Eat and Recover

February 21, 2015: Hal and Reese take Max to a chicken and waffles joint.

Joe's Chicken and Waffles

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Hal Jordan sets down a few blocks away, letting the two of them approach the restaurant without the flash of Green Lantern's power. He's still a bit jumpy, looking back over his shoulder now and then, opening the door for her to let her go in first. He keeps a hand on her all the time, guiding her along.

Once inside, he smiles and makes a quick order, paired chicken/waffle baskets, extra crispy for him, and sodas. When he sits back down, he sighs, 'So, that's Barry, huh? Seems like a nice guy - not sure about the outfit," he says. "How're you doing with the, uh…impaling?"

The entire time, Reese was quiet. One hand pressed to her chin as she walks, Max occasionally bumping up against her with his gentle strides, occasionally stopping to sniff at some odd tree, and then he was on again. While Hal was a little bit jumpy, Reese was filled with remorse, not to mention anger, disappointment, and.. hindsight. She should have figured, and known. But most people didn't want to believe the truth. She was one of them.

Once they were inside, Reese slides into the booth, a little annoyance touching her features as she presses her hand against the bloodied hole in her shirt. She could still feel a scar, which was highly unusual, but she didn't mention that to Hal. "My legs are still tingling." Her spinal chord was severed, but healed in proper order. She just needed to eat. "Yeah…" She wasn't saying much. There was a lot of guilt there.

"We need to talk."
Hal Jordan brings back their baskets, sitting them down. He could tell there was something on her mind - he wasn't so dense that he couldn't read that. At the same time, he wasn't sure what it could be about. Maybe a secret or something from her past? Maybe. She was reticent to talk aout those things and he tries not to push about it. To him, it doesn't matter much who she's been or where she's come from.

"I'm listening," he says, dipping a bit of waffle in syrup and taking a large bite before sticking the straw in his mouth.

She waited until he returned with the food, finally letting go of the leash as she takes a few pieces of chicken to lay it in front of Max. He quietly begins to eat, her lips puckering with a little bit of thought. Though she seemed thoughtful? Truthfully, she was really sad. Everyone.. no matter who.. was going to suffer because of her. Because she was near.

"I think you and I need to go our separate ways." She pauses a beat, her hand reaching to push the food forward towards him. Even though she needed to eat, to regain her strength, she didn't see the point. "You'd just get hurt."
Hal Jordan doesn't flinch, although there's a certain amount of armor that goes up behind his eyes. He takes another bite of his chicken and considers, "I think the evidence today seems to show that, if we go our separate ways, you're the one who's going to get hurt. In the stabby through the chest sort of way," he says. "And if I can put a stop to that and I don't, then, yeah, I'll get hurt."

"So you're going to have to be more specific than that with me. If it's the usual "Lassie, I don't love you anymore" speech that Timmie gives so his dog doesn't get sent to the pound, I'll skip to the end: Lassie comes home."

"I'm the one who's going to be hurt. Not.. you. All of that heart stuff doesn't matter when it comes to me, Hal. I'm going to be here until the end. I can get stabbed, shot. Throat slit.. poisoned, but I'm still going to be here forever. You won't. Especially if you stick with me. So, this is it. We're done."

His bit about Lassie, it catches her breath for the moment, her gaze turning away, pitch black but towards the edge of the booth. Her eyes were starting to burn, soon closing so she could focus on getting him just as far away as possible. "I'm cheating on you." Okay, no she's not. It would be impossibly hard for her to do since most of her time was spent either in space, or with Hal. "No. I hate you. I don.. I.. I really hate you right now." Not because of anything that she tried to get him to do, but because of what he said, it made her further arguments invalid.
Hal Jordan stays cool under fire. That's what pilots do, after all. Hal had a temper, no doubt, but he reserved it for people who deserved it. He'd just seen Reese get half-gutted in front of him and he had no illusions, despite her protests, that it cost her something to stand back up again.

"I think I can decide for myself how I'll spend my time. If you couldn't stand to see someone you care about die, you should've stopped this train a long time ago, because we're well past that point now," he says, taking a sip of his soda, "I'm sure part of you does. Thin line and all that drag. Because we're past the point of just being casual friends who happen to share a bed now and again. I know it as well as you and, don't get me wrong, part of me is scared shitless because I don't do this. I'm the one, actually, who's running for the door, telling the girl I'll only hurt her, that it's not her, it's me. So I appreciate the irony of me being put in this position."

"So, if we're telling truths, here's one for you: I love you. And love hurts, just ask any cheesy cover band. But I can stand a little pain, I'm a big boy. And I have a hard time believing you haven't been a lot deeper down this rabbit hole in the past. I understand if you don't want to go down it again, or if you…can't feel that way in return," he says, his eyes shadowed for a moment, "But don't pretend it's for my own good, because I get to decide what that is. And you breaking up with me is not it."

All she could do really was just listen. Reese really didn't have a leg in the argument, since it was supposedly done on high feelings, not to mention that she really didn't want to have this discussion. This discussion that she's had time and time again, where people were usually scared and she would disappear into another part of the world, only to come back to the tri-city area to start all over again. None of them usually protested, but none of them carried her the way that Hal did, and he didn't need the ring to do it.

She wasn't a cryer, that was for certain, but his words certainly made her want to; but she kept that age old appearance of being strong in the moment and in the public eye, but her silence spoke enough that.. she felt the same way too. She loved him. There was no shame in that for her.

She lets out a little sigh, her shoulders slumping, her hand reluctantly reaching for her plate to drag back towards her. Max, glances up from his little meal, then goes back down again to crack on bones since the meat was sheared off with sharp teeth.

"Okay.." She quietly murmurs, eyes cast down to hide the redness of drawing back tears. "But for a little while.. pretend that you don't know me. I need to do this on my own.."
Hal Jordan wants to throw the table aside and take her into his arms and, if he didn't have a) a delicious basket full of chicken and waffles and b) a sneaking suspicion that they would get in trouble for it, he would've done so. As it is, he reaches out and lays his hand atop hers on the table, pinning it down. He doesn't need to look in her eyes, since she can't see anyway.

"Hey. Look, I get it. This is personal or whatever. I do think I've earned the right to take my own shot - if someone comes after my girl, I usually wanna belt them a solid one in the mouth, not to mention see them locked up. Just because they're hell's own bag lady doesn't make it any more."

"So…you can have me let you go off on your own, but I'm still going to go after her for my own reasons. And I'll be blundering and ill-informed, probably completely blow your plans…it'll be a mess…" he says, "Or you could let me help and we'll kick the living shit out of the bitch and make sure she knows never to bother the mighty Seikatsu again, much less her pretty boy boyfriend."

Just as she was about to lift her hand to take a waffle from it's place, it was captured and left upon the table, she did nothing to pull her hand away but she did listen to what he had to say.

"You.. you did. Yes." She admits, he earned it. The woman hurt him just as much as he hurt her. Whether it be by proxy or not, there was revenge and hell to pay.

"You're stubborn, there's no talking you down from this. I realize that." She could even say that he could just take her away from here, they could go to Japan. Hide out in space, where ever. But it'll never stop. Everyone she knows needed protection from Yama-Uba. Not just Hal, Barry, Kida, Starfire.. or Max. They all needed her to not run away.

"I.. I was going to give her what she wants. Just let her take everything from me and that'll be the end of it. No one would have to suffer, see me get hurt repeatedly. Everyone would just be safe, as it should be." She draws her hand away from him now, pressing it hard into the table. Adamant.

That was until she reaches forward to snag his soda from its spot to take a long, healthy drink. "If I wasn't here, Hal. You wouldn't have to protect me all of the time. You.. you could focus on the grand scheme of things. The entire world. Or the solar system, what have you. What I'm dealing with.. and.. me as a whole is so minor."
Hal Jordan sits back for a moment and actually does stop eating. That suggestion does anger him, his brow clouding a bit. The idea of her just giving up, letting the villain win - it goes against everything he believes in. Fight, fight against the dying of the light. She was suggesting that they assume defeat and he never accepted defeat.

"You're not minor to me. Do you think I'll do a better job protecting the solar system if I'm in mourning? For three months, six months, a year…the rest of my life?" he says.

"You don't give her what she wants because she can't be trusted with it. Because she has shown that she will do nothing but evil with it. Even if you did, I wouldn't leave her be, now that I know she exists."

He sighs, eyes looking down for a moment, "And goddammit, I'm just…not going to let you. You can't. I'll follow you everywhere you go, I'll take you to the damn mood, I'll chain you to your bed, whatever it takes. You're not going to give that lousy bitch one more drop of your life."

"Yes. Because you wouldn't have a choice in the matter. None of you will." Her jaw tenses now, placing the soda down. "Because I had free will, no. I will have free will when I give myself to her. And once I do, and I'm gone from this place? Finally.." She wanted to look around, the gesture falls flat. She didn't speak another word just yet, leaning back against the cushion of the booth, her hands soon drawing upon the table, her gaze soon looking up towards Hal's direction, missing the anger within his features by default.

"Avenge me. Make her pay. And do away with her because I can't."

She does smile a little, her foot lightly reaching out to nudge his shin. "Though I'm inclined to be tied to the bed. I think I might like that." A joke in a bad place. Poor timing, Reese.
Hal Jordan isn't above a little gallows humor, letting a hint of a smile creep into the corner of her mouth, "Then let me help you. If you die trying, you die trying. Although you won't because I won't let you. But, honestly? Bitch doesn't stand a chance, I don't give a crap how old she is or how many big black demons she shits out." he says with a bit of a snarl.

He's already paid for the food and makes his own doggy bag, just manifesting it and packing up his leftovers.

"I'm not going to let you kill yourself. Which is what you'd be doing, if you let her murder you. She doesn't get to win. I do. And so do you, if you'll let me help," he says, taking her hand and pulling her back up to her feet, "Now, let me get you and Max out of the street, although we probably need to let him go outside and do some business. He's looking a little full."

"I know that's what I'd be doing, Hal. I've lived long enough.." She confesses, though as he takes her hand, she stands right along with him. But he was right. The woman didn't stand a chance. But she's known Yama far too long to know that there was another trick up her sleeve. "Hal. I mean it.. if I don't make it.."

She didn't say the rest. She was going to let him help, he really didn't give her a choice in the matter. Is this what love was?

Once out of the booth, she bends to draw her fingers along Max's back, drawing upwards to find the collar and the ring where the leash hangs. She gives Max a little tug, then stands upright, letting out a little sigh. "We don't have to hide, Hal.. we don't.." But, she knows they were going to hide anyways. Because he's Hal. Stubborn jerk.
Hal Jordan leans in and catches the back of her neck and kisses her firmly and directly, hushing her protests with his lips and holding her steady against him as he feels the tension in her leak out. How many times had she sacrificed herself for others? How many others had stood by and let her, not seeing the value of the woman in front of them, thinking only of themselves?

Hal knew there was something selfish in refusing to back down, but he also truly knew it was what was right. Hal had trouble with a lot of things - up until recently, women and relationships close to the top of the list. But right and wrong? That had always been clear as day, so obvious that he wondered how other people had trouble.

He leads her and Max outside as he finally lets her go, taking her hand. "You're going to make it. And then I'm goig to make it with you. Many, many times," he says with a grin at his own juvenile pun. "We'll take a bit, gather ourselves and our forces, figure out a plan, and then we'll take care of it. But you're right, we did need to talk. I'm glad we got that settled," he smiles, getting them just out of sight and wrapping them in the green energy of his ring, zipping them off quickly to carry them to safety.

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