Desecrated Armor

February 19 2015: Jericho calls a small meeting to relate some rather troublesome developments


The Starbucks nearest Times Square is unusually quiet tonight, though that may have something to do with the patrons.



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What do a CEO, two Mages, and a Cyborg all have in common? Well if your answer was all of them know a certain demon tainted hacker, you'd be right. Said hacker has been busy in the last day or so 'following up' on some of his intel with some rather 'pointed' questions and now he's come to the point where he's gotten all the answers he's going to get for now. Which generally means having more questions as is the case here. Fortunately, some of those questions can be answered by people who don't want to kill him, which is why he's invited this particular diverse group to meet him at Starbucks near Times Square.

It's certainly been an interesting few days for the Mistress of Magic and she's not particularly surprised to have heard from Jericho. Teleporting from Titans Base to Times Square, she arrives with a soft 'pop', appearing seemingly out of nowhere. Dressed in a sweater dress, leggings, knee high boots and the diamond encrusted collar at her neck, she steps into the Starbucks and looks around for Jericho.

Rain is - well, she's Rain. She has Captain and her magic GPS on her broomstick, as she lands in a dark alley. "No, we're not taking the motorcycle. I'm not really in the mood for it," Rain admits. Thankfully, she seems to be bundled up - a long, western style duster coat, a black bandana and a warm hat. Captain has his trench coat and is keeping close to Rain. "Yeah, yeah…" The magic GPS is tucked into one of her pockets as she emerges from the alley and heads into the Starbucks.

"Why do I want to punch myself?" Captain asks. "Sssh…" She's trying to not get Captain chucked out. Actually, a couple of the girls might even come pet him. "Aw yeah." Sigh. Well, at least one of them is charming, yes?

Vic isn't exactly stoked to be coming back over to this little starbucks, after the scene he made the last time he was here. Even if they managed to pass off the completely shattered chair as a poor design he doesn't want this to come back to bite him, not when he could have the 'science police' still on his trail.

So he's gone incognito once again, well as incognito as a six foot six metal giant of a man built like a brick freight train can really be. He's got his pitch black hoodie up covering most of his face, strings pulled tight, and a nice pair of well fitting jeans over his legs, only a slight glow filtering out from them. The leather gloves on his hands might be a step or two over the line, but to be honest it's better then showing off his bright chrome appendages to the whole world, and giving up the ghost. Even in spite of all this work to hide himself it's still somewhat obvious that he's not exactly normal, if by nothing else then the glowing red light in his chest and single glowing eye of the same color.

Pepper Potts arrives at the Starbucks per Jericho's request in a much more conventional manner than Rain does, though likely far more noticeably. A sleek black Audi pulls to a stop in front of the building and she exits the vehicle after speaking briefly with the driver. Once the car pulls away again she shoulders her bag, takes a breath, and steps into the coffee shop proper.

Zee Jericho has seen recently. The rest… it's been a while. He flashes Captain a grin though while an imp gives the cat an amused look from the nearby shadowed corner. "Hello Zee. Pepper. Rain. Victor. Nice to see you all. Have a seat, grab something to drink if you like. You might need it."

Indeed, as Victor comes in… well, the only person who might be more popular is the cat. Victor is immediately accosted by several people seeking autographs or just wanting to see the guy who had been a football player.

"Hello Rain, Captain, Victor, Miss Potts" Zee flashes each a bright smile and gives Victor a long look "No passing out today, Victor?" Ordering a coffee, she takes it to the table, slides into a chair, crossing her ankles and waits.

Victors fame has her smiling faintly "Someone's popular, I see." she murmurs to Jericho.

To be fair? Captain is cute! Jowly orange tabby, his tail flicking. Oh yeah, he's getting petted. He peers at Victor. "Well. I can't play football without thumbs," He states simply. "But I /am/ fuzzy." /Ladies/. Rain sighs. What a ham-cat. She looks to Zee and nods. "Hi there, oh, I'm up-" Ordering time! Rain will get herself a hot cocoa, and a cup of water for Captain.

Rain pauses, as Victor arrives. On one hand, he's a football player and she generally got stuffed into lockers. On the other, he's such a nice guy and they did have pizza. So, she'll smile and wave to Cyborg. "H-hi there." You have this, Rain. Talk to the guy! Taaaaaalk! And then there's a Pepper. she spots Jericho, and makes her way over with her hot cocoa.

"Man did you have to use that name?" Victor calls out from the small wall of people who seem to be completely accosting him, forcing him into a situation where he's got to sign signatures for people who thought he'd been dead before.

The only bright side this provides is that the people who would perhaps normally find themselves accosting Pepper with the usual five to ten questions people ask about Stark Industries are instead focusing on pestering the poor kid.

"I'd be lucky if I could find anywhere to pass out to." Victor moving a bit further into the room, as he tries to do a bit of Q&A for the blogger news types that seem interested as well as the general fans. Though he's not really giving straight answers more doing a good deal of deflections as he wades through what in all honesty for a 'real' star would probably be nothing. Yet in the chaos of the moment he almost doesn't notice Rain at all for his small herd of self proclaimed 'investigative reporters'.

Pepper Potts sees Victor and doesn't place him immediately because of his clothing, but his voice she remembers all too well. With a brief wave hello to Jericho and Zatanna, she carefully but insistently pushes herself in between Victor and the people crowding him. "Please, everyone, that's quite enough for now. How about we let Mr. Stone enjoy the establishment in peace, hm? Thank you, really." Then she's reaching to take the young man's arm closest to her to pull him over toward where Zee is already seated. She'll get herself some tea later.

The hacker's eyes are dancing, literally glimmering, with amusement as he watches Victor and (slightly more quietly, Rain and Pepper) make their way over. "Sorry." He grins to the big man before focusing on the others present. "So… I was doing some work last night… and found this. Zee, you've seen it already but I wanted you here to offer your expert opinion on the matter." He places a piece of metal on the table that could, at first glance, come off an iron man suit… but only at first glance. If one really looks at it, it's clearly inferior workmanship and not at all from the same suit, though the styling is similar. It's as if someone used a video still of Iron Man in action as the basis for something else entirely. It's scorched and dented, but on the inside there are arcane sigils… and a serial number from a small machining house that does work for STAR labs.

"Miss Potts really does that quite well" Zee's amused at how easily Pepper extricates Victor from his adoring throng. Nodding at Jericho's words, Zee has actually seen the 'finished' product "I'm surprised there was much of anything left." she says mildly embarrassed and then frowns at the symbols "I hadn't realised those sigils were there, Jericho." Glancing at Rain, she bites her bottom lip "What do you make of those, Rain?"

To be fair, Rain is a LOT taller than most women. But she just sort of - watches Victor, the crowd and her cat. Captain is contentedly basking in pettings. Oh yes. He's purring, eyes half-closed and tail slowly flicking. Rain looks to the hacker and the group. There's a faint smile at Pepper. "Hi there," She manages to Victor once he's free.

But now, it's time to get to business. She sets her magic GPS on the table. Maybe it'll say something. It is a piece of tech completely in beta. She listens, dark violet eyes intent. Hmm. "Hmm. Well, someone likes to watch TV and/or Iron Man." Headtilt. "There's arcane sigils, for sure. I'd have to zone a moment to pull more than that." And indeed, the GPS has a generic pentagram followed by a ? symbol flashing in front of them (on the Starbucks itself). "I guess they're serious about melding it with the tech, but doing it kind of ham-handedly. I have to take a closer look. Also, someone did a number to it." She's a bit wry.

"Thanks" Vic mentions rather quietly while being lead from the group. For a man who's over four-hundred pounds of mostly metal muscles, he still seems relatively easily dragged places, that is to say when he wants to get out of a situation. "Yeah, kind of got a thing" Being offered with a bit of a smile as the only explanation to the small crowd, as he gets pulled right away and towards the table in time to catch sight of the plate for a quick second.

This rather quick look is enough that he can get an image captured by his robotic eye, kicking the information back to a storage database and bringing the info right back into focus as if he'd had the idea himself. "Hey, I know the company that made that part, they do a lot of work for STAR, think I've got a few parts made by them"

The point of Weathers he's talking about in him, or in his possession is left up to guesswork, as he manages to go for a lean rather then a sit down per say. Remembering what happened to the last chair, as he smiles towards rain. "Hey" A rather simple and to the point statement.

Pepper Potts offers Victor a smile and a nods at his thanks, then waves a brief hello to the others already at the table. The GPS device gets a curious look from her, but then both Rain and Victor comment on the piece of metal. "That really does look like it might have come from one of Tony's suits, but I can tell you at a glance that the metal is wrong." It doesn't look like gold. She doesn't say that part out loud, though. Not here.

"And the styling is off." Jericho notes. "Third rate knockoff. But there were dozens of these things being mafe and piloted by possessing demons. Someone wanted a lot of shock troops."

Rains commentary gets a nod and a grin to Zee. She'd been right to suggest comtacting the engineer. The news of Star Labs though… "Hrm… odd… and kind of disturbing. I wonder if either you or Pepper might be able to find out more about that. Because frankly this whole thing stinks. Zee, Rain, if you have time and want to keep this, Id love some… analysis,"

"Third rate knock off or not, they were still hard to take down" Zee murmurs before turning her attention to Rain "I'm happy to hit the books and look up the sigils but you've got the engineering background" she shrugs, engineering isn't her thing "so you keep that piece, I'll just remember the symbols."

Rain is quiet for a little, listening. "Well. I'm not sure I feel comfy uncorking too much um, magic in here," She admits with a fidget. "I can take a picture with my phone if you want, too. And you know where I live," Rain notes quietly. Really, it's the one house that /landed/ from the sky in New york. A gothic manor isn't terribly hard to find. "I get the feeling that sort of thing involves a binding ritual. There is magic where you can stick something to something. People might bind a spirit to a room or doorway to ward off other spirits, for example," She explains. "So stuffing a demon soul in a suit of armor gives you - usually a very angry suit of animated armor." She shrugs. She smiles faintly to Zee.

Rain's seen some shit(TM), it seems. "Personally, sticking someone or something to something seems a bit cruel without its consent. But it is also useful in dealing with unruly or lost things as much as outright servitude." The witch goes quiet. "… Cap—" A look to her cat, who is dutifully being tended to by baristas in between orders. "Nevermind, he's busy." She looks to Pepper. Then a smile to Victor. "How are you?" She asks, seems curious and concerned. At least he's not gonna wedgie her and that's pretty cool.

Vic falls back silent trying to take in all of this information compartmentalize and internalize while scanning it over in his mind. The computer part of his brain is helping somewhat in that regard but it's still not making sense. Then again even though he's seen magic in use a lot recently he's still not fully sure if he wants to believe it's a thing, and when you refuse to see half the equation that tends to get in the way.

Then he's got Rain talking to him that breaks him out of that focus still leaning idly against the wall in a sort of tower of pisa way. "Oh you know I keep going, been easier since I moved into the castle, don't have to worry about freaky dudes trying to steal my legs."

Pepper Potts looks from the fragment of armor to Victor. "If you'll share that serial number information with me I'll see what I can do to find out more about it." The magic part of it, she can't really help with. What she can do, though, is offer resources. "Rain, Zatanna, if either of you need help, or even just a quiet place to work, let me know, all right?"

Jericho gives Victor an odd look at the legs comment and then shifts slightly. "Anything any of you can find would be helpful. I'm frankly quite concered about these things in numbers and what HYDRA could possibly want with them all." It's a really disturbing thought. "And I have the sinking feeling that the factory Zee and I knocked over last night with some help won't have been the only one."

"The photo would be great, Rain and yes, I do know where you live" Zee's visited already. Pepper gets a quiet nod from the raven haired magician "Most certainly, Miss Potts. Once I've had a look through my library, I may well be in touch." Jerichos' comment has her nodding agreement "It did have that feel about it, didn't it." She's thankful they had the heavy hitters they did. Rain and Victor get a small smile, Zee's happy to just listen in there.

Rain nods and smiles to Pepper. "Sure thing, thanks." She looks to Victor. Bliink. "Oh. I'm glad. It was fun having pizza with you," She recalls. Rain's a bit awkward, in the lurching, shy sense. She glances to Z. A half-grin. "Yeah, I still feel a bit bad about the basement pull." That dang conduit. She'll be sure to take a picture for Z. Then a faint frown. "If they're this serious about making these, with all the risks binding things to other things entails, let alone en masse… yeah, probably. I'll - probably poke at it little."

An oddly somewhat loud noise comes from Vic's forhead before he reaches into his own hood pulling out a full color photograph from inside and sitting it down onto the table. He mutters something about not wanting to even begin to know how he's going to have to eventually replace the ink, trying not to look that unhappy with the situation. "Yeah, I love me some Pizza, you know everyone told me not to bother with the Dominos here, but I can't get enough of it."

Pepper Potts looks around at the odd noise, then watches Victor set the printout down. The one he just pulled out of his hat. More literally than figuratively. Just, um, wow. "…okay. How about next time we plan to meet at the Tower? It's nearly completely repaired."

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