Enemy of My Enemy

February 26 2015: Does Jericho care if Mystique does villainy things to Hydra? Nope.

North of Times Square

A quiet street corner north of Times Square



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It had been a message. Simple. 'Just north of Times Square. Corner of the street. Near the closed bagle shop. Feeling a bit blue.' Just that. Cryptic, sure. Directed, definitely. Someone wants Mystique's attention. Quite a bit, it seems since they went to the trouble of finding just the right board, just the right corner, and flagging the thread in just the right way. All signals. But from whom?

Well it is interesting if nothing else right. She does indeed show up, though she is of course not blue when she does. She isn't even a girl. A aged balding male tourist with a Greenpay packers t-shirt and an I Heart New York Cap on buys a hot dog and checks out the closed bagel shop and people in the local.

There's a note pinned to the door. It says simply 'Sometimes the answers just go right over your head.' Assuming the man does indeed look up, Jericho is perched a ways up, out of the way on a ledge, eating an apple. He quirks an eyebrow down as he watches and swings his leg.

The tourist blinks a couple of times then shakes his head and finishes eating his hot dog as he walks into the crowds and vanishes.

A short time later a young blond woman pops the window open by you and your ledge and eyes you sidelong. "What are you doing eh… I mean that is really bloody blatent you know." says the girl leaning out the window watching you.

Jericho chuckles. "Yeah. Well, there's a science to being subtly blatent. And I assume you got the message." The hacker takes another bite of his apple. "So… you're normally the kind of person I'd be all about fighting. But I've got a lot of enemies and while I'm not silly enough to think that you want to work together… anything that screws over HYDRA is something I can get behind. In general. If it doesn't risk my friends, so much the better."

The blond chick props her elbows on the windowsill watching you. "Not sure why you would be fighting me. I got nothing against you and yours." she eyes you and then the people out there being all touristy. "But no love lost with Hydra and I. They were hunting a mutant girl I ran into a couple weeks ago and I don't have patience for that.. also seemed to have some scanning drones. Which pisses me off."

"Well mostly it's the whole terrorist thing. Or at least so the newspapers lead me to believe. But you're right. I've never actually seen you do anything that gets me all heated. Read of, maybe, but that's another discussion. What would you say if I told you HYDRA has been trying to 'make' mutants for years. Not with much success mind you but apparently they think the idea of your kind as super soldiers is a pretty good one." They're not the only ones, Jericho knows, but they are some of the more ruthless ones.

Ms. Blond sighs there "Well they aren't the only ones but it doesn't surprise me really. I parsed apart some of the files they had on the one girl they were hunting and I didn't appreciate it at all. Of course Hydra is trying to weaponize everything and anything in their plans for world domination… bunch of fascists."

"Yes just so." The hacker nods. "So I was wondering to myself what people like that would want, where they would go for research fodder. Seems to me they'd have to get it from actual born mutants for it to be effective. And so you'd need test subjects. Lots of them. Probably not willing ones… unless you could magick them up. Make them willing. Which made me wonder… been down to Central America recently? Or to the Yucatan?"

Mystique narrows her eyes and turns to look at you closer. "No. I travel a lot but I can't be everywhere." she pauses "Are you suggesting that Hydra has secret central american mutant research center that needs to be destroyed?"

"I'm suggesting that they researched using arcane means to change people's minds. Subtly. And I'm also suggesting that they might not have been above acquiring some test material while they did it." Jericho says grimly. "And I'm further more suggesting that there may be a slight… discrepency in the general mutant population and a large section fo that land."

Mystique makes a face and rubs her face "Magic.. I hate magic…" she shakes her head and then glares at you. "Okay is that project still going on or is it a past tense thing?"

"Both. Sort of." Jericho waves a hand. "The people behind it moved on to phase two. I've not been down there yet to find out if there's anything left of Phase One." Though he's going. Soon as he gets a break. May be a minute or three though.

Mystique nods to that "I see. Well… I am interested in making a zero tolerance point on Phase 1. Finding Phase 2 and applying the principle there… and Phase 3 as well if it works."

"Funny you should mention that." Jericho smirks. "I'm kind of in the zero tolerance business myself." Beat. "By the way, I hear the Brotherhood took a big hit in Central America about five months ago. Right about when this seems to have started… I somehow don't think that's a coincidence."

It is a very large organization and much like Hydra has many heads to the snake. She will have to dig a bit to find out about this hit. "Interesting… well I appreciate this tip off. I am going to have to make a pointed lesson of this."

"Do that." Jericho stands and stretches. "Mmmmmm. Guess I should get back to my own work." He looks around and glances back to the blonde. "Nice Blonde, by the way. Do you do it from memory or… just think about what you want?"

The blond glances down at herself, and she leans out of view with a stretch and leans back into view and she is Lunair. Down to the letter, including the clothing. She eyes you for a long moment then notes sounding like her. "I just am myself…" then she ducks back out of view once more.

"Not quite adorkable enough." Jericho grins. He likes Lunair, but her mannerisms are definitely one of a kind. Is it kosher, really, siccing the Brotherhood on Hydra? No. Does he care?

Not one bit.

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