Escape from New York

February 20, 2015: Domino makes her escape from New York; she's given chase by Captain America


The Big Apple.



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Not much time has passed since the Bed-Stuy situation turned into an absolute mess. Both teams had been cut down to tatters, which isn't going to do any favors for someone who had been contracted to help with tie situation. Domino's come back to her senses as well as she could, rounding up what gear she could lay hands on before making a run for the city limits. If New York hadn't been too hot for her before, right now she'd be an idiot to stick around.

The only problem is that SHIELD now has her in their sights. There's no escaping the electronic surveillance network of the city, TIPIS alone probably could have pegged her location before she could get away. Now with the dawn of another cold winter day right around the corner she's taken to the streets in a blacked out Jaguar coupe, making a rush for the proverbial border. If she's really lucky then time will be on her side.

The details of what's happened have only just been relayed to Captain America. Such is the way with life at SHIELD where monumental events with potentially cataclysmic consequences seem to happen in all sorts of ways on all sorts of days.

He doesn't know Bobbi Morse that well.

The lone time he's gotten the chance to converse with her one on one she seemed to be a good and smart woman, as well as a good agent. Bad things happen all the time, it's just easier to deal with when it doesn't happen to good people.

Steve is taking a short break from investigating Red Skull and whatever happened to that particular band of HYDRA and is getting some lunch at a local pizzeria. When the black coupe rushes by his senses are heightened, but when he can hear the call come through and vibrate upon his leg, he's already moving towards his motorcycle.

He revs the engine with a few times as he picks up speed, swerving like a snake through the traffic, and attempts to pull closer to this woman, all the while desperately trying to get more information from the Triskelion as he does so.

SHIELD's records on Domino aren't the most clear-cut as far as intel goes. She's a known mercenary, she's been positively connected back to a number of bad things, though for a great many more she's only come through as a shadowy suspect at best. Whether it's because she happens to be good at her work or there's some twisted sort of divine intervention coming into play is anyone's guess. She's been identified at the scene of the brownstone explosion in Mutant Town just a few days ago and remains a suspect of the Metropolis assassinations and maglev bombing another week back. Few known people in the area could have made the kill shot on Metro's mayor.

She's been making quite a name for herself lately, and not a good one.

Wintery roads don't favor a motorcycle much better than they do a sports car, making the pursuit all the more dangerous. This soon turns from bad to worse when she notices the lone headlight weaving through the traffic behind her. In a straight line, battling these dense city streets, the bike is king.

This is exactly why she takes a sudden turn, the Jaguar noisily sliding through an intersection amidst a cacophony of blaring horns and people standing on their brakes. New York driving at its finest!

Steve had gained important moments during the straight away, but as Domino pulls hard into the turn, it takes even Rogers' enhanced reflexes just a tick too long to react. As the coupe pulls away, the bike spills over onto the side and goes into a slide out towards the sidewalk.

Captain America thinks quickly and drives his foot down hard into the ground, stemming the flow out towards pedestrians. He's able to coax the bike into a stop, but even as he does, the Jaguar gets farther and farther away.

It only takes a moment before he's right back up and hurtling towards the coupe in a desperate attempt to close the distance.

Even at night the traffic can be thick and few people enjoy reckless drivers in fancy cars trying to get ahead of everyone else. Domino's plan might have worked if not for the knots of vehicles surrounding almost every intersection. Sooner or later, there's simply nowhere left for her to go.

The Jag loses all of its lead the instant it has to come to an abrupt stop, not even the sidewalks are going to permit passage this time. The bike can still be seen in the mirrors, closing in fast. Abandoning what gear she has isn't an ideal solution, nor is trying to outrun a bike on foot. Just not happening! Once she's out of the car and standing in the street she gives the other motorists and bystanders something to think about, drawing a pair of large pistols with spiked handguards covering the knuckles of each hand. It might appear that she had been expecting a fight.

Now she's going to start one. The two weapons are snapped forward at the bike, firing almost as quickly as they seek out their target. She doesn't know who's operating the bike, all she knows is they're after -her.- Nothing else really matters, not tonight!

As the woman gets out of the car, Steve can see the moves happen a few moments before they come to fruition. As Domino wields her guns, Steve hooks his shield on the moorings that hang on the front of his Harley. As she snaps said guns out towards him, he ducks behind the shield, making a mental calculation as to how far away the cars are and how quick he needs to look. He breaks his speed down just a tad, knowing that he has her at a bit of a disadvantage now that she is on foot.

After the first barrage, Steve resolves to take this woman out battering ram style and slows his speed even farther. It all sounds like a great plan until one of the bullets pierce the fueltank that sits between his knees. He can tell almost immediately by the pungent odor and by the dampness he feels on his leg. Quickly he pulls the vehicle to a stop, all the while staying behind the shield.

One thing about superheroes, they do tend to have an individual theme… As the bike comes closer and the sparks of fired rounds subsides Domino can clearly make out the iconic shield now held up between the two.

(Aw, -shit.-)

Odds of signing her own death warrant if she somehow kills Captain America: Sucker bet. Odds of talking her way out of this one? Astronomical, even for her. This is not a situation which she wishes to be in the middle of. -Again.-

As unlikely a scenario as it is, she stops shooting. The bike can come to a stop. Its owner can even step clear of the seat. She doesn't lower her weapons, though. That'd just be -silly.-

"I was looking to duck out before getting hit with the check. How's this gonna go down, Stripes?"

Like she needs to ask. This chapter wrote itself the instant she pulled the trigger on Mockingbird. Among other people.

"It can be as easy or as difficult as you want it, Domino," Steve announces, staring down at her with his blue eyes from the cutaway portions of his helmet. His breath is visible as it floats up out of his mouth and toward the light sources and on into darkness. "But it will be. You know that and I know that."

"If you go in quietly your best bet is the system. If you don't, you won't have a best bet."

"The System and I haven't been on the best of terms for some time now, Cap," Domino calls back. It's cold alright, though it isn't the temperature which has this intersection now cleared of bystanders. "By my count that means we're left with 'difficult.'"

Difficult in more ways than one. Not only is she severely out-matched where matters of strength are concerned but she simply cannot go for the kill with this guy. It's bad enough being on the run from the authorities of one state, she'd rather not have to abandon her operation in the entire country.

So how, then, is she going to win a fight against this guy? Distraction, intimidation… Maybe something seriously low like trying to get innocents involved (because -that- will go over well in the long haul.)
Wounding. His shield only covers so much area. She's got two guns. Once more she opens fire on the shield, knowing it won't do any good. It's to try and keep hin distracted long enough to drift one of her sidearms down a few degrees, hoping to skip a shot off of the pavement and clip him in a leg.

The initial barrage of shots ping off the shield and go caroming off into the night. As she fires, Captain America immediately becomes a moving target, pulling toward her closer and closer in a dead run like a mighty Spanish bull.

The trick off the pavement works to perfection—Domino's expertise in being able to skip to bullet down off the ground and up into the body of Captain America is an intelligent one.

But there are a few problems.

The ground takes away much of the kinetic energy from the blast. Rather than a direct, full power shot, what hits Cap in the leg is a severely slower bullet. The other problem, of course, is that Captain America's muscle and bone is augmented by the super soldier serum he took over 70 years ago.

In short, the bullet hits, but Captain America does not slow down.

His goal is to smash the shield straight away against Domino, running at his top speed of 30 miles per hour.

A look of determination quickly fades away to one of concern, "That was supposed to-"

It's all Domino can do to make a mad leap off to the side, more a matter of boldly throwing herself than stepping or leaping clear. One of her legs smacks against the shield in passing, turning her unexpected vault into an uncontrolled flail which leaves her rebounding off of a metal garbage bin.

The street earns a few more scars as she tries to regain some amount of control with the spiked guards on her weapons, pushing herself upright only to discover that a polycarbonate shell around her lower leg only does so much to deflect vibranium. The nerves are almost numb, as if the whole limb had lost circulation from the knee down.

Standing's a little difficult. Alright, now for an ammo check:



"Oldschool it is," she grunts to herself. "This oughta do wonders for my reputation." The guy can run like hell but how quickly can he stop or change direction? Throwing weapons at him would be a waste of time and weapons. So..what?

This isn't good.

As her weapon runs from ammo, Steve presses his advantage. His right foot comes forward as his body stays tight. Coiling like a snake to gain torque, his body twists violently sending a the shield out at a viscious speed toward the middle of the woman, attempting to knock her down, while allowing it to bounce back at himself.

He stalks towards her coolly and calmly in the moment while the shield is out of his hands. True, he is a man who has graced covers of magazines, comic books, and newspaper strips. Some textbooks even have an insert about him to teach children about patriotism. But make no mistake, this man is a potentially lethal, battle hardened and trained warrior.

Blocking a hit only means so much when it feels like you're trying to stop a freight train.


Domino can cross her arms and try to block the strike all she wants to, it's not going to keep her from going airborne. She's just lucky to land back against the windshield of another car rather than something with less give and more pointy edges. In return, she might have scratched some of the paint off of Cap's shield.

"Your father..was a wrecking ball, right..?" she groans.

Up close is not the answer. Not at all. Too fast, too strong. Too damn -big,- and she's used to dealing with guys twice her size! Safety glass crinkles around her as she gingerly peels herself away from the dashboard, looking ever so slightly dazed.

Screw this. Run with the odds. He's just one target, dammit! Fingers reassure themselves on the grips of her sidearms, she's got those spikes on there just for brawling purposes. She's back on the offensive, running toward Cap at a notably slower speed, and with a slight limp.
Avoid the shield first, then try to sink some hardened steel spikes into him. Somewhere. -Anywhere.-

Cap's shift in strategy is palpable and not far different than a favored heavyweight boxer might act as they get into the middle rounds. He's patient and defensive, keeping the shield in front of him and trying to 'lean' on Domino, allow her to expend her energy in taking swipes at him before he makes his next attack.

As she waits for an opening, Steve is content not to give her one. He goes on the defensive, swaying the shield back and forth to block her attacks.

Jay Donohue comes into Lower Manhattan from IC Nexus.

Jay Donohue heads out to Brooklyn.

No solution in sight, change sight. Dom can keep trying this until she's blue in the face, and then it'll all have been properly wasted effort. What she a wildcard.

It's little effort to use one of those spikes to hook the ring of a frag grenade still attached to her combat harness, plucking it free then letting the priming lever flick away from her person with a sound easily lost within the numerous collisions of weaponry.

Five seconds.

Steel collides with vibranium once more, sending painful vibrations through both of her arms once more. By now it feels like liquid fire through her veins, reaching all the way back to her shoulders.

Four seconds.

A mad swipe is made at the webbing around the explosive. Swing and a miss.

Three seconds.

Another crash against the unmoving shield, another swipe of a hand. This time there's a solid *Thuk* as the grenade lands on the street. Almost right beneath them both.

Two seconds.

Dom flashes a bloodied grin back at the super-soldier-turned-hero. "Boom." If he wants to smack her with his shield again then she's going to let him do just that, now it's a matter of putting as much distance between them both as she can!

One second.

Run for the car run for the car RUN FOR THE CAR!

Captain America calmly puts his shield over the grenade, smothering it and tucking his legs, arms, and head underneath in order to avoid the blast.

Though much of the explosion is dissipated through the unique properties of the shield, there is still a blast and a shock wave that is sent out at footlevel at a reduced distance.

It does not take him long to get to his feet, but as he does, Domino has been able to make it towards the vehicle.

That's really all that matters to Domino. It's a distraction! If anyone can shrug at a primed grenade at their feet, it'd be this guy and his damn shield.

It served its purpose.

The engine's still running. The door's still open. Thank goodness for a hasty exit, all she has to do is dive in and haul ass. Thirty miles an hour is brisk for going in reverse, the car can handle it but it will take a moment and she'll still have to keep it under control long enough to get a strong lead. If Cap does give chase, and given he's barely injured she's fully expecting him to, she's got a machine pistol pinned under the dash which she can empty in his direction to keep his head down.

Distractions, distractions, distractions…

"Why can't a UAV fall out of the sky and hit his damn head about now?" she seethes. C'mon, Luck! You're needed on the floor!

"She's on the move again," Cap says into his risk. "About to give chase." But as she gets the car moving again, he does not immediately burst into a run. Instead, he gives her some space and then does something rather unexpected.

Taking a page from her book, Captain America tosses his shield in a deep-skip motion towards her back wheels. The throw is incredibly hard and designed to skip off the slick pavement and bury itself up underneath the wheel cage of the getaway vehicle and, simply, catch itself in the wheel well. The goal? To break the wheel clean off.

Without his shield now, Cap approaches low, using the vehicle itself as his barrier.

It's timed well, right as Domino's spinning the Jaguar around to get moving in the proper direction the back of the car shudders violently before dipping at a very unnatural angle. It's immediately followed by a horrific scraping sound as all of the vehicle's speed gets dragged down by metal on pavement contact, soon being passed by one of its own wheels. Any hope of trying to keep the car under control is lost, sliding across the street to crash halfway up onto the hood of another car.

So much for that strategy.

It's no longer a matter of pride nor reputation for the albino. This is a matter of straight-up survival. Either she gets this guy off of her case or she's -done.- That's it. No reset. She's got some good distance on him now and he's without his shield. And she's still got a trunk full of guns.

The back pops open before she can step free of the wreckage. She liked this car, too… It's probably too late to seek out Drakos' help in getting it fixed up. Still, it's not nearly as bad off as the car that Cap's using for cover is about to be.

Moments later the mercenary's got an RPG up on her shoulder. "Now you're just pissing me off."

Don't blink, you might miss the rocket in flight!

Dammit, where is SHIELD and why are they taking so long?

Captain America dives out of the way of the oncoming rocket behind an SUV and away from the building where the rocket is heading. The advantage has swung in Domino's favor and he's wondering if he should have just given chase to wait for the cavalry. Not that cavalry, just more SHIELD operatives.

Either way, he's now defenseless as he backs up against the door of a car.

Oh, who am I kidding? Captain America is never defenseless. Especially when he pulls the mirror off the truck he's leaning against.

Equipment can always be replaced. Dom hates to leave anything behind but if it comes down to losing some weapons and a car or losing her freedom then the gear's going under the bus, no question. What she already has on her person is just going to have to do.

Then Luck shows her a face card. Lots of vehicles abandoned from panicking drivers. Keys in, engines running, doors left wide open. With Cap's shield still lodged in the body of the Jaguar she's got the single best opportunity to evac that she's going to get. She'd be a damn fool not to make the most of it.

There's no witty remark nor sarcastic bit of banter, she drops her weary ass behind the wheel and goes for it. Always know when to cut your losses.

"Nothing that old should move that damn fast…"

The trick won't work twice, that's for sure. Captain America has bought SHIELD some time, but it's becoming apparent that this might be the only option to apprehend this woman. As Domino begins to tear away in her new vehicle, Cap goes for his shield, knowing he'll need some sort of weapon.

Once he finds it he straightens and catches the vehicle down the way. With an exhale, he begins to sprint after her. It might be in vain, but he's hoping she won't be able to get up that much speed in the middle of Manhattan.

The star on the shield bounces methodically as Steve picks up speed with graceful form, head bobbing only slightly as he really begins to turn on the speed now.

No, no, no, no… "-Jesus- this guy doesn't know when to give up!" Domino tells an otherwise empty car while watching the reflection of his shield darting around in the mirror. No fancy stunts, nothing flashy. Her muscles are already screaming at her from the abuse but she's focused, high-speed chases happen to be something she's quite good at.

There's no way he's going to catch up to her. Just don't crash or lose control! -Simple.-

As it turns out this isn't so simple for the first of the matte black SHIELD SUV's to arrive on the scene, very nearly t-boning her at the next intersection. Very nearly..but not quite. They miss, spin, and broadside another vehicle before rocking to a stop.

They can track the stolen car all they like, it won't be the same one she leaves the city in.

By the time Steve arrives he breathes outward, frustrated. She's gone, that much is clear. He looks to the SHIELD agent with a discouraged look. "We almost had her," he says sadly, apparently not holding the sloth of the bureaucracy against them. "We almost had her," he repeats.

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