Scrying and Other Chaos

February 19 2015: Fenris continues his training of Misfit in the application of her magic.

Fenris' Home

Fenris' home near the Bronx is a nice single family dwelling, slightly too spacious for the one being living in it.



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Not all lessons in chaos magic can involve walks through a woods in the middle of nowhere while chatting to a gaint wolf. Some involve coming to a Park Ranger's home in the Bronx, not too far from the zoo, and watching as a god-wolf in disguise prepares lunch. Which today is roast beef sandwiches. And apparently he prepared the roast beef himself the night before. "So how have you been, Charlie? I understand things have been rather busy in Gotham?" He always asks and even as a human his voice is rather deep.

Charlie isn't in her work clothes for the moment at least, not that she can fast change like Zee or anything though if the need comes. Still she sits on the kitchen counter and watches the sandwich making preperations. "I'm doing okay I guess. I finally got to see the Batman in action sort of.. helped wiht the whole church mafia thing that made the news…." she smiles "The atlantean crud made the criminals even more active.. dark all the time in Gotham means an surge in crime so been really busy helping Oracle…" her feet kick just a touch as she watches you work wiht the food.

Sandwiches and chips. That's whats on the plates that Fenris brings over, placing one on the coffee table in front of Charlie and keeping the other for himself as he sits down. "And have you encountered anything magical or troublesome since last we talked?" The things Charlie sees or wonders about often make good lessons.

Charlie hops down from the kitchen counter and follows you over to the couch and flops down by you before grabbing some of the chips on her plate. "Since last…" thinking about it hard. "Did I tell you about the limbo demon who got into the Titans base lost and wrecked the place.. it was fascinated with me since my visit to Limbo.. a place I don't much like."

"Mmmmm. I interesting. Yes you did mention that. You've not been visited a second time have you?" If she has that may signify something. Though it wouldn't be hard to address. Fenris is on friendly terms with Limbo's queen. "I gather you were rather sensitive to the place."

Charlie is thinking about it "No other magicky things, just the stuff with you. The clothes stayed armor by the way." she takes the sandwich up and nibbles it "I haven't been back no.. it felt like it was trying to crawl into me.. metaphorically"

"I doubt it was metaphorical." Fenris chuckles and pulls out the picture Charlie had found earlier. The one of an armored her riding a dragon. "So, this rather fascinates me. Have we discussed sympathy yet? The magical concept, not the feeling.."

Charlie had totes forgotten about that picture, mostly because it makes her brain hurt for some reason. She titls her head studying it then nods "I don't think we have.. is it something cool?"

"It's a basic but important idea." Fenris explains. "When two things are very similar or otherwise connected, there is a link between them called 'sympathy'. The more 'sympathetic' - that is the more alike or connected two things are - the easier it is to use that link to send magic distances that you might otherwise not manage. If two things are very, very alike or connected, there's also the matter of 'Contagion' which is, simply put, the idea that doing something too one object will affect the other. Follow so far?"

Charlie keeps easting her sandwhich, though she is at leasts polite enough to swallow beofre talking there. "So like voodoo dolls… poke the doll and they go ouch right?"

"More or less, yes." Fenris nods. "Now, while most of that is not really… something Chaos magic does well, there is one application that I think you'll find rather handy. Scrying. Which is to say, looking into a place that isn't here." He taps the picture. "This is you, sort of. You're close to the person in this picture, so there is a magical link. If you concentrate, you may be able to see what she's doing. Get a window into her world."

Charlie has a bad feeling about all of this really as she glances at the picture. She avoids it for the moment by eating more sandwhich before finally setting it down and asking. "Ok.. scrying seems useful magic. I don't know much what really would be easy or hard for Chaos… but I'll give it a go?"

Fenris nods and leans back to watch. Partly he's curious himself about this other Misfit and partly he wants to see if Charlie can grasp her magic on her own. If not he'll help. It takes time and watching him do it will eventually show her how if she pays attention. And he gets the feeling that she is. "Whenever you're ready."

The young woman sighs a bit sigh and then shifts on the couch getting comfortable and looks at the photo you are holding now. "Okay I can try." she notes. It is at this point that Charlie does indeed try to focus on the picture, despite the feeling that is going to give her a splitting headache staring at it so hard. Thinking of scrying.. remote viewing.. seeing this girl on the dragon… trying to draw up her magic .. which is Chaos… around her to help.

For a long moment nothing happens… then there's a sudden sound (but no sensation) of rushing wind and a beating of wings and the picture comes alive. "WOOOOOOO!" The other Charlie calls out as her dragon whips through the sky and fire flies all around them. "THAT'S RIGHT YOU SCALEY LOSERS! CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!"

"Yeah, that's you alright." Fenris laughs.

Charlie tries to not lose her concentration at the sudden noise there as she watches intently "Yeah… but where on earth would I get a dragon. That doesn't look like Rowan really.. though he is my ride dragon sometimes…." like Fenris is her ride wolf sometimes.

The other dragon definitely doesn't look as smart as Rowan does. THere's no intelligence to it's face… or, at least, different intelligence. It turns and banks in response to silent commands from the redhead who is, if one examines her, armored much like the armor in Charlie's room, and wearing a tiara with a ruby in the center. "Well, not here, I don't think. Not many dragons like that on Midgard…"

Charlie shifts and continues to try to keep the focus, though she is having trouble, finally bringing her hand up to rub the bridge of her nose. "Guh .. that is really hard…" she notes. "Midgard?"

"Let it go for now." He may try it later himself, or let her if she's curious. He did note she seems to be in some kind of fight. "Apologies. My people's name for this world. Midgard. Earth." He glances once more at 'Royal' Charlie in curiosity and then turns his attention back to the one in his living room. "Headache?"

Charlie lets it go completely and the magic races away fast and hard there. "Uhgn yes. Entirely headache like a nail…. " she looks at the chips trying to figure out if she is hungry still. "Earth.. like norse stuff.. I looked it up on the net… like Asgard… lots of places right?'

"Yes." Fenris cants his head slightly. Headaches are not uncommon with new talents learning to control their power and are usually a result of overchanneling. His own magic flares up, bright green and wraps around Charlie to sooth the pain. There are some benefits to being, fundamentally, a nature god. "Asgard, Jotunhiem, Muspelhiem, Helheim, Alfhiem, Svartalfhiem, Vanahiem, Nilfheim and Midgard. Each home to a different race of beings."

Charlie wrinkles her nose deciding she isn't interested in the food at least for a moment. When the bright green magicflares and sooths the pain, she twists pivoting herself on the couch and snuggles right in against you and the magic. "Huh.. alf.. likes elves… Hel.. you mentioned that I think." she considers "Ok the others have me stumped."

Charlie wrinkles her nose deciding she isn't interested in the food at least for a moment. When the bright green magicflares and sooths the pain, she twists pivoting herself on the couch and snuggles right in against you and the magic. "Huh.. alf.. likes elves… Hel.. you mentioned that I think." she considers "Ok the others have me stumped."

Fenris glances as Misfit makes herself comfortable and chuckles at her puzzling it through. "I'm impressed you got that far. Most would not have in these days." He rumbles. "Its not important right now, butnthey are the homes of the giants, the planes of fire and ice, and the abodes of the dwarves and the Vanir. Close cousins to my own people."

Charlie is pretty shameless about that cuddling up. "Okay, so whats with Fire and Ice… oh homes of Giants….. and Vanir close cousins but what do they do?" she looks up to you now. "Also why are .. why is your magic green?"

"Fire and Ice are home to elemental giants of the same name. And the Vanir, they were also called gods. Mostly the more… connected to nature. Im a bit of an anomaly there, being Aesir myself." Fenris explains. "Mmmm? The color? Because its life magic and life means nature and green tends to be the color of growing, living things. Only my healing magic is like that."

Charlie studies you thoughtfully then just closes her eyes leaning against you. "So… what other colors. Why do your magics change color and mine is always reddish?"

Fenris glances back to Charlie for a moment and then shrugs internally. She's gotten quite comfortable hasn't she? It's rather interesting though it may simply be an outgrowth of knowing that he's just a really big wolf, in reality. "Yours seems to be linked to your being which is linked to the color red, somehow. That is not, curiously, the usual color for chaos mages so it's quite interesting. I suspect it has to do with your parentage somehow. Most mages at your power level inherited their power."

Charlie does seem quite comfortable. Maybe she really had a really big dog in her childhood. Maybe it is something more with the young woman. Anyhow, cuddled up. "Hmm… well my mom didn't have any magic. My bouncing really scared her and worried her .. she forbade me to do it. Didn't really know my dad though so I guess he could be the source." she pauses "What color is it usually?"

"Often white, or prismatic. Sort of a combining of all things to make one thing." Which is why Chaos magic is so powerful and so limited at the same time. Endless potential but inability to focus. Fenris has often thought it was a metaphor for youth. He's old. He has these thoughts sometimes.

"Mmmm, possibly your father yes, though the fact that your mother not only didn't know but was frightened is rather… interesting."

Charlie shrugs a little sleepily "I dunno.. she was just always worried. She loved me despite the bouncing though so I kept it under wraps and didn't do it. She had me bounce though to save my life in the end… she was the best mom." she wrinkles her nose "My dad was a deadbeat loser who stuck my mom with me and ran off."

"Possibly." Fenris nods. Hell even if he was a supernatural creature, deadbeat looser isn't exactly unknown to them. He's known a few. Many were greek. Stupid, randy greeks. "Mmmm, did that casting wear you out there?"

Charlie blinks her eyes open "No!" pauses a beat "Kinda.. maybe… headache sucked. Really Ive been working myself nonstop with the problems. I mean an Arkham breakout… the stupid Atlantean darkity dark…" she smiles up to you "So kinda maybe.. also this is really nice Fenris."

It may occur to Charlie, or… indeed any of Fenris' visitors at some point that his house is really much larger than it needs to be for just one man living in it. Though there never seems to be anyone else here. "There's a spare room if you'd like to sleep it off. I don't mind the company and it's really no kind of imposition." He quirks an eyebrow at the nice. "Always unusual aren't you. Most folk never get past the feeling of a predator nearby." He says with a chuckle.

Charlie quirks a crooked smile up to you now. "Well I am pretty sure everyone has reached the conclusion that I am most definitely not most folk. Also you don't worry me.. I mean sure I get the whole rawr I am a super big wolf who could eat the world Vibe… but you know… it just feels normal for you. It is who you are and I like you Fenris. So yeah this is nice."

"Mmmmmm. It is in many ways who I am, and yet not. That's perhaps, a discussion for another day though." The truth is that, well liked as he is at the moment, Fenris has worked very hard over the past two thousand years to not be a monster and… it's still largely a work in progress. His being was written into fate long before he was born and his fury and madness are legend… a legend that may have come true in the distant past.

"Still, I am glad you feel comfortable there."

Charlie meets your eyes and then snuggles back up closing her eyes "I'll maybe crash sure. Especially if there are more lessons tomorrow and breakfast."

"Of course." Fenris has… done this kind of thing often enough that he doesn't particularly think anything of picking Charlie up and taking her to a more comfortable place to sleep. He'll be up late himself of course, he's farily quiet. As for lessons and breakfast, well he does make pretty good pancakes…

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