Cleaning New York: Moontree Manor

February 20,2015: Rain's wards have unforeseen side effect. A wild Jay appears!

Moontree Manor - Flushing Meadows Park - Queens, New York City

Moontree Manor is a modest-sized, imposing manor built in Gothic style,
complete with foreboding paint job. The roof and spire on the right are done
in a dark blue paint that offsets the white. It's like someone went a little
wild with the colors. A wrought iron fence surrounds the property, and the
lawn grows wild, with various herbs and flowers taking over. Ivy and vines
crawl up the walls, hopeful for sun. The building seems to be in good repair
despite this.

Inside, the atrium and living room are luxurious. Greeting guests is a large
statue of Anubis, his hand outstretched and acting as an incense burner. The
atrium is painted black, with flecks, indicating stars. It's a very
afterlife-esque journey inside. The floors are a beautiful, black marble
that lead one inward. There's stairs to so many rooms, it feels almost


Goatly Dude Steven

Mood Music:

There is a pointy - eared cleaning woman that frequents at least one super base and one Clocktower dwelling denizen. But between those jobs and eating, there is a plenty of open free time for her to work on her 'pet' project… the Cleansing of New York City and environs. No, not some ethnic cleansing thing, it's a nearly Sisyphean task she's set for herself to clean the entire city.

So when her travels take her up by Flushing Meadows Park, something Catches her eye. Something not good. Something that makes a smile start to creep across her face in terrifying fashion the closer she gets to that 'something'.

That appears to be a gate at a fence with a buzzer next to it. Her teeth grit a bit, though that smile does not diminish. If anything, it becomes a bit wider and bit more disturbing. Because that trick - thing with the door and the gate, though she can't See it but only through it… is giving her a bit of a migraine.

True Sight is not for the weak.


Rain's manor stands out. Months ago, in the news, a house had fallen from the skies. There was a murder investigation and Rain's aunt was found to have died from an alcohol related accident. Funny, that. Also, Rain wouldn't envy her task. Cleaning New York? Hoo, boy.

Rain's house is normal looking, and one can see the manor. But if one tried to wander in uninvited, they'd soon find themselves back at the gate. It's a more humane answer to wards. Especially when one considers how many wayward souls might visit the place. Fortunately, Captain is in the lawn, frolicking in the snow. "Wooooooooo." Talking orange tabby bounding through the snow. He looks to Jay, and blinks. "Uh. Hey. Girl scout cookies?"


Captain is actually a relief to the woman's aching eyes, though the comment causes a bit of a blinking of slitted eyes in return.


Goodness, that was beyond a mouthful. And the smile only diminishes a little bit. Still in the Exceedingly Creepy range, but not in the Downright Terrifying… yet.


The fact that the feline was talking to her doesn't seem to phase her in the least…


What. Captain blinks, he looks confused. "Yeah, I'll get Rain." He bounds to the door, heads into the cat flap. He looks comical and majestic, leaping on in. Rain will emerge a bit later. "Don't tease our guests," Rain picks the cat up, and is holding Captain as she comes out. There's an owlish blink at Jay.

The witch looks a bit uncertain. Jay seems - um. Well. The two are a little puzzled. For now, Rain opens the gate. "Hey." A polite smile. "I'm sorry. We have to keep the house warded. People like to wander in."


The elfin girl nods and bows a little bit upon being allowed to enter. "JayDonohue, CustodianExtraordinaire, atyourservic — Oh!HiMissRainyouworkwiththeTitansIhelpcleanstuffforthem!"

She kind of hovers on over towards the door, about six inches above the snow.


There may be a note or two in the Titans files about conversation with Jay, something along the lines of telling her to slow down seems to suffice. And the smile is down to Just Eerie and Somewhat Spooky now, especially with the cleaning woman past the spot that causes the headache.


Rain looks confused. "Hi Jay. It's good to see you. Could you slow down, please? I'm having trouble keeping up," Rain admits. She's a little uncertain and nervous, but Rain's natural state is shy and startled. It might not be entirely surprised. "Just Rain is fine. I'm just a witch." A wry smile. "Um. Is going inside or into the yard better?" She asks. "I'm sorry about the wards bugging you. I would get mobbed without them, though."
She'll let Jay into the house, at least, to help fend off the headache. Captain looks zoned. "Uh. You want anything to eat or drink?" The cat asks.


The coppery blonde - haired woman nods vigorously. "Sorry about that. I get a bit excited and sometimes folks can't keep up with how I'm talking so it's probably good to let me know and oooh… a witch, huh? Do you do the traditional eating of babies and the cursing of bad people into inoffensive little animal forms?"

Okay, probably not an appropriate question, but, still.

"If we could go inside please that would be very awesome because even though I'm healing through the frostbite it still does hurt. Though something seems to be wrong with your kitty. Um… whatever the kind hostess wants to offer, I am but a guess and I promise I won't make a mess, but I might clean one up, for the right cup?"

Frau bizarre, Jay!


"That's okay," Rain doesn't seem ruffled. Although, the next question makes her wince. "We don't eat babies. Most of us don't. I can turn people into animals if I need to." Rain looks a little - unsure about answering that. "A witch is a pretty vague term, to be honest. We come in many kinds." She shrugs. "Sure," She nods. "And there's nothing wrong with Captain. He's a cat," A wry smile.

She steps aside to let Jay in. Rain head-tilts. "We have lots. Tea, spirits, water, soda, juice, milk," Hand-wave. A goat headed man in the most dapper butler outfit that ever did dab appears after the door closes. "Miss, what would you like?" He offers in a deep voice. "Else, I'll bring you some hot cocoa." "And this is Steven," Rain replies. She closes the door behind them, setting Captain down. The cat goes to sit in front of the fireplace. "What brings you our way?"


"Oh, that's good. Because eating babies is a dirty nasty business. Not that I wouldn't be up for the challenge of cleaning up after, but that sounds kind of gross. And cats are cool! You know another cat, I think? Though… he's not like your cat."

She squints and smiles a bit then nods to Rain as the woman is ushered in, then does a polite bow to the Goatly Dude Steven.

"That would be good, I accept graciously the hospitality of the home and seek not to disrupt it. Ask what you would have of me in return for it is only fair that a Guest bring a Gift to the host. I can only offer cleaning services for the moment, but if you need money or something silly or mundane like that, maybe that too."

"Well, I was out cleaning around the Park and there was this kind of itchy sort of thing I get when I See stuff. So I saw what I'd seen, and came for a closer look. And then I found your nook. And no, I don't know why I'm rhyming with good timing. This isn't a normal thing,"


Rain's expression is one of … confusion and worry. "I-" "Yeah, it's immoral," nod. Rain smiles. "Thanks," Captain beams. "Yeah, we've met Vorpal," She remarks. Steven bows back, neatly and refined. It's like he got dragged through England and Butler school. Nevertheless, he will go make the elfin woman some hot cocoa. He's a butler who buttles like the best.

"you are welcome here. And don't sweat it too much. You've got a headache, and it's our fault, I suspect," Rain remarks. "I am sorry." They do need wards, though. The house was quite popular after its landing and likely still is.

"Resting for now is fine." Rain considers. "Maybe we'll need your help sometime." A polite smile. "Um." Yeah, at her rhyming… "Are you affected by enchantments, maybe?"


"Oh, awesome! He's very careful about his messes. At least in the place where he rests." And Steven is very much the epitome of the Butler method, which the fae - ish woman can most assuredly appreciate.

"I accept your apology and hold nothing against you for it. I'm sort of a special case, and not just because of my cleaning haste."

The question about enchantment makes her pause for a moment to consider, looking herself over.

"It does not look like that is the situation, though it did evoke a moment of hesitation. You're not sitting on a junction of the ley and the Fey?"

She squints a bit and considers. "I love to clean!" Those last words are bitten out, like she's forcing herself to not fall into that rhyming pattern.


Rain nods. "Yeah. Chaos … seems to find him," She considers. Steven is good at what he does. He is in the kitchen, preparing her drink.

"I see. Well, I didn't think about that, and it's a little unfair," She considers. Rain looks to Jay, tilting her head. She shakes her head. "Not that I can feel. Though, I didn't pick on what it landed. It was an accident," She murmurs. "We are /near/ one, and this is a place of magic. MY aunt was really powerful." She considers it.

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