Car Chase Debrief

February 25 2015: Jericho, Lunair and Partisan talk to Susan in the aftermath of the attempted kidnapping.

CCU Headquarters

The armory and training center of the CCU, also generally where one can find Partisan.



  • Susan Mitchel - Lunair's Old Friend

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Jericho pulls up to the CCU headquarters after an hour or so of driving on backroads where folks won't report a car shot to hell. The gate opens and he slides into one of the garrages. He looks back at his passengers. "Come on. Lady in charge'll be in the main hanger, this way." He waves to Susan and Lunair and gets out to head that way.

Lunair nods at Jericho. She'll help Susan out if she needs it. "Sounds like a plan." The two have mostly been quiet, slightly dazed and overwhelmed. Though, they do start to catch up a little. Either way, they will follow him.

There are attack helicopters, there is a god damned MiG-21. Look at it, no really thats an actual fucking MiG-21 it's totally radical isn't it? Partisan however, works on something far older. It's enormous, it's a god damned A-26 though what do you expect? It's been brought to an aluminum polish bright enough to look like it's made from mercury, save for flowery metal flake gold trim. The Leaping wolf with a dagger in it's jaws emblazoned across the nose rides above simple text, "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS!". On the ground is a smattering of heavy machineguns and cannon, as the Partisan apparently proceeds with the modernization of a very old friend. She's dressed in a pair of greasy overalls, hair covered with an equally greasy bandanna and a cigarette smoldering in the corner of her mouth as she works. Dropping ancient 50 and 37mm shells onto the ground as she empties the bird out by hand.

"Part?" Jericho is looking for… well, actually, a rather attractive, tall Russian blonde. The kind you might, you know, see in promotial material or in tennis and so on. "Part, got company." He waves back to Susuan and Lunair, the former of whom is sticking very close to the latter that person being the only one she knows.

Lunair will explain a bit of what's going on, but the two seem to be pretty good at being quiet and following. They look over the MiG and A-26 and wow, helicopters. Certainly, Lunair herself is a bit in awe, though she smiles and waves. "Hello there." She remembers Partisan, even though they'd met in passing and near a box of pop tarts.

Partisan drops a hand down to the leading edge of that wing, before casually swinging down to the shop floor with all the grace of a cat. "So you do Jerry."Pausing to flick one cigarette aside into a waiting bucket, before lighting up another. "Lunair, right?"Glancing Lunair's way casually, before shifting her gaze to the new woman in her midst. "Why do we have guests, incidentally?"

"Yeah, Lunair. Have seat there, Lun you're looking a bit pale." Susan glances toward her and Jericho shrugs. "She'll be fine."

"Partisan this is Susan. She's from the same place Lunair's from…" Same program that is. "HYDRA tried to snatch her earlier this week and she went to ground. They caught up with her again when I did in Gotham." Beat. "Also I need to do some work on my car."

Partisan gives Jerry a -look-, she bought him that car. It was a very nice car, and already he's gone and bashed it up. "I see, pull it inside."Her gaze shifting towards Susan, before offering her a hand and a smile. "I am the Partisan, it's nice to meet you Susan. You're at the head quarters of the Chain Cutters Union, or CCU. We're a coalition of retired military professionals, who make securing personal freedom and individual liberty our priority. I do apologize that the place is a touch spartan, and I'm terribly out of sorts so you simply must forgive me. I'm afraid we weren't accepting company, but you are safer here than anywhere else in the world. Would you care to sit down, something to eat or drink perhaps?"

"Some… something stiff maybe?" Susan says in a voice that sounds entirely unlike that of a CEO. "God I haven't been able to have a drink and relax in forever. There's a lot to say. Your friend is right and I'm afriad it's my fault his car is shot up."

Jericho goes to get that something stiff. "Just the exterior. Armor lining held, thank goodness." Tires aren't punctured either, even better.

Partisan leads Susan to the little break room area and gets her a seat, before breaking out the Rakia. Stiff, oh fuck yes it's stiff. You could use it to degrease engine parts no doubt, perhaps she does? "This is what we do, don't fret. Have a drink, relax. Tell me whats going on, and then we can see what we can do for you. We're obviously not going to leave you to your fate of course."Quietly pouring a drink for the pair in neat little tumblers, before downing hers in a single pull.

"About three months ago I was approached by some… odd business connections. I just got a bad feeling from them. I should tell you in advance that I'm a telepath so that generally means something. A couple weeks back they started worrying me. I kept picking up stray thoughts about… my time. Three days ago they came for me. HYDRA. I managed to slip away but… not before I found out what they wanted. They wanted me… specifically so that they could convince me to make use of my talent." She shudders. "I've used it before, for personal reasons and personal gain. They had something… grander in mind. Using me to recruit others to suit their plans. Forcibly if necessary. I got the list from one of the attackers." She hands Partisan a piece of paper. "His mind, anyway, wrote it down."

Jericho whistles low. Subverting a telepath is a ballsy move. And one that speaks to certain intent.

Partisan thinks, honestly that the plan sounds really fucking dumb. So yes, a typical Hydra plan. She accepts the paper for a careful study, before calmly exchanging cigarettes. "I see, do you have the names of any of the assholes who worked for Hydra off the top of your head? Nothing critical, just like to see if I recognize any of the names. SOmetimes we see patterns, you understand?"

"A few of them yes. Maxon. Radcliffe. Beaufort. Not names I know." Susan sighs. Jericho leans back considering.

"Anything else Susan?"

"Two things. One, that they've been stockpiling 'magic' something for a while and they're getting ready to make a move. Two, that they needed a few more things. Big things. Things with… 'punch' was the thought. War machines of some kind. Oh, and there was a name associated with it. Zyklon"

Jericho says. "Damn it to hell. Part, I found a leak in MilStar a week ago. Someone's been culling navigational and positional data for some time. Possibly on SHIELD assets."

Partisan checks her watch, before peering back after the aircraft for a moment. "Susan I can't get you out've the country until tomarrow, so tonight you're going to stay here. I have a cot and things, so you don't need to sleep on the couch at least."Peering after Jerry before offering a shrug. "Get the old man's attention, let him know what we found out. Get Susan settled where nobody will find her paperwork wise, I'll get her on a flight tomarrow. Tomarrow I need you back here, We're pulling the little birds out of mothball and getting their hardpoints put back on. Also be a dear, and see if he could release us some hellfires? We may have to push ole'Gus back into surface I think."

"Can do Part." The Hellfires might be iffy. But if Hydra's getting hardware they may release them. Maybe some Sidearms or Stingers too…

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