatch center in New York, now the offices of 'Rescue'.



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The Rescue Offices are… er… well still being set up. Nicholas and his small group of friends and cohorts only arrived a few days ago and right now they're in the middle of the process of filing all the relevant paperwork, getting on people's calendars, advertising for the positions they still need to fill, and of course, unpacking. Not that there's a whole lot to unpack just yet. It's not like they have years of files and paperwork to move about. But there's still a few things.

The offices themselves are, conveniently, in a converted Taxicab dispatch office. The old parking lot has been regraded and had a thick concrete slab put down for Helicopter landings. Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 are currently sitting on them, newly arrived from Bell.

Nicholas himself is the only person here at present. It's late in the day and he's sent everyone else home. Until they get up and going there's no reason to have people here around the clock or to really burn the midnight oil. Also makes things quieter here. The permanent werewolf hears and scents things more keenly than most so… lack of people means lack of (over) stimulation and that's sometimes a good thing.

It also makes it easier for those keen senses to pick up the door opening. Followed a few moments with, "Hello?"

Wearing black slacks and blouse with a grey jacket over it, the blue-grey eyed blonde doesn't go beyond the obvious 'public' area but does lean a bit to try to look around and see if she can spot anyone around.

That is not a sound that Nick had been expecting. Someone lost? Or perhaps someone actually looking for the business? They've only been here a couple of days, granted but they have been reaching out.

This is usually the hard part. The introduction. The part where people realize he's a six foot two werewolf. That can't turn it off. He peeks out of the office to see who it is.

"Hi there!" He says in his best 'don't frighten the people' voice. Which is still deep and a bit rough and kind of resonant. It's actually nice when he gets to singing. Otherwise it just sounds vaguely growly. "Be right there." He ducks back in to place the box he'd been working from on his desk and close it off before he steps back out.

"Hey, sorry about that. I'm Nicholas. What can I do for you?"

Lydia is fairly average in height, and even with the heels on her boots she has to look up at Nicholas. To say that she stares wouldn't be quite right. In implies a certain amount of gaping that she doesn't do but she does look at him with rather undisguised interest. Her gaze moves along his jaw, and cheekbones, finally settling on his eyes and when she smiles at him, it isn't the taken-aback and surprised sort he often expects. She steps towards him and offers her hand out. "I'm Lydia. I saw you were looking for a tech specialist?"

Nick extends his (clawed) hand to shake hers. "Nice to meet you Lydia." He says with a smile. Sort of. Smiling means peeling back his lips means showing fangs and that frightens some people. Even if she's taking this better than he expected he doesn't want that. Also, he hadn't expected to get any kind of response to that particular 'help wanted' post so quick. "Er, yes, actually we are. Got some unusual requirements. Did you bring a resume and such? Also can I get you some coffee? I think I know which box the coffee machine is in…"

Lydia's grip is politely firm, and she doesn't glance down at that clawed hand as it takes her smaller one. "I do, actually." She says after the formalities are exchanged, opening the slim folder under one arm to produce a single page on heavyweight paper. "I know that the usual course is to a resume in but I figured this wouldn't be a typical position."

The offer of coffee gets a smile and a shake of her head. "I'm good, thank you." Her resume is fairly succinct, and one of the big reasons for that is that she's been in school up until a few years ago where she got her PhD in Computational Neuroscience. She's been doing post-doc work since. She has undergrads in biology and engineering. Her listed areas of expertise? is like reading a course catalog.

Nicholas looks it over. Goodness. This is one smart cookie. "Wow, impressive resume you've got here. And yes this wouldn't be a normal postion. I'm looking for someone to help me develop plans for some… fairly cutting edge medical transportation and life saving equipment. Looks like you're pretty qualified." The werewolf sits down at the edge of the reception desk.

"Er… I'd invite you back into the office to go over it but it's still box city central in there. Sorry." He grins again, tight lipped and scans the resume. "How'd you hear about Rescue anyway? And… what made you want to come on down? We're pretty small and honestly you're qualified for… an awful lot." As in, she could probably go to work for Stark or Oscorp or Lexcorp or Queen or Wayne…

Lydia flashes Nicholas another easy smile as he looks over her resume. "Not a lot of practical experience, though. But yes. I'm a terrible egghead." She admits. "I figured you'd be looking for someone that can do innovative design and not just maintain a system." She notes of what he's looking for.

His apology gets a shake of her head. "I knew I was catching you before you were really ready for visitors. And as to how I heard about you? Well, I'll admit, I caught one of the articles they did on you when you left Chicago." The observation of who she could probably work for gets a slight duck of her head in what might be slightly embarassed acknowledgement. "I like the idea of catching something on the ground floor. Most of my standard options would be in huge, established organizations and I'd prefer something more… intimate." Also, all of those companies are likely to manage much more stringent background checks than Rescue is.

That gets a quirk of the eyebrow. Intimate. Interesting choice of words but then working for huge, impersonal companies has never really appealed to Nicholas either. Part of that is just the human desire for interaction and part of it is the more feral side of his nature just doesn't 'pack' groups that large. You can't have a pack of a thousand people. Most of whom you've never met. And will never meet. It doesn't make sense.

"Well we'll have to get a background check and a few other things but off the top of my head this looks pretty good, if you're willing to work with a certain… lack of resources." Rescue is a startup. They have capital but there's really only like eight people on board right now. Small group with big dreams. The sort of thing you expect more in Silicon Valley than New York. Then again, no one's really doing this kind of work yet so that's to be expected.

The revelation that she's seen the news on him gets a wry chuckle. "The Wolf of Chicago article?" Man that one had been embarrassing. Complimentary but, it made him sound like some kind of visionary or pioneer. And maybe he's trying to be one now but at the time he'd really just been a paramedic going to PA school. "Well I hope I'm not too disappointing to work with. Speaking of, how would you envision your place in a company like Rescue?" Duties are one thing but this is a small group without a real formal heiarchy so, knowing how others see themselves fitting in is important.

Lydia is clearly a geek. Geeks aren't great at social interaction. That's why the odd choice of words, right? The lack of resources gets a chuckle. "I'm sure I'll manage to get by." She manages to get by with the outdated tech this world uses already!

Lydia nods at his chuckle. "That's the one. I forget how I got to it exactly… but it was obviously of interest once I did." When he asks about duties… "Well, what I'd do would really depend on who the rest of your team are and what they can do. I'm definitely interested in helping you design the specialized systems that can support what you're looking to do and keeping them in working order." Prototypes tend to be a bit.. buggy and need a lot of TLC.

Lydia looks around a bit before looking back to Nicholas. "Seems pretty empty today."

"Well right now we've got me, a couple other pilots and I think two other paramedics. We'll need more, though and I'm the only one right now who can do any real… heavy lifting in the field. Hopefully that'll change soon but I think people might need to see that it can be done first." Nicholas puts the resume down on the desk and look about the place, noting how empty it is.

"Yeah, well it is after hours. No reason to be staffing the place full time until all the paperwork goes through and we've shaken some hands, you know."

"So you've got field staff, but not much in the way of support." Lydia surmises. "I can probably pitch in here and there while you get more specialized folks in. I'm a pretty good multitasker." That is something of an understatement, but something that Nicholas isn't likely to realize for a bit. "If it's after hours, shouldn't you be home?" She chides lightly with a smile.

"My office won't unpack itself." Nicholas' refocuses his attention on Lydia. "And the sooner we get everything ready here the sooner we can get off the ground. We've got some breathing room but not that much. This is a business after all." He has a fairly good head for a lot of things. He's not business genius but he knows enough to know what he's good at and what he needs help with.

"Good thing I was anyway. If I'd gone home with the rest I'd have missed you coming in, mmm?"

"I'd have come back." Lydia assures him. OK, so she's not as socially awkward as most people think eggheads are. Part of being able to do well in the field involves a lot of talking and selling yourself. And she's moderately good at that. "So now that I've gone and cornered you and put you on the spot, should I wait to hear back from you?" There's a perk to having a resume that says 'whatever you're looking for, I can probably help'. Usually the biggest drawback is if said person has a personality that can work with the existing group. Which would be why Lydia wanted that in-person meeting.

That gets a moments thought from Nicholas. Part of the advantages of running your own startup is that you can kind of be your own boss. "Well like I said, background checks and such. But, subject to that, no, I can't think of a reason you should. If you'd like you can come in tomorrow to meet the rest of the team and we can get started finding you a place and the things you'll need to work while we process the paperwork."

Short of finding out that Lydia is, say, an axe murderer he can't think of a single good reason to not bring her aboard.

Since Lydia's whole identity is a really good fabricated existance, there will definitely not be any axe-murdering in her background. The blonde gives him a smile. "I'd like that. I don't want to disrupt the group dynamic, and it can take a bit of time to get used to a new person. Hopefully I won't get distracted by work too fast and start talking to folks and making their eyes glaze over." She leans in a bit, as though to share some conspiritorial secret with him. "I am however, amazing at putting people to sleep. In case there are insomnia issues."

When people get close - it doesn't even have to be that close - Nicholas gets a really good whiff of them. He can't really help it. The nose. Much like the fur and the fangs and the claws, he can't turn it off. Which is occasionally problematic. Like, for example, when someone's wearing really strong perfume. Or in cheese shops.

The werewolf leans forward a little bit and grins fangily. "Oh? Powers beyond the ken of mortal men, eh? Well we ever need an emergency anasthetic, I'll be sure to call you." Maybe she can delvier a lecture or something over the phone. "Honestly you seem friendly enough though, so I'm hopeful it'll work out."

Lydia doesn't seem to be a fan of perfumes at all, let alone strong ones. Instead he picks up the scent of her soap from her morning shower. The slightly fruity scent of her shampoo and conditioner. There's a slightly metallic tang to her that's hard to place. He catches her gaze on him again as he leans in, looking at the thick fur that covers his face and leads up to his expressive ears. She's not trying to be particularly circumspect about it, but still manages not to feel like she's staring at him.

She chuckles at his observation. "You haven't been around me when I'm working." She points out. "I can be rather focused. I'm hoping that's something people that are used to working under pressure can appreciate."

Nicholas is used to stares. They're not all bad either. Little kids staring at you rarely do so with any malicious intent. And sometimes people are just looking at something new. Sure, it gets old being 'new' - ironically - but at least it's not being looked at with fear, disgust or hate. He's seen plenty of that too. He is, after all, just a little bit monstrous when you get right down to it. In that 'out of a fairy tale book' kind of way.

The scents are commonplace… except for the metal. From a lab? Maybe… some additive in whatever makeup she's using? The foundation perhaps. He doesn't think he's ever scented it before. "Everyone gets a bit in the zone. And conflicts are expected. We're people after all. It's all about how people handle conflicts. Especially in a line of work like this."

Lydia nods in agreement. "And that'll take time to see how it all works out." Some people that get along great most of the time can't stand to work together. "Well, I suppose I'll drop by tomorrow then?" Her gaze drops then, to what he's wearing to get an idea of the dress code, given they're not really 'open' yet.

He's in a tee shirt and relatively normal looking pants. And boots. Though… oddly the boots look perhaps a bit more rugged than anything else he's wearing. If nothing else it's an indication that maybe he's used to either uniforms or casual work environments. "Yeah, it will. Heck it'll take time to see how any of this works out." The werewolf follows Lydia's eyes down, not quiiiite sure what she's looking for.

Lydia's eyes look more grey than blue in the monochromatic attire she's in, and they flick back up to meet his, entirely without embarassment. "Jeans alright? It sounds like there's still unpacking to be done."

"Oh yeah. Casual's just fine." Nick gives that tight grin again. Not wanting to flash fangs more than he has to. He forgets sometimes, though mostly he's pretty good about it. "You can meet the others and once I finish in here we can talk about some of the capability that we need to develop. Also, you know, the finer points of employment. Tax documents, pay and such." He's got an admin for that. Thank goodness.

"Anyway, welcome aboard. I'm looking forward to working with you."

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