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February 21, 2015: Sara Pezzini investigates a new job opportunity with the Division.

The Triskelion

SHIELD's New York based headquarters.



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Sara Pezzini knows that SHIELD is on semi-lockdown, after certain events in the last few weeks. And while she's not always much for procedure, she knows better than to start trouble with SHIELD. Especially given what she wants to say to them. So she sent a polite email requesting an appointment. Nothing urgent, she stressed. But when there was a chance.

When she shows up, it's at the end of a shift, and she checks her guns at the door, after showing her badge. Slacks, blouse, jacket. She could almost fit in here.


'Nothing urgent' and 'SHIELD' rarely work out together. Hill's been having A Week, really there is no good time to handle a meeting in the forseeable future so she makes do with what she can, -when- she can.

It wasn't that long ago that she was talking to another agent about highly classified intel. Tonight she's prepping a team to leave the country and fly halfway across the globe for some covert ops something-or-other.

It's never a better time to have company! Sure, why not. Pezzini's worked with them before, if she went through the trouble of scheduling an appointment then it must be important. Urgent or not.

Security measures have relaxed slightly. Sara's recognized, and law enforcement. Her badge does wonders for making it into the lobby. She doesn't even have long to wait before the Assistant Director briskly walks in, hounded by a few other nervous looking people in uniform that all want her attention for three point six seconds in order to sign off on one thing or another.

"Alright, that's it for the day kids. Work to do, roll out." … Whew! Okay. Straightening upright ever so slightly, Maria approaches the awaiting officer. "What can I do for you today, Detective?"


Sara eyes the string of uniforms for a moment, smile faint as she offers over a file folder. "Dropping off a resume, actually," she says, going in straight-forward. "I got shot about a week ago. Hydra goons, looks like. Probably wanted certain assets. The problem is, I walked out of the hospital the next morning. And I'm fine now." She crosses her arms over her chest, shifting her weight to one foot. "It seems like lately I'm spending as much time trying to cover my tracks as I am trying to follow someone else's. Not a great way to work."


Hill..isn't expecting this, of all things. A white-gloved hand reaches out to take the resume though there's a look about her which might suggest she's momentarily not aware of just what it is she's taking hold of. With everything else that's been plaguing her thoughts her guard slips long enough to mutter a "No shit…"

Once she pulls her head back into the game it's a somewhat different story. Shot, a week ago. Maria can't help but look Sara over, surprised to discover that she can't even tell -where- the officer had taken a bullet. Everyone has a tell when it comes to serious physical trauma. She's..just not seeing one here. Add in the tricks of that scary wristband she never seems to be without and Sara's got 'significant potential asset' written all over her file, already.

"And the boys down at the precinct wouldn't understand if you told them the truth," she suggests. "It says plenty that you've managed to keep a lid on this for as long as you have."


"Six years, give or take a few months," Sara nods, grimacing. "If they'd just stuck with the shoulder, I could've sold kevlar. But they took out my knee first, and nobody's got kevlar kneepads." She looks away for a moment, jaw tensing. "All I ever wanted to be was NYPD. But NYPD doesn't have a place for this. SRD's a stretch, even. Seems to me like SHIELD does. Maybe I won't be NYPD, but at least I'll still be taking out the bad guys."


"You're just full of surprises," Hill remarks. -Six years!- And that thingus on her arm hasn't killed her yet. Much the opposite, in fact. "Most agencies have a pretty low tolerance for the weird and unusual," she agrees. "Around here it's a different story. Though, there's some potentially good news for you here," she adds while taking a quick look at the resume. "We still like to have strong working relationships with these agencies. Makes life easier for everyone involved. You wouldn't have to give up everything, the occasional social call goes a long way." Plus working for the Division means that every injury sustained in the field is pretty much classified information to the rest of the world.

"I've already reviewed some logs of previous scenarios you've been caught in the middle of. Difficult odds don't seem to bother you much. Though I need to ask, do you have your ..special talents..all in order?" she inquires with a questioning look. Is the Witchblade agreeing with the woman in possession of it lately?


Sara's lips twitch at the question, a rueful smile. "More and more every day," she drawls, dry. "It's usually only a problem when it runs up on something it's supposed to go after," she clarifies. "Demons. Dark magic. Things that are sources of great evil, that don't belong in this world. It's hard to hold it back when we run into that sort of thing." She uncrosses her arms, hooking her thumbs in her pockets instead. "But we're making progress. And I don't usually feel all that much like holding back when it comes to those sorts of things."


It takes some effort on Hill's part to not react when the matter of demons are brought up again. She can't really say that she doesn't believe in them, not anymore. It doesn't mean that she's in any way thrilled with the idea that they exist within her reality. Though..having someone on the team who can both root them out -and- dispose of them does seem like a good thing… Especially for someone who has a very strong disliking of them.

Especially when they are in her home.

Hellboy doesn't count.

"Good," Hill quietly replies while looking over the file. "Good. Around here we typically have a 'shoot on sight' policy with anything of the infernal persuasion." She'll make sure to mention their working relationship with Hellboy once Pezzini is officially a part of the team.

Normally Maria would take a bit more time to look over the resume and dig into Sara's file. Thing is, she's already seen plenty. It helps when she has a good idea of who she's working with. The paperwork is lowered as she regards the Detective once more. "I hope you aren't afraid of some extra training."


"I sort of figured that wouldn't be a problem," Sara smiles faintly at the shoot on sight policy. The talk of extra training gets an arch of her brow, though the smile stays. "After the whole jumping out of planes thing, I figured there were a few things you guys do that NYPD doesn't train for. I've been picking up a few things on my own lately, but I'm sure there's plenty still to learn."


Hill smirks at the 'jumping out of planes' part. "The last thing you'll need to worry about here is a repetitive stress injury from answering phones. 'With great training comes great experience' yadda yadda welcome to SHIELD your training starts on Monday."

No, really!

"I'll get your info into the system, just swing by the front desk before you leave and tell 'em you're a T-One Applicant. They'll get your temp ID in place and give you directions on our training facility nearby. You've already got a decent grasp of who we are and what we do so I'll save the feel-good BS for the newbies and say 'welcome to the team.'"


Sara blinks. That was quick. "I'll give the precinct a heads up," she says slowly, offering out a hand. "Thank you." She eyes the deputy director for a long moment, as if waiting for the punchline. "Commanding officers at SHIELD training camps probably have tasers, don't they?"


Hill takes the offered hand, shakes it once. "If you'd like some fire support down there you can give me a call. People sometimes listen to me," she dryly jokes. The next question is peculiar, prompting an initial response of "They don't need tasers." Just like some agents don't need weapons, they can just take them from someone else if they need to. "Why do you ask?"


"Just verifying how hard I'm going to get my ass kicked," Sara grins as she steps back. "It's been ten years since I was in training, and I wasn't great at not mouthing off in the first place." Can't say she isn't honest, at least.


"And they used tasers?" Hill asks with an almost puzzled expression. "Amateurs. The Division's a big family, if you're on the team you get some baseline respect. Though if you want to run your mouth and see what happens, they do have some -very- encouraging methods for preventing such situations from repeating. That's a call you'll have to make for yourself, Pezzini."

God knows she's had a long and colorful history of pushing her own luck there.


"You know how they need a volunteer to demonstrate what it's like, before people start using them?" Sara chuckles, raising a hand. "Been there. Done that." She takes another step back, clearing her throat. "Hey, do me a favor?" she asks, as if suddenly remembering. "Don't tell Steve."


"Oh, that," Hill chuckles. "Those kinds of experiences are best shared as a group. Watching someone else fall over does nothing to prepare you for standing up to it. Less about the humiliation, more about the tolerance. It's more like what they'd do in the military for teargas training." Which, frankly, -sucks.- But hey, what can you do.

'Don't tell Steve?' "Wasn't planning on it," Hill replies. Besides, they'll both have their thoughts focused on many other things in the coming hours. "You can tell him yourself soon enough."


"He's been pretty busy lately," Sara shrugs, heading toward the desk. "Pretty sure you'll see him before I do." She sounds comfortable about that, though. Sara: not a great girlfriend, or just secure? "Also pretty sure he'll be at least a little bit weird about it, and I'm not sure when's a good time for that conversation."


Hill doesn't mention that she's bringing Rogers in on a covert mission in just a few minutes. There's all -sorts- of things she's not planning to tell anyone about! "Personal matters are just that, we're all grown-ups here and I have an agency to run. If there's any conflicts it'll be up to you two to figure it out."

That said she quickly makes note of the time, something which causes her jaw to set for a moment. "And more business calls. If we're good here..?"


"We'll manage," Sara assures easily, nodding once. "I'll just be over here, filling out paperwork." A smile flickers once more, and she heads toward the indicated desk.

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