Four Doctors and a Bird

February 17 2015: Pepper rounds up a bunch of helpful, well meaning people and sics them on Jim.

Jim's Metro Lodgings

The place where Jim has been staying is a bit…. crowded now.



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It has been one hundred and seventy-two hours of awareness for the Extrapolated Intelligence Corvinus. During that time, it has had a 'wonderful' adventure alongside its nemesis, Shayera Hol into the near reaches of space that ended rather poorly. After intercession of a local sector Lantern, the avianoid entity has found its way to the staging house that Pepper had commissioned for a month during the power outage in Metropolis.

It was a simple matter for the ancient entity to extend the rental period for another month, without billing Stark Industries, even. Jim may not be so keen on his bill when he wakes up, though…

With a reasonably secure area provided, it then began utilizing local courier services and secure landline communications — how quaint! — to arrange for at the very least Rain to know of the condition of the partner and for Pepper to make whatever arrangements she felt were appropriate, as well.

Jim, the partner of record, hasn't really been a party to any of this, as he had taken a sniper shot to his upper chest last week.

Or, why the avianoid was attempting to set an informal endurance record for consciousness… It has a reasonable suspicion that if it should slumber… the partner will come out in messy glory…

So now it waits at the Bed and Breakfast, pacing about like some caffeine junkie after a gallon of Starbucks Double-espresso mocha…


Pepper Potts arrives at the time she'd told the avianoid she said she would, and has a handful of people in tow. She asked everyone she could think of to help, and thus Pepper's Canyonero of an SUV arrives with a witch and her cat, a wolf-man (and let me tell you, THAT made the drive interesting), and Dr. Delucci from a respected clinic in NYC. Pepper opted to do the driving herself to leave as much room as possible in the vehicle for any and every bit of medical equipment any of the trio deemed even remotely useful.


Well, Rain got the message. She does worry about the bird. Fortunately, she has the cat with her and gave Spearhead a message on where she could be found, as well as a place to pick up a cooler of food. If the bird is this bad… she did ask someone to bring a large cooler of food. Odd, that. It might also help to have a friend looking out, one with sharp eyes. And a helmet. She's going to figure out that helmet one of these days. "It must be bad if he's actually asking for help," Rain looks worried.


"I'm really flattered you think a PA is going to be helpful here." Nicholas says. The tall brown furred wolf-man is wedged up against the drivers side back seat. "Though really, Doctor DiLucci's kind of a legend in the mutant community. I'm sure he can do just fine." He's followed medical journals and such. The man's on the cutting edge, really. Though… he'd imagined him being a bit taller.


Pepper Potts actually remembered that guy from the little clinic… Angelo is feeling all professional and stuff. But he's not sure what this situation is she's describing, and he decides to do a bit of meditation on the ride from New York to Metropolis. That is, before they stop to pick up a wolfman and that girl is definitely a witch and that cat is definitely a familiar. Too familiar even. Well.


"Are you sure you need a mundane doctor?" the short but wide man says, in a faint Long Island accent. "I brought a fairly good medical kit but if it's that bad, I may have to, uhm. Well, we'll see. And I'm not THAT special, really, it's my partners who are the geniuses."


Zee had been heading back to Titan base with Misfit from an outing and appears out of nowhere near where Peppers Canyonero has pulled up. Glancing around, the teen magician slumps a little and let's out a sigh "Not again" she mutters to herself.

Dressed in her form hugging blue jeans, high heeled knee high boots, a smart blouse with a blazer over the top and that diamond collar around her neck, she straightens before slowly looking around "Now where have I ended up…."


Misfit gets back to Titan base and pauses looking around now. "Zee?" she peeks into the hallway and then the common room. "Where the heck did she go… I swear… people's teleporting is so unreliable…" of course it is all her fault. The Chaos Muppet is the one bending the laws of order to chaos to teleport the way she does and wow is there interference when she does it sometimes. "ok…"

In a flash of pink and purple >pinkurple> Misfit vanishes from the Titan base and appears in full batgear by Zee now "What happened?"


Spearhead walks up, walking fast though he has a small arsenal on him in addition to medical supplies and a large cooler of food he has hefted onto his shoulder. He isn't quite sure whats going on, but he was asked for help, and even though he isn't exactly a M.D. he could surely do /something/ to help, such as bring the cooler of food…


The birdly entity paces back and forth inside the lounge area, keeping out of the way of the medical professional sorts as it continues to move. Part of it calculates that continuing the pacing movement will provide it with approximately another twelve hundred seconds of awareness, while another continues to monitor dropping energy reserves — it having eliminated the food stores in the refrigerator four hours ago to prevent caloric debt in a fashion that would have left any incarnation of that popular time and dimension traveling physician scandalized.

"Thank goodness one is here, Miss Potts, Rain…" It trails off as it attempts to place the others. And fails miserably.

"This one is approaching one hundred seventy-three hours aware. Mental function is degrading. When this one does lose consciousness, or when medical professionals are ready, the partner has suffered catastrophic injury between the third and fourth rib via high - velocity projectile weapon. Given circumstances, the ribs have been fractured but ejecta has been minimized due to rapid reaction on this one's part. When this one… one.. relea… lets the partner out, there will be an eruption of mass, potentially including a portion of the partner's lung. Viewer discretion is advised. Offer valid in some states. If one experiences expanded ejecta for an extended period, one should contact a physician immediately. Do not taunt Happy Fun Thanagarians…"

Welll, it DID warn that it was experiencing some mental function degradation…


Pepper Potts leads the others into the rented old Victorian house turned bed and breakfast — yes, she'd rented the whole building during the Metropolis blackout — and just looks at Corvinus with a mixture of worry, surprise, and, well, amusement. Random Buddha Bird is random. Since she's led everyone in through the back entrance of the house, they're kind of all crowding into a modern kitchen, clearly converted from the original space and gleaming with chrome.

"Corvinus." Pepper approaches the tall bird-like being, clearly unafraid of him, even as odd as he's being currently. "I wish you'd contacted me sooner. But… we're here." She looks at everyone else. "For obvious reasons, we couldn't just walk Corvinus into the hospital. Now you know why the slightly cryptic request."


Also, Rain likes spending time with Spearhead so far. He seems like a nice enough guy, and his helmet is really mysterious. Rain tilts her head. She seems curious. She doesn't comment on their abilities, or hers, beyond, "I am sure you guys will do fine. My healing is slow. There is the advantage normal doctors have, and their assistants. They can start work right away, yeah?" She's being reassuring. Or at least, trying. "And it might help you, too - if his usual care providers aren't around." The cat is wearing his trenchcoat.

Captain sighs, "Well, at least you're not vets…" The baritone voiced feline remarks. He's clearly not a fan. "Hush, you don't want rabies." Nudge. She waves to Spearhead. "Thanks. I owe you a lunch or something sometime." She seems glad to see the detective. She will follow Pepper, to see the bird. "You really do need to contact us before the poo hits the fan," Rain agrees quietly. "We'll take care of you," She promises. She listens to his words, frowning.

"I bet - do we need alcohol or something?" She asks the doctors. "I heal with magic, so … it's kinda slow, but I don't need supplies."


One of the 'doctors' is a rather tall werewolf. Honestly. Big guy. Brown fur. Muzzle. Claws. "Offer not valid in… um? Does he need antipsychotics? I'm the wrong kind of medical professional for that." Still, the description of 'expanding ejecta' has him digging through his bag for a trauma kit. "Oh boy…"


"HOLY … !!"

Doctor DiLucci really doesn't look much like the doctors you see on television, at least not on the television channels you let children watch. He is, yes, short. He has slightly shaggy white-blond hair. He has tattoos that you can't even see against his too-tan skin except for, well, times like right now when they light up as if they were neon under his skin, yellow-white … his eyes are also doing that glowing thing that normal people's eyes don't do, that happened when he saw the walking bird thing. He was very good and didn't try to diagnose or fix Nick the Wolfman, he was polite to Rain and didn't stare too hard at Captain, and he didn't light up during the whole trip. But now? NOW he's lit up.

The name 'Seraph' might be familiar to Nick or Pepper from news and rumors. Apparently, there's more than a casual connection to the doctor with the name that's a blatant give-away.

"Hang on," he says. "Let me get a look at him."

The light brightens as wings that look like they're spun from shards of sunrise spring from his back.

"OK, this is too complicated. You're not allowed to eject lungs, Bird."


"Teleport borked again." Zee smiles at her Titans teammate. "Oh hey, that's Miss Potts and Rain… Wonder what's going on. Come on, let's find out."

Grinning a little at Misfit, Zee tilts her head as she starts walking quickly towards the group, following them into the building "Hey Rain, Miss Potts, do you need any….." she blinks a little as she see's Cornvinus and that tall werewolf character "OK, that doesn't sound good."


Misfit tiptoes to peek over Zee's shoulder and then makes a face "Oh man mega super duper grossnesss….." pauses one whole beat "Hey Rain…." she leans back down just a flopped cowl bat-ear popping over Zee until she bounces up again. "oh wow werewolf… Dr. Wolf M.D….. she grins cracking herself up at least.


Spearhead sets the cooler down in a clear spot somewhere out of the way, and staying out of the way himself, though he does glimpse the wound, though he doesn't react, something about seeing your buddies get blown to bits and their faces half missing desensitizes you about these things, He asks to who ever will answer, "What can I do, I'm no doctor. Oh, and I brought some gauze and such." he says, holding out the medic bag, or setting it somewhere nearby so that it isn't in the way.


"This one apologizes for not contacting sooner. This one was attempting to resolve a mad hatter with Shy… Shy Hera Hall. It was monu monu momentarily unsuccessful. And this one is most ass ass assuredly not the best for entering a hospice. Hospice.. HOSPITAL! This one has no intention or design on self - termination at any time in the immediate future. Hospice is for short - term care prior to demise. Not on my watch, Not in my Navy. This one did warn about potential mess? This one made humor! Mess… in the mess!"

Definitely not its normal conversational mode, nor its measured pace of Enlightened conversation. Not quite a stroke, though.

"I'm not psychotic, though you're not the wolf one was expecting. Nor the other one. Partner would inquire as to one's package statu — that is not correct. Please to be prepping the dinner table for the guests— OPERATING TABLE for PROCEDURE!"

It's fighting the dysfunction, but it is at the end of the fight, when tired makes nonsense sound sensible sometimes. And then the doctor does the whole Angelic thing…

"I'm not going to eject lungs. Physics will do that. Inertia captured in space-time then allowed to resume. Lungs are a very importan part of this balanced daily breakfast." It shakes its head in frustration and hops up and down a few times.

"You're not the Angelus, right? The Angelus and I aren't on good terms because of the silvery one." It must really getting tired. It's dropping the 'one' and 'this one' nomenclature. For those used to its normal cadence… it's jarring.

It jumps up on the counter and falls back onto its wings.

"Say when, docs!"


And then there's an overweight guy there on the table. Some folks may recognize Jim Reha, though his upper right chest finishes blowing outwards… the projectile is apparently gone but the inertia as it noted… yeah, that's a security deposit Jim's not getting back, though that's probably the least of his concerns at the moment as his face goes pale and he slumps back down onto the counter.


Pepper Potts turns to see that Zatanna and another young woman have snuck in after them. But then, maybe that's for the best. "Nicholas, Dr. diLucci, I'm thinking you two are going to be the leads on this with Rain's help. I ra…" She startles and yelps abruptly when Corvinus kind of takes the preparation time away from them by flopping onto the kitchen's center island countertop and becoming Jim again. "Oh god." She was NOT ready for that.


Rain nods. There's a polite smile, nod and a slight wave. "Hi you guys." She will follow the doctors' orders. "I will be working with healing magic, but you're welcome to tell me where you see the most damage. And it's going to take me at least 5 minutes. if his lung is out and that bad, your stuff will be way faster."

Captain is on the floor, looking around. She smiles to Spearhead. "Thanks." He seems so nice. Rain will go quiet, looking zoned out. She's oddly serene, and distant. Witch is go!


At the physics lesson on high speed ejection of lungs, by inertia pushed outside time evidently. Well that is enough to convince Misfit of the scene before her "Ugn…. megasuper gross…" she kept behind Zee for any splatter "Zee… um call me if you need me" and with a puff of smoke >pinkurple> she is gone now contemplating skipping dinner tonight after that Though she does like the color of arterial red. Probably for the best though, she is better at messing things up than any sort of healing.


Nicholas winces. "I'd say 'wait' but you're probably going to do that soon." Let's see. Quick Clot. Check. Gauze, Check. ET set. Check. Poor Jim. If they have to tube the guy and patch up a lung at the same time. At least there's enough people here to bag him if necessary. That always takes some of the stress off if he goes into arrest. And fortunately there's an actual MD and a couple of… er… magical healers? Maybe that'll help too. He'll defer, honestly. He's just a PA.


Angelo is shutting out the noise of all the other magical types, which is introducing some odd static, especially the Misfit girl, but then the Bird loses it and there's Jim and there's a stored kinetic… Well isn't this special.

A momentary digression into the nature of the Seraphim and their Scion. The Seraphim may or may not be part of a celestial host, they may or may not be a singular plural, and they may or may not be a combination of holiness and sheer rudeness that has exasperated their Scion (that would be Angelo) rather a lot at times. He has power - he's been tied to the Living Light, the lifeforce. He channels it from some inexhaustible well. The Seraphim give him a way to use it, by writing spells on his body, and he's been slowly learning other spells and other ways to use it.

None of those ways is of immediate use to him, though he reflexively shouts BENDA LUX SERAPHI FASCIARE and a ribbon of light shoots out of his hand and wraps around the exploding man's chest, trying to keep it from further harm. It doesn't keep people from reaching through it to treat him; it doesn't keep him from bleeding inside (yet) but it will let him breathe (if he can breathe) while they work on him.

"This is not going to be fun. We have to be careful not to cripple the Corvinus while we do this." Ange hates working slow. It's so much lazier easier to flash-heal the injury. He could fix this on a normal person in five seconds or less. But not this space-alien-symbiotic thing. It's got weird hooks and things.


So nice of Misfit to hide behind Zee and then bounce out. Two magic types healing already and a PA… The young magician will just go play nurse and sort equipment and the like until her unique talents are called for "I can take over the shielding, if you like … free you up to work, but I'm not mixing our magics in there, who knows what will result."


Spearhead looks around, alot of people here, he wonders if the best thing for himself to do is to just stay out of the way, so he offers, "If there is anything I can do, like hold him down, or hand instruments, Just say something, I've seen alot and I know what most of the instruments are, but if not, I'll just stay out of your way, Docs."

Spearhead says, "why would someone drop a Winnebago on you?"


There are few plusses to the sudden arrival of the patient in such a condition with medical professionals on hand. One is the ability to see that it was only a portion of muscle and tissue that came out of the body. Most of the lung seems to be intact, thankfully. There is still a hole in Jim's chest, though, and there is plenty of… fluid… about for those who might have a bit of an issue with such a thing. Another plus? It was one round and it apparently went through with minimal tumble.

Still, the injury is consistent with a shot from an armor - piercing round from roughly one hundred yards. That is probably the only saving grace for the patient… no fragmentation, no tumbling, straight through.

The Scion's Light does retard the exposure of the chest somewhat, even as Jim gasps for breath on the table.

Oh, hey, another plus side… he's not flailing about. Though he may slide into shock given the rather extreme circumstances.


Pepper Potts has one hand over her mouth even though Jim's injury isn't quite as bad as Corvinus had made it sound, or truly as it had seemed when it happened mere inches from Pepper herself. She looks on the verge of freaking out. Or maybe puking. Or fainting. Or all of the above. Maybe here's something you can help with, Spearhead?


Rain is - thankfully- quiet, and not paying much attention directly to the injury. She knows it's ugly. She's had to put together a guy who got hit by a bus. But she is concentrating, and making sure to work her magic around the others. She's a well mannered witch. It's just going to take awhile.


Nick goes to work. Well. Kind of. There's magic at work and frankly he's never seen it do it's thing. It still seems like there's a perforation to tape up though and… good lord is he still breathing? His ears perk… yes. For now. Important to get this collapsed lung reinflated though by hook or by crook. "I hope, Doctor that you've got this. Well, Doctor and Witches." Beat. "Witchdoctor?"


Angelo realizes that he's somehow the senior doctor at the moment. Just as well, he's also the imaging equipment and nobody else can see what he's worried about.

"Rain, please keep him from feeling pain and from going into shock if you can, that's perfect. Thank you. Your general healing spell will keep everything else from falling apart. Conscious is good and if I hit him with my own jolt he'll go unconscious. Nick, please keep packing and unpacking there as necessary. Spearhead, if you and Miss Potts could hand off fresh gauze from the various kits and bag the stuff we pull out in one of those red plastic bags… Miss Zatara, please do take over shielding at your leisure so I can start the healing. Thank you. I have to watch very carefully to keep this from creating a condition where his lung WOULD come out when he hands over to the Bird."

It takes perhaps a minute for everyone to synchronize and then things happen very quickly. The healing doesn't look like much. Ange just pushes a finger against a few spots not actually injured, and inside, things heal that need to do so at the right time — unless you're a magical type. Then you see highly structured energy patterns filled with Living Light moving into place like keys into locks, turning and then flesh is suddenly back where it was gone. It takes about thirty seconds, once everyone has found their pace, and Jim's body looks slightly better than it did before. Well, a lot better if you remember the hole. There was also some stuff thinking about happening with the kidney and the arteries, but it won't now. No more brain damage than was already present, either.


That's all Zee needed and she forms the shield to take over Angelo's work. She's pointedly not concentrating on the mess that abounds, concentrating on her magic helps that.


Spearhead stands back and up against the wall, looking around still trying to find something productive to do.

He spots the woman who seems to not have the stomach for this kind of thing, and walks over, blocking what may be going on with the patient in question, "You don't look too good. Need anything?" he asks, trying to get the woman's mind of whats making her look green around the gills.

Then the main 'doctor' type person says to hand gauze and take whats used from them.

"Sorry, why don't you just sit down, I'll do the gauze. wouldn't want you getting worse and fall or throw on Man-Bird, now would we?

Spearhead moves for a bag to put the used gauze in and the med kit he brought and opens a few fresh packets, "She's looking a little green, I'll keep up though."


The portly fellow's head rolls to the side a bit and he catches a glimpse of Pepper.

Oh. Shit. Were they shooting at the Boss? Is she okay? Is Shayera… where am I? Is this… the kitchen from that one place? It's a logical assumption. He's just a part - timer over in QA. There's no reason for him to think the attack was aimed at him. And the partner may have been shielding him from all input during that enforced hiatus, to protect the sanity of the human's mind, as well.

Rain? Wolf - guy that's not Fenris or that other wolf - guy? Some woman I don't recognize… some guy standing between me and Pepper now…

It's not pretty, and the three different flavors of magic flying around Jim would probably give anyone so inclined as to figuring them out in unison a headache… but it works.

A somewhat normal coloration suffuses the fellow's form, as his breathing relaxes a bit. He is *not* going to be looking at his chest, though. Not yet, anyways. Not until the 'all clear' is given.

The left hand, though, does move together to a fist, and a thumb extends in a traditional 'thumb's up' position.


Pepper Potts was trying to regain her composure and not really succeeding, well, not until the young man who apparently was asked to meet them here by Rain stepped between her and Jim. She takes the momentary reprieve to try and collect herself, but really just ends up sitting on the cooler of food Spearhead brought with him. Yeah. Good thing the sniper can keep up, 'cause she's pretty much useless right now.


Rain was quiet, she was having to maintain concentration. Captain is quiet, too. They don't say anything for now. "I think-" Is it going? She's glad for everyone's presence, especially the fellow organizing them. "Thank you." Yes. She will do her best to keep on her part. She's not really tried numbing, but she'll give it a go.


Nick stands as Jim seems to be getting the help he needs now and is stabilized. "Well, it looks good I think." He says in that rough voice of his. He'll stick around a bit to make sure that everything is indeed okay but Angelo is here so… he's sure everything will be fine.


"I didn't leave you a scar because you didn't ask me to," Angelo says. "But I'll write a note for your boss if you need one. Or, wait, she's right here."

Angelo steps back, and rinses his hands off - there's a flash of light so there probably won't be contamination issues in the sink, it's a habit - and then he spots Pepper.

"Miss Potts, you look uncomfortable. Do you need anything?" he asks, touching her shoulder. (And feeding a dose of Living Light in that should more than recharge her — not hyper, not the way she drives herself, but much less tired and queasy.)

"Thank you all. I wouldn't have done nearly so clean a job without your help."


Spearhead takes used gauze and hands fresh back; he takes a good look at whats left of the wound, not expert, but not shabby either. He makes note of it in case a similar shot is made on someone else…

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