Not... Quite Parental

February 16, 2015: Nate Grey divulges the nature of his existence to Scott Summers. His reaction is not quite parental.

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The cold doesn't seem to be bothering Scott today. He's bundled up warm, complete with a hat and scarf, the latter of which is tucked into a long, heavy trench. His hands are stuffed into the trench's large pockets, while he quietly looks off toward the horizon.

There is, of course, one major divergence from his usual nature. Scott is not wearing anything upon his eyes, and though they are wide open, no beams of energy are shooting forth.

Nate just came back from New York and, as usual, went straight for the coffee. But he spies Scott through the kitchen window, so he heads out right away, leaving the coffee mug in the microwave oven.

In consideration to the cold, he has managed to obtain a coat somewhere, but otherwise he is wearing just jeans and a light jacket, clothes that are actually his combat outfit telekinetically altered. The winter weather doesn't usually bother him much, but lately it seems to be really cold. Maybe he is getting soft. Or maybe this world is colder. Hell if he knows. "Hey, Scott!" He hails as he steps out, hurrying to catch up the older man. "Got a few minutes?"

It takes a moment for Scott to turn around, but when he finally does, he's looking off toward the institute and the direction from which Nate's voice is coming. A decidedly uncharacteristic smile forms, and he picks up his feet to meet the man halfway. "Nate," he says, looking the man over for a moment before making eye contact. "Hey there."

Nate stares at the visor-less Scott for a couple second. Odd thing; but cool. He will assume it is normal for him, for this Scott, to be able to go without visor or glasses. He nods and joins the older man. "Look. I have talked with Jean and there is something important she thinks you should know right away."

In this particular version of Earth, Scott without his glasses is absolutely abnormal. Thing is, he doesn't seem to mind. He doesn't feel a need to bring it up, because the whole affair is bound to be temporary, as is. Instead, he angles his head a bit, curiously. "She…" Mention of Jean seems to have him stammering a bit. "I didn't…"

A momentarily look is given to the mansion, before he turns back towards Nate. "Well, alright. You sure you don't want to go inside and out of the cold, first?" The cold never bothered Scott, neither here, nor where ever else he's existed.

"I don't mind the cold… ah, but I left my coffee in the oven," Nate frowns. "Nevermind," he shrugs. "You know I am from other Earth, right? Parallel words and all that. Same happened with Rachel, so you must be familiar with the concept." Unless Rachel just travelled through time. Nate frowns and looks at Scott for confirmation.

Turning, Scott leads the way with slower footsteps, so that they might walk and talk. "I'm familiar with the concept, yes. Quantum theory, I believe? That there are infinite potential realities and we only perceive things relative to the slice of reality that we occupy. So, are you from the same place as Rachel, or, are they different places?"

"I am not a scientist, but I can see the spiral of parallel Earths," notes the young man. "I learned to shift worlds a few months ago, until I got stuck in this one. I don't know if there are infinite worlds or not. Hundreds for sure. No, my world has nothing to do with Rachel. In my home things went south in the sixties, when Apocalypse raised a mutant army and went to war. Rachel, the Rachel I knew, was actually born… dunno, around 2020? So pretty different worlds. But otherwise… we share many things."

It becomes readily apparent that Scott is fascinated by such concepts. He looks again toward Nate, the expression of wonder evident in his in exposed eyes. "The way you talk about it. A 'spiral of parallel Earths'. Is this the ability that your X-Gene gives to you, or… something else?" A pause, and Scott's footfalls slow just a bit. "In your world, was Rachel… I mean, is she also my daughter?"

It would seem that Scott is missing the hint. Perhaps it's the new found glory of seeing without handicap, or, perhaps he's simply too fascinated by the particulars of the conversation to see where it may be going.

"That is how I visualize it," Nate points up, and projects the image of the 'spiral of worlds' in Scott's mind, straight from his memory. Oddly enough, it looks more like a double spiral of DNA. Earth after earth extending up for… infinity? Maybe. Hundreds, maybe thousands of blue worlds.

He lets Scott a few seconds to enjoy the view. "Yes, the Rachel I met was the daughter of another Scott Summers. In that sense, she was also my sister."

Familiar with telepathy, Scott can feel the encroachment a moment before the visual comes to him. He closes his eyes for a moment or two; not that it would be entirely necessary, but it just helps him to accept the fact that something so powerful is being shared. "Oh… my," he murmurs, sounding truly enthralled at what it is he is seeing. The planets, spiraling off into the distance, each one of them bearing different stories both beautiful and horrendous.

It almost takes him a moment longer than it should, once the vision is gone, to realize what Nate's saying. "Your…" He points a hand toward Nate. "Your sister."

As if meeting Rachel hasn't been strange enough. Scott reaches back to touch his eyebrow, staring toward Nate as if he doesn't quite know what to say. "So then, that's… Jean is…" He shakes his head, then peers at Nate a bit closer. "From your Earth, then, another version of me, an older me, is, your… father?"

Nate vanishes thevision and tilts his head at Scott, offering him a lopsided smirk. "Yes, there was an older Scott in my world. I am reluctant to say he was my father, since I met him only twice, and each time for less than a minute. I was created in a lab, there was nothing natural about my birth. But genetically, that Scott Summers and the Jean Grey of that world were my parents."

Nate's lopsided grin is met with a change in expression, from shock to disbelief. "Genetic parents?" he asks. "I… do I even want to know who is responsible for that?" Scott immediately backpedals. "Not that it's a bad thing you exist, Nate, but — someone stole our DNA. Unless.."

Blink, blink.

"We're Jean and I involved in this?"

"Long story," remarks Nate, losing his smirk. "The one responsible was a monster, and he didn't bother to ask. Jean was involved with Weapon-X in my home Earth, the man you know as Logan here. But they had no children that I know." Bad news, well, "but she married you in Rachel's world. So… don't give up that woman easily, man."

Its a tough thing to face, a very person being created without consent. A beautiful thing; an ugly thing. Scott is not sure how to take it.

He does, however, know how he feels about Jean. A rueful smirk is given in an attempt to hide the blush on his cheeks. "Yeah, well. I've always cared for her. I always will. Even if…" Yeah.

"I should have had a chair handy."

Scott looks at Nate curiously for a moment. Not exactly a son, but, in a way… "So, where you came from, who raised you?"

"One of the X-Men there, a man called Forge," replies Nate. "It was a different world and different X-Men, though. Magneto led them, and he fought for peaceful existence. His base of operations was this mansion," he gestures to Xavier's. "So maybe Xavier was also involved, I don't know. I was here only through astral projection."

Astral projection. At this point, Scott finally seems broken. "I… admit, Nate. All of this is hard to comprehend. I'm not sure how much you know about me, but, I was born in Anchorage, raised in Kansas. Dad was an Air Force Test Pilot. Some of these things are over my head, which is why I trust Hank and Charles with… understanding."

Nate nods, "yes, I know…" he shrugs. "Look, I think it is better if you consider me just… dunno, a distant relative. I really don't know anything about you, just about people that looked like you, and it is easy to fall in the trap to think I do. I'll try to avoid it."

For a moment, Scott scratches his head. "Right." He's not sure what else to say on that matter. Then again…

"Well. This 'Forge' guy isn't here, as far as I know, so. If you ever need an ear, we are blood. It's thicker than water." Scott might never have intended to have children, but Rachel and Nate are here. If they need the role, he's willing to fit it. Or, at least, to try.

Nate smiles sadly, "maybe…" he replies. Poor Scott, he still has to meet the eldest of the 'kids'. But this is probably enough for a day. "Speaking of Xavier. I still have to talk with him at length… ah, and I told Jean I would make a list of potential problems to watch out. I better get back to the kitchen and my coffee."

Speaking of Jean. She had left a note under his door, she wanted to see him. "I'll arrange something with the Professor," he answers, before smirking in mock conspiracy. "Might even throw my weight around to do it." A joke, since such a thing is never really require where Professor Xavier is involved.

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