Show of Force

February 25 2015: Pepper, Zatanna and Misfit drop in on Jericho… leading demons in a fight?

Limbo Badlands

A battlefield in the badlands, this fight is over and the losers have paid the price.



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Smoke… Limbo smells like smoke. Well, the part of it Jericho is in right now does anyway. Smoke and demon blood and… a few other things. Jericho is walking through the remains of… well one could call it a battle. His blade is stained with black blood and the same seeps into hard red ground under a red sky. There's about twenty or so demons abpit. He'd brought them along for this fight. Demons are always willing to fight. Fewer then there had been 'rebel' demons - ones that don't recognize the Darkchilde as Queen - but the soldier-turned-hacker counts for… well, depending on the specific kind of demon he can count for a lot.

His traces are flushed blue rather than red, since he'd been using them, but they're slowly turning back now as he pauses on a small rise to overlook the scene. Fight seems to be largely over.

Pepper Potts invited the two dark-haired women to lunch after having been so unceremoniously returned to her office from Fenris's … magical forest? She's not sure how to describe the place. Regardless, she wanted to reassure Jesana at the very least that everything is okay on her side. Thus, the invitation.

Despite Stark Tower still having a few construction zones left inside the building proper, it's looking more and more like nothing bad happened all those weeks ago and Pepper's office is one of the finally finished rooms. All of her furniture (or identical replacements) is back, there's a flatscreen TV back up on the wall, and a pot of jasmine tea steeping on the wet bar in anticipation of the younger women arriving.

Zee's teleported to just outside Stark Industries with Jesana and they're just being shown up to Peppers office. "Hello Miss Potts…" Zee has her arm linked through Jes' again, a form of reassurance for the young woman and she holds out her hand to Pepper.

Zee's dressed a bit casually today, in figure hugging blue jeans, a cutesy top and a bomber jacket, the diamond encrusted collar still at her neck.

Just as Pepper takes Zee's hand, something happens, and the three women arrive just behind Jericho with a soft 'pop' sound.

"Oh no… Illyana is just not going to let me live this down… I'm so sorry, Miss Potts, Jesana…. " Zee mutters, a frown creasing her brow as she notes the colour of his traces and the, is that blood?, on his blade. Sighing loudly, she speaks "Hello Jericho… did you have need of me?"

Jes cuts off an angry growl at Zee's apology. If Zee brought them here by accident..that's okay. She likes Zee and has decided to trust her. She hugs her arm a bit tighter as she stares at the strange landscape. The gesture is very appreaciated. Touch had been an important part of her family life as a human and a coyote and its the only thing aside from them she's missed since coming to the city. Jes looks over at Jericho and blinks. "You. I remember you. Zee's friend. Her nose is flaring again and her gaze turns towards the demons and she hisses. "Foul creatures."

"Be nice to the critters." Jericho says turning, eyebrow quirking at the three women. "They're in a fighting mood. Well. They're always in a fighting mood, but they've actually been fighting so… more so." Beat. "I swear, I didn't ask K'nert to go get you. Teleport misfire, Zee?" The three women may realize that… they're on a battlefield. Well the field of small battle. Which is apparently over. With the… customary results of a battle being over.

Pepper Potts startles when Zee's handshake makes things…. suddenly different. She turns around as well, and has to stop herself from reacting to the carnage scattered around them. Closing her eyes for a second, she takes a breath, ignores the smells that accompany it, then opens her eyes again.

"They are Jes…" Zee nods in agreement "That's Jericho…" she'll keep saying his name as a reminder. "Are you ok, Miss Potts?" She's seen Pepper in some interesting situations. Jericho gets a strange look "Yeah, real good one this time… As I shook Miss Potts hand…" she shakes her head "So, what are we looking at here?"

Jes gives Pepper a glace to check on her. She hasn't really had enough time to form an opinion yet but Pepper seems like, like a real lady and a lady does not belong in this place. She doesn't seem at all bothered by the carnage. She's a hunter in both forms and has been since before she could even walk as a human. When she turns back toward the demons the only expression on her face is of mild interest. There might be a trace of concern when she looks at Jericho and asks "Are you hurt?"

Jericho glances down. Some burns from feedback. Not many though. There weren't strong enough or skilled enough demons here to be a real danger in a fight. Which was why he dealt with them now instead of waiting for that to change. "No, not seriously." He says, turning to Pepper and Zee. He looks over sympathetically. "Sorry Pepper. Not pretty I know. Zee, I was dealing with a small problem before it turned into a big one. Not all demons accept Illyana's rule here and this is definitely a case in which an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you know?"

THat still means he was here… in a hell realm… leading demons… to fight other demons… in his… spare time?

"Is this … a hobby of some sort, Jericho?" Pepper is realy, honestly trying to not look around again, keeping her back straight and her chin up and her eyes on the hacker-turned-demongeneral. "And… maybe there's somewhere else we can talk?"

Unfortunately, Zee is coming to understand the prevention is better than the cure approach when it comes to demons and she nods to Jericho. "Not a hobby, exactly Pepper." Zee's kind of amused because Jericho's always been a little circumspect when it comes to his role in Limbo. "You're hurt enough, again though Jericho, let me heal you… um, maybe when we're somewhere else, though?" and glancing to Jes, she's happy to let the other woman hold onto her arm for now.

Jes smiles at Zee and then holds her free hand out to Pepper. "They can't hurt you now." She realizes its probably the sight of them that's the problem but there isn't really anything comforting to say about a sight of slaughter. She'd watched the others talking with a bemused frown. She has no idea whats going on, but that is rapidly becoming a new normal for her.

Depends on who Jes means by 'They'. Jericho looks about and nods to a cave that seems to be mostly demon free and corpse free. "Over here." He's silent on the walk over. Gets some looks from the demons he lead but they're busy 'cleaning up'.

"Right, I'm okay, Zee, though if you want to have a look be my guest." He glances over to Pepper and shakes his head. "No not a hobby no. Keeping things clear so there's no trouble here. Or as little as possible. I have worries enough back on earth." He glances out. "Sorry you had to see that though."

Pepper Potts follows Jericho to the cave, carefully stepping over and around anything along the way without really looking at them. She nods to the hacker and makes a point of NOT looking back the way they came. "Understandable, Jericho. I'm sorry we dropped by at an inopportune time."

Following Jericho, Zee nods and gently disengages herself from Jes. Moving closer to Jericho, holding her hands out, a faraway look comes to her eyes as she lets her power flow. "Not too bad Jericho, but this will make you feel a little better."

Jes seems surprised by Pepper's words. "I don't think I've ever met someone so very polite." She comments softly and watches Zee for a moment but when it looks okay she glances around the cave and then half turns toward the entrance. If something thinks its going to sneak up on them, it's going to be in for a surprise.

Jericho sighs as the pain ebbs away. "Better. Thank you. I'll get you back to earth soon as can be but K'nert's running an errand for me." Or Zee can try but if her teleports are misfiring… maybe not a good idea. "Anyone thirsty. No food here but I did bring some water." He glances at the three. "Okay, I know you have questions. I can see it in at least your expression Zee." If not Pepper's. Maybe Pepper's. "Is everything okay out there? You did come here by accident right?" If they came here on purpose, things are bad.

Yes, Pepper does indeed have questions. But she also knows when they are and are not appropriate. And right now just does not feel appropriate. "No thank you," she replies to the offer of water, and she simply watches Jes take up a metaphorical guard post toward the mouth of the cave.

"Water would be nice, thanks Jericho" Zee looks the hacker over before glancing at Pepper and Jes. She frowns a little before continuing "K'Nert's probably a better option. I wasn't even really thinking about you when we teleported. Oh… and yes, totally by accident." As to questions "Really Jericho, I need to work out why this happens… and what I need to do to stop it."

Jes simply listens while staring out the mouth of the cave. If she has questions she isn't asking any. Nor does she accept the offer of water. If Zee is going to drink it then it's probably fine but..she has no plans to consume anything in this place unless she has to. She does however remove her leather jacket and let it drop to the floor. Now she's only wearing her sandals and black woolen tunic shirt that goes past her knees. It looks very easy to put on or take off in a hurry. Oh, and the knife. She's got a six inch blade strapped to her back. It looks like some sort of dagger. Suddenly ending up in a strange forest after walking through a regular door seems to have set her slightly on edge.

Being yanked into a minor hell realm probably didn't help either. Jericho hands over that water. "I'm not real sure but I imagine it has something to do w- oh there's K'nert now." The imp scampers back into the room and glances at the three woman with a frown, then hisses something to the hacker. He responds in a language that Zee has heard him use before. Pepper and Jes though… well, nothing about demonic sounds right. Or natural. And it makes his voice resonate slightly. The imp nods.

"Wonderful. Follow him. He'll get you out before something starts chewing on you."

Pepper Potts is about to step over and pick Jes's jacket up off of the ground when K'nert skitters into view. She flinches, but calms again quickly when she recognies the little fiend and scoops up the jacket to either return to its owner or to carry for her. Either way.

"Thank you La-Miss Pepper." Jes is a little occupied with making sure none of those things do try to chew on them. She had seen the little ..whatever it was coming and her expression suggests she'd rather skewer it than follow it but she hasn't drawn her blade. As long as nothing is outright attacking them, she's gonna let Zee handle this. Jericho is her friend and Jes still has no idea where the hell they are, though she's pretty sure it is indeed some kind of one.

"You and I, Jericho" Zee sighs as K'Nert appears "have some words to be spoken." The magician stalks to where K'Nert is. Noting Pepper has Jes' jacket and such, she looks to the Coyote "You've done well, lets go, hmmm? I'll try to explain, somewhere a little safer." The imp, K'Nert, gets a look "Take us safely and I'll buy ice cream…" Zee has no idea if it understands or not.

K'nert does absolutely speak english. And he'll be expecting that payment. Deals with demons. At least ice cream is a pretty small price to pay.

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