Salem Center Meeting

February 16 2015: Nicholas indulges in a bit of nostalgia and runs into Lunair

Salem Center

Coffee Joes has long been one of the prime hangout spots for certain students from a certain school up the road. Or at least, it's the one Nicholas remembers.



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Nicholas Gleason has taken some time out of his busy schedule to… indulge in some nostalgia. So here he is, in Salem Center, at Coffee Joe's. They have, among other things, some of the best crumble cake. It takes him back a bit, to five years ago when he still lived in the area. Actually he'd lived in the area for some time and there's still a few folks who wave at the big lupine creature rather than gawk and stare. Of all the places in the nation outside of M-Town, Salem center is most used to these kinds of visitors. And, of course, some people remember him here.

Well, Lunair is pretty used to different appearances. And she actually got to do something for Valentine's. It's quite nice, even if a bit difficult due to sheer height differences at times. She is in hiding, it's true. But everyone restocks food, and someimes she brings things to people in M-Town if they ask nicely or are in need. Magneto asked her to look after it sometimes, after all. That, and she's been on the prowl for a new car. Her expression is thoughtful, distant.

Which might be a polite way of saying she has little to none. Coffee Joe's? Hmm. That might be nice to try and see if she can take some back for Skaar, Orn and the others. She does look a little rougher than usual. Combat boots, a long, military style olive coat. But it seems odd against her blank expression. There's a curious glance to the lupine fellow, but Lunair's moving towards the counter. Why does he seem familiar? Wait, no, she knows - nooooo. Not the nice rabbit mutant guy. Not… Hmm. She looks to be trying to remember something in line. She's not staring at least.

Although, it is a bit awkward with *glance* *turn away, think* *glance* - It's staring for a more modern, polite age!

Nicholas gets his coffee and crumble cake and… yep. Someone's staring at him. Intermittently. He goes to find a table not too far away from the counter and watches back, partly to see if he knows her (mmmmm, maybe?) and partly to let her know that he knows. After a few minutes he frowns slightly. "Mmmm, excuse me, miss, did you happen to go to the school up the way?"

Oh no. What if it's someone she knows and she forgot? What if it ISN'T and it's like that thing where you think someone is waving at you but they were waving at the person behind you and you have to go run and hide in shame? Nevertheless, she goes to place her order. Lunair is totally stealthy, really! She orders some of their coffee, then and a nice - well, if that's what they're famous for, she'll try that. She can order for the others before she goes.

Wait. He knows? Oh no. Her expression, a genuinely bewildered, worried and awkward expression, shines like the glistening reflection of a make-up screwup. And he's /frowning/. Sadly, she can't just dubstep her way out of this one. "Um. Yes. I think? Which one? I'm in college now." Think, up the way. Up the way! "I'm sorry. I thought I'd run into you before and I was going to feel like a douchebag if I forgot." Honesty?

Nicholas sighs and his ears lay back a bit. "The school? Up the road? The one with the special kids?" That's about as direct as he's going to get in public. If she doesn't know that then she must really not be from around here. Most folks don't know what the Institute does. But most folks in Salem know that it's the school with the strange kids.

Lunair ohs. "Yes. But they're really nice." She offers. She is strange in her own way. Years of fighting have left her with that blank stare, too. She looks uneasy, saying even that much. "Are you from around here, then?" She tilts her head. She seems curious, uncertain. Lunair has paid for her coffee, and waits in line now.

"Did for a while. Been away for about five years." Lunair's a bit younger than Nicholas… though not too much younger. "What about you?"

Lunair blinks owlishly. "Really? Neat." Smile. "And I - sorta started. I go between campuses because I do botany, sometimes. Or transfer credits." Nod. "Um. What should I call you…?" She accepts her coffee and some of that crumble cake.

"I'm Nick. Care to have a seat?" The permanent werewolf still can't quite place her and he's wondering if she maybe arrived at the school after he left or if she was just younger and he's not remembering her very well. There's a pause as he bites into that crumble cake.

"I am Lunair." Well, no. She was Muriel but … For now, that name, that person, is dead. She has a brief memory of it tinted in a German accent. Brr. Lunair blinks, then smiles. "Thank you, I would be glad to." She bobs her head politely. "I only arrived… I think this past year or so," She admits. "But since there's not a whole lot of botany stuff…" It might be why she does online courses or visits another campus so she needn't chuck her credits out.

"Ah, it looks nice." Caaaaaaake. Much nicer than Nazis! It's cake! Pause. "The cake." Way to be a creeper.

That would explain why Nicholas can't seem to place her. He'd been gone for some time by the time she arrived. He hasn't gone back himself to say hello to anyone. Not yet. The memories are a bit painful. "Mmmmm. I see. Well I'm glad to hear the place is still in business anyway. Lunair hrm? Odd name if you don't mind my saying."

Lunair doesn't seem aware. There's a curious look. "Pleased to meet you. And yeah. Sometimes I bring things for my friends who can't leave campus much," A shrug. "Wh- I guess there aren't many Dutch names around." And she's not even gonna mention the lingerie place. Visions of her with a lacey thong on her head. NO! "I often go to the New York University campus, so I'm kind of a drifter."

"Mmmmm. I see." Nicholas takes another bite of his cake and very carefully sips his drink. Hey, these things are hard when you have a muzzle. "I've just come back into town myself, so I was sort of visiting my old haunts. Place hasn't changed much. Maybe a bit quieter." He hadn't heard about the excitement here over the summer. That'd been rather buried.

A little nod. He might notice that Lunair doesn't really seem to think his appearance odd. She accepts it entirely. Lunair doesn't know any different. And to be fair, not much comes out of the campus newswise. It's probably for the best. "Welcome back? Is that weird of me to say?" She genuinely ponders this a moment. "It's probably all of the cold weather. No one wants to be out a whole lot." Although, she doesn't exactly spew 'Hi! I'm being chased by HYDRA!' all over the place if she can help it.

Nicholas chuckles a little. His voice is rather deep and rough and perhaps a bit resonanet. His ears perk forward a bit. "No, not weird at all, thank you. I don't think I'll be headed back there full time… or even part time. But I had friends there. I may still. Most of them, it seems, have gone on to other things but I hear some are still in the area." And some of them… didn't graduate with him. And won't. Ever.

"Could be the cold yes… mmmm. So what brings you out to Salem Center, Lunair?"

Lunair smiles at his chuckle. It's curious. "You're welcome. And I see." She seems curious, but respectful. "I imagine an alumni could visit, at least," She considers. "I don't know exactly, on that one." She's really just started. And going part time… she'll be at it awhile. "What was your major? I do botany and sometimes art stuff," She replies.

At his question, she says, "I heard this place was awesome. I figured I'd try it and take some back for my friends."

"Oh well I left after high school. At eighteen. Did my college elsewhere." A great many of the kids at the institute do. The faculty offers some college level courses and has accreditations of course but they're not a university. Some fields of study you have to go somewhere else for. "Moved out to Chicago. Eventually ended up going into a physicians assistant program." So medicine, though that's not mentioning a lot of what he did inbetween.

"Ah, well Java Joe's is pretty good. But M-Towns a decent drive away from here."

Lunair doesn't pry too hard. She listens. "I see," She nods. "And yeah, that's why I am usually at NYU if I am attending classes." She shrugs. "I - you're a physician's assistant?" She seems curious. A … wolfy doctor's assistant. Well, at least he seems really healthy. And friendly. That's plenty, really. Unless one intends to be House and he's not nearly crabby enough.

"It's not too bad, or if I hop some of the public transport. I've been looking to buy a car anyway."

"Maybe you should. Commute's kinda killer." Nick says as he sips his coffee again. "Especially from Salem Center to New York. So, full time student then? And you go to the school up the road…" He nods and lowers his voice. "So I'm assuming you, you know, have a special trick?"

"Yeah. I had a day to myself," She admits quietly with a half-smile. Then Lunair shakes her head. "Part-time. I have to - figure myself out a lot." She doesn't even grasp the limits of her powers. Nor that she's rediculously intelligent. "And I do. It's kind of odd." There's a beat. She sips her coffee. It is quite nice, actually. "I haven't really made my way over here too much, to be honest." She is at a loss for a moment. Uneasy, perhaps.

"Sounds like you've got some thinking to do." Nicholas says quietly. "For what it's worth, I'm familiar with the feeling. I had to do a lot of that after I left the school. Long story." He did eventually find himself, more or less. Or at least that's what he tells himself. Whether or not he did… is maybe yet to be seen.

"And experimenting, yes," Lunair nods. "I'm not sure what I want career-wise," She admits. "I put it on the backburner for a little while," A shrug. "It's okay, I'm a student for now." Smile. "I even claimed a small spot for a garden. And it's okay, I won't pry," She promises. Though, she seems curious. She takes a bite of the crumble cake. Mmm, that's good stuff. "Medicine seems like a really intense field to get into though. I looked at some of the requirements…" Headshake. "Ah, hm… do you like things like gardening?"

"Mmmmm, singing's more my thing." Nicholas says, tilting his head as he thinks. "I've always enjoyed that." No jokes about moon howling, please. It's only happened once or twice. "Medicine is… very rewarding, but there's a specialist field I'm trying to get into. With my own business. Takes a bit of doing."

Lunair ohs? "Something like opera?" She asks. No jokes about moon howling, it is. Lunair smiles a little. "I see. I'd ask, but I'm not sure," She admits. Maybe a doctor for people like them? She hmms. "Do you mean needing investors, too?"

"Well, probably, honestly. Also supporters and people to help out. Emergency medicine and rescue in metahuman combat zones is… not work for everyone." And it's expensive. "But we just got an agreement with Stark today to provide technical support so hopefully we can make something work."

Opera… heh. "No no, just songs. I have a decent voice." Okay, he's got a pretty damn good voice bu he's not saying that.

Lunair hms, and listens. "I see. That is pretty rough. Well, let me know. I have a lot of stocks and shares. I learned to play the market a bit." Nod. "And really? That's awesome. Congratulations." Really! It's nice. Lunair's job usually involves taking people out, but something about how into it he seems feels contagious.

"Oh. I'm sure you sing well. Everyone I know who does stuff always says they do less well than they do. I'm not sure how that works," She admits. "I'm really bad at singing, though. I think it's actually banned by the Geneva convention." Nosewrinkle.

"Mmmm, well perhaps we can see one night. I think there's a place in town that does karaoke and if I don't get too busy then maybe I'll have time to come down and unwind. Or celebrate, depending on how well things go." Nicholas takes a deep breath and finishes off his coffee. "Come down and visit us sometime. Rescue. We're in New York. Won't be too hard to find, Lord willing."

"No worries. It might be fun to try," Lunair nods and smiles. She sips her coffee. "I see. Rescue." She makes a note. His last statement leaves her a little curious, but some people she knows are similarly religious. Even if she doesn't entirely 'get' it. "I will do my best. I have to be careful visiting people for awhile. But. I'll give it a shot." Nod. "I'm not keeping you, am I?" He did finish his coffee…

"Well I do have to head out." Nicholas smiles. "But it was nice meeting you and I do hope to see you again." The werewolf offers his hand to shake. "If you talk to some of my old friends tell them Wolf Cub says hi."

He seems really nice! Lunair nods, letting her smile linger. "The pleasure was all mine. I hope to see you again, too." She reaches over to accept his hand. "Sure thing. I will let them know," Even though she's not sure… does he mean the teachers? She'll try, at least. "Have a good evening. I should probably get that order anyway and try to beat the commute rush…"

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