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<25 February, 2015>: The Titans put Oracle up to date and confer on their trip to Tokyo.

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It's been a few days since Raina had Garfield bring the Ice Nerd by the castle to communicate her latest findings. She's still not certain at this point if she'd like to join the Titans — having the power to corrode things quickly isn't necessarily the most team-friendly ability — but with the promise of a chance to go somewhere that isn't the safe-house area here, the urgency is less intense. She's not at this meeting though; it's one she doesn't want to know details of.

Gar has asked Victor to be here, though, because he was spotted with the a Titan or two and … well. The explanation.

Lisa, the business manager, discovered that the "Teen Super Sentai Titanic Hero Super Cute Show" — a Japanese cartoon series based very very loosely on some of the members of the team that Beast Boy, Raven, Nightwing, Kid Flash, and some others comprised — was being rebooted. Again. And this time, she wasn't going to let them just steal the images of the Titans. Not on her watch.

So, a trip to Tokyo may be necessary, in order to make the negotiations more, ahem, Personal. And to ensure that they don't add unexpected characters and traits. Also, they had a toaster in the show, somehow, that they were threatening to transmogrify into something resembling Victor Stone. So he needed to be here. Stupid paparazzi.

"Hi. We have a road trip planned. There's some information on the screen behind me," Gar says. "Our faces are being used to sell rice balls. And we're not getting paid for it."

"And that's not even counting what they are planning to do to ME," Vorpal says, arms crossed and a grouchycat expression on his face, "Why, they're going to make me look like a purple HELL-O KITTY in spandex!"

Well Misfit is totally taking this lying down, on the couch, upside down in fact, her legs over the back of said couch, so she is studying the screen studiously upside down now. "Okay… and how is that different than normal Vorpal?" teasing him lightly. "Also.. are they tasty rice balls.. and if so will they pay us in rice balls…. or are we after real money… also most important question am I in the stuff or am I forgotten and need to make an object lesson out of them?"

"At least I'm probably not even in it," Rain always kinda looks on the bright side. At least there's perks of being a relative unknown. They wouldn't make her into a magical girl when they already had one, right? Right. "Um." But she's helping out, and she does hang out with Victor now and then. Though, the title of the show makes her eyebrows lift. Hmm… An eyebrow furrows. "A … toaster…" Poor Victor. "Wait, really? I have yet to see this one. I'm sorry." Rain isn't much of an anime person, it seems. Although, images of a violet hello kitty float through her mind.

… still not as traumatic as the Silent Hilling.

It seemed like such a good idea, in the planning phases, a simple joke, but out of the blue the telltale sounds of Cyborg's jumpjets ring out. Instead of the lovable handsome charming, fantastic at cooking, and above all modest hero of wide renown, a giant toaster comes crashing down from the sky. Of course while it looks like metal it's actually more of a cardboard covered in aluminum thing but if people were going to call him a toaster anyway… well he had a lot of free-time lately alright.

"And have you seen the animation? Not the best, either. But as far as I think, the whole thing needs to be either resulting in us having a contract or them being sued," Bunker says, looking at a series of model sheets downloaded from the 'net.

"We all here? No, we're missing a Robin at least… Hm. I'll call Oracle. For those of you who haven't met Oracle, he or she or it — might be an AI, after all — is a sort of crime-fighter-organizational genius who works in Gotham City, organizing things for various people I'm calling Oracle to make sure that Robin gets the information, and because it might be interesting to them," Gar says. He pushes a single button on his D-Phone, and it makes the 'connecting' noise, lying flat on the table so it can project the Oracle's image as needed.

"So, as you see, Vic has demonstrated the problem we're going to face if we let these guys just go ahead with their unlicensed mayhem. I actually had to wear a purple mask for a while to keep them from bugging me."

Gar has shown Vorpal the mask. It's very weird.

"I'm convinced Oracle is a robot. It would be like Batman to have a crimefighting robot." Vorpal nods, and then stares at the toaster Vic.

"The mask was adorable. Albeit wrong-looking. Purple looks good on you, though…"

There is an eyeroll from upside down Misfit at something said, maybe several somethings. "No one is answering my very serious questions…." also reading the mission briefing upside down is also probably not helping.

Rain is trying to be serious, but she's really, really good at being obfuscated and unnoticed. It's sort of her thing. Which makes her a fantastic spy, but it gets lonely sometimes and she doesn't wear enough leather or catsuits to get into super spy territory. She looks to Misfit, "I'm not sure. Legal issues aren't my thing. If we go, I'll try to be polite but… I really am B-list at best." It's a cruel reality and fact. Also, anime isn't necessarily kind to tall, strange women.

"And oh."

"Uh yeah," Victors half robot head popping up from one of the slots on the two slice toaster with a bit of an audible ding, as he looks about. "No one wants to be a toaster," Speaking with the kind of confidence that says he knows exactly what he's done and that he'd meant it all the time. "On the plus side I would never go hungry." A single hand reaching up from inside the toaster a slice of golden brown bread in hand, before he just comps right down enjoying each bite. "We really do need to do something to stop it." The metal man speaking with a mouthful of delicious bready goodness.

Bunker really is momentarily speechless, watching Vic produce actual toasted bread. Then: "Where.. did that actually toast..?" he has to wonder out-loud.

It's rare that Oracle gets an incoming connection request from her Oracle app, but when she does, she knows exactly who the call is from and generally where they are. This time, Gar's avatar lights up on screens and the redhead in the Clocktower hits the accept button. "Hello Changeling, this is Oracle. To what do I owe the pleasure of this call."

Gar ignores the delicious smell of toast. Delicious. Buttery. Toast. No. Srs Gar is Srs.

"Hello, Oracle. I'm attaching some info for you that Lisa sent us, and a bit of news. Remember when the X-Men Red Team involved us in that thing with the dam upstate of New York City? Well, there's some Yakuza involvement, and the Titans are going to take advantage of our business trip there to engage in some snooping. I think." He sends the attachments.

A glance at Misfit; "They are prefabricated, not homemade, riceballs, made entirely by a hearless machine. They taste like puffed rice but with less flavor. I don't know if you've been put in yet, but Lisa put you on the list that needs to be represented," Gar says. He looks at Rain. "You're included, as 'the tall, strange, mannish woman in the witch hat who may actually be a tall, strange, womanish man in a wizard hat' - they also tried to include Booster Gold and somehow they got imagery of the druids and have them as cute little people riding fuzzy poodle-terrier dogs."

Vorpal sighs and hides his face in his hands. "What is in the water over at the water cooler at these animation studios?" he sighs, "Absinthe?" he shakes his head again, and then sits up. "Hi Oracle!"

Misfit notes helpfully "Probably LSD… also I am really cross with them… I mean I am totes made for anime…." well someone is not taking the right message on this front. No sir.

It's possible to spot the exact moment Rain dies a little inside. Her left eye twitches a little. Fantastic. She'd be better off as a guy. Maybe there's something to be said for androgynous bishounen? Oiii. She rubs the back of her head. "Well… I guess at least I get a cool hat. Still." Sadface. "And I like riceballs." Yes. She looks to Victor. "… how are you doing that?" Eyes widening a bit.

Victor wipes the crumbs from his face, nodding along in understanding of the conversation but when asked where he got the toast from the only thing he can think to reply with is. "When I make a costume, I go all out" A pause, as he vanishes back down into the bread-slot trying to remember exactly how to get back out of this getup without ruining the whole thing. "Should see me during Halloween," His voice echoing somewhat.

Bunker shakes his head. "I am so glad I'm too new to be in this thing." He pauses. "I'm not in the thing, am I?" he says, paging through the model sheets again. "Tell me I'm not…."

In the Clocktower in Gotham, Oracles eyebrows rise "Yakuza involvment. That is interesting." and that's all the redhead needed "Thank you for the update, please let me know if you need anything to aid with that snooping" Oracle has some amazing resources that may help the Titans. "Absinthe, LSD? Is that Misfit I hear speaking of LSD?" The redhead wondering what is going on.

Gar coughs, and tries to explain, "Now realize, this is still in preproduction. We have a chance to gently correct their misinterpretations. And we don't know for sure yet…" and Bunker gets to the page with his character. Gar winces. "It's Japan, Bunker."

Only the Japanese know why they've made Bunker into a Luchador. A luchador who wears a purple mask, purple boots, TIGHT purple speedo-style trunks, and is otherwise, well, nude. And built like a locomotive. And flexing … a lot. It has, apparently, to do with their preconceptions about alternate sexuality. Bunker's not yaoi so …

"It's early. We can fix it. We MAY need Robin along. They seem to have confused him with Nightwing. Again. Oracle, this is about the second file I sent, the one with the anime characters based on us, that we have to get some licensing control over."

Vorpal stares at Bunker's character concept. "Wow. You should totally consider changing your uniform to that…" he says, arching an eyebrow, at least he's not the only one getting a totally horrible makeover over in Japan. "Wow…"

Misfit falls into so many giggles that she almost slides off the couch and falls on her head there… she just can't help it. She does manage to snag the edge of the couch and pull herself up and around upright now.

"…" Rain's eyes just widen a bit. Her mouth opens and closes. There's a confused look. "I don't know anything about LSD, but we're all sober over here," Rain offers. But Rain is mostly listening, really. There's a deep horror. Although, hey, at least hers doesn't … seem to be the worst … maybe. But she does glance to her chest and look thoughtful now and then. Is it that bad? Geez. "I - imagine that Luchador are cool and loved, but - um." Well, they took the dial to 11, then laughed, snapped it off, stuck in a wrench and the whole thing blew up.

Focus! "So, we're going to get legal stuff sorted. And then there's… Yakuza involvement?" She's trying to keep this straight, despite the shock at designs.

"Thanks Changeling." Oracle pulls up the second file and her eyebrows rise higher and higher. "Well, I can see why you're heading to Japan." Bunkers picture has the redhead tilting her head to the side, first one way and then the other. "Is that Bunker? Oh and poor Robin… yes, Batma won't be happy with that…"

Gar nods to Rain, "The Yakuza are involved in providing explosives to the Brotherhood for their plot, but we're not sure yet what our involvement will be in resolving that. We have friends who will be there working on that aspect. We're mostly, I think, a distraction. That, and we really CANNOT let them use our images without some payment."

Gar doesn't even WANT to look at what they did with Robin. Nightwing. Whoever that person is they think they're using.

"And look," Vorpal says, flipping to one of the other character models, "They've changed your design again, Gar. They've given you simian arms and dragging knuckles. And one hell of an underbite. Yeeesh…" now Vorpal is completely transfixed by the bizzarrerie. "We'll need to straighten things out. Since Gar and I have public identities, we're probably in a better position to bargain than those who have to hide their identities. Unless Batman has a team of copyright lawyers I don't know about…" he looks at the OracleApp with curiosity.

"As far as distractions go… we can count on it. I do not think the chaos node will let us experience Japan without something several magnitudes of absolute weird happening to us."

Misfit considers the screen now "Man.. secret identities.. I forgot about that for a minute…. do we have an army of lawyers or are we just going to appeal to their sense of justice?" pause "Also I look forward to beating ninjas."

To be fair, though, Tumblr has already probably gotten a hold of Nightwing. And Rain has to keep a certain Asgardian firmly away from Tumblr. Hers is a mighty, difficult job. Rain listens to Gar and hms softly. "I see. That's good." Then a blink at Anime-Gar. "I also like to kind of keep hidden, although I suspect falling house and certain householders kind of thoroughly outed me."

At Vorpal's concerns about chaos, Rain goes quiet. "I really hope it's not tentacles." … because she's dealt with them before. It's not her favorite job. "Or demons, because a lot of Japanese ghost stories end in 'you're pretty much screwed'."

"I'm only allowed to turn into Gojira if there's already a Kaijuu Attack Warning," Gar says seriously. He grins at Misfit's remark about ninjas.

"Ninja lawyers. And we don't really NEED to appeal to their sense of justice — they do have privacy laws and the first-team members have a contract with the studio. So my ninja lawyers will beat their ninja lawyers if we have to worry about it. But we probably won't. The writers and animators are complete geeks for superheros in real life, and they'll do just about anything you ask them if you approach it right."

"Just as long as that approach does not involve me doing 'kawaii' things in one of those strange talk shows. I am willing to do a LOT for my Titans family, but even a cat has his limits. I will not dress in silver spandex and try to fit through holes in moving styrofoam walls over a pool of goo… unless the rest of you are doing the same." Cheshire grin.

Misfit looks over to the purple feline at that one "Well I imagine I could do it just as good as you…. I think we should go on one of those shows… I always wondered what they were saying without the bad english dubbing…" side tracked once more from Ninjas by Vorpal this time.

Bunker frowns as he finally comes to the model sheet, then he looks at Gar. "Yes, we'll need Robin along, because he has bombs and thermite on that belt of his. And I say we all need belts with bombs and thermite, because the only way to deal with this is to kill it with fire. Does anyone know how to trigger a tsunami?"

"It's right about now I wish I had a nicer figure because mine is kinda technically accurate." Sadface. With the right lighting, her hair up and outfit, Rain really could pass as a guy. Granted, her habit of forgetting to eat probably isn't helping. Rain shrugs. "It's okay. It's hard to draw something from just a description." And really, tall, skinny woman? Yeah. Rain's - not exactly too far from reality, alas.

Then a look to Bunker. "No, none of that. We can talk to them. I'm sure it'll be fine." And ninja! "I had a ninja roommate once. Never saw the guy though…"

"You're elegant, Rain. Elegant," Gar says. He checks the notes… yeah, everyone's been properly horrified by their designs, even if Robin is only horrified by proxy. And while Bunker's reaction to his image hasn't convinced him to take up extreme weight training, it's possible that he may inspire a whole new world of unique stereotypes.

"If there's no more business, I think we're done with this meeting. I'll let you know what the specifics are on the trip once we know them," the green guy says. "Or Lisa will. She's making the arrangements," and his voice is almost giddy, "I don't have to do the logistics now."

Bunker rubs his face. "As long as we're not firebombing Toyko, can we at least, like, bring water balloons?" he says as he puts down the notes and model sheets. "I'd still feel better with weapons…" he says as he gets up and makes for the door.

"Bea Arthur was elegant. Tall and slender women have nice figures, don't you ever think anything to the contrary," Vorpal puts in. Thank goodness he's never met Deadpool, and neither has Rain, because then that Bea Arthur fact would probably just depress her. He does feel for Miguel, though… that design. Wow.

The speedos aren't a bad idea. Okay, nevermind, they're a terrible idea, but he'd pay to see that.

"I think the meeting can be adjourned." He grins at Gar, "How do you feel about Chinese tonight? My treat. Anyone else who wants to come along is welcomed. Maybe we can work out what kind of designs we'd prefer as improvements."

He reaches out and gives Gar's cheek a pinch, with a grin. "And see if we can get that underbite fixed."

Misfit rolls off the couch bouncing up to her feet "I can't wait… also I probably don't need a plane ticket. I want to try bouncing to Tokyo… or where ever we are going.." like it is a challenge or something. She smiles to everyone "off to patrol.. call me if you need me." she salutes and bounces out >pinkurple>.

"I have a speedo, actually. From my time with Namor," Rain admits sheepishly. "I just uh." Ahem. She smiles to Vorpal. "Thanks. You guys are too nice," And Gar, too! Bea Arthur is pretty kickin' rad. "Thanks for having me here. I'll probably go deal with an infestation of underwear gnomes down the block and um. Some other occult detective stuff." Rain gets up to THINGS UNSPEAKABLE. Really, ask her about the sea of organs and the near-Cenobite levels of ultra masochistic chimera doppelgangers. It was rough. "See you!" She smiles and waves to Misfit. "I actually used my motorcycle. Captain wanted me to get some catnip plants, and I needed to pick up some other things. I'm glad I got to see you guys." She'll probably wander shortly to go do her things.

Oracle has been listening to the conversation and shaking her head in bemusement most of the time. "I'll let Robin know he's needed and square that" somehow "with Batman. Let me know if you want to access anything digitally, as I've said, I've resources available." The file on the Yakuza is still open on her screen… "And thank you for the information on the Yakuza. Oracle out."

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