Data From A Snakes Nest

February 18, 2015: Jericho goes to retrieve data from HYDRA nest and calls in some assistance




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Jericho… has odd contacts. But sometimes that's a good thing. He's contacted some of those odd contacts to meet him outside a small car factory about ten miles south of metropolis. He's leaning on an X-5, blade case hanging behind him. He's got some… gear in the back he thinks he's going to need but first he needs the others to get here. Snake holes. He hates em, but they have such delicious secrets.


Mike — Metal, he's going to use his codename here — Metal arrives in pieces, from several directions. A collection of random pieces. A serpent (see what I did there) crawls out of a sewer (water, not the other kind) while a flock of pigeons, or possibly bats if it's after dark, arrives from the sky. Then, a pallet of miscellaneous crated stuff that just HAPPENED to be here, the snake crawls onto with a metallic gleam, and the flying things pile onto, and it all melts like a chocolate Easter egg basket in the back of a car on Easter Sunday in Alabama at noon. And then, it un-melts, into a robotic humanoid figure made out of metal. It's shiny, momentarily, before turning matte and not-particularly-reflective.

A very low power near-field radio greeting signal goes to Jericho, since the man has a nearly constant connection going to something.


Lunair is an even contact. She's - had to buy a new car. And not one that's been suitably bullet proofed yet. It makes her uneasy. But with her scooter in the shop, she needed /something/ to get around. And her last car was rendered asunder and also had a grenade go off in it. With a new crop of bruises from having a dumpster flipped on her, Lunair's less than pleased with life on the whole for the moment. But it's a nice, friendly import car with a powerful engine. Did she buy a sports car? Yes. She has no intention of being run over and a strong engine might help. But she did get a note, and so she goes.

Lunair also hates Hydra Holes(TM)*. So she's glad to help Jericho out. Plus, he's a friend. There's that. Or at least, SHE thinks so. There's a wave as she parks nearby.

*Not to be associated with hydra holes found in erotic fan fiction. Thank you.


A red, white and blue streak lands several feet away from Jericho, decelerating rather quickly before touching down so as not to set off an accidental shockwave. Clad in her usual patriotic streetwear-not-quite-a-uniform ensemble, America Chavez nods at Jericho.

"You rang?"


Zee wasn't surprised to receive Jericho's message and teleports into the location. No fuss, just a soft 'pop' sound and she appears out of nowhere, dressed in figure hugging jeans, knee high boots, a blouse, blazer and a diamond encrusted collar. Walking over to the hacker, she smiles brightly "Hello Jericho, no girlfriend scarimundus today?"


"She's occupied." Jericho grins. "And working on other parts of this problem. Hello Zee. Mike. America. Lunair." He glances on over…

"So. Here's the skinny. About a week ago I ran an OP on a HYDRA compound in Colorado that was defended by mechanized hardsuits… inhabited by demons. I traced some of the actual components used in their construction back here. I think someone's making demonic shock troops for HYDRA and I want to shut it down." He looks about. "Hence the firepower. And the magi-power. Mike, you'll be in a unique position for this I think. I need to get inside and shut down whatever process they've got going inside… but they'll almost certainly have active defenses. Any questions?"


"Do you want there to be anything left of the installation afterward?" Metal asks, after he thinks for a moment. He begins internal fabrication… small, flying creatures, literally bugs, that can go inside to look around. Too small to be noticed by most defenses. He should be able to wreck the immediate defenses, if they can get in.


Wavewave. "Hello," Lunair nods. She seems quietly happy to see Metal, too. Why not? "I guess we save any computery stuff and get rid of any unfriendlies. That seems simple enough. I think I'll be okay," At least, as questions go. She does at least, make a mental note not to blow up any vehicles… for now.


"Where do you want me to punch the hardest?" It's an honest question, coming from America, and it's a valid one. She wants to avoid damaging anything that does not need to be damaged- but also wants to know what's the best part to wreck. She had to deal with Earth 616's Loki a few days ago and she's ready to let some steam out. She nods at the other team members. Or, in her mind, the rest of the wrecking crew.


"No questions, Jericho" Zee nods to those gathered around "I'll work it out as we go along." The teen magician murmurs something and the outfit morphs to stage costume. "Better to be prepared."


"Preferably where all the shooty is coming from." Jericho grins to MAC. "Mike, so long as I get the data out of it first, I don't care if you turn it into chainmail sweaters and donate it to goodwill. I'll let you four make your entrance. I'm going up…" The hacker sprouts wings at this point. "To shut down their alarm systems and cut off phone service. If you need any support call out and I'll be there." Beat. "I don't recommend going in the front door unless America goes first. There's about twenty of them just hanging out there." And with a wink he's off headed skyward. Down the way, the factory sits, churning away. It looks… remarkably quiet, really, from the outside. There's not even that many cars in the parking lot.


"I'll take 'em down," Mike says. "I have a new trick I've been itching to try out."

Well. They'll be itching, anyway. He sends a faint cloud of insects towards the front door. His robot self orients to follow Lunair, as his conscious mind is now an insect swarm. It reaches the door, and flows across it inches from the surface. And around. Really. Not airtight. They call this a secure plant? Ridiculous.

Inside, there are in very deed twenty guards, some of whom are mildly cybered, but no more than normal. No empty suits full of demon, in this lot. That'll be down the hall around the corner, most likely.

The bugs collect up and land, about thirty apiece, on each of the twenty humans. On skin. Then the cameras watching the entrance begin showing the same thing they just saw on a loop, as the electronic lock rewires itself to send a 'door is closed' signal whether or not that's true.

The tiny bugs begin digging in, a faint itch, then a sharp sting, but before they can scratch, something is holding them in a fierce grip. The Hydra agents march out, not in control of their bones and blood, which contain useful metals. They stand there.

"Please make them unconscious and unable to move freely," a toneless Metal voice says from the robot, and faintly from around the men. If they could talk, they'd be screaming. If they could scratch, they'd be digging at their flesh where the tiny robot insects have burrowed in.

"Quickly, please. This isn't as easy as it looks."


Wait. Nonlethal? Dangit. Lunair has more than a little bit of hatred for Hydra and purchasing her freedom with the blood of an awful lot of their agents is /right up her alley/. Deep breath. She armors up, with slightly different looking armor than usual. She will look after Mike's robot self, then. Lunair is rarely on the front of a fight, unless other, unarmored (or those who do not want armor) people wade into a fight.

She considers it. "I - hmm." That's a puzzle. Well, she is going to wait to get a good angle and the others are nearby to net any of the bad guys. She is, after all, a ranged fighter and Mike's robot self is in her care!


Bricks do what bricks do, and as Mike makes his orders clear, the star-spangled teen flies over to the group of HYDRAs who need a good one-for. "Happy to oblige," she says, and begins dealing out punishment. Her punches are swift and always to the point- holding back enough of her super-strength so as not to kill, butt several of these men will wake up feeling as if Mogo sat on their heads- she's holding back, but she is giving just enough star-spangled love to make sure these agents regret being born for several days. There's a few teeth that get disloged, but hey, they knew this job was tough when they joined at the Evil Overlord Recruitment Center, right?


Zee can assist and moves towards the HYDRA agents that Mike has marched out. Gesturing with a hand, she speaks in that odd way of hers

~ ARDYH stnegA oG oT peelS ~


There's rather abruptly a grinding and stomping sound from deeper in the facility which it should be noted has three levels. The stomping turns into clattering which turns into a thunderous cacophony. Almost at once every door flies off its hinges as heavy metallic suits begin to pour out of every entry way, eye sockets glowing fiery red as they begin to spit arcane energies and hellfire at the heroes. It won't be long before several things are on fire and… there doesn't at the moment seem to be any indication as to exactly how many suits there are other than a lot.

As a side note… this stuff looks like third rate Stark tech knockoffs. Not so much 'inspired by' as 'light-boxed off of TV footage stills. Badly.'


The cloud of insects abruptly stops being Metal, as his animus mobilium shifts back into his robot chassis.

"That was more fun that it should be," he says, just as the building erupts into a spasm of evil copyright violation and stuff.

"Ooops. Time to play!"

The doors that flew off their hinges… they're heavy enough to keep people from breaking in, and they're metal and already airborn! It doesn't take long for Mike to grab them. They start floating in formation, then spinning in a cylinder, faster and faster… then the spinning cylinder moves in on robot suits, tearing into heads and feet and arms, it's appalling. It may or may not kill the demon energies inside, but it'll definitely mess with their heads. And feet.

Meanwhile, Metal takes to the air, and a charged shield forms out of his left arm while his right arm extends out a sword, made of salt, cold iron, and moon silver, and forced into a solid sword by his will. Now. Can the robot really do three things at once? Maybe. There are three consciousness threads, but he has to keep them coordinated in a single set of movements.

"HA! PARRY THRUST TOING!" a demonbot is impaled. It shrieks and bursts into cold green flame. NICE.


Ehm. Well. Then. Lunair's glad she doesn't have to deal too much with trying not to hurt the goons when really, there's a deep, burning itch to ERADICATE THEM ALL IN A SEA OF BLOOD AND VISCERA. She's a little upset at Hydra these days (Just a lil'). She looks over her shoulder, to make sure she still has a Mike-shell behind her and moves to find some cover.

She's armored up, and it more resembles a feline motif than her usual stuff. Maybe she's feeling witty or it seems to be the in thing to do or honestly, she just kind of picked something random off of Wikipedia and let's be grateful nothing WEIRD came up. She beams at Mike. Then she ducks to avoid the doors. It's railgun time. Any EVIL robot or demon that crosses her path is going to be obliterated if she can help it. It's not a thrust toing, but it's pretty impressive even so. Green flame, and general railgun noises.


With Lunair's cover fire, America flies towards the incoming rush of demons with the usual fearlessness (or recklessness, take your pick) that characterizes her in action. She flies in wide arcs to avoid the hellfire- not because she fears it, as she is fire-proof (among other things), but because her clothes aren't. She is also picking up speed in order to plunge fists-firsts at the nearest group of mechanical suits in an attempt to wreck right through them.

She is not worried about killing demons, since demons aren't technically alive as most people understand them. It's life, but not as we know it, and not easy to kill, either. Discorporation only means that the data has to be transferred back home.


Zee will take care of the fires that break out from the careless use of the hell fire. tsk, some demon robots should be taught better manners. She really hopes that the group has applied their anti rust treatment as she pulls moisture from the air around them to make it rain

~ retaW morF ehT riA oT ekaM tI niaR ~


It's true and Lunair, Mike, America and Zee are really eliminating their opponents at a rate that can only really be qualified as alarming. The sheer amount of combat power in the room should frighten people. A lot.

Apparently it does. There's a thunderous shake toward the back of the facility and everyone with a communication device suddenly hears Jericho's voice.

"Um… oh hell. Get out of the facility. NOW!"

It starts to shake and crumble around them as something batters its way up and in from the back. Something very large. Well, somethings very large, anyway. More simian than the last ones, these machines appear to have been engineered to combat high power metas… and there's a dozen of them ripping through the facility, heedless of structure, right at the group.


Combat devices. Metal pulls material into his chassis from around him, assimilating weapons from fallen demon-devices, which takes a few more moments than he really wants it to do. Some of this stuff is just rude, and he has to crush it … some of it doesn't talk back at all, and he incorporates it into circuitry that can be jettisoned. And some of it talks back, eager to help.

When he finishes, he's a fifteen foot tall metal humanoid with a very large sword. Made of anti-demon materials. And he has a flaming shield. Which is weird.


Especially the people on the receiving end. Lunair listens to Jericho's warning, tilting her head. She will start to GTFO, hauling her railgun and moving out of the way slash the facility. She'll blast things as needed, though. "Metal, I don't know if we should stay too long - this building -" The strange, simian things are ignoring OSHA safety codes. Railgun or not, Lunair is squishy when it comes to falling rocks. She fires as she moves back. Strafe, shoot, strafe!


"I see." America says, and frowns.

She sees the giant metal humanoid with sword and shield, looks at the simian mecha, and cracks her knuckles. She lands on the floor and begins walking towards the simians.

"Come on, shortie," she says to Mike as she rolls back her sleeves, "We've got to make them busy."

Until Jericho gave the signal that he had what he needed. If need be, she could probably bring the entire structure down around her with a quake once everybody had evacuated… as a last resort.


Zee will let two heavy hitters deal with the Simian type creatures… she's going to try and stop the building from dropping around their ears, while Jericho gets what he needs. "Head out, Lunair… I think they've got this." The raven haired magician looks up, takes a deep breath, throws her hands up and speaks

~ riA emoceB A troppuS ~

If need be, she should be able to teleport out before things get too dire.


They look like… er… well… sort of like a cross between a huge robotic ape and the hulk. It's pretty nasty. And just when there couldn't be more rubble, something lands amid the charging possessed exo-suits. That something turns out to be a seven and a half foot tall demon-wolf-light thing with a huge sword. He knocks one off its course and quickly finds himself three on one. "Got what I needed. Trash these things and let's go home." With the sound of abused metal he lops the arm off one and drives his soulbound blade in through the chest. Take that.


"ON IT!" the knight-bot says, and moves at speeds not seen outside of an anime. A dozen of these. He strikes through four of them, performing a bisection slice, before stopping with the blade stuck halfway into a fifth. The four he struck already, there's a ping, ping, PING! and each of them explodes as whatever he left behind detonates. Then he has to fight the one he's on. It hits him twice, shattering the fireshield, before he is able to react.

And then it explodes itself, as the part of the blade inside it detonates.


America, on her part, is trying to live up to the 'near-indestructible superwoman who can throw tanks to the moon' quip from Loki by charging at the foes that Mike does not slice up. She does not hold back in the least- carting three of the mechs through the wall, up to the sky, and letting go of them when the air becomes very thin. They may be equipped to deal with meta-humans, but they are not equipped to deal with falling.

Truthfully, it's not the fall that is an issue, it's the sudden stop. No amount of armor will spare you that.


Zee lets her spell go and looks to the melee occurring in front of her. She can use the explosions created by Metal, if she just concentrates "Watch out…" it could go wrong, like it did on the beach the other day.

~ snoisolpxE ylpitluM ~


Mike could well be a demonic slap chop at this point and, as America goes to introduce a few of the hardsuits to gravity and Jericho dives out of the way of a wicked looking punch, Zee summons the explosions. All of them.

To reiterate, Zee has apparently brought all the explosions.

It sounds like firecrackers during the Lunar New Year only louder and deeper. The air is suddenly full of self sustaining explosions that last until Zee drops her spell… which she doesn't until the last demon bot is scrap and the factory has collapsed behind them.

Once it's safe, Jericho drops his fields. The amount of residual magic in the air has his traces glowing bright red even powered off and he chuckles darkly. "Well, that was… impressive. And quite well done, all of you."


Metal has to use his "special sense" to hear that remark. Because he cannot hear because his chassis has been turned into a mix of scrap and wreckage. Still, not enough was dissociated to kill him this time. Going for the Liquid Metal Morph trick, Mike Drakos pulls all the molten and some non-molten metal from his own chassis and from around him and crafts a human form, again. With appropriate privacy panels. He keeps it liquid metal, though, as he looks around and says, "Yeah, this was interesting. I used up a bunch of the explosives those demon-armors were packing. Did you get anything useful out of all this?"


"You better have," America says, after landing again, next to Mike. "Not that I mind sending these losers into the stratosphere. They deserve it."


Zee looks quite sheepish as her spell drops and the young magician hangs back a little, checking behind her to make sure Lunair got out safely. Raising an eyebrow at Jericho, she nods "He already said he did… so what now?"


"Very useful yes." Jericho grins again, this time rather sharply. "And we shut down their production-portal, so no more demon suits… at least none from here. I'll keep looking. I need some time to make sense of this data. Trace back where they were taking their orders from and what the suits were for. And I really do appreciate you guys coming out to handle this. It'd have been… tricky doing this solo."

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