The Cyclone

February 15 2015: Lunair is targeted by the mysterious Zyklon (emits by Aspect)

Staten Island Road

A westbound road on Staten Island



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Zyklon, or the Cyclone is… well no one has ever heard of him. He likes it that way. Standing here atop a rooftop in Staten Island he surveys the city. So much has changed since he was last in the area seventy years ago. So very much. It'd been a different world then. And in some ways a smaller one. Less full of opportunity. Today? Today the possibilities are endless. And he's looking for one of them. One named… Lunair.

Lunair is unaware of the Zyklon, that invisible wind. She is dressed normally, in that long, olive-coloured military styled jacket, black trousers and whatever she may have on underneath. She's likely going somewhere, or debating bothering HYDRA. Probably not. Her run in with the Russian aerobics instructor with the metal arm has left her a little puzzled. She'll have to contact a friend/contact about it later. Maybe she just needed to get out and about, going to visit one of the garden stores. The seeds are sold now, little saplings, too.

And her path, her drive (the Vespa has been acting as a replacement for a car), takes her through this place. Likely, unwittingly nearby.

There she is. Zyklon zooms down from his perch and in a moment is running alongside the Vespa. Let's go through that again. Running. Beside. Lunair's. Car. "Hello Frualine." He grins, concealed at the moment actually by a long coat whipping behind him and a fedora that makes him look… vaugely sinister.

Before reddit ruined their reputation, they could look sinister or incredibly handsome, it's true. Lunair's Vespa is reasonably fast since traffic isn't too bad on this side of the city. Whatever she was thinking about is lost in a moment of surprise. She jerks, but fortunately, not enough to tip her bike over. There's an older dude and he's /running/ beside her. "Um. Hi, mister." Her voice conveys the 'wtf' she's feeling. Eventually, though, she has to stop. Should she keep driving after the stop sign? She's not sure about this old guy. There's a long moment of quiet. "Quiet frankly, I have no idea what to say. I mean, it's pretty impressive, but this might not end entirely well for me because I sincerely doubt you're about to offer me a pamphlet or cookies."

"Not zo much, Frauline." The running man says. "In fact, I zink you should be comink vith me now." His accent is rather thick. "You've been very hard to find and a lot of trouble for my people."

Sure. That's not sinister at alllllllll…

Her sinking gut feeling was right. Lunair's expressions are hidden behind a scarf and/or headgear (helmet laws, yes). "… Um. Going where with you?" Your people? Is that racist? She's not sure if she should ask. Lunair peers at him, curiously. "I uhm. What people? I can't just run off. I was running errands and I don't want to miss class tomorrow." Right, mundane reason. Don't admit to anything. And really, assuming because he has a German accent is pretty mean. At least one of the mutants in the X-men has one and he's a pretty nice guy, right?

… but she doesn't have a good feeling about this.

"Oh Frauline. I don't really zink you'll be going to class anymore." Hey, as long as he's here might as well break out the… hypodermic needles with suspiciously colored fluids. "Ze Seven Headed Serpent has great plans for you."

"And why n—" Oh. Oh shit. That's not good. Her heart skips a fearful beat. Not to use a tumblr joke, but she does have a phobia and he's setting it off with those needles. Hopefully he doesn't have the ability to figure that out. "… NO THANK YOU, SIR." Accelerate and race around traffic. She might not have a moment to pull on armor, but at least she can cover her arms, the closest targets with it.

In the side mirror of the Vespa it may be a bit disturbing to note that he's taken off and is running behind her. At freeway speeds. It's almost surreal the way he runs, arms pumping as if a racer on a track. Except he's doing forty five easy and doesn't appear to even be breaking a sweat. "Frauline, do not make zis difficult!"

It is quite disturbing! And she's having a hard time - she's already weaving around traffic. There's pedestrians likely all over. Lunair is scared, terrified. Shooting on a scooter? Not happening. "Well, then go home! I don't want to join you! Can't you go play bingo or something!?" Isn't that what old people do? "The others haven't grabbed me yet and neither will you!" She doesn't want anything to do with it all. "No!" There's - not much she can do but hope she's heading towards a highway or somewhere more opening. This is getting dangerous. Is dangerous.

By chance Lunair is headed east and approaching one of the bridges that leads back onto the mainland. "Frauline, I am growink tired of zis." The man says and reaches out as he runs, ripping a street lamp from it's moorings and brandishing it like a club. "Do not make zis harder than it has to be."

Well, thank you, chance. Lunair looks to her mirror and winces. "Me too! Just - stop! I said no! I don't belong to you or them!" And oh shit, he's brandishing a damn street lamp. "What ARE you!?" She's going to armor more of herself as best as she can, but she needs to watch the road. Pedestrians, cars. While Lunair is a bang up driver (really! She's really good, especially for her age!), there's all sorts of things about and they don't especially care that she's got a very odd fellow following her.

Well, they'd probably be trying to get the hell out of the way but the whole thing is taking place at traffic speeds and by the time anyone registers that something is wrong frequently the action has already moved past them. Zyklon runs a bit closer and swings that lamp at Lunair. "Stop ze scooter you irritatink child!"

Ohcrap. "I'm an adult!" Lunair has to push faster. But for better or worse, highway speed is about as good as it gets. Hell's bells, she misses that car about now. "It's my choice, and I say no!" Though, that lamp is being swung and riding a scooter is a fine act of balance. It wobbles dangerously as she moves out of the way. She's just about to fall, and is trying to keep herself from crashing - at least the first swing didn't take her out.

The lamp swings sideways now, aiming to take the Vespa out from under Lunair. Zyklon doesn't seem concerned that this would probably hurt her quite a bit. Instead it strikes a fire hydrant and sends the speedster vaulting upward. By the time he recovers Lunair has a lead again.

She was already wobbly, but she's thanking her lucky stars he's vaulted himself. Lunair is going to take that lead and keep her speed up. She's just running, desperately, perhaps to somewhere more open where she can fight back or just exhaust him.

The bridge opens up near a long stretch of highway. There's a couple of parks and fields here that might be good for fighting back. Or she can turn into the city and try to lose this freak. Either way she'll have to decide because he's going to come up fast.

It is a bit of a bummer. He seemed okay enough, right up until the whole gonna grab you thing. Lunair is going to go for a field, then. In the city, there's too much likelihood of running into or over something. One good crash and she'll be easy to grab. Lunair isn't going to taunt him, her heart racing. She's going to defend herself or blow up trying.

There's a blur in the air and suddenly Zyklon is there, standing about fifty feet away. He's eyeing Lunair and might be a bit irritated. His coat is a bit tattered now. "I zink, Frauline, zat you really need to stop resisting now. Or I promise ze modifications you need vill be much more exensive."

Ohcrap. Ohcrap^n. "Why!? That's really mean and passive aggressive! Don't be that guy! And I don't intend to surrender, sorry!" Lunair really doesn't want to be 'modified'. "I also don't wanna be modified. I'm organic?" She's not sure. Lunair is banned from combat dialogue, after all. She's going to get to a more open area before she can defend herself more aggressively. She lowers herself towards the vespa, hunkering down and doing her best to keep away. "What do I even call you, anyway?!"

"I am the Zyklon. Ze Wind of Victory. And you are Muriel, ze one who will bring our plan to fruition." The german man's eyes narrow as Lunair makes for the open area. "As you can zee, you cannot escape me. Make zis easy on yourself. Last warning."

Zyklon. That's ominous. "Your plan?" She seems lost. "I'm not helping you!" Lunair doesn't like Nazis OR Hydra. "Who says I'm going to escape?" She looks over her shoulder. She's armored up now, at least. With the field, the grass will slow the scooter down and she can at least jump off, letting it slide without scratching it (too much - it'll need a day or two in the shop for repairs). She leaps off, pushing herself off the scooter, and whips around to face him with a freaking railgun. "GO AWAY!"

"It is cute, Frauline, zat you think you can shoot me. But I assure you, you are mistaken." The Nazi speedster just blurs forward. He's confident this won't be too difficult so he's not trying too hard. One knockout punch is all it should take.

It's true. Lunair does have a normal, human body and one good punch'll put her out for awhile. "Um." I got nothin'. If she can't shoot him, then she can… he's going … some quick mental shuffling and she throws something towards him. Likely a concussive grenade. It's going to be dodged, that's true. But is he guarding his back? Lunair knows she's outsped, and likely toast in a close up match. Her heart is racing. The idea of getting up close with a Nazi speedster? Terrifying.

It's the grenade. Zyklon can and does easily dodge it. But she didn't have grenades moments ago and he's not expecting one now. So the concussive blast actually catches him and sends him skidding across the ground as he looses footing, cursing in german all the way. That's a mistake he won't be making again, but he is vulnerable now.

Lunair knew and knows she can't outspeed him. So there's at least that now that he's cursing. "Leave me alone. Just leave me alone. I hate HYDRA and I hate you." Another object is tossed. This time it's glue. Or some sort of annoyingly sticky substance. She's trying to disable him. It'll take him a nice, long while to get out of the glue and sticky (good ole sunshine'll do it) and hopefully that means she can regrab her scooter and make it to the city.

As she grabs the scooter something breaks in on her comms. "Lunair, this is K'tten. Picking up odd energy near you. Are you in need of assistance?" There's more cursing at the glue grenade. And then tearing. Zyklon is… a bit stronger than normal it seems.

"Oh, dammit. You have superstrength, too!?" What kind of speedster- bah! It's not fair! Lunair curses herself. Stupid cheating Nazis. And then there's a message from K'tten. "Yes, may I please come back? I have a really weird, creepy old German guy chasing me. He really likes HYDRA and I made him mad." She's going to hop on, just to be safe.

Zyklon is just getting back up to glare at Lunair when purple light surrounds her. There's a flash and the mutant finds herself back on the Starfire… on her scooter. With K'tten staring at her. "What happened?"

Lunair is riding a huge adrenaline wave. She's shaking now. She pulls off her helmet, wide-eyed. "I owe you." She'd even run over and hug K'tten, but she knows better. "I'm sorry. I was riding along, when this odd, old German fellow came up to me. I mean, I'm not going to judge someone for being super fast." It must be so, so nice. "But then he whips out these syringes and starts going on about a seven headed serpent and me helping a plan come to fruition. So I bolted. I want none of that." Deep breath.

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