Diplomatic Waves

February 19 2015: The Ambassador of the Blue delivers Mera some bad news.

Atlantis, Royal Court

The Court of Atlantis is silent at present, with the city tense from the confrontation with the surfacers.



  • Kraye - Blue Diplomat (Emits by Rowan)

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There have been fewer and fewer Blue in atlantean waters as the crisis has dragged on. In fact after the first week they seemed to vanish entirely but for the deputation at the Royal City itself. Today, well tonight, the ambassador, Kraye, has asked to see her. Kraye is a distinguished looking blue, older, with greying hair and traces of the proud warrior he once was before going into politcs and diplomacy in the way he carries himself and maintains his fitness. And he has been one of the more helpful and genial of people in the city, a reflection of the state of relations between Atlantis and the Blue. At least… until recently.

Mera agrees to the meeting with Kraye readily, as she's never had anything personal against any Blue, and up until very recently, Rowan's presence had helped a bit toward that end as well. At the prearranged meeting time, Mera waits for the ambassador with Trident in hand. And she truly could not care less about any rumors that say she refuses to let go of the thing for any reason.

Kraye comes in, without his usual entorage and bows respectfully. "Your Majesty. It's a pleasure to see you again. I wish our meeting were under better circumstances." Even here, the powerful magic that keeps the Atlantic northeast shrouded in dense storms can be felt. "And I wish it were for better purposes. I have news from my government, I'm afraid."

Mera nods, responding to the bow with the appropriate gesture. "These are troubling times, Kraye. Everyone wishes all purposes were better currently. What news from your government?" She gestures for the ambassador to sit if he chooses, and will follow his choice and take a seat herself (or not) accordingly. "This is about all of your people choosing to leave Atlantis, isn't it?"

"My people left because they did not wish to be caught up in the present trouble. My government though…" Kraye looks rather unhappy at the news he has to deliver. "Has been debating our response to Atlantis' present… policy decisions for some time. The recent battle with the surfacers has caused a kind of… resolution to that debate." He sighs and runs a hand through his hair.

"I'm being recalled, your Majesty. The Blue are recalling all their diplomats in Atlantean waters." They're cutting diplomatic relations. Which is a fairly strong statement.

That IS a strong statement, and one that she had very much hoped they wouldn't make. But, no matter what Orm or any of the others have to say, she refuses to destroy any of the good will Arthur has built with the Blue. "I am saddened to hear this, but I understand. I do hope that our people will remain at least cordial with each other despite this new resolution." Political code for 'I don't think we can survive war on two fronts'.

"As do I your Majesty." Kraye agrees. It is fortunate that the center of Blue power is in another ocean or outright war might be more likely. Still, the decision to recall all Blue diplomats is indicitive of how troubled they've been by recent events. "I've not heard it announced but I believe that your own diplomats will shortly be instructed by our people to depart our waters." Which is the expected extension of the first move, though no less troublesome.

Mera nods. "I will be sure to send word that they are to return to Atlantis peaceably." In fact, she might make that her last request of Kraye before he departs. She's doing her best to remain outwardly calm, but inside she's SEETHING. She's been struggling enough with all of this business, and now the Blue decide to make it worse by making a show of refusing to participate? She's not angry at the ambassador himself, and she's really really trying to not take it out on him.

"Then my duty is discharged… and now, if it is permissiable your Majesty, if I may speak frankly?" There's a subtle shift in stance as Kraye goes from 'servant of his government' to 'Blue who has lived in Atlantis for 15 years now and understands both people quite well.

Mera nods. "I did not just stop appreciating your candor because you have stepped down as ambassador," she offers, hoping it's taken as the weak joke it was meant to be. But, she can't bring herself to smile along with it. "Yes, please." Yeeeeah.

"My people are in a precarious position right now. There is a small but significant portion of the populace that hates Surfacers for the harm they accidentally inflicted upon us sixty years ago during their underwater nuclear tests. My government fears that Orm will attempt to rally the Blue to his side as the crisis drags on and draw us into conflict whether we will it or not." Kraye sighs. "I had told them such a fear was unfounded, but the attack, launched without Your Majesty's permission, has undercut me."

Mera sighs. She should have known that that ill-thought-out attack on the Surfacers would have more serious repercussions. And, here they are. "I understand, Kraye, and I thank you for telling me honestly. The individual who ordered the attack without my permission has already been punished accordingly, not that that would sway your government's decision now." She's quiet for a moment. "I do hope that one this unsettling time is past our two governments can start the processing of rebuilding the alliance that has been lost." She REALLY hopes.

"In honesty, your Majesty that depends on how this time passes. My governments faith in your people is considerably shaken. Its… disconcerting to see the… forgive me, the fall of a king have such a dramatic shift of the character of a nation." Kraye is still being honest but choosing his words carefully.

Again, Mera has to stop herself from bristling. Having been an ambassador long enough, Kraye likely recognizes what she's doing. "I know. I am trying to do things as I think Arthur would, but…" Well, it's clearly an uphill battle for her. Still.

"I recognize that this is going to be difficult for your Majesty. I wish I were in a position to offer aid but honestly I cannot see how anything my people could do would not at this point make things worse." Overt outside strengthening of Mera's positon would be a tricky topic at home and might trigger a civil war here if attempted. Kraye shakes his ehad once more.

Mera nods again. "I know, Kraye. I wish you were too. But, it would cause more trouble that it would solve if you remained here. Simply knowing that you are not one of those that wish me ill is enough." And really all could expect from the Blue at this point. "When will you be leaving?"

"As soon as my staff has secured anything that might be considered sensitive by my government. Early tomorrow morning, I expect." The ambassador, well former ambassador answers honestly. "From there we shall travel to our holdings in the Carribean and I shall contact my government for further instructions."

There's definitely something the Blue wants to say and he glances about as if to see who else is here. "If I may say so, it would make me feel better if your Majesty had access to someone whose loyalty was not suspect because of Orms influence. Your guards are… worrisome."

"I am not unaware, Kraye." And se looks resigned to that fact. In fact, she would be very glad to have even one person around that she felt she could trust, but… that's just not now the tides have turned. And she has to work with what she has. Namely, herself and the Trident.

In times of great strain nations often refuse to publically or offically talk to one another. Cutting relations is part of protesting or escalating a situation. However there's always a need for what are known in diplomatic circles as 'back channel' communications. Unoffical, often slightly illegal people who know people and can convey messages. "I beleive I shall say goodbye to one of my friends before I leave. The enchanter in the market with the bone statuary has been… very helpful in supplying the embassies needs in the past." A hint.

Mera raises an eyebrow. "I will remember that." That's probably one of the things she's always respected the most about Kraye. He believes in maintaining positive relations, and can and will go behind official channels to do so if he feels it worth the effort. And she appreciates it even more so right now. "Have a safe journey home, Kraye."

"Be well, your Majesty." Kraye bows again and makes to leave, but pauses on his way out, turning to offer one last thought over his shoulder. "I cannot help but think, somehow, that the answers to our problems, ultimately, lie somewhere on the surface." Then he turns and walks toward the enterence.

Mera sighs. Of course they do. The one place she can't go without raising even more problems for herself. Though perhaps…

//~ Rowan? ~ //

It's a testament to the strength of Mera's telepathy that she can find the Blue, distant as he is, though perhaps not so distant as expected, presently flying above the water many hundreds of miles west. ~Mera?~ He sounds rather surprised to hear her.

Mera stands to pace the throne room, something she's done a lot of lately so it shouldn't seem odd to the guards, to keep them from picking up on the fact that she's communicating telepathically. ~Do you have a bit of time?~

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