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February 19, 2015: Zee's checking the leyline situation in Gotham… along comes a Fox, a Robin and a Bluebird

China Town - Gotham



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There's a leyline nexus in Chinatown that Zee seems to get to visit a lot lately. That's probably because she's been monitoring magical activity in the city, watching for unusual happenings. Tonight, is no different and, although Zee knows The Fox monitors the area as well, she's decided to check the nexus herself.

Dressed in figure hugging jeans, blouse, blazer, high heeled knee high boots, the teen mage has a diamond encrusted collar round her throat and is standing in the courtyard peering at the nexus, a far away look in her eyes.

Kane is approaching on foot from the other direction, through one of the narrow 'alleys' that lead to this plaza in the center of the markets. His crossbow is out and held low and at the ready. Why? A trained observer might note the fact that his side quiver is missing a number of bolts and there are a couple of stains on his leather. Clearly it's not been a quiet night. Thankfully it seems to be quiet here.

"Zee…" He sounds relieved to see her and not someone else. "Hey there."

It's a rare night when Robin isn't aware of visitors to the city, and this is no different. What's somewhat unusual is that Zatanna's one of those on the team he more or less considers his second family. Things have been quiet this evening, thus far, at least where he's been patrolling, so he doesn't feel too bad about watching over Zatanna from a nearby rooftop — the collar she's wearing is practically a request for somebody to try to rob her in this city. And while an attempt to rob her, in Gotham or any other place, is phenomenally stupid, Gotham's thugs aren't exactly the brightest. They keep signing on to work for the Joker, after all.

He has not announced his presence. He merely lurks atop this building, a good view of the spot where Zatanna is checking the status of the local magical energies. He assumes.

And then the Fox himself shows his face, and Robin grimaces faintly. At least the man isn't broadcasting his presence to the world with one of his glowing animal steeds this time. But he does seem to be stained and missing a significant amount of his ammunition, and while Robin has been keeping his silence, he feels obligated to make his way down to the ground and find out what's happened now.

Like a moving shadow, Robin descends from the roof by a cable, appearing from out of the darkness as though materializing from the gloom.

Shaking herself from her reverie, Zee turns to face The Fox "Hellow there, Fox" her eyes track to the crossbow, quiver and then back to his "Busy night?" As Robin materialises, she peers round The Fox "And hello to you too, Robin… I heard you were back on the job."

There's a slight twitch in the alignment of the crossbow before the Fox identifies Robin with the person he met once before. "Hello there… Robin wasn't it? Yes." He glances over to Zee. "Busy night yes. Trouble down near the docks tonight spilling over where it shouldn't and I had to put down Lee Pace." Beat. "Again."

The masked druid lowers his repeater bow, holding it in one hand and stretches a bit. "What brings you two by?"

Robin nods to Zatanna. "Managed to deal with my issues, for the time being," he says mildly. "Everything alright with the magic in the city?" A glance at Kane. "Fox," he says. "Lee Pace? I assume you're not talking about the guy who plays the Elf king in the Hobbit…" His brow would be high on his forehead, if his mask didn't hide this fact. "I was just making sure nobody tried to mug Zatanna while she was busy — and then I saw you'd been dealing with our city's usual cadre of morons and figured I should find out what was going on"

Zee's eyebrows rise at Robins statement "Watching out for me, Robin?" The young magicians smile indicates how quaint she thinks that might be. "Welcome back then, it's good to see you."

Glancing between the Fox and Robin, her smiles broadens "I see you two have met already." With a small shrug she adds "Just checking out things, Fox. I've been told HYDRA are getting bolder and may be ready to move. Lee Pace, again?" She's not familiar with Lee Pace, and the 'again' has her interest.

"Uh, no." The Fox says wryly. "A holster from the 1860's. Nasty soul. Won't let go quite yet. I have to put him back in the ground every once in a while. Sometimes he can go for months without coming back. Sometimes he does it once a week or so. I've heard a little bit about HYDRA but I have to say the only multi-headed snakes I've seen recently have been the real ones." Like the one Rain, Zee and Kane dealt with that one day.

"So you know, regular night. Ish. How about you?" Talking shop much?

Robin shrugs at Zatanna. "I assumed, since you were in Gotham, you were doing something important — and it'd be better to take out the numbskulls who'd try to attack you before they interrupted what you were doing. I'm fully aware that you could 'nrut meht otni sekans' if needed, but…" He trails off, and his mouth, never actually in much of a smiling place when he's in costume, shows further consternation. "I see," he says. Gotham takes all kinds, doesn't it? Mostly nastier kinds. Lee Pace. Wonderful. "We've been keeping an eye on the HYDRA situation," he adds.

Zee nods at Robin and has the grace to look a little sheepish "Thank you for that, Robin." She just really likes to look after herself. "HYDRA are using mages to manipulate the ley lines in the Tri Cities, a mix of disciplines too. So I've been watching the leylines, myself." Zee explains before she sighs "I might have made a hit list of theirs… at least, that's what Jericho tells me" it's plain she doesn't believe that for a minute.

"It's good you're keeping an eye out, Robin. It'll get messy when they move… keeping their nests to a minimum will help." Zee's tangled with them a couple of times lately. "Anything I can do to help with Lee Pace, Fox?"

"Figure out a way to unteather him?" The Fox shrugs. "Nothing I've tried has worked so far." Which is… annoying but at least he's someone who can be made to go away with some effort. It's not safe but few things any of these three do are.

"Hit list, mmm?" That gets a curious look. "Someone's been a bad girl? Or a good one, I suppose if HYDRA is after you." It's odd to be talking about such a conspiracy theory, even for a man who regularly deals with the occult. "I take it that HYDRA isn't too out of hand here? Or at least if they are they're very quietly so."

"To my understanding, they -are- preparing to make a move," Robin says, "but they haven't got everything lined up yet. If that changes, I'm certain we'll be in touch." Certainly Oracle will get the word out to all of her local operatives. "It's a dangerous group, and I know we're all taking things very seriously." He hesitates before noting, "HYDRA's willing to kill just about anybody. If they're actively hunting you, Z, we ought to make sure you've got a safe place to hide out, if it comes to that."

The Fox gets an amused, mischievious grin from the Mistress of Magic "Probably good… and I prefer the term woman. Might just be that I'm not a HYDRA mage and they're taking out everyone unaligned." She considers for a moment and adds "Working quietly seems to match their M.O… have you noticed a rise in the organisation of crime groups? That's typically an indication of their presence."

The collar around Zee's neck has a tag with demonic writing on it… Robin may be able to make that out from where he stands. "I'm staying at Titan base, and there's Shadowcrest - both a typically just a teleport away." She chews her bottom lip "Or there's limbo, with Jericho and Illyana, Magick from the X-Red team. Whilst it's not a preferred option, HYDRA wouldn't want to mess with the Queen of Limbo and her subjects."

Well, if they felt like they could, they might but it's not at all clear where HYDRA is on it's mish-mash magical lore and what they do and don't know about/are capable of. Which is, indeed, part of the problem.

"Bad Woman doesn't roll off the tongue quite the same way." The Fox chuckles. "But if you prefer." The Fox thinks carefully. "I've been hearing things about 'Snake Cults' lately. Might be whispers of your HYDRA infestation. I'll look into it. The crime thing… less my bag, unless it's also supernatural but I'll do what I can. You might have better luck finding out there, Robin."

Robin's aware that the Titan's base is fairly secure, and has to assume Shadowcrest is as well. The name alone speaks of all manner of mystic guardians. ""Good enough," he says. "Let me know if you need a hand with anything, then." To Fox he nods. "Like I said, we're keeping an eye on it. Nice thing about the Bats — we pool our knowledge pretty well."

"I will, Robin and thank you." Zee is grateful to have such good friends even if she doesn't believe she's a target. "You let me know if I can help too, mmmm?"

The Foxs' chuckle gets an amused grin "I prefer to be thought of as a woman, of course." she teases before turning serious "If you can, Fox, I can relay the information… I know there are a lot of people concerned."

"I'll poke around. Ask my Cassandra if she's seen anything lately." Poor Audrey. Siezures are a poor compensation for seeing horrible visions. At least she ahs the presenece of mind to do something useful with them.

"I'm not quite done on patrol yet. Where are you two headed?"

Even as Zatanna and Fox speak, Robin looks up. He holds up a finger to the other two, then turns halfway away, raising a hand to the corner of his mask. "Here," he says, voice pitched low but not trying to hide what he's saying from them. "Yes. Okay. Five minutes." Turning back he says, "The job is never done. Sorry. I've got to run." He unclips his grappler from his belt and fires it toward the sky. The hook latches on to something up there and the gadget pulls him quickly up and away.

It's late evening and in a little Chinatown Courtyard, two figures stand talking. One happens to be Zatanna Zatara, the Mistress of Magic, dressed in figure hugging jeans, high heel knee high boots, blouse and blazer with a diamond encrusted collar at her throat.

The teen magician raises a hand to wave someone off "See you, Robin" Zee is clearly amused at the Boy Wonders departure as she turns to the other figure "I was just going to check out a few more things here and then head home." Tilting her head she smiles broadly "If you're still patrolling, maybe I can tag along for a while."

Chinatown wasn't her usual haunt, Harper usually stuck to the Narrows to try to clean up that area, just so it was safe for her to walk unmasked at night. Her and her brother. It was a busy job, really. So it was honestly refreshing to explore that part of town without the need to fight. Besides, her eye was swollen shut, bandages were on her ribs, her arm was still a little bit tingly and knuckles sore. So yeah, Chinatown was much easier than the Narrows. There was always a fight there.

She was sticking to the shadows, really. A ski-mask worn, not only it was a great cover but it was still a little bit chilly. Her belt, utility belt that is, clinked heavily against her thin waist. She spots the two from afar, a little frown upon her face as she ducks behind a building to take watch.

"Is this serious? What the hell?" Yeah, the dude was in a fox mask. Did he just come from a play or something and was stuck in character? Bananas!

Zee's head snaps up and she looks around, glancing to The Fox to see if he heard anything. Shrugging, the young magician speaks up "Uh, hello? Is someone out there?" Peering into the dark, in Harpers direction, she'll wait to see if she gets a response.

Harper had two choices, one was to run away, the other was to come out, fists up and ready to fight. No, she had three! She took the Batman route, slowly sliding from her hiding spot, only keeping one half of her body seen, the mask she wears blends into the darkness that she hid in front of, but.. Alright, she doesn't look creepy, certainly not like the dark knight. She's wearing a ski mask, for christs sake.

"Yeah." She calls out, her teeth clenched due to a bruised jaw. "What are you and that thing doing? Y'all up to no good?"

Zee peers into the gloom a little more intently before giving a small laugh, highly amused as she looks to The Fox "That thing? You mean my friend here?" she shakes her head "We're not up to anything really, just talking." With a small shrug of a shoulder, still peering trying to get a better look, she notes "See, we're out in the open, in the light, if we were up to no good, would we be so obvious? It's pretty difficult talking to someone who stays in the dark, though."

Harper's good eye shifts in between Zee and the Fox. They don't seem like bad people, yet the friend is really, really damned weird. "That creep is your friend?" She asks, but.. since they were talking, and not doing much, she figured she just take a lean and listen.

The mention of someone staying in the dark, she shakes her head. "Batman talks to people from the dark." No he doesn't! "And folks do stuff in the light all the time." IN the Narrows. Though it's hardly ever light there. "So.. we're good. I'll stay here. Far away from el' creepo."

"He's not a creep and yes, most definitely my friend. He's helped me out a few times." Zee quite likes The Fox "You'd find that out if you come out…" Sighing a little, the young magician stops trying to pierce the dark with her eyes "I'm pretty Batman let's people see him" and tries to initimidate them with his stance "If you're going to stay there though… I'm Zatanna but most people call me Zee…"

Glancing to The Fox, she waits for him to say something before she'll introduce him.

"What kind of help. And with that crap on his head?" Okay. So Harper has crap on her head. The only person who really wasn't hiding was Zatana. There was a little bit of hesitancy, she was tempted to turn around and walk away. But hey! A friend in need..

"Bluebird." She finally introduces herself, drawing from the shadows, her hands at her side, fingers clenching into a fist and out of it as she remains where she is but keeps herself in the light.

"Nice to meet you, Bluebird" Zee holds her hands down by her side, mirroring the other womans stance without the fist clenching. "He's helped with a number of things, like the other night he helped me run off some thugs who were annoying me." Not that Zee couldn't have handled them herself, it was just easier…

The Fox has been listening with amusement. "It's a hood. And a mask. Since being recognized by the police or the mob is kind of inconvenient when you want to live for more than a few months." He cants his head, shifting the crossbow to his owther hand as he watches Bluebird. "I'm the Fox." What is it with Gotham and flight themed vigilantes?

Harper only nods, her one eye visible through the ski mask she wore. "So he's a good dude. Nice to know.." Her gaze shifts towards The Fox, there wasn't amusement in her eyes, no. Just a tiny bit of surprise as he finally joins in on the conversation. "Ooh, so you're actually alive under there." Harper is sarcastic Harper. "Though, seriously? You should have picked a better mask. You kinda give off the creepy douche-bag vibe." She finally holds her hands up, one just a touch lower than the other, obviously struggling. "Just saying."

"He is" Zee's amused and she glances as The Fox deigns to speak "Nice of you to join the conversation at last." Harpers words have her giving The Fox a once over and turning back to the ski masked Bluebird "Do you really think so? I think, I think it's quite cute…" Probably not what The Fox had in mind… but there you go. "Do you think a ski mask like yours might be a better look?"

The mask. Of course. That's what makes him look creepy. Not the sword, or the crossbow, or the sawwed off, or the crystals in the bandolier, or the pouch of charms. The mask. Naturally.

"I'll take that under advisement." The druid says dryly. "The terrorist chic look is definitely much less creepy."

Zee's assessment of Harper's mask draws out a smirk, though.. sadly. It wasn't visible. She finally at least felt just a touch more comfortable to step forward, her head tilting as she ducks in just a bit to take a look at the mask, then a shake of her head. "Now you done ruined it, Zee. Ain't nobody going to be scared of an adorable furry dude." Oh.. now it was coming. The nickname. Those gears were turning in her head, but she does shake in response to Zee's question.

And then foxes assessment of her mask.

"I ain't got the money to afford a fancy schmancy mask, dude. Chill out. I'm just playing."

"Play nice, Fox… she's just not sure… and not everyone met you like I did." Zee grins at companion before looking back to Harper. "Oh, as far as I know, he's not furry…" another look to the Fox "You're not are you?" back to Bluebird "He's scary enough in action, that's all that matters."

"Well I guess I do get being poor." The Fox isn't made of money. Far from it. "I wouldn't even have most of this stuff if I couldn't make it myself." Batman makes gadgets. Kane makes swords and armor. They both seem to work it out.

Though if he did make his gear… it's actually pretty good. Stuff you could sell, really, and not just to RenFaire types. He glances over at Zee. Now he's adorable. And the mask is cute. Well… better than 'horrible' right? "Been doing this long, Bluebird? I'll play nice Zee- what? No. I don't have fur. Ever."

Now, both women were studying Fox. There was that need to take off his mask but Harper wouldn't dare. At least.. not today! She's totally outnumbered, even though he was a good guy, at least Batman respected someones secret identity. She assumes. She assumes a lot. "Five bucks say he is furry underneath there." Harper was pointing at him now, closing the distance, yet still wary. They seemed like a funny bunch.

She nods just a touch, his gear was pretty cool. Even if she didn't know what the hell the guy was wearing. A sword.. a crossbow, and a shotgun? Talk about overkill.

"Yeah. No. Yeah. I don't know. This vigilante stuff, it don't pay the bills. So.. off and on I guess."

"No, I won't take that bet, Bluebird" Zee snickers at The Fox's response "He says he isn't and I believe him." Zee's not unmasked him, and she's known him some time… she totally gets the vigilante need to remain anonymous, just Zee chooses not to. Nodding back to Bluebird the young magician smiles "Yeah, I have to conduct stage shows every so often to pay the bills." She won't ask what the woman does, if she wants to share, she will

Harper snaps her fingers together in mock disappointment. "You're loss. I bet he's really a damn dog." Yeah, that would be something surprising. A talking dog. It'll make the news stations everywhere. But hearing that Zee also has to work to pay the bills? It.. just makes her feel better. She wasn't the only one who had to grind their fingers to the bones, even if it's on stage.

"So what are you? A singer? Comedian type? You know, one of those women who dress all up with their Jessica Rabbit hairs to sing to ol' dudes in pinstripe suits with cigars and their tumblers of scotch?" She even lifts her hand to form a cup with the pinky out. Just for show.

Zee laughs "Well, if you saw my stage costume you might think it's something like that." The fishnets seem to have that effect, well really the whole costume does but most notice the fishnets first. "I'm a magician. You know, magic tricks and all that…" With a flourish of her hand, Zee produces a card from out of nowhere to hand to Bluebird.

"A magician? No bull?" Okay, that.. it was actually pretty damn cool. Now she was interested, and just a little bit nicer. "So, you do.. ooh.." The card was taken, slowly, careful not to snatch and flipped back and forth to examine. "So you do that stuff. I really didn't people still actually did those sort of things. Well, I know they do. That stupid street magic stuff where it's all staged to have those people going.. 'oooh, ahhh' and what not."

Well, Zee's really Homo Magi, but she's also a stage magician. "Yeah, they do. My Dad's pretty well known round the world and he taught me too. It was a pretty neat childhood really." Glancing to The Fox, he's gone to check that leyline nexus Zee came to see… he'll be back when he's satisfied it's clean. "Lots of practice goes into having people go 'oooh, ahhh'." and people really seemed to like Zee's shows. "Comes in handy to, when I work with The Fox and the Titans."

Harper didn't want to get deep into the grit to ask her who her dad was. She just takes it as it is. Bad enough Zee was showing her face around a vigilante, someone might get all grabby and wanting to hurt her for knowing the masked pooch. And the Titans.

"Ah. I've heard of the Titans. I didn't think you.. well. Maybe you should think about covering your face too. Just, don't get a douche fox mask like that guy." She was all jokes, thumbing towards Fox. "I kid, I kid."

Zee just grins at Harper "It's probably a little late now… but thanks for the concern." She's been on TV and has a fairly public face. Besides that diamond encrusted collar she's taken to wearing is a pretty big giveaway. "HYDRA already know who I am, as well." she shrugs. At some point Harper will get to see the woman in action.

Harper could only shrug her shoulders. "Well. Better late than never, right?" She looks a little uneasy, her shoulder rolling for a second as she glances behind her. Hydra? She's never really heard of them. She didn't think they were Gotham based at all. "Who the heck is HYDRA?"

Zee actually becomes serious as she looks at Harper with a small frown "A Nazi-based criminal organisation that has survived to this day. They are reaching out into the tri-city area." Zee looks a little sheepish "I've had a couple of run-ins with them, due to another friend." Looking back to The Fox and then to Harper, she smirks a little "The Fox is far less dangerous as a friend. The other one, seems to like stirring up the snakes nests, and for some reason I've ended up helping him out a couple of times." Blinking a little, she cants her head at Harper "What got you into this line of work, anyway, if you don't mind me asking?"

Nazi's. Great. She honestly thought that a bunch like that would have been gone by the time the 40's hit. Though, not that she really had any problem.. okay. She had a problem with racists who wanted to have world domination and power at their finger tips. But, she was still small time. Going up against an entity like that nearly made her cringe. Bad enough? She was hunting down Two-Face and came so close at the expense of a busted eye, probably fractured jaw and two broken ribs.

She didn't want to tell Zee that she needed to stay away from types like that.. but then again, look who was her idol? The question leads into that, and if the girl was blushing the ski mask surely hid it. "Batman. He saved me and my brother once. A long time ago."

That has a eyebrow raising and Zee smiling widely "Well, that sounds like there's a story to tell." Zee stretches a little and shifts her weight, checking on The Fox over her shoulder as she does. "I don't have anything quite so exciting to tell."

"Oh it's really nothin'." There it was, that hard Gotham accent shining through. "He just stopped a coupl'a bullies from beating up on me and my brother, is all." Her hand lifts to rub at her neck a little awkwardly, she even scuffs her foot just a touch. "But are you kiddin' me? You're workin with Titans and Creepy McDouchebag.." She thumbs a thumb at Fox again. "And you don't have anything so exciting to tell? I call bull!"

"Maybe… and he's not creepy" Zee wrinkles her nose as she grins "But that's kind of my second job these days, doing that." She pauses then and blinks in realisation "Actually, that would be my first job… performing has become my second job really." Watching the younger woman scuff her foot, the raven haired woman tilts her head "Being saved by Batman… did you get to speak to him, when he did? It's not every kid that gets to say that."

He was totally creepy. But there was no sense in cat fighting about it, Creepy McDouchebag was going to be his new nickname, it just fit. "I feel like that too with my job. Though, people are saying that I should make something of myself and go to college.." Her voice trails off for a moment, then she gives a quick nod. "Mmhmm. A couple of weeks after. He told me to.." How can she word this? "Kick rocks and stop messing around with grown folks stuff. That I need to give up doing this.. what we do." She nods faintly. "I ain't giving up yet."

"Well that sounds like Batman." Zee's heard the stories and she nods to Harper "Lots of people say young people like us should go to college." she shrugs at that "I say the world is my school and I've no desire to go to College." Folding her arms loosely over her chest she chews her bottom lip "Have you met the others who work this city? I know a couple that you might like to meet, if you're that way inclined that is."

Harper nods eagerly. "I might. I don't know." There were a lot of things to think about, but her plate was already full. Sure, she could get by, no sleep, work, studying, fighting crime.. but it just might take a toll on her. "Exactly." She actually was starting to like this Zee. They had a bunch in common. Both had jobs, both did.. this. This sort of work.

"I really haven't met anyone. No one seems to go to the Narrows and that's usually my spot. I'd probably do like Batman would do and tell them to find their own piece, you know?" She smiles underneath her mask, then takes a slight step back. "I don't mind meeting them but.. yeah. I gotta get going. People to take care of. You know how that is." The card was stuffed into her pocket, just for safe keeping. "See you and Douchebag around, yeah?"

"Well, if you do, two fellow Titans are Gotham based, I can arrange a meet." Zee nods "And if you need any help, just call me. I can be here as quickly as I can speak." Tilting her head to The Fox "I've told him the same thing. See you around… it's been kind of nice chatting with you."

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