Shock the Monkey

February 16, 2015: Tigra and Spider-Man take on Shocker. It's quick.

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It's supposed to be an easy job and one he's largely overqualified for. But when Schultzie needs a little cash to make ends meet, Schultzie is going to get some cash to make ends meet. Sure, a bank would have been a nicer get. But at 11:00 PM on a Sunday all of the banks are closed and all their lockdown protocols make breaking and entering more difficult.

So instead, down by the water, Schultz saunters up towards a lonesome ATM machine that sits outside of a gas station.

One person stops and turns his head confusedly—the robber is wearing quite the garb of crimson and gold, obscuring his face as he works to gain his riches. He's begun to make a name for himself in this city as THE SHOCKER, but the sight alone is enough to make oncomers look twice.

"Get the hell out of here," says Shocker and the person nods slowly before breaking into a run. He gets down to business once more, reaching his arm out and a blue ball of lightning leaps into the ATM machine, disabling the locks immediately. Easy. As. Pie.

Unfortunately for Schultz, the intrusion notifies the police department. That wouldn't be a problem if not for Spider-Man monitoring the police band, and for the fact that he's not far away.

She wasn't monitoring the police band, but the feline heroine known as Tigra did happen to be nearby, casually traveling over rooftops and down alleyways, one part patrol and one part exploring the area, learning its layout. She pauses, tilting her head at an odd sound, an eletrical sort of sound. With a flick of her tail, she turns to head towards the source of it, expecting to find nothing more than a blown out streetlamp, but hey, it might prove to be something interesting.

From where Tigra stands, she'll notice a man in red and gold in front of an ATM. He's knelt down on one knee and filling a large bag full of cash quickly. Behind Shocker, a man in red and blue is approaching, talking with his hands, but it's too far to hear what he's saying
"You know what they say about free money, bud," Spider-Man says with a head tilted ominously to the side. "There's always a catch. Here! Catch!"

A web-ball slams the door to the ATM shut and webs it in place. "Well, slugger. You're great with the bat but your catching ability in the outfield need some work."

And electric blast comes Spider-Man's way, but the wall crawler avoids it easily as he leaps onto the wall.

Well, this certainly is something interesting, Tigra thinks. She starts moving closer to the ATM, sticking to the shadows as best she can, at least until Spider-Man shows up. She pauses, watching the ATM getting secured. Her tail stiffens for a moment at the electric blast. Good thing she didn't try to tumble with the guy. On the other hand… She starts for the air pump for car tires, hoping there's a water hose there as well.

Spider-Man leaps towards Shocker and gets into close quarters faster than the goon can react. He delivers a nasty punch that nearly takes the foe off his feet. Spider-Man seems to have the advantage, but unfortunately, he sits right in between Tigra accidentally blocking her shot.

Well, she doesn't need to take a shot, not if red and blue is kicking red and gold's butt. Little braver than she, grapping with someone with electrical powers. She unspools the hose and steps to the side with it, in case a shot does open up. And if not, well, she's enjoying the show.

Overconfidence is one of Peter Parker's most particular weaknesses. And though it's not clear what happens, it is clear that Spider-Man is enveloped in that blue light-energy. It sends him flying backwards with a yelp as Shocker begins to stagger to his feet.

There's an opening, and she'll take it. Only instead of turning on the water, Tigra yanks the hose off the spigot and then dashes towards the shocker, trying to loop the hose about him before he gets his act together enough to resist. "Time for a pinch hitter!"

"No!" Shocker exclaims.

As the hose wraps around him, his gauntlets are pinned across his body. With enough wrapping, he's prime for the pickins. "I don't know who you are, but I like your style," Spidey says as he gets up wearily.

"You f—-" Shocker starts before getting a bit of webbing over his mouth. "Spider-Man. Menace and no good very bad person. You are?….." Spider-Man walks up and knocks Shocker to the ground viciously.

"Oh yes," Tigra counters the exclaimation, tugging the hose snug and then tying it off. "Why thank you," she says to Spidey as he stands up. She doesn't try to catch Shocker when he's knocked down, instead turnign to the wall-crawler, offering a friendly, furry hand. "Tigra. Cat about town."

"Charmed," Spider-Man says as he takes the furry hand and does a curtsy. "And he would have gotten away with it too if not for us pesky—-" Spider-Man is interrupted by the tell tale sound of the WEEEE-oooo WEEEE-oooo. Spidey puts a finger to the air, "I hope this isn't too…./shocking/…for you, but I need to make like an electron and buzz off." He leans towards Tigra knowingly, "Me and the fuzz don't get along. Present company excluded."

Oh, he's that sort of guy. "Well, I'll be sure not to offer /resistance/ to your departure, then," Tigra answers with a broad grin. She glances down at Shocker to make sure he won't go anywhere before the boys in blue show up. "Let's meet again sometime and get…current."

"Hahahha! I like your style, KittyKat! But as for now, I need get on the road…" Spider-Man looks to the oncoming police car. "To avoid getting charged. If you know what I mean." There's a quick THWIP before Spider-Man yanks himself up high into the night.

"Wattever you say," Tigra quips. "Catch you next time," she offers, then double checks Shocker. Nope, not going anywhere. Police are showing up, and there's no need to hang around, herself. "Sleep tight," she bids the crooker before making her own departure.

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