Brave and the Bold

February 21, 2015: Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, and Reese are attacked by a force most of them don't quite understand.

The Bronx

NE Borough of NY



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The phone rings on an idle desk after hours, the lights flairing and beeping, giving illiumination to the surname that's embedded upon the tag in the dark office. 'HAMMERMAN', it reads, the phone ringing repeatedly until the voice message picks up, the red light signifying that not one, but three messages have been left in a fit of urgency.

Hammerman, being a man's man. Hardly ever checked messages. If anyone needed him they'd do well to track him down and do a face to face so he could look them in the eye..

"Detective Hammerman? I'm Christina Taylor. I work as a private investigator here in Bristol County. Massachusetts. Give me a call back? My number is .."

"Detective Hammerman? I called you a week ago. I suppose I should just tell you why I'm contacting you, but it's about Barry Allen. Its a missing persons case that I'm working on and.. hold on. I have to call you back."

"Hammerman, Christina. About Barry Allen. I believe he's in danger and I think you can help. I.. just get eyes on Barry Allen. I need to see him. It's about Takeda Seikatsu. I'm flying down tonight and I hope I can meet with you. Try to have him there if you can. I'll see you soon!"


It seems that the more that Reese meets, the more that she loses track of them due to some form or another. The one guy she would call a best friend managed to slip through her fingers, which of course, is natural given how fast she is. Another, who she considered a best girl friend was still on the beach, hanging with the vagrants and the homeless and some guy named Doug. So she was fine, easily found. The others? Well, they kept track on /her/ by way of Max. The pitbull who now served as a seeing eye dog and protection where Hal and the Outsiders weren't around. Along with confidant. Somehow, someone trained the pup to fit her moods, maybe he was a mutation just like the rest of them? That was anyones guess.

She walked along with her furred companion as well as Hal, leash tightening against her fingers, an actual walking cane tapped lightly against the ground to track her own footing, her mood these days? Still dark. There were still thoughts of her leaving it all behind and..

Not now.

"Okay. I think he's somewhere in the Bronx. I left him a little bit of myself for him to use in case he gets hurt, but I can also track him if he keeps it with him. It's weird." She explains to Hal. "Just.. don't be mean to him, alright? He's my best friend. And he's a really, really great guy. So, serious face. But not too serious. You can joke, just don't insult him because he doesn't deserve that. He's been through a lot. I mean, he pretends he's okay but sometimes he's not. But, that's his business, just.. be nice."

No clue why she's on a tear about Barry. But he gave her stability for that month or three when the winter was just damn cold.

"You too, Max. Don't be a dick." The dog whines quietly, but continues to lead the way.

Hal Jordan walks along with Reese, just glad to have something a little more mundane to deal with. Thanagarian warships and bitchy Kryptonian teenagers had taken too much of his time lately, and he was happy to focus on something earthbound, even if it had to be a little weird. Everything involving Reese was.

"I dunno why you think I'm going to be a dick. Titsy Tangerine and I just got off on the wrong foot, I was only kidding around. But, if you insist, I'll be as dry as Melba toast. I have met other people before, y'know?" he teases. He has one hand along the small of Reese's back, both protective and as a reminder that he's there - and he's always aware of their surroundings. Too much havoc in recent days to get too lax.

"Hey guys," the Flash says, arriving just behind them. "Reese, been a while. We should probably talk at some point. You got some folks after you. Who's the beau?" The Scarlet Speedster is standing their with a thumb jabbed towards Hal. "I bet you totally wish you could see now, because you hit a home run with this one." He gives an upwards nod to Hal, "It's cool, she's my friend. She'd make fun of how skinny I was if she could see."

"You still haven't apologized, but I understand. You both are like.. cosmically guarded. And don't call her that. She gave us Max." The dog stops, sniffing at the air, missing Flash ten seconds late. She spins around slowly, a slight smile drawing upon her face, though it falls as he mentions the people. "Yeah. We should. Talk that is."

His fast jabber had her rolling her eyes, he must have been on patrol. Sometimes she found him unbearable after a patrol, keeping on par with him mentally was a bit tiring. "Sloow down." She mutters, then drops the leash so that Max could inspect. "Max. The dog. This is Hal. Flash. Meet Hal."

Hal Jordan manages not to jump at being taken off guard and restraining the impulse to be foul-tempered as a result. This is Reese's friend, it seems, and he's already screwed up meeting one of those. He can't help but raise an eyebrow at little bit at the compliments, though.

"Slow your roll, kemosabe, I'm taken," he grins, then extends his hand, "Hal Jordan. Nice to meet you. Reese has mentioned you plenty of times, and there aren't a lot of people she holds in high regard. To be honest, I'm pretty sure I'm still on probation," he says.

"Nah, I'm sure you're good. Nice to meet you Hal Jordan," From under his mask, Flash's face mocks surprise. "Right. Slow. Down. Nice. To. Meet. You. Too. Max." But from there he jumps right into business. "Someone wants you dead, and I don't think I'm any closer in finding them than I was when you first left."

Okay. This was a lot different than when she was shacking up with Barry. At least she had a place to sit to take in the fast speeds. If she could see? She'd gouge out her eyes cause Barry moves too fast when it came to washing dishes. Even vacuuming, electronics had a hard time keeping up with the dude. "Oh god.. I remember now.." She states, one hand pressed to her head, "The headaches.. christ, Flash.." Of course, she was joking. They were getting along so far, even Max seemed okay with the Scarlet Speedster.

"Everyone always wants someone dead, Flash. It's no big deal." She moves away from the two now, taking Max with her towards a bench for her to sit. She even wanted herself dead, due to recent emergence of memories. "Don't worry about it. Okay?"

Hal Jordan isn't as quick to dismiss the threat as Reese is. Either his girlfriend's immortality made her cockier than she seemed or she truly didn't car if someone tried to kill her. Or she just knew that she had people around her to keep her saf. Laissez-faire or not, Hal wasn'tt nearly so dismissive of a thrreat.

"How do you know someone wants her dead? Wouldn't by any chance be a creepy old lady, would it?" he says. Reese claimed the elderly demon-woman they'd met meant her no real harm - again, Hal wasn't as sure. People who eat pieces of other people's lives aren't generally high on ethics.

"Well, it'd be a lot easier Reese if they weren't coming after me and my girl," Flash turns to Hal. "After the last time I met up with them I had to get a new place. On account of my apartment's four walls becoming two. And for a while, I had the pleasure of sitting in a jail cell, which is nice. So what I'm saying is, I can't dismiss it."

Max whimpers slightly as he curls up next to Reese, dumping his head upon her lap which she idly pets as she listens to the two. In all senses, she really didn't care. She hoped at least the person had the better sense to leave Barry and Hal alone, and just go after her instead, which she'd go willingly, of course.

"It's not Yama-Uba." Reese mutters towards Hal. "I told you already. Why would she kill someone who's in her debt? That's just dumb of her."
Though, hearing that Barry's apartment is.. basically gone, she frowns completely. "Flash.. wait. Is she okay?" She's careful to not use names. She wasn't sure if Barry wanted Hal to know who's who, even though Hal met him once before. "Why were you in jail? What happened?" Oh.. NOW she was interested.

Hal Jordan raises an eyebrow, "Because maybe she wants more than she's owed and is impatient to get it. That's how greed usually works. Why wait for part of a pie when you can just steal the whole thing off the windowsill?" He didn't really much care about Barry's apartment or jail issues, since the guy seemed to have gotten himself out ofo the jams well enough. Just part of the job description in their line of work. He waits for Barry's explanation, kneeling down to stretch behind Max's ears as he listens, letting the two old friends lead the conversation.

"She's fine," the Flash confirms. "But there were two bodies in my apartment that the police pinned on me until I was able to ride it out with the help of a friend in the department. Not fun stuff. Whoever it was animated three different police officers from Los Angeles. When they were done, they dried up and got real crusty right away. It was weird."

Both men made valid points. Hal with his reasoning on greed, and Barry's mentioning of the animation of corpses and the bodies. All signs point to Yama-Uba. Though there could be others out there that would probably make a move against Reese, thankfully she's remembered a lot.

"I'm glad she's okay.." Reese mutters, drawing her hand away from Max, her gaze lifting towards Flash even though she couldn't see him. "If they dried up and got real crusty.." She nearly laughed, but.. it was no laughing matter. "That means they were dead for a long time, right? Way past the point of rigor and decay." Hanging out with Barry helped! You learn all sorts of things about dead bodies and stuff.

"A long time ago.." In Reese's case. "I knew a man who could do that. He could animate bodies and use his life essense so that they appeared as if they were truly alive, or something like that. I think.. Necromancy? Did they talk?"

Hal Jordan didn't like the magic stuff very much, especially if it got into creepy crawly cemetary zombie territory. Just not really his thing. His interest in horror had never extended beyond Elvira's cleavage on the late night movies back home in California.

"Anything distinct about 'em other'n being old? If you can trace them back to their original source point, you're probably closer to finding Necro-Geppetto."

"They did talk. They looked like completely normal people and were posing as people I assume they killed. Investigators with you as their target." Flash shakes his head at Hal, "Well, they weren't nasty until whatever was inside them left. Originally they just looked like you and me."

Reese only gestures towards Barry. That tracing thing? That was his deal. He was smart enough to do it, now that the idea was out there. And possibly strong enough to handle it on his own. Though, she felt a wee bit bad about that. But.. they could talk. They seemed like regular people. She was being investigated; again. Her hand lifts to cover her face as she rubs against it, her other hand soon joining as she just.. hides.

This was stressful.

What they didn't notice, however.. is that no one walked near them. In fact, the longer they carried on with the conversation, the more quieter it had seemed. What was once a busy street was soon being vacated, as if some unknown force alerted the populace. "I.. I think maybe.." She starts, but didn't really finish her sentence.

Hal Jordan reaches out and puts a hand on Reese's shoulder, "Hey, hey, it's okay. Whoever this asshole is, we'll get them and make sure they never bother you again." he says. He moves from just patting to actually putting his arm around her, letting her hide her face against his chest. "If you have a clue, great. If not, we'll figure it out. Either way, they're not laying a finger on you."

A deep chill rolls down Barry's back as he turns over his shoulder, noticing that what should be a somewhat busy street has gone almost completely empty. . o O (I have a very bad feeling about this.) He turns back towards Reese, "If they're messing with us, then they obviously picked poorly. We'll be more than they can chew."

Reese denied it really, the want and will to live. She fought it with every part of her being because of what she's done in the past. The entire past. Nearly two hundred years of bad things done, bad people helped, and only now she chooses to atone for it by giving herself up piece by piece to Yama. Every decade or so. Sometimes.. the frequency. And it hurt. She leans against Hal, her hands dropping, Max soon drawing away from the two to stand straight up upon alert. Whatever Barry noticed? Max did as well, and his tail tucked between his legs yet he remains quiet.


Yama-Uba watches the scene in the basin, her gnarled hand waving over the waters to cause it to ripple. The night of the break in, or when she sent her sentries to question Barry on the whereabouts of Seikatsu played over and over. His speed, the power..

In another part of the waters showed the scene where Hal broke through the bathroom doors when her Oni attempted to capture Reese, while the third section? It plays upon the scene now, her hands now pressed against the edge of the basin.. just to watch..


"I have to believe that there's some good left in my old friend." Her hands drop to fall into her lap, a little frown playing upon her lips. "We'll just go ask her. Yama-Uba. We'll go to the temple right now to s…"


Words were cut off due to a blade, a blade the plunges itself right into the middle of her back. The front of her once clean shirt begins to pool with blood, black smoke slowly forming around the wound to reveal a blade, one that extends to the handle of the sword, to the black fingers that grasp and the cloaked figure that it's attached to.

All around them, they begin to emerge, some with two swords, some with one. All forming a tight circle around the four, the only sound to mark the occasion is Max, who immediately springs to his feet to let loose a growl.


"Upgrades." (Insert quiet nod to Neo here.)

Hal doesn't need any upgrades - he already wields the most powerful weapon in the universe, with limits bound only by his imagination and driven by the power of his heart and will. Hal's heart and will exceed that of most men by a large measure, and these assassins just struck, attempted to murder, the person he cares about most.

They've made a terrible mistake.

"REESE!" he cries and, in seconds, there's a raw shockwave of green energy, like a wind made of razors, passing harmlessly over Barry and Reese while slicing anything else in its back or, at the very least, knocking them onto their ass, the blast of power leaving him in the garb of the Green Lantern. He casts a shield over Reese, placing his will into healing and shielding her from further harm, unsure of just how well her healing abilities would let her recover.

She had to recover. He wouldn't - couldn't - accept otherwise.

"No!" Barry exclaims as he reaches out to prop Reese from falling. His eyes grow just a bit more mesmerized as Hal shows that he's more than just a brash pretty boy. But this is Reese, and there's no time for wasting on aww. "You focus on healing her, I'll start scoping whatever that was."

Barry puts his toe in the ground and drives off it powerfully as electricity begins to crackle all around him. He begins a cursory look at whatever and whoever did this to his friend. His first passes are all recon. After that, he's about to get physical. Physical.

The blast of the energy knocks the Oni down like dominos, the one that currently held the blade into Reese's back disintegrates on impact. The sword was gone as well, a green film covering her as she falls into Barry's arms, the healing powers he produces pushes the black smoke out of her wound that fights to keep it open.
Max clings to her side, licking at her face as she reaches a hand up to try to push the dog away, even drawing a foot up to push and kick the pitbull into running off into safer pastures. Being around the two? The dog might get hurt, that's not to say that Hal and Barry were reckless, but the pup was.

There would really be no recon for Barry to see. What he would notice is the strange phenomenon that keeps the people away from that area. They didn't realize that they were avoiding it, taking wide berts around an invisible field, cars wanting to turn.. but stopping and heading in the other direction to find another way through town, aside from the side street that the trio were on.

The Oni that fell over through the brief attack slowly gather themselves to their feet; five of them branching off from the crew that surrounds them to dash in a speed /almost/ close to Barry's to seek him out. ALMOST.

The ones that remain around Hal and Reese close that circle, while most would perform acts of martial arts to sway the other into running away, these Oni? They just attack.

Hal Jordan focuses his control much as Barry suggested, putting a barrier between the Oni and Reese, with himself in the midst of the barricade. He continues to pour energy into Reese, trying to sustain her enough that she can kickstart herself in some way. In the meantime, for the moment, he stays on defense.

Well, mostly.

As the Oni start to attack the wall he's built, medieval defenses begin to ward them off. Emerald archers appear to launch arrows into their midst, massive green boulders roll down the outside of the shield to land on them, even super-heated green plasma in the form of boiling oil gets tossed their way, "COME GET SOME! YOUR FATHER SMELLS OF ELDERBERRIES, YOU SONS OF BITCHES!"

Barry very nearly rolls his eyes as the speedy off-branchers that come in his direction. Barry uses his superior speed to tail off to the side and deliver a punch towards the face of the one as the farthest outlier. A sort of banana attack towards then away to stear clear of the other four.

The Oni were quick, but it was a far cry compared to what Barry can do. While they keep up, they were running out of juice. Correction, Yama-Uba was running out of juice. One of the demons get smashed with a hard blow that sends him flying, force x speed = one pulverized Oni. But the rest aren't deterred, as they run in their lines they each venture off in a separate direction, hoping to surround him and come together into the middle to smash and grab..

Meanwhile, the others dealing with Hal weren't as successful. Try as they might to get close, the ingenuity that he possesses reigns down upon them in a medieval scene; one burns with plasma, fighting at the air as he begins to melt. A few pelted by arrows but they're still on the approach, some breaking out from the rest of the crew to try to grab up Reese, while another jumps high into the sky, disappearing from view.


"LURE THEM! GET CLOSE TO THEM!" Yama-Uba shouts into the basin. It was as if they could hear her upon the other side of New York.

Hal takes some satisfaction in seeing shadow demons fall, but he's already past the illusion that they'll just run away or that there aren't still more where they came from. He kneels down next to Reese, laying a hand on her back, "C'mon, Reese, c'mon, you can do it, don't let these bitches get their way. Fight, woman," he demands

The outside of the shield goes to science fiction, the archers becoming laser cannons, blasting away, slicing and dicing at any demon that gets in their range.

As the Flash pounds the pavement with his feet thousands of times, he's afforded some time to think this through a little bit. As he continues on his own version of the wild goose chase, he attempts to set up those who chase him and those who wait for him. As they both approach him from two angles, he steps away at the last moment in an attempt to get them to smash into one oanother. "How's she doing?" the Flash exclaims, coming to a stand still just long enough to get an answer from Hal.

Reese was fighting, forcing her own powers into high gear as particles of the black smoke continually leak from her wound. She was in pain, but she was silent, her body curling up as the hand lays upon her shoulder, her eyes wide, flickering from pure white to a visible.. brown. It was odd, that feeling, it made her draw back her gift long enough for the natural color to blend into her eyes. She could see it then.. shocks of green..

Two of the Oni that chased Barry smash right into each other, both of them dissapating into a blunt force of smoke. That was a smart move that Barry created, but he forgot about the other two that were soon closing in.

Red boots.. that's what Reese could see, her hand reaching out to grasp the boot very briefly, that same hand .. oh look, it's her hand! She hadn't seen it in so long..

"Guys.. I can.."

The Oni who disappeared into the air lands in between the three, his arms creating a movement that brings his hands inward then out, a wave of concussive force drawing from those movements with the intent to send the three sprawling.

Reese's awakening is a little distracting, as she reaches out and tries to draw Barry in, only to find the Oni leaping in and making its presence known. Despite that initial surprise, Hal is well anchored, protective shields binding him to the Earth even as they remain over Reese. Something forms overtop of Hal, as if the force were causing green energy to aggregate on him until he's suddenly standing in a suit of armor, almost like a giant robot and with a giant laser pistol pointed back at the Oni.

"Back off! You and that old bat can't have her! And when I'm done here, I'm gonna go and flatten that temple of hers until it's nothing but dust!"

The Flash was about to do the old 'up the wall' trick, but was going to use the side of a building to complete the task. However, once he feels the pressure on his leg, he pauses long enough to look down and see Reese. Rather than allow himself to be taken in by the Oni, he instead dips into the protective layer of Hal's energy, looking for a momentary respite.

With the force not working upon the three, the Oni redirects it's plan. It was not deterred by the speech of the Green Lantern, but yet.. it had done what it had sought to do from the beginning. 5r
Just think, two of the most powerful heroes on the planet, tucked tight and close together, the other Oni that dispersed that chased Barry soon close in..

Reese couldn't help but blink, slowly drawing herself up into a sitting position, her eyes wide as she looks to her hands, and then up towards Barry and Hal. Where one would exclaim holy shit? She just.. admires the two men from her sitting position. It's too bad they were wearing masks to mark this occasion..




While Hal was prostrating, the Oni gather around in quick succession, their hands striking out to lay upon the shield, a low hum thrumming from beneath the masks as they begin to siphon the power that keeps them contained..


"Soon, I'll have them all soon.. and then I'll be immortal!" Speed, power of imagination by way of ring.. and immortality? Yama-Uba would say that she could rule the world.. but she had something far more sinister planned.

Hal Jordan feels the drain as they attempt to suck away his power, the reversal of attack surprising him at first, "Oh, you're thirsty, are ya?" he says, narrowing his eyes. Instead of trying to cut off the flow, though, he only pushes forward, shoving more power along that tunnel…

Power that carries his will, his presence, his consciousness. Power he plans to follow all the way back to the pit it's being drawn toward, so that he might see what he can see and spoil what he can spoil. They may think that they're taking his power, but Green Lantern's power was his very essence - all they'd done was take their enemy inside themselves.

"Hey! Lantern!" the Flash says as he looks over towards the other hero. "How about giving old Flash here a bit of a pick me up." It's standard in this sort of team up that the combination of powers is the only thing that can overcome a foe of this level. Or has Barry watched too many movies? In fairness, he does have Ronnie for a girlfriend.

But either way he begins to circle around Hal and Reese faster and faster and faster until he cannot even really be seen!

They couldn't contain themselves, with their hands upon the shield, Barry's speed amplifing the power (since they were taking some from him as well..), they begin to slowly burn bright as black could get, mist forming along their shoulders and wafting towards the sky.

Reese watches all of this, her mouth ajar, her gaze falling upon Hal as he takes on the armor, the first makings of Barry in a run, his body soon forming into a red streak. They were like gods, and she was proud. They were doing this to protect her, themselves.. it almost made it all worth living.

She couldn't keep the healing back much longer, her hands soon pressing against the ground so that she doesn't hurt herself further. The smile fading as her eyes begin to flutter.. brown.. white.. brown.. and soon nothing.

Upon the cold e.. check that. The both of them working in close proximity gave Reese all the heat she needed, not to mention the Oni. They were starting to swell with power, drinking it in, choking on it so much that they slowly began to crack apart with rays of red and green shining from the edges.

Hal Jordan does as Barry asks, unleashing a whiplash of his power and letting it wrap around the speedster's waist as he runs into it like a clothesline, twining around him and giving him a tight grip to build up the momentum he needs. The result is practically a tornado, crafting a vortex around them as Hal's energetic grip let's Barry's speed build and build. Hal's mind follows that energy, seeing if it feeds back anywhere, or if it just says in these bloated shadowdicks.

He didn't think about being magnificent or godlike, he was just trying to keep Reese safe. He just happened to be magnificent and godlike because, well, he was Hal Jordan. Kinda what he does.

Barry's running too fast to think about much of anything. His legs burn and his lungs feel like they're going to leap out from his chest in protest. But rather than slow down, the pain encourages him to run even faster. Either these things will burst, or he will.

Soon the hands of the oni fly off the shield/barrier that the Flash and Green Lantern created, their bodies spasming, flailing, clawing at the bits until suddenly…

They explode..

The sky darkens just a little with this act, only the light of the red and green blur keep the area illuminated..

Hal was successful; the line of power drawing itself back to a familiar place. The path was fast, brought on by the powers of the Speed Force when they meshed..


Yama-Uba shrieks in anger, knowing that the senses of the two were coming in her direction. There was no avoiding it now. She immediately pushes, grunting with effort to tip to the stone basin over, knocking it upon the ground as it cracks, the water spilling out to kill the visage and cut the connection she had with the oni.. with Flash and Green Lantern.


The sky returns to it's normal grey, the chill sinking back into the area save for where the three stood, the emergence of people slowly, but surely filtering in, a few stop at the corner to stare at the phenomenon as others lift their camera phones to take pictures.

"What is that?"
"Are we under attack again?"
"Is that the Flash?"
"I can't see it!"
"I got it on camera! Peter Parker ain't got nothing on me!"

Hal Jordan narrows his eyes as he knows it's Yama-Uba now, getting a quick flash of the old lady's sour face before the connection is cut, "It's her, Yama-Uba, Reese. I saw her this time. And she knows I did. I think she's trying to cut and run," he says.
"Where would she go?" he asks Reese, moving to help her up, "Should we go after her?" His own impulse was to charge in and blow the old lady to bits, but Reese was the expert here and it was she who'd come under attack - Hal would probably still go and smack the old bitch around, but he'd delay it if Reese needed him here and if she forbid him to avenge her. She could be weirdly forgiving that way.

Barry skids to a stop and becomes visible. His hands grip his knees as he bends over in pain breathing heavily. "So…uh….Reese. I think someone's trying to kill you." He straightens a bit, looking up at the sky and desperately tries to catch his breath. "Wow, those things were pretty tough."

Reese didn't want to be helped, but she couldn't bat him away now. She stands, her body still at a hunch as her hand presses to where the exit wound was, still hurt even though recently healed.

"I don't know.." Is all she could really mumble, her gaze now lifting towards the sky.. seeing nothing. Nothing but pitch black. At least she caught a glimpse of the two heroes in action. So there was a bright side to all of this. "Let her go.. she won't.. just.. let her go."

There was a little concern for Barry, he didn't sound hurt, just winded. He pushed himself to the limit with Hal's help. But she realized, right then and there, she was going to handle this on her own. But she wouldn't dare tell them.


Yama-Uba paced the ruined wooden floors, her mind wracked with possibilities. The Green Lantern had more power than she ever imagined. Coupled with the Flash? Gods among men. No. She didn't need Reese's immortality anymore. However, she was key.

A hand lifts to snap at the air, summoning two Oni by her side.

"I want those two. There is no longer need for the girl. But I want you to follow her. She is essential to the new plan." The woman, now old from missing tribute from Reese, now grinned, her blackened lips staring towards the liquid upon the floor. "Let them come. Let them come here to break the tether I have on this place. And then I will be free."


Max shifts out of his hiding spot, low whimpers as he heads towards the three, obvious protest in his body as he bumps his head against Barry. Something was wrong. And it was about to get worse. If the pooch could feel it..

Hal Jordan was just making sure Reese was steady. He didn't like the idea of letting Yama-uba go, but she could be put on the back burner until Reese was recovered. He looks down with some concern with Max, 'Maybe we'd better get out of here. Just in case she finds a way to regroup. We can all put some distance between ourselves and this place pretty fast," he says, wrapping a bubble of energy around himself and Reese, "We'll be in touch. Thanks for the help," he says, nodding to Barry.

Barry looks pretty worse for wear and seems as though he'll need to rest. He gives a weary nod to both Hal and Reese as he scratches Max on the head. Apparently he doesn't realize that something was wrong. In his mind, that chick just threw their best at them and they endured. "Reese knows how to find me." He gives a final nod before disappearing in a shower of spark.

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