Snatch and Grab in Gotham

February 25 2015: Jericho and Lunair go to recover Susan… and someone else is there with the same ideas.

Midtown Gotham streets and highway

Gotham City streets are unusually quiet tonight



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Jericho's finally located Susan. She had indeed fled to Gotham and the hacker's gone to go get her. Because he knows that Lunair will be necessary for this meeting, he's called her and asked her along. Currently they're driving to the meeting site, in the central business district of Downtown Gotham. A plaza by the road in front of the county recorder's office. Very gothic. Very ornate. Lots of pillars. Roadside parking. Convenient.

There's a reason that Jericho brought his souped up X5 to this. His bullet proof souped up X5. And not just because it's Gotham.

"She said she'd be up ahead."

Lunair is totally glad to help. No one deserves to get Hydra-dize'd. Lunair is a good, quiet passenger, hands in her lap. "I'm glad she's okay, at least." Hopefully. And to be fair, a bullet proof car is a good thing in Gotham. A shivving is usually how people greet one another or something. Even the pigeons have switch blades. She looks around, quietly concerned. "Okay, I'll keep my eyes open."

Lunair is going to watch ahead for her former fellow lab subject and friend (well, former in the sense that time and distance had worked their magics. She does care).

What does the Tokyo nightmare have to do with hackers and Hydra? Not a single god damned thing, this isn't even so much as patrol as it is stalking in that hero way (not in the creepy "let me be your boyfriend" way). Johnny Stuggs is the target of his interest this afternoon, international playboy and art thief. It's enough to keep Tokyo watching his place of business, which brings him down to the business district. Leaning casually against his blacked out "ninja bike" and watching. This level of the corporate building was empty for remodeling today, how did he get a motorcycle and himself onto the second story of the building? Ninja stuff, obviously. Dont ask.

There she is. She's died her hair apparently. It's dark brown now, not the usual auburn and she's dressed more like a low level corporate drone - a poor one at that - than a CEO. Jericho picks her out only because he's got facial recognition software…

Which is how he sees the snatch coming. Someone either got lucky or was closer to finding her than he thought because before he and Lunair can get out of the car two men snatch her off the bench and shove her into a black audi which peels out… waay faster than it should. A scream splits the air, and then the shrieking of tires.

"Damn it to hell! Hang on Lunair!" He doesn't know what they'll do to her, but he does know it won't be good. For anyone. He throws the X5 hard right after the Audi as a pair of black SUV's pull in behind them. Naturally they have help. "I was hoping not to get this thing shot up." Jericho growls. "Lunair, I may need some firepower."

Lunair is unaware of Sho and ninja bidness. She is not ninja. Lunair spots her friend. She remembers, though it's been a long while. Her eyes widen. "That's -" That's not fair! Lunair nods at Jericho. "I'm going to owe you like, double if it does. Should I take care of our tailgaters? Also, I guess I can use something not an RPG." She asks. There's always the rocket launch the tail gater or shoot their tires out or… Well. She'll wait for the affirmative from Jeri before rolling down a window and armoring herself.

Calmly The Tokyo nightmare throws a leg over that blacked out CBR, before leveling it out and kicking it back. Up onto the pegs he goes as that race tuned motor snaps over with a distinctive snarl, nothing quite sounds like titanium exhaust does it? Then up comes the throttle, and the clutch drops. Roaring across the corporate office, leaving a gnarly black trail of rubber across that cheap carpet.
It sounds almost like a gunshot, and an enormous sheet of glass explodes across the street. People are running, traffic immediately grinds to a halt and all eyes turn skyward as a Motorcycle comes into view. It's rider dressed more like a samurai than anything, and then theres that distinctive mask and a sword. That's the Tokyo Nightmare, live and in the flesh folks. Stood up on the pegs as he guides the bike across both lanes of traffic, rear tire just barely kissing the hood of a parked Crown-vic before it hits the pavement with an audible -WHUMP-. Immediately throwing up a fat ripcurl of tire smoke as the bike explodes between those neat ballards meant to stop traffic , making a B-line right for that Audi as that gnarly exhaust note echoes against the urban canyon. Funny how much it sounds like a roar, isn't it?

The moon roofs of the SUV's slide open and a pintle mount pops up, on which there is very quickly an LMG mounted. Two machineguns for the bad guys. And a Nitrous boost for the Audi which pulls it further away from Jericho's X5 before it fades. "Holy HELL!" The hacker crys out as the motorcycle streaks past him. No positive ID but it doesn't… look like a hostile?

"No explosives thanks, Lunair, too much collateral." LMG fire opens up, pinging off the bullet resistant hide of the X5. "Get 'em off us though!"

The window rolls down from that Audi and someone leans out with a MAC-10 and starts to fire on the Nightmare.

Wince. That's not good. They've got MGs. Bah. There's fear and consolation: At least they want them alive? "Whoa." Her eyes widen at the motorcycle and the NOS boost. "Wait, they seem familiar somehow," She considers. "Really fami—" Wait, isn't that? Nevermind, Lunair is distracted now. "Okay, okay." No RPGs. That's going to make this a little tricky.

"I totally will help you with repair money, too." She owes him. For now, Lunair has her armor on, and the window is down. Gotta think… Oh wait. Railgun! Only her railgun! It can pop tires, put holes in things - like enemy cars and also enemies themselves.

The bike sweeps wide, dodging fire ever so artfully before sweeping back to the opposite side. Crossing that CROWS field of fire and cutting off the Mac-10 in the blink of an eye, before plunging into on coming traffic without much real apparent effort. Sweeping through the gaps with buttery smoothness, it's absolutely like something out of a movie right? Shoulder ducking as the CBR weaves it's rider beneath a rear view mirror. It's tough to even keep track of where he is, until he threads the needle. Cutting back after that Audi hard, crossing infront of a dump truck and rolling his body down along the bike mid turn to sweep the bike beneath the axles of a semi-truck. Right hand flashing to his side, as he races after the Audi's front left fender. Tokyo Nightmare ladies and gents!

Jericho is weaving to avoid the fire and the drivers of the SUVs are no slouches. Sure he's got armor and run flat tires but the car will eventually quit if he lets it get shot too much. Granted it makes it hard to hit things… on everyone.

The Audi jukes. The driver… he's good. He's in a high performance, modifed car and he's definitely professional level. The same can be said of the shooters… well… one less now. No MAC 10 but a man rolls back the sunroof to poke out with an MP-5K and starts unloading at Tokyo like he's got all the ammo in the world.

"Definitely not hostile. Don't shoot the bike! LOOKOUT!" Jericho swerves again to avoid smacking Lunair's head against a truck going the other way as the chase turns and speeds onto the freeway.

Railgun or not, she's going to do her damndest to try t otake out the shooters behind them. Those SUVs have GOT to go. "Wah!" Lunair ducks in, startled as he swerves again. She has no intention of being made into roadpaste. "I wasn't gonna," She promises. "I only know one guy who is good at motorcycle stuff," She considers. But there's no time to think about it. She pops back out with the railgun like an angry, well-armed weasel.

The wind and force rushing by make it tough to use larger guns without them going flying off, so she's going to do her best as she is. Railgunnin' it! Though, she is quietly impressed by the guy on the motorcycle.

Tokyo rises onto the pegs, before hunching foreward with one hand resting on the gas tank in a manner….oh shit he looks just like Samurai Cavalry. Sweeping past the Audi's rear bumper, you never actually -see- the sword come out but bits of paint and unarmored bumper go flying as he slashes at that rear left wheel. It's rider leans back "in the saddle" just a touch, before lifting that sword to raise it above his head. The bike sweeping back to the left to come around to the Audi's opposite side without ever touching those bars. Glaring after the passenger compartment behind that mask before giving a hearty cry of one thousand years, in Japanese of course this is "BANZAI!"

Armor is good. Railgunproof armor is… Hard. Lunair after a few bursts has left one of the vehicles far behind them, the engine block shot to hell. The other one is… well the driver is very, very good. Fire zeroes in on the armored figure hanging out the window. It's innaccurate. But there's a lot of it. "Hang on!" Jericho slides around a semi truck and weaves them back onto course, accellerating to catch up to the Audi, but the SUV stays right on their tail.

HOLY CRAP THERE'S A MOTOCYCLE SWORDSMAN! Show can easily see the woman in the back still struggling with two assailants as the panicked man out the sunroof tries to fill SHO full of holes.

Lunair would be pretty impressed. But she's a little distracted. She pulls her head in while Jericho weaves, just to be safe. It also gives him room to work, too. She blinks, eyes widening at the samurai guy doing his thing. "Oh wow." Holy crap. And there's her friend from the lab in the back. No time to think on it. Lunair's head pokes bac out, and railgunning resumes. If she cannot take out the occupants, she can at least do some serious damage and slow or stop them.

Tokyo pops up to stand on the seat of that bike, leaning back to almost casually ease the bike around a slower moving car before swinging it back towards the Audi. Then, he takes the leap. Snapping his shoulder down and flailing mid air before -POOF- an explosion of bright pink smoke and a 120lbs of oak comes tumbling out of where Tokyo was -supposed- to be. Sho plants a sandal on the block of wood and drives foreward, gaining just enough distance to make the jump cleanly. He hits the Audi -HARD-, and almost short. Driving that sword to the hilt through the roof just beyond the A-pillar, and embedding the tip firmly between the legs of the poor fuck sitting in the passenger seat. Tokyo plants those sandals against the bottom of the door, before leaning in and with a -SHOUT- out comes a long knife in his left hand and with an audible -CRACK- he embeds this too in that armored glass like it was balsa wood.

Jericho stomps on the gas and the X5 roars forward, now cathing up to the Audi and stopping just short of ramming. As they pull away from the SUV Lunair hits the fuel tank. Hit fuel tanks don't explode… but they can catch fire and it's only ten seconds or so before the vehicle is smoking uncontrollably. "Lunair, if he can get Susan clear, get ready to deal with that Audi!"

Sho is inches from a man reloading. The safety glass of the rear window cracks and shatters, giving him free reach into the rear seat.

Whoa. Lunair pulls her head in as Jericho stomps the gas, but at least she managed to deal enough damage and the second SUV is smoldering. She nods. "You got it," Railgun disappears. A high powered rifle appears. "I'll try to be more particular with it," She promises. Lunair doesn't want to take her friend out, too. She's watching, lining up a shot at a tire, perhaps - waiting for a cue. The world seems to be going slower, the brain eager for more time to process all of what's seen and going on around her.

The Ninja swings through that safety glass with another audible report, kicking the poor fuck who was reloading in the process. He wraps an arm around Susan, before whispering something under his breath and theres another explosion of pink smoke inside the car. Susan is, quite suddenly standing on the side of the road more than likely beyond confused about what just happened. A massive block of wood thuds down into the car as Sho pulls himself up through the sunroof, grasping his sword in one hand. THen smashing that sandaled foot down on one side of the steering wheel, and rolling over the top of the car as it careens. Tokyo hits the pavement sandals first, leaning back as those hard wooden sandals skitter across the pavement. Sword flashing artfully just once, as he resheathes it like it was nothing.

"NOW!" Jericho swings the car into a side skid to give Lunair a shot out her window, letting the confused Audi roll away… for now. He doesn't hold it long and likely knocks Susan all around in the process, and then turns around to head back for Sho.

Lunair will take the shot, trying to take out the Audi's tire. She'd be impressed by the NINJA ACTION up ahead, but she is intent, still. Wait for the figure 8 … then shoot. If she can, she might take a pot shot at the driver, though that may be easier said than done. She's a bit confused as to what the heck just happened, too. Is that Susan on the side of the road? Holy snaps.

Tokyo bleeds just a bit of speed, before rolling foreward into a dash and…wait whats that sound? His bike whips up alongside after bouncing against the center divider, and with practiced ease Tokyo plants a sandal on the footpeg and mounts up. Dumping the bike from fifth back down to second, before getting on the gas and speeding foreward in the BMW's wake. If Lunair doesn't finish the job, well it would indeed appear as though Tokyo is more than willing to do so!

The X5 skids to a stop and turns as Lunair takes her shot. The shot causes the car to skid out of control and hit a median. No chance to recover from that one… the driver however, seems to still be conscious. Susan has spotted Armory now and is making right for the white car. "MURIEL!"

Holy noodles. Lunair blinks at what just happened. Really, Lunair is fine taking a shot - but shooting can be tricky, especially with a ninja all up in the enemy's metaphorical grill. Her hesitation buys the ninja an opening. The artist formerly known as Pri— Muriel peeks out the window. She makes her armor disappear, and waves towards Susan. She hops out to open the door for her friend. "HI!" She beams. "This is SO an awkward spot, um. It's good to - see you! Despite everything…" But this likely isn't the best place to sit and chat, and Lunair seems cognizant of that.

That CBR rockets past the X5, Tokyo dipping a shoulder to sweep ever so close to the rearview window. That sword flashes out as he picks up another gear, exploding past the hundred mile an hour mark in the blink of an eye as the front of the bike rotates just a eyelash's width off the pavement. Tokyo rolls back onto the pegs again, sweeping that sword back as his hand drifts from handlebar to gastank. Just as the driver exits the car, his hand dropping to his side to retrieve the Glock holstered there? That sword comes across, and holy fuck it's a -brutal- hit. That mixture of titanium and carbon fiber explodes on contact the hit is so hard, filling the air with glittery shards as the driver is picked up off the ground a good inch or two, and thrown back over the hood of his car several feat before landing in a heap. The asshole may not be dead, but it'll be years before he feels normal again. Tokyo simply lets go of the Hilt, the sheathe clattering to the pavement as he snatches another gear and rockets off through traffic. Ninja VANISH!

Jericho just… stares as CBR lances into traffic. Logs… swords… holy crap. He'll be doing some research. He waits until Susan is in the car… a bit bullet struck, and then turns to get off the road and out of the open. Oh dear… his car's gonna need some body work. But this… motorcycle Ninja…

Blink. Lunair's eyes widen at Tokyo does his thing and vanishes. Her mouth opens and closes. She might take a look around at some of the evidence, but frankly? Even Gotham cops respond /eventually/, and she's none too keen on trying to explain ninja VANISH! Still was really cool. "Thanks, ninja dude!" Hey, why not?

Lunair will help her friend into the car, and hops in after. All doors closed. "Sorry." Poor Jericho and his now dinged car. "But thank you.

"Don't mention it." Jeri murmurs as he gets them off the highway and onto the side roads. "Susan right?" He glances back. The brunette nods. "What'd they want?"

"I'll… I'll tell you. But… not here. Do you have somewhere safe?"

He thinks about it for a moment then nods. "CCU. Can fix the car up there too. Hang tight. We'll get there."

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