Joint Venture

February 16 2015: Nicholas and Lydia go to Stark Tower to propose a joint venture

Stark Tower

Pepper's office, and indeed Stark Tower, have seen better days but they are open for business again.



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Getting a startup off the ground is hard work, though not the kind of hard work Nicholas is used to. Mostly he's used to hard work that makes you sweat and hurts the next morning. This kind makes you sleep less and doesn't hurt so much as gnaws at you. With Lydia introduced to the rest of the team, such as it is, Nicholas had decided to bring her with him on one of his 'reaching out' appointments. Iron Man has been news for long enough that most everyone knows what Tony Stark and Stark Industries can do. Of course a lot of that tech is proprietary, but the werewolf had long thought that some of it could be leveraged in pretty interesting ways for the medical community. Of course he doesn't have a head for the technical end of that to be able to pitch how that might be. But Lydia does.

"Sorry to spring this on you Lydia. I was just going to talk in general terms of a joint venture and a few possibilites but if you have specific ideas that can be developed or hell can just talk tech…" What's walking into the SI building right at this moment is a six foot two man with a muzzle, expressive ears, solid grey eyes, claws and brown fur everywhere. This is not something that even your average SI employee sees on any kind of regular basis so… he's getting some stares as he approaches the receptionist's desk.

Talk about your trial-by-fire. Nicholas had best hope that Lydia is as good in real life as she is on paper! "Well it's a good thing I went ahead and brought my emergency change of clothing with me today." Lydia remarks, standing about a half-foot shorter than Nicholas. The ears on him add the illusion of even more height but everyone knows ears don't count. She's dressed in properly professional attire in black and grey, fingercombing her blonde hair a bit as she works on keeping up with Nicholas' longer strides. "I have some vague ideas but some warning would have been nice." She's chiding him more than annoyed. If she wanted stable, she'd have applied somewhere like here at Stark.

It's the first day that Stark Tower is reopened, and of course it lands on a Federal holiday. Knowing Pepper Potts, that was very much intentional. The outside of the building still has repairs ongoing, but the rubble has finally all been cleared up from around the base of the Tower, and all of the internal structural repairs are completed. The building is in that ugly, not-quite-done-yet state, but business moves on and so does Stark Industries.

Inside the partly blocked-off lobby, the front receptionist in a security outfit with the nametag 'Rebecca' greets the tall wolf-man and his blonde associate with only a very brief hesitation. "Hello, welcome. May I ask who you're here to see?" While the Tower is indeed finally open again for business, it's still not completely open to the public.

"Um, Pepper Potts. We're her ten o'clock." The tall, fuzzy man says. He may not have mentioned when setting up the appointment that he was, you know, a werewolf. Though if any research had been done on the name Nicholas Gleason, that might have come up. Being a former CFD firefighter and all.

"Ideas are fine for now." The wolfman assures Lydia. "Pepper Potts hangs around Iron Man enough, I imagine, to know when someone's just blowing smoke, but I don't think she'll want to get into specific technical details. We just need to make it seem like it's an idea worth putting money and time into."

Lydia tilts Nicholas a nod. "You sell the idea, I'll cover the boring stuff." She assures him with a quick wink. She folds her hands behind her with an air of patient waiting. At least she doesn't seem worried about the werewolf next to her. Hopefully that's a good sign he's not liable to eat anyone.

Rebecca watches the pair alertly while picking up a phone and speaking into it briefly. "Miss Potts is waiting for you. If you'll take the first working elevator," she explains while handing them each a tablet and a visitors badge, "Her office will be at the end of the hall." The tablets have the same image on them — a simple form already detailing their reason for being in the building and a line to add a signature using the stylus pens dangling from the tablets. Also, a previously blank corner of the form loads a still image of Nicholas' and Lydia's faces respectively from when they looked at their tablets.

In her office, Pepper has spent every free moment so far trying to get her office back to rights. She's salvaged the tea services that survived, carefully collected the pieces of the ones that didn't, ordered replacements, and sent down a low priority work order to get the credenza's mini-sink repaired. The furniture… will have to wait. It's almost all been pushed to one end of the room already, under where the TV used to hang. She's left with her desk, her chair, and two of the conference table chairs. It'll do for now.

"Nifty." Nicholas says though whether he's commenting on the tablets or the clearance may not be clear. He signs of course, waits for Lydia to sign and heads on down to the elevators. Others might expect to hear JARVIS' voice but this particular werewolf hasn't been in these hallowed halls before. The directions are easy enough, especially since Peppers in the only office on the floor in question that looks occupied.

"Boring but important stuff." A deep voice says in the hall. Nick's talking to Lydia as they approach. "Ideas only get you so far. Someone has to be able to make them reality." Which is why he hired her, naturally. There's a knock on the door frame as a very tall, very unusual looking man peers into the room. "Miss Potts?"

Lydia's blue-grey eyes slide over the form, fingers flicking through it. Looks like she's one of those that reads what she signs. Luckily, she also seems to read pretty damned fast. She scrawls her name across the bottom before heading up with Nicholas.

As he pokes his head around the corner, Lydia gives him a bit of a push, so it doesn't look like a dog is peeking around the doorframe at about four feet too high.

Sadly, JARVIS is still feeling … less than his usual self, so it's very unlikely that he'll be contributing to today's meeting. But, as she hears the knock at the door she looks over, and doesn't so much as bat an eyelash at the far more lupine than human face peering around the door frame. "Good morning, Mr. Gleason." She stands and steps around her desk to walk forward and greet the visitors more properly. "Welcome. Please, come in. And I am so sorry about the mess." She even offers the wolf a handshake as if this were the most normal thing in the world.

Given that Pepper spends time with Iron Man and Strange Things happen around him, Lydia isn't too terribly surprised that she can play having a werewolf in her office so calmly. The blonde shakes Pepper's hand in turn with a polite smile but she stays quiet for now. She's the back-up. This is Nicholas' show.

Gleason is shoved into the room and grins back over his shoulder as he shakes Pepper's hand. "Nice to meet you Miss Potts. And please, don't mention it. I read the news. I'd like to introduce my associate Lydia Donovan. She's Rescue's technical and technology expert." Translation: She takes ideas and makes them reality. "She just signed on with us and I thought it'd be good for you two to meet, since, if you like our ideas…" Yes 'our' ideas. Nicholas has a pack mentality after all. "… you'll be seeing a fair bit of her."

Pepper Potts shakes Lydia's hand as well and gestures toward her desk. "A pleasure to meet you both. Would you care for anything to drink?" The credenza is holding a teapot, and the sharp aroma of Earl Grey is trying to compete with the smells of the building repairs. "So, I did a little reading up, and you're wanting financial backing to start up an independent emergency rescue service. Is that correct?"

"Well…" Nicholas waves his hand a little back and forth as he has a seat. Earl Grey is nice especially considering the other scents floating about the room. "Financial backing would be nice but… what we really want to talk about is something of a joint venture. You're familiar with the Chicago Bank Heist last year?" It'd be hard not to. A team of metahumans, well armed and organized, had hit several banks in Chicago and then fought their way out of an SRD and Police cordon. The regular authorities were totally unable to contain them. It took a group of metahuman heroes to end the situation. A number of officers and militiamen died as a result of emergency services being unable to risk the danger zone to get them out.

"I was working for the Chicago Fire Department when it happened. And what I saw was that the Emergency Response system in this country is just… totally incapable of dealing with metahuman emergencies. Rescue's purpose is to answer that call. When civilians, police or heroes get in too hot, we're willing to go in and get them out. Right now we're sort of outfitted for conventional air rescue, but that's just a stopgap. What I really want is to develop technology and vehicles that are durable and maneuverable enough to make it in and out of metahuman danger zones without undue risk to the pilots and crew. And I think, honestly, the technology already exists. The same flight systems that power the iron man armor could, if scaled up, power a lot more." Nicholas nods over to Lydia. "She can give you some general ideas on what we're thinking about."

Lydia had anticipated at least part of Nicholas' speech, and she pulled out her own tablet while he spoke. As he nods over her way, she thumbs the thing on and passes it over to Pepper, already on one of her concept drawings and set so Pepper can flip through. Most of what she's got queued up are visual sketches, but there are some notes on a few about thrust-to-mass ratios and the like. "Conventional emergency response already has to deal with just getting to the scene. Even moving to rotor craft to avoid street-level traffic and allowing for holding fixed positions, their rotors need a lot of room and are incredibly vulnerable. In addition, they can't really support the type of protection that vehicles going into a hot zone of this type will need." She hadn't even really had a chance to show Nicholas what she'd been doodling, and she's clearly done a little research into conventional emergency response.

"I heard about that heist, yes." Pepper accepts the tablet and looks over the images and data displayed there while Nicholas and Lydia each offer their explanations. She'd love to have JARVIS look these numbers over, but she knows the AI is still running on limited capacity and that it might not look good to just blithely upload these specs. "I can tell you've both put serious time and thought into this." She offers Lydia her tablet back. "If I may ask, why did you choose to approach Stark Industries for this joint venture, other than being able to facilitate your design concepts using existing Stark technology?"

"Honestly?" Well there are a few reasons really. One is if course that Stark can do it. And while there may be a handful of other companies in the world that can, it's likely that for what they have in mind, Stark's tech will work the best, especially with their experience in engineering protective systems as well as propulsion. But the real reason Nicholas reached out to Stark…

"Because of Mister Stark himself. I remember the news conference a bit back when Mister Stark announced that he was shutting down the weapons division of his company. He wanted to do something better with all the things he could make. He wanted to make things that helped people instead of killing them."

Now the werewolf glances back to Lydia and gives a tight lipped grin. He doesn't want to show fangs in here. "Her designs are the chance to do that, I think. Really make a difference in a place where no one else can."

Lydia accepts the tablet back, thumbing it off and setting it in her lap. "Combatting the bad guys is only part of the solution. And all too often the fight leads to collateral damage where lives can be lost. We want to help fill the gap that exists."

She's maintaining her business poker face, but internally, Pepper is already starting to smile. That was the answer she was hoping to hear from Nicholas. "And how about the ongoing financial concerns? How is your rescue venture going to generate the capital to maintain the vehicles and personnel involved?" She can almost bet that these two haven't thought that far ahead, but how they answer when put on the spot will also help her make up her mind.

One thing that Nicholas has thought about is how to make money as in the emergency rescue business. It's no accident that most of the emergency response organizations nation wide are publically funded either by being government entities or having public contracts. Most private companies have to bill insurance to make their money back. But the metahuman field is something no one's looked at and after Chicago he's willing to bet there'll be some room for running a company providing a vital service. "City contracts for responses to civil emergencies. Something that'll cover pulling out cops and civilians on a time and expense basis. Metas themselves we'll offer independent contracts to. So, say, if the Titans down in Staten Island or X-Red up in Manhatten need someone standing by to support their work or then we'll work out something with them on a retainer plus expenses basis."

In Pepper's office, speaking, apparently some kind of medical startup, is a werewolf and a blonde who seems fairly techy.

Finance is not one of Lydia's areas of expertise. Nor has she had the time to think up ideas on how the venture would make money. Besides, scientists are notoriously bad about that stuff!

The good luck that has kept the business of reconstruction from intruding on the meeting has just run out. Sam Wilson backs through the door, pulling a dolly loaded with a brand-new sink. Normally he's concerned with medical matters, but with most business in disarray as the building is pieced back together, he made the executive decision to shift himself over to manual labor.

"Got your — oh!" he says, turning, then giving a start when he realizes that he's interrupted Pepper. Well, it's possible that the surprise is due to her guest's lupine appearance. Or perhaps he's never met a blonde? Anyway, he looks abashed about it. "Sorry, Pepper. I didn't realize you had a meeting. The sink can wait."

Pepper Potts looks about to say something when Sam Wilson comes into the office with the sink she'd ordered. She blinks and looks at him for a moment, then offers a smile. "Totally okay, Sam. And actually, maybe a bit serendipitous. Leave the sink there and come say hi. This is Nicholas Gleason and Lydia Donovan, they've brought me a proposal for a very fascinating joint venture idea. Mr. Gleason, Ms. Donovan, this is Sam Wilson, usually part of the Tower's Health and Safety Services group but apparently currently helping with the plumbing." Okay, so she made up that title on the fly.

"Hey there Sam. Health and Safety services mmm? So you're like, the resident medic or something along those lines?" The big, brown, furry man offers a clawed hand to shake before stepping aside so Lydia can also greet the man. "Pleased to meet you. I wasn't aware Stark was getting into the medical field in quite that fashion."

Lydia rises as well when Pepper introduces them, shaking Sam's hand in turn with a smile and a murmured hello. She's dressed in professional attire in black and grey making her blue-grey eyes more the latter than the former.

"Ah, yeah. Pretty much," Sam answers, taking the werewolf's hand gingerly. It's not that he's skittish; those claws look sharp. He's also conscious of the fact that he's dressed for a different job than the one he usually does, and that the presumably keen-nosed wolf may be wishing that Sam had spent his morning on less sweaty work.

Still, serendipity is serendipity. He shakes both hands with drilled-in military precision and shoots an inquisitive look at Pepper. "The health sector is expanding — it's a very smart place to invest," he tells Nicholas. Then a wan smile crosses his features. "And of course, disaster recovery has become more and more necessary in recent years."

"Sam mostly acts as our in-house medic any time Tony gets a little careless. But, he also helps with keeping SI up to date on health and safety regulations and the like when he's not breaking out the Iron Man bandaids." Pepper is clearly trying for humor there. Whether or not she succeeds… anyway. "Please join us, Sam. You might actually be able to help me make up my mind. Ms. Donovan, don't let Sam's appearance fool you," yes, another joke attempt there, "Sam has flight experience and he might be able to offer some insight on your designs."

Nicholas cants his head slightly. It's an oddly canine gesture, the way the ears wave with the tilt. Well, maybe that just makes it look oddly canine. People do it too. It's the universal look for 'huh'. "Flight experience eh? Well, Lydia if you wanted to show Sam some of the designs. I don't know if you can talk tech Sam but Lydia can do it with the best of them. Feel free to ask questions. Just don't be surprised if she answers and not me. She's the brains here. I'm just the medic." After all, what good is being a medic without the right gear. Nick learned in Chicago the answer is 'not much'.

"So may I ask what your thoughts on the matter are Miss Potts?"

Pepper Potts stands to let Sam take her chair as she goes to refill her tea cup and offer beverages around again. "So far, I'm leaning toward not letting you out my door until every last bit of joint venture paperwork is signed and fingerprinted, but… I could be overreacting just a little bit due to recent events." Like seeing Jim get shot mere inches from where she'd been and having Corvinus be the one to take the sniper down.

"Proof that even our heroes need a helping hand, hmm?" Lydia says as Pepper cites Sam as the Iron Man Bandaid applier. Her tablet is thumbed on again and offered over to Sam. It has rough sketches and some notes marked out that read like Greek as they're a lot of cacluations on weight and thrust and whatnot.

The focus of the idea is obviously an airborne ambulance, looking to take advantage of faster response time, easier insertion, and greater defenses for the higer danger areas they'd be going into.

"No, we have to cancel that one. Yes… exactly yes, people were being savagely attacked by rodents. Like just absolutely horribly mauled. It was ugly. Have you seen what an enraged opossum can do to a small people sort?" The voice projects before the individual who is on a earpiece. Brisk walking, slender man just shy of perhaps thirty wearing a labcoat. A Stark R&D Supervisor's badge having just been swiped still flipping back and forth in one fidgety hand.
"Yes, I know it is called a child. Do not correct me Marshal…. Uh huh, uh huh. "
"Something to do with the frequency it emitted. I'd rather not be known as someone who killed a bunch of people with rats and mice, thank you. I mean weapons are suppos-… no, the Germans can screw themselves Stark Enterprises is not about world domination, good grief. Industries? Ente… I don… " Leeland Myman now stops as he realizes his very vocal conversation has carried him smack in to the middle of what appears to be a meeting. A possibly very important one.
"I'll call you back Marshal, yes shhhshhhh yes Caffe Misto, bye… bye." Flick.
An apologetic smile and shrug, "Interns."
"Hello…" Finger-wave.

"Oh, it's about flying? Yeah, I know a little bit about that subject, too," Sam says with amusement, settling into the chair Pepper vacates. "I can keep up with tech talk, but I'm not really an expert. I'm guessing that's what this guy is here for." He smiles at Leeland. It's a bit forced. He glances through the schematics Lydia passes him, humming to himself, his eyes taking in more detail than one would expect from a typical middle manager. "You want repulsor thrusters," he says suddenly, hand held less than an inch from the touchscreen. "Ambitious. Those are Iron Man's boots we're talking about."

"Repulsor thrusters would be idea-" Nick cuts off and turns to look at the new arrival. "Hey there." He says in that rough voice of his. Okay. He'd been expecting Miss Potts. And Sam makes sense. He's not sure what to what to make of this guy. And his idea of interns is likely very different. "Um… we can give you some specs to look it. Basic stuff. Lydia's still developing the full plans." Obviously. She just signed on the other day.

The bit about 'interns' get a bit of an arched brow from Lydia. She's been the intern in question, or at least remembers it a bit more clearly than Leeland might. Sam's persual of her concepts pulls her attention back over and she steps in next to him so she can see what he's looking at and nods. "Ideally, yes. I find it easier to start with a best-case and work outwards to start with. Otherwise I can get a bit caught up in the restrictions I have to deal with which should come later."

Pepper Potts looks at Leeland and sighs. She's kind of used to the absent-minded supervisor wandering into areas that aren't his, but this is the first time he's made it as far as her office. However, while he's here… "Dr. Myman, good timing. I have Mr. Gleason and Ms. Donovan here proposing a joint venture with Stark Industries. Perhaps you can help us determine the feasibility of their concepts in relation to current Stark technologies and products. "Everyone, this is Dr. Leeland Myman from R&D. Who … luckily is here to join us." At least she didn't admit to the others that the scientist is here completely by accident.

Leeland was had at repulsor thrusters and is now curiously looking from face to face then swinging attention back to Nick as though he just realized what the man looks like, "Whoah, yikes, I didn't walk in to a Cyrus Pharmaceuticals fiasco did I? I only did consulting for them a couple times and to what lengths is very boldly outlined on my resume. I also have signed paperwork from my lawyer… "
Mr. Myman pauses there. This isn't about that? Good. A fingertip presses his glasses back up his nose and he produces another quick smile, "Nice to meet all of you… I would be happy to look at these concepts… " More information defintely needed but for now he will battle his rising nerves.

"I know that repulsor thrusters draw a ton of power, and ambulances need a lot interior space. Keeping these within your size spec will be tough," Sam points out, sitting back and crossing his arms. He suddenly grins. "Which will only get Tony more interested. He'll probably have them running on arc reactors and piloted by AI and costing as much as a private island apiece. How big a fleet are you thinking? You might have to talk him down on the seat warmers and chrome."

"They'll also have to carry some kind of armor to protect the systems and patient." After all, these are designed to go into metahuman combat zones. Nicholas runs his hand through his… hair? "The fleet… well hopefully it'll get pretty big but right now we're just a start up and part of the problem is going to be getting medical personnel who can either survive this kinds of encounters naturally or developing the tech to make them safe. You know, armor or something…" He shrugs. "I'm pretty tough and I've got a couple of gung ho medics, but this is the kind of thing I'll be looking for people to help with, and relying on people like Lydia for." The werewolf motions Leeland over so he can look at some of the rough numbers.

Lydia gives Sam a nod. "Challenging, I know. But.. that would be part of the fun. On my side anyway." Myman gets a polite smile as she offers her hand over. "Lydia Donovan." Likely not a name that he'd recognize, and she doesn't bother tacking the 'Doctor' onto it, either. Besides, people tend to think she's a medical doctor then.

Pepper Potts snags a few bottles of chilled water (yes, glass bottles) and sets them on her desk where everyone can reach as the discussion starts to get increasingly techy. A bit quietly, so as to not distract the SCIENCE! going on over there, she offers to Nicholas along with a smile, "How about I get the joint venture paperwork started, hm?"

"When SHIELD did it's massive 2,000 automobile commission we really streamlined and perfected several design options. Our chemical-repulsor hybrid system is quite efficient if you can find an appropriate platform to house it. The aerodynamics, cavitation spikes, stabilization dependent on what you require… "
Leeland nods towards Falcon, "Yes, not far off, sir, A.I.'s could be required for in flight calculations, angles, thrust or very highly skilled pilots as well. It's not exactly driving car." Even if Sam was joking about the Arc Reactors and A.I.'s Mr.Myman took it literally. "Very pricey in deed."
"Hello Lydia, you can call me Lee, my friends all call me Lee. Well, everyone I know calls me Leeland so maybe just call me Leeland, maybe that means I don't have friends… "
As Nick steps nearer with the specs, Leeland stops babbling and whispers to the man, "I am unsure if you are aware sir but you may be suffering from lycanthropy… "

The last thing Sam would ever need to exaggerate is Tony's propensity to lean heavily on the flashy, cutting-edge, and expensive. Fortunately, Leeland seems to have arrived at the same destination by sheer exuberant geekery, so the company medic can focus on other matters.

"Surviving a meta throwdown isn't just about having superpowers," Sam points out. He should know. "What you really need are some absolutely insane pilots. I know a few you could call." The Exo program, his years in pararescue — yeah, it's safe to say that Sam knows some guys. And being the absolute worst ever at maintaining a secret identity, it doesn't even occur to him that a bunch of them would recognize the wings worn by the Falcon at first glance.

"Names would be good. Names of pilots or medics. Hell I'll bet you're not a bad hand yourself, Sam, if you do medic stuff for Iron Man." Nicholas nods to Sam. Leeland gets an… amused look. "Am I? I guess I should have someone check that out. Lydia, do you think you can manage a test or something to make sure I'm not contagious? Because, you know, if I am… well, wouldn't want to start an epidemic." Actually, he's been asked once or twice if he can infect people. By creepers. On the internet. So awkward. So not going there.

"I'd be quite pleased to get that paperwork started with you." He murmurs low to Pepper. "We can drag Lydia along if there's any technical stuff that needs to go into it."

Lydia slides her blue-grey gaze over to Nicholas as he asks about a test. "Mmmmm. You know, it would have been good to have me do that before you went around biting the rest of the staff." She says, deadpan before turning her attention back to the two that are currently bookending her as they look at the design notes on the tablet. "Crazy pilots, definitely. Crazy medics as well. Hopefully we can minimize the crazy requirement by giving them the tools and support to do the job though." A job that currently no one is doing, because going into a situation where you're likely to get killed helps no one.

"Wait, you mean you haven't been tested?" An intake of breath and Leeland takes a wide backstep, several actually. "Miss Potts, if this man is a danger to the facility I am going to have to excuse myself."
"I'll just…" Mr.Myman points at the rolled up specs before he is reaching a tentative finger over to pluck them up, bit by bit until he snags it away and can step out of reach of Nick, he also appears to be holding his breath in the process.
Exhale, "…take these and get back to you."
The badge is being slapped back and forth again in that nerve driven action by the hand not clutching the design specifications.

Sam raises an eyebrow at Leeland. The man should really settle his nerves a little if he's hoping to continue working at Stark. Medical werewolves is weird, sure, but weird is their business, to a certain extent.

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm spoken for," Sam answers Nicholas with a friendly smile. Between Stark Industries and the JL:A, very very spoken for, in fact. "I was in Air Force Pararescue, though, so I know some of the best damned medics you've ever met. A few okay pilots, too." The flyboys he has in mind are less likable than the medics, and therefore less enthusiastically endorsed. "They're all crazy, but the kind of crazy you'll want, trust me. I'll drop some of 'em a line, see if they're looking for work."

Pepper Potts sighs. "It's… All right, Dr. Myman." And then she realized that the twitchy scientist took off with Lydia's tablet. She pulls her phone from a pocket and taps at it to make a phone call. "Dmitri? Yes, hi. Could you please track down Dr. Myman and get a tablet computer back from him? No, it belongs to a guest. … yes. Thank you." She ends the call again. "Okay, we'll have your tablet back to you as quick as possible. Sorry about that."

Nicholas shrugs to Sam with a grin. "I'm familiar with the type. Worked fire-rescue in Chicago for a while. Lot of our pilots were ex-military." He was actually one of the very few who was not. Odd story that.

Aaaand then Leeland is gone with Lydia's tablet. "Well, that's… yeah, it's okay Miss Potts. So long as we get it back. Not something I care to replace on a regular basis, you know?" He's still slightly amused by the man's reaction. "Anyway, if you'd like we can get that paperwork started. Lydia, up to you if you want to stay."

Lydia blinks after Myman and shares an amused look with Sam before shaking her head at Pepper. "It's alright, ma'am I'm used to dealing with… interesting sorts." Brilliant minds often equal very, very odd people. At Nick's offer, she shakes her head. "I think I'll get back and finish some setup." She has a feeling Stark's people are going to want some hard numbers and not just her guestimations and she doesn't want to leave them waiting.

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