Path to Immortality

February 18 2015: Learning new things keeps you young, if it doesn't kill you first.

X-Red Headquarters

X-Red Headquarters is a good place to keep an eye on things, especially if one is an ice nerd.



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Bobby is working in X-Red headquarters. The cloud cover has been pretty thick ever since the Atlanteans began their… blockade, if you want to call it that. Iceman is working on something on the other side of the world… well, both sides of it. It's rather worrisome, really.

After making certain all the people at the Nest were alright, Nancy came to the X-Red hq to be with Bobby. To say that she is worried about the state of things lately would be putting it mildly and if she can help at all, it would be here. Even if all she is doing to help is rubbing Bobby's shoulders while he does his smart-fu on the computers while she watches on. She stares at the screens, completely lost in what he's doing.

The ice nerd glances up, frowning pensively. "I… is it possible you can get away from the nest for a bit?" He's got a number of maps up on the screens. Most of them of Japan.

Slipping her arms around Bobby and leaning in to look more at the screen, she nods her head. "I can leave Carl in charge for a while. Let's face it, he mostly runs the place as it is. He just doesn't want people saying it to his face." She smirks softly, the retired high school principal having been with the Nest since the beginning. "Do you really think I can be any help in Japan?"

"Maybe…" Bobby's thinking. "A bunch of us have to go over and talk to a contact about some things the Yakuza have been involved in. Also…" He pulls up some news reports. "The Purifiers have been active again. Not sure if it's a coincidence that they're getting hot after the Brotherhood starts to make trouble again but…" Between crime syndicates, anti-mutant extremists and the Brotherhood he'll take any help he can get.

Nancy O'Neal biting at her upper lip, Nancy looks at the screen. "Couldn't we just point the Brotherhood and the Purifiers at each other and then just clean up the resulting aftermath of them wiping each other out?"

"Yes…" Bobby says slowly. "But a whole lot of people would get hurt in the process and there's no gaurentee they wouldn't turn on us before they were done. Both of them hate us just as much as they hate everyone else." Which is… pithy, but sadly true.

Nancy takes a deep breath and nods. She wasn't serious about her question, having figured out the answer already. "Ironic that," she says before pausing and thinking for a moment. She starts to frown and shakes her head. "Nope, never mind. Not ironic." Ever since that Morrisette song, you have to be so careful what you call ironic. Sheesh! "Consider me there if you need me. I'll bring what I can. The blasters and my power and hell, my cello if you think we need it. Music hath powers to sooth the savage breast and all that rot."

"Well it might prove handy. The Yakuza tend to favor… high class. The good life. And I think… maybe we need to think about er… broadening both of our horizons." Bobby gestures to the news reports. "If things go like this… we'll… we're going to need more skills and experince than we have."

Nancy O'Neal laughs as she is told that once again she has to learn things. It seems ever since she found out she was a mutant, her life has been nothing but learning. Combat and firearms at first, but then switched over to accounting and farming now that she has the Nest. "Well, they say that learning something new every day keeps you young. It's not the path to immortality I was hoping for, but I guess it will have to do."

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