Chains and Ice Cream

February 22, 2015: In the wake of so much violence, the Tin Roof reopens. Behind closed doors, more devious plans are made to secure The Woman's grip on the East End.

The Tin Roof Club

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"Do you see that? The direction. The way she looks at her makes it clear that she's not looking directly at her face."

"I wonder.. do you think she's on to us?"

"I doubt it."

"No, really. You have to take account the family legacy. That entire history. A freakish bunch. I think she's on to us."

"Well. Yeah. You got a point. Take this phone; dial number 1. Tell him there's a code red and he needs to move out asap. The project is officially compromised."


It has certainly been a long day, but that long day was eased with a small bowl of ice cream and a pack of diced peanuts under the arm. The bowl was cold enough to bring pain to the tips of her fingers, but one wouldn't really guess that she was struggling in holding the chilled treat, it really wasn't for her.

Instead of lingering down upon the floors of the tin roof, Melody made her way through the hallways, passing from door to door, peering inside, catching a gaggle of women crowded around the television to watch an old episode of Golden Girls. The one where Blanche was being some old timey hooker and giving Rose the what for, the typical drama that usually happens upon shows.

Another room is passed and looked into, Rodaga with his head pressed againsthis cell phone that's perched upon his shoulder, fanning a long swatch of silk which glitter bombs his room nicely just the way he wanted it. He seemed to be placing an order.. Melody didn't stick by to hear what. She just continues down that long carpeted hallway, pants too big that she walks upon the back of them, NIN t-shirt tucked within those jeans.

The next room, Keith and L'Ron dropping bombs on random kids across the states through Call of Duty, the larger man, Keith, giving Melody a nod. He was still recovering from the start that Batman gave him, but it looks that he'll be up and running soon.

One of the Alley Cats pass her by with a lift of a hand and a mess up of her hair, where most would complain, Melody does not. Once the door at the end of the hallway was reached and breached, she steps inside Selina's office, not bothering to spare a knock or entrance. She was sure the woman saw her coming.

From the cold streets outside, a dark figure enters. The mask is peeled away from his head not long after his appearance, fingers ensconced in gunmetal gray separating the deceptively simple costume and drawing it back from a scalp freshly bic'ed to a hairless sheen.

Tonight, Shift hasn't even bothered with conventional clothing. The hours were to be spent in stealthhood; clothing would have been a waste.

The Ghanaian promptly makes forthe bar, where a simple nod cues the tender to retrieve a box from behind the bar. Even while Shift is retrieving his belongings, the bartender is preparing his drink. Blanton's whiskey, neat. A cell phone, a beat up old zippo, and a YOLO-brand THC e-cigarette are withdrawn. The first two are set aside; the e-cigarette is drawn against, letting the telltale rainbow glow at its too signify that the contents are far more potent than mere nicotine.

He's seen some dark shit this evening. A gang of hoodlums became the target of a vicious man not too many nights ago, and the streets of Gotham have been something of a slaughterhouse. It won't be long before the Gangsta's Disciples are all dead or run off. Kwabena couldn't be happier… nonetheless, it's never easy to see so much flagrant bloodshed. Especially after his time trapped in The Darkness.

It affects him differently now. He can't bear it with the same detachment that he used to. It makes him, for lack of a better term, hungry.

Hence the YOLO cigarette.

After a prolonged shut down of Tin Roof, especially due to repairs after Batman's intrusion, they reopened, the stage and dance floor lit up, new furnishings match and leave things appearing as if nothing happened. Spotlights streak across the floor, bodys writhe in cages, glitter mingled with bodys heat and moisture, passing pants and backroom moans with heels leaving scuffs upon walls while others suspend in the air with bare backs pressed against the floors, others accented against the twine about a pole.

Patronage is bustling despite East End being as locked down as Catwoman has it, the 'militants' expanding as her clawed grasp dabbles into the pools of other gangs and draws them into her fold. Hook, line, sinker.

Her office door is left propped open, the curve of vinyl clad ass pressed against the edge, finshnet coveted legs kicked out in her prop, strings of white overlay like torn stockings left to a threadbare remnant, disappearing beneath calf high vinyl boots held with buckles and straps as well as small glints of diamonds in the eyelets. Abdomen held constricted, corsetry ribbed in white races upward to cusp over the heave of bosom, melding with that of the tendrils of long black and white dred locks, framing emerals and lips painted red.

"Tell him then, we meet tomorrow, 9pm. If it cannot be seen already, it's beneficial." Hanging up the cell phone catwoman is portraying Leonne, the Madame of the East End girls who are providing Tin Roof with a reopening event of scandalous proportions. Mel's entrance gains a smile, a flash of teeth as she leans forward and hooks a diamond claw tipped finger into her ice cream bowl and nurses the cold cream off her digit tip.

"All went well I gather?"

Settled on Leonne's usual office chair there is a familiar white-clad figure, going over a set of building plans recently 'borrowed' from the city hall register. Invisible for most, but not for Melody. The young woman gets his attention and rises to greet her.

"Melody, bonjour," he is still catching up in the latest criminal activities of his Gothamite partner. Feigning just mild interest in all activities that are not directly larcenous. In truth, he is trying not to judge 'Leonne' crimeboss-y ambitions, his disapproval is subtle but is there.

The dip of Selina's finger was met with a little frown. She was going to give it to her anyways, why in the worlds is she messing up her nails? So Melody does the same; though not as sexy as she would like, taking a huge dollup upon her thumb and promptly jamming it into her mouth, her cheeks burning red due to the cold hitting a tooth, which makes her eyes water and discards the bowl upon the desk as such.

"It went well as can be. I doubt that he caught the cameras I embedded into one of his girls, but the feeds are playing upstairs if you want to watch. If he keeps them close like I suspect, we'll know if Two-Face decides to make a play for East End and all that it entails. Then we can hit him where it hurts. Right on the burned side." There was a pause, a thoughtful look given.

"Cause I gotta imagine that hurts, you know? Being all burned up like that. Like how can he drink water without dribbling a bit? What happens if he were to eat chicken and manages to get a piece of the gristle stuck in one of his mouthy-holes? I wanted to ask him that but I kind of figured that he'd tan my hide and probably flip me upside down or something kind of weird.."

"New York was a little bit easier. All I had to worry about was people trying to steal my lunch money and feeding the homeless. You Gotham people are.." She whistles, drawing her finger up along side her temple to twirl it.

"But running through my designs and schematics there's one more crew that I would like to approach and give them a deal that they can't offer. I also wanted to try to tap the Joker and convince him to do something uncouth to one of your rivals. Steal like of course. But the Gangster Diciples are done for, some of the lesser gangs who could have given you trouble were put out by the Street Demonz. All in all it looks like we're slowly taking everything save for what the Italians contr-.." She pauses as Fantomex greets her, her eyes squinting briefly. "Hi!" A pause again. "Where's EVA."

Meanwhile, downstairs.. a message displays across the cellular device that Shift currently holds.

« Second floor. Share some ice cream with me and Leonne. I don't think Fantomex has a mouth. »

Whiskey is produced, taken, paid for. The wallet and zippo are tucked away into a pouch upon his uniform, but it isn't long before the uniquely dressed African is noticed.

Shift's uniform may be more for utility than design, but in a place like this, it could easily be mistaken for fetish wear. One of the ladies draws notice, and soon has a clawed finger draped over his shoulder, whispering into his ear with a little smile upon her face.

Shift seems only relatively interested. A hand gesture invites the girl to do her thing, and as she drapes the first fishnet-clad leg over his leg, he produces the wallet and palms a $100 bill her way. Her forward lean triggers him to slip it into her brassiere; otherwise, he's quite content to drink his whiskey and smoke his THC cigarette while she mounts and dances upon him.

The message dancing across his cellular device, oddly, seems to be more interesting to him. He reaches aside to tap the notification, then smirks somewhat. "Sorry, dahling." Another bill is produced, this one slipped between the woman's teeth. "I'm wanted. Anodah time." He reaches down to lift the woman's leg, and quietly excuses himself.

Moments later, Kwabena comes into the office, glass of whiskey in one hand, e-cigarette in the other. Silver eyes move from one to the other, studying them with mild curiosity. "So, dis is where de pahty is," he quips darkly.

"No, we will simply make one side match the other. It's easier to make the ugly match." 'Leonne' states as she plucks a cigarette from the opened studded case resting beside the perch of derriere. Putting it between red lips her lighter is risen, bearing writing across it with a gun in the backdrop.

'Dear Karma, I have somebody you missed.'

Exhaling the smoke she rocks back, synthetic fabric bemoaning the protest as it adjust its breathtaking fit over her figure while she seats herself on the lacquered surface, peering casually at Fantomex's blue prints. She knows his 'lack of interest', or passing leeriness of her ambition, but she has yet to fully define and explain it to anyone. She is going through the motions, and sometimes those require bloodshed. The dog that protects your home will leave remnants of an intruder violently strung like amorbid Christmas through your home, but you wake up safe and sound. Shit happens. Get a mop.

Watching the flicker of the Club's cameras Shift is noted, a small smirk ticking one corner of her lips upward. "Isn't he yours?" The inquiry purred forth as she reaches forth and points to a screen as one of her girls gets paid well for a small touch. Her eyes lift when said man arrives, tilting her head in a nod to him that sends dred locks cascading over bare shoulder.

"Have a seat, though I cannot guarantee a lapdance unless Mel gives it." A small smirk plays upon lips while unoccupied hand lifts the bowl of ice cream. "We're having an ice cream social. So… yummy."

Call him old fashioned. Fantomex has a narrow-ish definition of what thieves should do. Gangster politics are about as amusing as… taxes, or corporate bureaucracy. In fact, they have a lot in common with both. And almost as bloody.

He wasn't going to comment, and Shift's arrival gives him a good distraction. "E.V.A is floating up there," replies to Mel's question, thumb pointing to the roof. "Good evening, monsieur. Ah if you can convince Mel to do any kind of dance, she won't do for either of us."

After the text message was mentally sent, Leonne's words cause her to lean over upon the desk to gain a look at the monitors. There was a tiny flare of anger, her lips bunching rather uglyish.. though, it only serves to make her mousey, not menacingly. "I'm going to beat her black and blue.." Melody wasn't going to do it, but she would certainly threaten it. It's not every day that Melody was territorial, but this particular one caused that irritation to rise, her head whipping around and away from the monitors to take a seat with a huge grump.

"Whatever. I guess. I'm not sexy like those girls down there so it's a wonder why he looks the other way and takes lapdances." Poor Mel. Comparing herself to a hooker. "I shouldn't care, you know? But.. he's different now. I don—…"

Her words were cut off at the entrance of Shift, who glances up towards him, her gaze immediately turning away as Leonne aka Selina aka The Woman begins to tease. "I can't dance." She mutters towards Fantomex. "I told you I can't dance." There was a thought. "Okay, I can dance a little but it's really embarrasing, and I rather not, okay?"

She huffs now, figuring it best to stuff her mouth with a spoonful ice cream, that'll at least keep her mouth shut for a little while and resist the urge to hang out with E.V.A. Speaking of. "Can I talk to her tomorrow?"

Kwabena accepts a seat when offered, choosing to rest his whiskey on the table while casually ignoring the ice cream. "Too much sugah," he explains. It never went well with his unique metabolic structure; not that he could explain the science behind it.

'Leonne' is studied for a moment or two, as is Fantomex. The former, however, makes a remark that earns a response. He casually looks back to her with silver eyes glimmering. "Only if we get bored."

Back to Fantomex, Kwabena offers a slow nod of his chin in greeting. "Good evahning. I am Shift." The YOLO cigarette is taken and smoked. Then, it is held out for anyone who may want to partake, starting with Fantomex, who happens to be on his left hand side. Dutch is Dutch, after all. "It's THC," he clarifies, so that nobody who accepts suffers an unexpected surprise.

"Well, it's like Ah said." The Ghanaian leans back, adopting a comfortable stance while reaching for his glass of fine whiskey. "Only if we get bored."

His silver eyes finally fall upon Melody, to whom he smiles more earnestly. It would have been the same as old, save for that dark undercurrent that she, if nobody else, would be most likely to notice. He was different. "Always asking permission," he quips, though really, he's only giving her a hard time.

"Bad shit going on out dere," he quietly informs them. "Been a long time since I seen a group of hard-ass niggah's taken down like dat." He pauses, trying to recall. "Chicago. South side. Twenty-oh-two, oh-three." He shakes his head. "Streets bled red."

"Mel can do a mean funky chicken." Noting Mel's sour disposition and words Leonne casts her a wary eye. "Now now, see what happens when one shows up dead, no bruising my girls." But if they know better and do it anyway… It will get handled. "Though if you want lessons, you can be taught, or… You just have to really /want/ it." Desire can bring quite a bit out of anyone. A fingertip slides into the bowl again, that hook claw ring scooping up more for her to lavish off with thesweep of tongue.

When Shift settles in and shows those small signs of affection towards Mel, no matter how veiled she settles into a smile that only rests upin narrowed eyes, uptilted at the edges to show the signs, nothing else needed.

Fantomex and the blue prints get a more deep study. "What is the payout and how much will need fenced?" Leaning back slightly her splayed palm with the balanced cigarette betwixt digits rests beside the papers, smoke slowly rising in whisps to lick like serpents along the length of her arm. The other holding the ice cream bowl to him. If no one takes, more for her. Greedy thief! Go figure.

Though Shifts words draw her attention back to him. "If you give each side a reason to fight but the other more of one, it is bound to happen. O do appreciate your assistance in it. Do stop paying, you have an extensive tab in my name in East End now." Tilting her head in a moment of thought. "Off Independence Boulevard? Those gutters are stained red, permanently. This is only until I get what I want."

Fantomex tilts his head at Melody, "of course you can, should… it is odd you aren't already taking online." E.V.A. is in the nets, of course. Mostly in Unternet, but her score at Candy Crush is ridiculous. "You also should take dancing lessons, I am sure E.V.A. would agree." No, she wouldn't. But Fantomex is a very convincing liar.

Selina's question will wait, instead Fantomex grabs a pen. "Look at this, chere. I have seen in some cities in Europe, but never in America." He marks the positions of master beams in the map of an old office building, then draws some lines. Geometric figures appears almost magically. "Gotham's leading early twenty century architects must have been part of one of those funny occultist societies. Makes one wonder what they were trying to do, oui?" Hey, it is more interesting than the latest gangwar massacre.

"Unnh unnnh.." Melody draws out, finally putting on a smile and a shake of her head. The glance she gives towards Shift causes some of the irritation to melt away, the warmth of her features beaming until she notices the dark glint in his eye. But her poker face was there.. and a text message was soon sent to Shift's phone.

« We need to talk. »

He was different since he came back, for good reason. But still.. there was something there, just beneath the surface that concerned her. She reaches out to lightly touch his cheek in response, "It's the polite thing to do. You don't want to do anything to someone that they're uncomfortable with. Right?" She looks at the lot of them, then gives it all up. Look who the hell she was talking to.

Though his mentions of blood, she frowns, her expression solemn, her head nodding slowly.

"I..tapped the ghost rider. I'm just glad that I didn't see everything that happened to those people.. and then Shift.." She looks over towards Kwabena, and then back towards the ground again. "From the police reports that I've gleamed the past few days, more are still dying because of the fiasco they started at the Double Down."

She rubs a little at the back of her neck, leaning forward to rise to place her hands upon the desk, spying at the lines that Fantomex drew along the map. This was something interesting.

"E.V.A's.. uncharted territory. I don't want to talk to her unless you say it's okay." Both of them suggest lessons, which she quietly agrees to, even gives a tiny hint of a nod of her head that hopefully went unseen. She'll ask Relina for help. The woman had a sway to her hips that could commit murder and get away with.

"I'll check those out. Those old buildings. It wouldn't hurt to have a second place to go to, or maybe start business in one of the apexes of the lines.." She points to the map. "Here."

But there was something she had long forgotten, something she just now remembered, that causes her to look back towards Shift with a slight frown upon her features.

That name drop earns a look of respect from Shift. Independence Boulevard wasn't a very long stretch, but anyone who knew of it knew why it was a place to be avoided.

Kwabena used to rip off dope dealers there. He wasn't interested in their cash. It was a different time.

"Dere is only one thing I want," he echoes. "And I'll go through de Triads to get it. Once I have it, dere dead to me. You all, dough." He gestures with the glass of whiskey around the room. "Have done me well. I owe you some many favahs. So, put me on speed dial."

That's saying a lot. Anyone who's seen what he's capable of, paired with his recent strain of savagery… service like that doesn't often come for free. He also doesn't care much for keeping tabs.

"Speaking of favahs." Shift glances Melody's way. "I need help finding de thief. De one who ripped off Two-Face. She has my winnings, and I have an offah she should find difficult to refuse."

That being said, Kwabena tucks the YOLO cigarette away. He had reasons for taking the edge off. His attention seems drawn by Fantomex speaking of ancient architecture and the curiosities that often accompany it.

Melody takes his attention for a moment. He gives her a long look; she would understand why a sense of unfinished business hovers over him like a dark cloud. "I suppose dat depends on what dey've done. Not everyone understands why dey have a debt until it's taken out of dem."

"Gotham has been like herding cats to most, even the Bats.." Leonne's upper lip recoils, the distasteful flashof teeth shows her displeasure with it, but her back arches lightly as she stretches and rises the cigarette to lipsand then stamps it out in an old standing ash tray that looks like it was taken from a 50's lounge. A button press makes the butt and ashes disappear, leaving it clean.

"Funny thing, cats are my specialty, Gotham and I will get along just fine once she stops producing scum that don't have the proper respect. The final flag will be the man in the suv hung off the bridge in the same fashion.." Her words trail off as she watches Mel and Shift now, a hand flicking in regards to the Triads. "The Triads and I have an old issue yet unsolved, its forgiven for now, but not forgetten." A knowing look to Shift that says all. When the bloodbath cools they are his. "We will help as best we can."

Looking at what Fantomex and Mel refer to on the paper a manicured brow rises and a small shudder traces down her spine, making shoulders shrug up. Fear? Not necessarily, the woman is smiling. Thrill.

"i am not very fond of the occult," Remembering Master Darque's approach to her on the rooftops. "But if it gets me pretty things…" Grin.

"Of course it is okay, chere," replies Fantomex. "If she wants to talk with you, you can see her." And E.V.A. is poking him. No, he didn't tell anyone that they needed his permission to talk to her. It is not hisfault. "I mean, she will let you see her. She hides from most people," he clarifies.

As for the maps "I know a Feng shui expert in San Francisco that would know…" comments the white-clad thief, picking up several of the blueprints. "Let me speak with her, I'll know in a couple days." He heads out.

"Dackleman.." Melody murmurs, her eyes still studying Shift. At least his resolve was still there. But there.. nah. It'll have to be discussed later. Melody commits the map to memory before she steps back, and instead of falling into the chair, she sits right upon the extended knee of Shift to think. And to steal a scoop of ice cream, this time with the spoon, that was almost half melted. "I know what she looks like. That thief. I've seen her here before a long time ago. Though, it could be a different person, I'm not sure." She glances towards 'Leonne' now, for confirmation. She's seen the video, she was watching along side Melody. "Just give me a few days and I can track her down for you. Just keep the phone with you."

But yes, Melody understood why, she just murmured his name a bit ago; all of those memories she's longed to forget still scratch at the surface at the mention of the Smooth. It nearly makes her eye twitch. But for now..

She looks towards 'Leonne', her lips pursing just a little, agreeing with the mention of helping and..

"I'll take Keith with me to inspect the buildings." Her hand lifts to tap at her temple. "I got it all downloaded. If I find a spot or something I'll give you all a ring and we can clean house and make it ours." All of theirs. Though.. there's also E.V.A, she needed some advice from the ol' bird. "I'll call EVA tomorrow, Fantomex. Give her my hellos?"

For now, it means protecting the Triads, especially their key members. This is principally what Kwabena has been up to, from raining hell on the Italians some weeks ago, to protecting Chao Lin at the Double Down Club. If it means biding his time until he's able to make his move without sacrificing all of the work Catwoman and her people have done in securing the East End? That's something he can live with. The woman receives a meaningful nod in understanding.

When Melody murmurs Dackleman's name, a silver fire flashes through his eyes. He gives her a long, careful look. The mind of an addict is one he knows well. He knows to what lengths he went to in order to get a fix. He could put up the best of poker faces, spinning a web of lies strictly designed to get himself some money, some needles, the right connection. Not being a telepath, there's no way of knowing just what Melody's play is; if her perching upon his knee is merely an effort to deflect his concerns.

Still, he's willing to play along. The hand that comes to rest upon baggy jeans is partly of affection, partly designed to keep her on a reign of his own.

A two fingered salute is thrown toward the departing Fantomex. "Be safe, boss."

Only then does Kwabena check his cell phone. After reading the message from Melody, the phone is quietly tucked away again. "I'll keep it on me." A meaningful promise, considering how difficult it is for the state-shifting mutant to keep track of his belongings!

"I recall that thief rather well." Catwoman states in regards to what Shift speaks of, the fight in front of the Tin Roof for Remy's bike and belongings as well as gifts of 'apology' and a night of binge drinking… But as Mel said, masks change hands and the woman disappeared and went silent on her radar for a long time, and that is a hard feat, especially if you're another woman after her own heart…

The silent exchange between Shift and Mel does get a long steady look from Leonne, the name.. Her repose shifts as she lans forward, crossng one leg over the other, netted thighs coming to meet while arms rest upon bent knee, diamond tipped claws glinting as she gestures between them. "Why does that name ring a bell?"

watching for a moment as Fantomex departs there is the glint of something there, but it can easily be disregarded, because she is back to watching the duo before her, a light furrow of brows coming.

"I do have one thing to say to you, Melody." Uh oh, the full name alert. "Do not go alone into these endeavors again. I would burn more then Gotham.." Need she say more? The warning is there in regards to her dealing with Two-Face alone, and another name drop does not make things any better.

The touch to her jeans gets a curled fist in reply. Her head hung low, eyes upon her fingers as the dark veins surface, only to bleed back into the backdrop that is caramel, and disappear. Yeah, she remembers it well. Ever since the wax and wane of the drug has left her system, she's had clarity, yes. But that need, beating at the surface was there, only hiding by the pain she inflicts upon herself with a purposeful bullet to the spine given by a random gangster, and arrows..

"Huh?" Her gaze lifts as Fantomex leaves, following his back out the door as he takes the plans with him. Kwabena's promise to keep the phone on him was a stretch, but hey! It's worth a shot, right?

"Dackleman?" She questions 'Leonne'. "He's the guy who put the smooth on the streets. The one we were after before.." She glances back towards Shift, not wanting to bring up the time that he disappeared.

Her name being said, not in full, but it was enough to gain her attention. Melody, while not smarter than before, knows just how durable she is. That is until someone decides to lop her head off to spite the Cat only to return it to her on a pike. Then she's done for. She really had no excuse. None what so ever. She just wanted to show that she was a big girl who had the panties hiked up and attached with suspenders.

"I'll take Fantomex with me when I look at the buildings. Or Shift is he's available. Or you. I won't go anywhere alone. I promise."

Now anyone who knows Melody like these two? Would know that's a goddamned lie!

A dark look is thrown toward Catwoman; she's collateral damage on this one, for the daggers aren't meant for her, at all. "He's de one resonsahble fah highballing her with dat mutant-killing 'Smooth' bullshit." Melody may have been correct, but she left that little detail out.

He very well may have noticed Melody going quiet before bringing up his disappearance. It had taken him a long time to come to grips with what happened; many days spent upon the bitter cold of the Tin Roof's rooftop access way, followed by warming himself by the way of whiskey and Melody's blankets. If anyone questioned why he's stuck around, knowing this, they would have their answer. Shift doesn't give his loyalty easily, but once it's earned, it's ferocious.

"We'll use chains if we must." Kwabena casts a mirthful look past Melody and toward 'Leonne'. "Not all of us can slip free so easily."

Nodding to Shift the daggers are obviously not concerning her, she knows very well where they are truly headed. In fact she deflects them to look back towards Melody with a narrowing set emerald fletched weaponry. "I am not speaking of buildings. I am referring to Dent. To /Dackleman/. You are your own woman but do not put yourself under the bus I am driving." Her words hold more meaning then simply ytuong to 'mother' her. Catwoman is very aware Mel is a grown woman with her own mind, but … Back to collateral damage.

Smirking at the mention of chains Leonne slides from the desk, the synthetic liquid shadows of fabric upon the stretch of hips and curve of ass squeals out until boots touch ground. "I think if you put her in chains, you'd be your own worst enemy." A small wink towards them both.

"Let me guess though. Loose ends?" Tapping another cigarette upon the desk she flips it and places it between lips, offering to them as well.

So Shift went a little bit further with the explanations that she had given, though his had a little bit more clarity as to why Melody herself wanted to see this through. High balling, the blue mist that tore through her body, ruined her nanites, making her feel alive.. she spanned her mind across the globe on that high. Reached heights of information that no other had even begun to imagine.. and now she was here. On earth. Restless.

"See, that's totally not fair. Leonne is like the queen of escape artistry and you can turn into dust. The only thing I'd probably do in chains is rattle them and mo-…" She pauses, cutting her words off. "Nevermind!"

She didn't dare stand as Leonne clarified what she meant, she only sunk back further into the thigh as if she'd be protected from the blow of the words. Her lips pursed tightly as her eyes divert to the ground, one shoulder threatening to lift a shrug but deciding better of it.

"I.. it was a calculated risk. Dent was. And it had some good pay off. He's not going to encroach on your terroritory. He's going to back off. And we got eyes on the inside if he chooses to make a move when you aren't looking so we'll be ready." As for Dackleman? "Dackleman.." Her words trail off, there was uncertainty there. Would she be willing to lie about this one? She.. wasn't sure. "It won't happen again. Our business with Dent is concluded until he makes a move against us. Then we can let Shift take the reigns."

Cause it'll get nasty!

Just like the chains that she mentions; for the blush that draws upon Melody's face was added with a touch of randomized color from the nanites. The loose ends bit? That's Shift's deal, and by proxy because of what was done to her? Hers. He just makes it sound much more intelligent when he explains.

Wryly, Shift trades his attention from Leonne to Melody. The sounds coming from Leonne's choice of attire only serves to accentuate the atmosphere of the place, and he can't help but feel a bit of sympathy for what poor Mel must be going through.

Kwabena reaches out for a cigarette, in turn providing his beat up, old zippo to light Leonne's flame. This was one object he refused to lose. His totem, as it were. A thing of sanity upon which he's spent many cold nights studying in silence. A click to life, a click to death, the burning flame something akin to the unexpected flow of life itself.

"De smooth is off de streets, but not dead. Partitioned, into three. Dackleman has one piece of de puzzle. Anodah is… safe." Dark undercurrents; Shift refuses to speak of the Darkness by name. "De third piece is being held by Stormwatch."

Back to Melody he looks. "Smoke." As if to demonstrate, the hand resting upon her leg melts into tendrils of black gas.

Leonne closes a gap between herself and Rant, and by placement, Shift as well. One clawed hand sweeps beneath Mel's lowered chin, lifting it upward in a light gesture to make their eyes meet. "I am not by any means saying you did /bad/. I am saying I would like to share my place with you when this is over, not have a shrine in your stead."

Leaning down red lips press to Mel's forehead, lingering only for a moment until release of both embrace and vice tipped grip, now grazing her eyes along Shift's form to meet his silver darkness with her own uncut gems. "Then it is only a matter of time." Catwoman states as she leans forward, lights her cigarette off the offering and exhales, the white plume mingling with Shift's own black.

Heels echo a crascendo along the walkway to her office, Rodaga, ina red sequinned dress, spinning to the side and showing off the ensemble strapped and sparkly. "/Leonne/," the Queens voice whines out. "Dis simply won't do, it has a tear and none of the other match d'eese chooes. It's right on my /ass/. I bet that betch Frakie tried to get her big ass in it and failed." A flail with a little stomp of heeled foot in exhasperated defeat.

Leonne grins, glancing to Mel and Shift. "Duty calls." And out the door she goes, hooking arms with Rodaga. "I have a closet you can peruse to match your shoes."

Gasp! "Really? I would love joo long time."


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