Finding ODIN

February 22, 2015: Half a year later and with Nightcrawler's help, Domino finally uncovers some disturbing secrets which link some of her past actions. (Language)

Orion Defense Industries

Orion's primary factory is located within Metropolis, though with the current situation surrounding the three cities their defenses aren't quite up to par.



  • Curly the Bamf

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Days have come and gone since Domino last had her talk with Nightcrawler and his Bamfing buddy, Curly. Days of silence, zero contact. As if the whole meeting had been completely forgotten about.

It might come as a surprise when the call finally does come through. If Kurt's still willing to lend a hand then he can find her on a rooftop in Metropolis not far away from the advanced factory she intends to infiltrate.

She even left behind the high powered rifles, instead camped out with high tech binoculars as she surveys the area. It's another cold night, impossibly dark thanks both to the season and whatever strange curse has been consuming the area of late. Damn fish people.

She's traveling light, considering her usual. Though she's still clearly armed with things that don't appear to fit into the 'non-lethal' category.



The first to arrive shows up with little fanfare, landing sideways on an old rusted antenna that begins to *creeeeeeak* under his light weight. Curly looks disgustedly at it before teleporting off of it again and landing on Domino's back, little micro-suction cups on hands and feet keeping him in place as his tail sways. Clamboring up onto her shoulder completely, he looks at her with beady golden, glowing eyes.


In the next heartbeat, a slightly louder *bamf* can be heard, and there appears the larger version. Bamf Prime. He's not looking happy, not in the least, but he's here. Dark indigo fur makes it difficult to discern his actual outline in the stars' light. It's only the yellow eyes that truly mark his place on the roof. Walking slowly towards the mercenary, his voice is quiet. "I am here."


Getting a good hold of Domino is easy with those suction discs. The surface of her armor, where not covered in straps, has an almost rubbery texture to it. Very easy to adhere to. With one hand still holding the lenses to her eyes the other comes around, one pale fingertip scritching Curly under the chin.

They've reconciled, alright.

"Where's your big bro-"


"There he is."

The binoculars are lowered as she turns around. Kurt's easy enough to spot, so long as his eyes are open and facing her direction. With Kurt's ability to see well in the dark he'd easily pick out the state of being the albino is currently in.

She looks like -shit.- Like, 'run over by a truck' levels of shit. There's some stiffness in her motions, some cuts and bruises scattered upon what little of her ghostly skin is exposed.

"'Here and grumpy,' more like. Is this the part where you remind me that you aren't comfortable with any of this but you're still begrudgingly going to help because curiosity happened to get the better of you, or can we skip it?"


'Curly' grumbles such that it's not entirely certain if he's imitating a cat with a purr or something a little more annoyed; like a grumbling turned demon. Little yellow eyes narrow, "Baaamf.. bamf." He's not cute, dammit! He's a scary- um… yeah. Bamf!

"I think that has just about covered it, ja," comes as a reply. "But since you have already done it for me, the only thing that is left is 'you look as if you were run over by a couple of trucks.' Are you certain you are up for doing this?" Kurt looks dubious, to say the least.


"Yeah," Domino confirms Kurt's question. "No time like the present." That, and she's rapidly losing opportunities to make it happen. The noose is starting to close around her neck quickly these days, she's running out of places to go. If she doesn't take care of this -now- then she may not get another chance.

"Low-impact, remember? I can still use a keyboard." Then turning to look back at the factory with a slight incline of her head, "We've got electronic surveillance up the ass around this place. Cameras, motion detectors, wouldn't be surprised if they had some laser grids thrown about for good measure. With the Tri-City blackout some of them might be offline but I'm not willing to chance it. These guys are connected, they're going to have backup generators keeping the heart of their corporation online right up to the damn apocalypse."

"I don't know what the limits of your teleporting are but our best options are either the nook by the HVAC on the left or straight inside." She'll offer the binocs his way if it'll help.


Kurt can see quite well in the dark. The less light, the better, though the absence of light is a 'no go'. He looks over to the Bamf and nods in the direction. In the next second, the little guy is teleporting off Domino's shoulder and shows up on the other side, where she directed their view.


In the next second, the little guy is gone again, headed inside the building, attached to the ceiling of one of the rooms within. Skittering across the ceiling like a large dark fuzzy blue spider, yellow eyes blink as he takes in the sights.



The Bamf returns, this time landing on Kurt's shoulder, looking smug. "Bamf.. bamfbamfbamf. Bamf."

Kurt looks at his mini-self, nodding slowly before stating, "He says to stick to the ceilings. Darker. The lights are on, but low, which means they only have their running lights working. Enough for security to see in the dark. Like, generator lighting."



Domino involuntarily coughs with the puff of smoke right on her shoulder. Coughing also hurts, apparently. "Scouting party," she mutters while keeping her attention focused on the building. "Nice."


"You're kinda creepy when it gets dark out," she calmly states while still looking ahead of them both.

With Curly's return, and his usual native gibberish which means absolutely nothing to Dom outside of his tone at any given moment, she folds up the lenses and tucks them into a pocket at the back of her belt. Sticking to the ceilings sounds all well and good, with one exception.

The albino turns to look at the two, frowning slightly. "We don't all operate on the 'lick-n-stick' principle. Is there enough up there for us non-gravity-defying people to make use of? I'd rather not get my ass handed to me by physics tonight."


"You glow in the dark," comes softly. Kurt's not in the least bit insulted about being called 'creepy' while standing in mostly shadow. A smile grows slowly, and he adds almost as an aside in the same soft tones, "I am amazingly handsome in the daylight, though."

The moment Domino begins to poke holes in the little Bamf's process, it's actually a look of pity that comes to the little imp's face. "Baaaaamf…" Awwww. Too bad. Sympathy is in short measure, however, before an expression that looks vaguely more superior comes across the creature's face. He looks to Kurt, "Bamf? Bamfbamf. Bamf." Little chubby hands wave as if to underscore his thoughts on the matter and the large 'bamf' nods.

"We will find you a suitable place to land that is close at the very least. He can act as scout und get you in. If there is anyone around, I will handle that, ja? No. Killing." The fact she's armed hasn't escaped either of their notices, not Kurt's, not the Bamf's.


Glow in the..? Domino actually looks down at herself, wondering if she got dunked in luminescent dye without realizing it or something. "I do not," she counters with a bit of a scoff. "And you get to be very blue." Then she quickly holds up a hand. "'Handsome,' yes, like you said."

Curly earns himself an unamused glare with his condescending response. It lingers a moment longer as he works out a plan of action with his big brother, pale blue eyes shifting between the two.

"You guys are -so- damn weird," she says from the sidelines.

Weird or not, she's soon nodding to the pair as their plan is shared in a language which she can understand. Then comes the rolling of her eyes, reaching for one of her sidearms and racking the slide once to catch the bullet out of the air without another thought. She offers it to Curly first, of all things. As if he would be more difficult to convince. He's certainly more difficult to argue with.

"Polygel," she flatly states while returning the gun, minus one round, to her side. "Spreads on impact. Like getting sucker-punched by Satan." Pause. Glance between the two. "..Right. It's even bio-degradable. My operation doesn't get much greener than this. Can we go now?"


'Curly' catches the round and sniffs it, one eye narrowing while the other remains fully open as it's studied. Soon enough, the Bamf hands it up to Kurt, allowing him to study it briefly before handing it over, mostly satisfied.

"Satan punches pretty hard, but he prefers to use a sword." That's said so very calmly, matter of factly that it might be hard to determine if the elf is joking or is serious. Curly seconds it with a sober 'bamf' and a nod of agreement.

As for leaving, Kurt holds his hand out for the merc, and with a glance to the Bamf, the trio suddenly disappear from their perch on the roof, landing in a dark corner of an office.

The Bamf is glued to the ceiling, almost completely indiscernable from the shadows but for a vague outline and yellow eyes. Kurt is mostly in shadow, his body melding easily with the darkness. "Now," the larger 'bamf' looks up to where the little gremlin is and nods, "He will go check to see if the 'coast is clear', I think it is?" After a couple of seconds, a smile finally does creep upon his face. "I have always enjoyed this. Quiet in, quiet out. No one gets hurt."


"And you would know," Domino automatically replies. Before she can give the matter too much thought. She really doesn't want to know.

With the offering of a three-fingered hand she reaches out to take it in her own five-fingered one, muttering an "I really hate this p-"



Fighting through the momentary spike of nausea, made that much worse by an already tortured stomach (getting clocked by Captain America's shield will do that to a person,) she ducks low and ..waits. Trusting in Curly's recon. While she could just charge off on her own (and would like to do just that!) she can't risk being separated from either of her exit strategies. If she has to get herself out of here the old fashioned way it's going to add a ton of extra unwanted variables into the mix. She's not ready to push her luck quite that far.

"That works," she confirms to Kurt's attempt at speaking the lingo. Then, she quietly adds "In a perfect world" as her own eyes adjust as much as they can to their new environment.

Truth is, she doesn't want to have to deal with anyone else. If they do then someone will know there had been intruders, which is just sloppy and detrimental to the scope of this job. The smaller their collective footprint, the better.

"So you do this sort of thing often?" she asks Kurt while waiting for their scout to return.


Then they're in agreement. No one gets hurt.

While the bamf is away, Kurt is happy enough to stick to the shadows, but not disappear into them. He's more than aware how disconcerting it can be- how many times has he been yelled at, 'Kurt! Stop that! You gave me a heart attack!'?

More than a few.

"Breaking in to a place with right cause? All the time. This?" Kurt gives Domino a grin before he answers, "This? Never." That should help assuage fears, right? Right?

Curly's back, and he's a touch more animated than before. He lands on Domino's shoulder, tail gently curling around the side of her neck as he begins his 'report', arms waving in lines. "Bamf. Bamfbamfbamf bamf bamf baaaaamf." Kurt's expression shifts to one of a little more concern as he considers his 'little brother's words. "It may be a bit difficult for you, fraulein. You und physics aren't friends, as you said?"


"What, you don't think this is for the right cause?" Domino challenges the blue mutant. "I'd sooner believe it was than to think you were doing me a personal favor." Particularly with their less than stellar working relationship thus far.

Having a Bamf on her shoulder isn't such a big deal, though as Curly's tail finds its way around her neck there's a slow but steady progression of tension in the back of her shoulders.

"Wait-what? I didn't say that. I said that I didn't..oh whatever," she snorts. She actually -likes- physics! It's what lets her get away with things like aimed ricochets and half of the insane stunts she's pulled while at speed in various manners of vehicles.

"Just..lead the way. I'll manage. I'm sore, not helpless."

These two…

"We need to find the central server, it'll probably be kept low and in a climate-controlled environment. Probably heavily air conditioned to keep it from overheating."


'Lead the way'.

"Where I go, you cannot follow." Kurt grins after, and Curly puts a chubby three-fingered hand flat against his face. It snickers soon after, however, and leaps from Domino's shoulder, sticking to the ceiling. The moment he gets there, he flattens and is ready to go. Kurt does the same, though not quite as 'ferally', if that's a term? He's got a little more style, and he keeps his tail where Domino can see it.

"If you need help, just grab my tail und I'll pull you up."

Central server. It does mean going low, and while they do have some intel, it's not the best? As seen through a Bamf's eyes. "Take hold now, und we'll get closer."


Blink. "Is that..?" Domino starts in with a confused expression as Curly facepalms. As the two take to the ceiling, she hisses "Don't you quote that religious stuff at me!"

The idea that Kurt's -tail- could pull her up seems ..unlikely. There's not much -to- his tail, and plenty of people have enough trouble lifting an entire person with -both arms.- How could he -possibly-…

One never truly knows who they're working with. What she does know is that 'taking hold now' means 'another teleport.' She's already groaning inside. This would have been so much easier if she didn't get beat to crap just the other night.

On the upside, things are still going well. Nice and quiet. Barely any people around, and those they have spotted are easy enough to avoid. They haven't encountered any laser fields yet either, though the closer they get to the server means the greater the odds that they will.

"You're not too bad at this…" she softly mentions. "Either that or we're damn lucky tonight."

Maybe both?


Kurt chuckles softly, his face mostly obscured by the darkness as Domino 'gets' it. Probably a little strange, if she knew, truly -knew- about him, but it amuses him. It seems to amuse the bamf, too, though he won't show it. He's in full-on stealth mode, hand over foot over tail as he takes the ceiling on like a pro. Silent. Stealthy.

The moment Kurt feels a hand around his tail, he pulls Domino's feet off the floor, and a little higher before BAMF! they're gone and in a second room. "Do not put your feet down on the floor," he warns immediately, but very quietly. "I am going to swing you over to that table, und keep down. If you have IR spectrum goggles, I would put them on right now."



Okay..the tail's a lot stronger than it looks. Before they reappear Dom's eyes are wider than a moment ago, hanging from the ceiling by a tail made of hardened steel and a mutant with -something- on his hands and feet which let him hang from the ceiling, with both of their weight. With no obvious discomfort.

And people think -she's- weird!

"You can see that?" she asks, only continuing to be surprised. "Table, copy. On your go."

One repositioned albino later and..sure enough, she's going for the goggles. "I'll be damned," she mutters under her breath as the hidden laser grid then becomes apparent to her. She could say something silly like 'you really aren't human, are you,' but that would be the single most obvious statement she could make tonight.

Back to work, crouching low upon the table (and not all that unlike what Kurt and the Bamfs might do) she searches the room and points out the various bits and pieces of high tech security which she can find. And the vault door leading to the server, now sealed up and locked tight for the evening.

"Think you can get us through there?" she asks. The door itself is thick and solid as hell, it literally is a vault. However, it's also a well ventilated vault. Curly could probably find an air duct to crawl through and get inside, though it'll be a very cold journey for him.


"Was? Und you can't?" comes as a quiet, amused reply.

It's an easily tailswing, and once Domino's gained her footing and her eyes, Kurt is sure that the room has come alive for her as it is for him. Even if she did let that bit escape, the fuzzy blue elf would have answered it easily. It's a question he's heard over and over, and ulike some mutants, he's secure in his blue, be-tailed body. (It's taken him time, but he's truly -there-.)

Kurt listens carefully as Domino points out the various security systems, Curly nowhere to be seen, but there is a soft, returning, acknoweldging "Bamf." to the discussion from somewhere in the room. Shaking his head slowly, Bamf Prime looks dubious before casting a yellow-eyed glance up in a dark corner. "Can you find a way in?"

Neither of them may actually see the action, but Curly sends a two-fingered salute, fingers to his brow, then down, before he's on his way, scrambling across the ceiling. It's only the soft *bamf* sounding that gives hint that he was ever in the room to begin with. Through the grating, and he's off.


"I can -now,-" Domino replies in an annoyed tone. Technology to the rescue!

No one's really human here. Oddly enough, unlike Kurt, Dom's not quite so open about her true nature. Whether she's just being cautious or she generally has a problem with it is her own business, though the wildcard does serve a hand best so long as it is never revealed.

Case in point, Kurt's teleporting. There's lots of weird looking people out there, but until someone realizes he can teleport? Ace in the hole.

Curly being heard but unseen is a little unnerving until the albino can get a read on his location, the pudgy little blob of brighter colors showing up in her goggles. -Now- she has eyes on the guy. "This is starting to remind me of Aliens," she mutters as the little guy darts across the ceiling and disappears from sight. (They're coming out of the damn walls!)

A quick check of their elapsed time follows. They're still doing fine. Well within the operating parameters of the schedule she had calculated for their first task. Then, completely out of the blue (Zing!), she says "You and Mom don't get along too well, huh."


Kurt actually never truly says what his abilities are. Case in point, teleporting. His tail. He's still got several little Aces in the Hole, surprises for most. It's called survival, and Domino knows all about it, he's sure. It's how mutants 'in the know' survive.

It's a boasting mutant that doesn't survive long in the world.

As the time ticks, the question actually catches Kurt off guard. Brows rise, and he begins to answer, considers his words, then works on what is probably a more neutral tack. "She does things I do not agree with, und I am certain my beliefs do not sit with her very well." Even if the elf doesn't really want to go into too much detail, he explains, "She did not raise me. She threw me off a cliff when I was a baby." By accident, on purpose?


Oof. "That's a little extreme," Domino thinks aloud. "Is that when you learned you could teleport, or did that bit happen later?"

And why the sudden interest in Everything Kurt? Bored? Nervous? Generally interested in learning more about the guy..?

As far as individual beliefs go, she points out "You're all pro-life while she's a bit more flexible. Must have been a hard life for you, putting up with all of the rampant bigotry."

She doesn't yet make the connection between 'beliefs' and 'religion.'

"For what it's worth, I only ran the one gig with her. I have no idea where she's gone or what she's getting up to. Some people are real easy to get a read on, cover on the flippin' book. She isn't one of them."

Which is to say, Dom doesn't very much trust her. Even a bad guy can be trusted to act in a bad fashion. She finished the one job then moved on. Even mercenaries can get bad feelings about some contracts.


"I was a baby. But I could always teleport. It was something I've always known how to do. Natural to me as breathing." Kurt shrugs. He doesn't mind, overmuch. He's not getting into specifics, and this really is harmless.

"I believe in equality. One is not over the other; not mutants above humanity, not the other way around. What she believes in?" His shoulders rise in a shrug. "Her methods are more the difficulty, I think. I will not be the cause of a man's death, regardless of his beliefs. It is one soul, then, that cannot be saved."

Kurt sits upside down on the ceiling looking as comfortable as he would if he were seated in a chair. "Trust her to have her own reasons und motives for things. But is that any different than any of us?"

There is a moment's pause before, "So you will not be working with her again?"

Before Kurt can ask anything more, the Bamf is back, landing upon Kurt's tail, swinging there back and forth. "Bamf. Bamfbamfbamf.." and his hands gesture as he keeps hold by his feet, tail swaying in the swing. "Bamfbamf."

"I think he's saying that in order to get to the system, something will have to be turned off."


Maybe Dom didn't mention the subject of religion before but she's getting the picture all the same. She hasn't known many other people who say things like this without it being connected to some manner of faith.

"Not for the forseeable future," she confirms in a soft tone. "And whatever her agenda might happen to be, it isn't one of mine." For better or worse. One fights for their species, the other fights for money. Neither are particularly healthy motivators.

When the Bamf returns she, too, is looking at the guy. And comprehending nothing at all. It's in this moment that she realizes how much more difficult this would have been if she brought Curly without also having a translator on hand.

"Oh, so he's familiar with their security network. Whatever you're feeding these guys seems to be-"


"Shit, I need to drink more. Does he know what this 'something' is? If we're going to start lighting up their red board then we might need to start considering diversion-"

Before the thought can finish an alarm sounds out from deeper within the building. What few voices remain are faint and heavily muffled.

"Perimeter's tripped, we have movement!"

" that a -gorilla?-"

"Someone call animal control before that thing trashes the place!"

Goggle-masked eyes silently turn to look up at Kurt. Shoulders roll, the motion and its accompanying expression both looking almost helpless.

(1 in 806,950.)

"Now's your chance, Blueberry."


"Nein. He is smart. You just don't give him the opportunity." A chuckle sounds and it really is filled with good humor. "My advice is -don't- give him the opportunity." Kurt looks down at the Bamf swinging on his tail, and exhales in a sigh. "Thank you."

As for what that 'something' is, Kurt isn't saying, nor is he interrogating. Curly's already given his report, "Remember. We are getting a report of something through his eyes. It could be a giant gor—"

'Is that a gorilla?'

Kurt actually facepalms at the exclamation, but it's not long distracted. He shakes his head, not yet piecing everything together. "Then I guess it is time to go."

Swinging his Bamf-laden tail towards Domino, Curly then takes a firm hold on the tail and extends his own stubby version in the albino's direction. "Bamf!" Take hold!

In the next second, they appear in the control room.


That's -three- jumps down, now… By the time they reappear Domino's stomach is gurgling loudly enough to be heard. Part of her is already wondering if it'll be what triggers the alarms on them. "Thanks..I think," she groans.

But..! Here it is. The main server for all of the Orion Defense Initiative. Several flatscreen monitors are all laid about with a robotic arm hermetically sealed within a tall cylindrical enclosure just beyond that, full of hard drives ready to be accessed at a moment's notice.

"This here's the big leagues, kids," she quietly declares while plucking the USB drive from its resting spot at the hollow of her throat. An open port is found, the device plugged in.


"Of course," she sighs with a frown, turning away from the screen for a moment.

..There's a color chart pinned to the side of the desk. Colors for each wing of the building.

Dom looks at the list, finding the color for 'tech.'

She looks back at Kurt and Curly.

She turns to the keyboard and types in six digits before pressing return.

The login screen disappears, bringing up the contents of the drive.

"Blue," she says with a thin smirk. "The answer is 'blue.' In hex, but it all parses the same." Then looking to Curly with a little more amusement on her face, she says "You're a twelve double-ought eff-eff."


Now it's a matter of 'hurry up and wait' as far as Kurt is concerned. He's happily sitting on the ceiling, waiting, with Curly handing out on his tail, swinging casually. A barked laugh exits the fuzzy blue mutant and he quirks his head, "The password was 'blue'? Really?" 1200ff. "I will remember that und -not- use it as a password." The Bamf, however, looks concerned over the information. (He'll have to change some passwords, apparently?)


This time there will be no denying the albino of her prize. No more cheap shots like the Stark Tower Incident. If this system can't read the drive then Kelley died for -nothing.-

As it turns out, this isn't the case. The contents of the drive mention a 'Project Sentry,' including a description of something called 'ODIN 1143-X.' The drive's contents don't stop there. Following 1143 brings up a description, among other facts related to the device.

"It's a mutant sniffer," Domino mutters in a low tone. "These guys are trying to make a damn bloodhound to find mutants. 'Co-developed with blood samples taken from mutants and metas in SRD custody, a more unifying strain within mutant DNA could result in an eighty-five percent accuracy…'" she trails off, staring at the words.

There's also mention of plans to incorporate such technology into Projects Sequoia and Skywatch. And TIPIS.

"This is not good, Blue," she says in a heavy tone while digging around further. There's a partial list of inmate numbers within the SRD, including blood types and dates connected to each entry. There's also mention of something called 'Darkwater.'

A quick glance at her watch, another frown. "We've got enough time for two. Teleporters have honors."


Domino's words bring Kurt's attention fully around, glowing yellow eyes not moving from the new target; the albino and the monitor. 'Curly' goes a step farther and teleports from Kurt's tail to Domino's back, beady yellow eyes peering just above her shoulder. It gets a chance to see the screen for itself, and a hiss escapes, tiny pointed teeth showing in the gesture.

"Make a copy for me," is asked softly. "I will decide what to do with it later." Where does he bring something like this? He can't let it get out of hand. It has to stay quiet, tucked away with only a few with the knowledge. "We can't let this out. It would cause…" Panic.

"Promise me you won't." Kurt sounds serious, and with the next words, he's pushing the request home. "Promise me."


"I don't know if I -can- make a copy," Domino admits while quickly working at the interface. "The guy who took this drive tried to make a copy of it, he was going to blow the doors wide open on the whole damn thing. Even if I hadn't killed him he wouldn't have been able to access any of it."

Even after -she- killed him…


"I'm not looking to start riots," she distractedly replies. "Only keep my own ass safe." Since neither of the teleporters pick something from the list she decides to investigate her top choice next.


The mechanical arm before them suddenly comes to life, its truncated motions muffled but audible as electric motors reposition the arm. One of the drives is selected, moved about, then plugged in. Seconds later Project Darkwater is on the monitors.

It doesn't take her long to announce "So -that's- where the SRD's been getting their damned whump guns. They contracted Orion." In addition there's plans for many of the SRD's other hardware, including armored vehicles, containment cells, personal restraints, and body armor.

She also manages to uncover something highly experimental, skimming over the notes.

'Numerous unsuccessful attempts of recreating sample 901-A.'

A heavy weight settles into Dom's gut. She has a very good idea that she knows what they're referring to.

(I really fucked this one up, Nate…)

Before she backs out to search one of the other projects she also catches notice of plans to send the 901-A sample via rail to one of their satellite facilities out west. In a matter of -days.-

She could still do this… She still has a chance.

Then she quickly backs out, trying to keep Kurt and Curly from putting the pieces together. This is something she does -not- want them getting mixed up with. So, she tries to distract them both. "Sequoia, Skywatch. Pick one, then we have to go."


Kurt doesn't like the answer he's given, and Curly.. he's perched on Domino's shoulder and is reading everything quickly. The Bamf is quickly getting agitated, its tail swinging back and forth rapidly, making *whhhhp*whhhhp*whhhhp* sounds against the kevlar of Domino's vest.

"Sequoia." Decision is made, though the blue mutant knows the Bamf is watching. Studying. As much as the little guy can, of course. "We need to know." Kurt pauses a second before the enormity of it hits. "Before you killed him? Killed? Domino… you killed someone-" That sounds really dumb, even to his own ears, but he continues, "…for that?" Didn't he just make his feelings known about such things?


"It was a contract hit, okay?" Domino firmly states in her own defense, frowning but refusing to take her eyes away from the screen. "It was also half a year ago." A public hit, at a bar. It's the sole reason why NYPD still wants her thrown into a cell. "I didn't know that there was anything special about it, it's only by sheer dumb luck that I found this drive in the first place. Believe me, this is -not- something I want to be caught in the middle of."

Sequoia it is. The arm cues up another drive, swapping out Darkwater for another.

This one outlines plans to fully integrate every piece of inner-city surveillance equipment. TIPIS. Store cameras. Squad car cameras. SRD scanners. There's even mention of linking individual cellphones into one massive digital web which would allow a single person to be pinpointed virtually anywhere within the three cities. Combine this with 1143-X…

"There won't be a single safe place to hide on the eastern coast…"

They're all ideas at the moment. Concepts. But they've outlined some very detailed methods on how to make such concepts a reality. If Orion is ever given the opportunity to make their vision a reality.

"Paranoia's always been a powerful motivator for business. At least now we know who our future enemy's going to be."


"That's not much of a defense, Domino," Kurt offers. "Und there is no statute of limitations on murder." He should know. Still, with the death of the unfortunate comes this knowledge.

"The ends do not justify the means." Ever. Is he talking to himself?

Now, Kurt gets closer, hanging upsidedown as he looks at the screen. "Mein Gott," is whispered. "Maybe it won't come to be. Maybe they won't have any purpose to this. If we can get mutants und non-mutants together, this won't come to pass at all. Maybe it's just-"

Too many 'maybe's.


"I'm not looking for your forgiveness," Domino practically growls back at Kurt. "Let's just stay focused here, alright?"

Yeah… Too many 'maybe's. She's feeling even more sick than after all of the teleporting around. Despite this growing sense of dread she wants nothing more than to stay right here and keep uncovering Orion's horrible little secrets.

They just do not have the time.

The Sequoia drive is unmounted and returned to the rack. The USB drive is pulled from the panel, for what good it won't do her without this server. The interface is backed out to the login, the small drive returning to her choker as a pendant.

"We've gotta go," she repeats. "Right now."


Kurt gives Domino a steady look; his gaze boring into the back of her head, if she can feel it. He's in that odd state; glad to know, and unhappy in the knowledge. At this point, he's more than happy to leave; St. Patrick's is his next stop. This requires consideration, contemplation and prayer.

"Ja, we do." Kurt grabs the pair with a wrap of a tail around Domino's arm, and in the next second, they're on a rooftop, miles away from the place. It's cold. The wind is blowing, and there are puddles dotting the asphalt underfoot. "Give me the copy, und I'll leave." And he'll be true to his word. He -wants- to go.


Dom's used to getting The Stare. She's seen it plenty! Just..never from solid..yellow..borderline demonic eyes before…

It leaves a lasting impression, that's for damn sure.

It still doesn't distract her so much from the tail suddenly wrapping around her arm. "Hey-!"


"Would you stop treating me like the damn enemy here, 'Crawler?" she barks out, the volume returning to her voice in full now that they're far, far away from Orion's main factory.

His request is almost turned down outright. She fought to keep that drive safe. She -killed.- She ran, she hid, she drove all over the goddamn -country- because of that stupid thing…

One swift motion pulls it free of her neck, ball chain and all. Just like a dogtag.

"Keep the fucking thing," she growls while dropping it into his hand. "I don't want any part of this shitstorm."

She turns partially away from the two, hands on hips as a heavy sigh mists in front of her blackened lips. It takes her a moment before she mutters a "Thanks for the lift."



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