Cutscene: Last Days of East End

February 22, 2015: The Last Days of East End

Okinawa, Japan




  • Arthur Kenway

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"Death cherries flow in secret places. I know them. I know how they reek of the burgundy final curtain for me. The sun takes from the dawn. Every day, I sit twisted in worn lace; the Devil's rash bursting me into deadly night shade."

Okinawa, JAPAN:

"Cancel that order." A man in a suit approaches the console of the others, laying a ringed hand upon the back of the chair one of the operators sit in. "We're not going down into Gotham just yet. East End is a war zone."

"But Arthur. We have the means to subdue those people long enough to get in and extract the subject, all we need is a couple of hours to ass-?"
That is my daughter, not a fucking subject. I'm not going to have you go into East End to damage my progeny even further than she already is. We will wait until this.. Catwoman is done with her petty war. When the streets are free and clean of the fucking riffraff, then we'll extract."

"I go willingly at times, tangled up in Bella Donna's sweet hand shake, but, God, when she inhabits me with her thick, twilight witchcraft.. I forgt that I am forged by what is written for me."

Okinawa, JAPAN:

"So then it's settled. But Arthur, the benefactors are growing impatient with your little project. They've already had to wait nearly a decade for you to produce promising results."
Arthur seemed annoyed by this little revelation, which was hardly that. He already knew that time was running short.
"Activate the program once the wars ended. I'll make the approach myself to ensure that my progeny gets out untouched."
"And what of the others she's surrounded herself with?"

Faces begin to flash amongst the screen, one by one, different angles, all seen through the eyes of the one called Rant.

"Once the program I designed is activated, she'll tear them apart piece by piece. She'll be a force worthy of the benefactors' patience."

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