Hell of a Recovery

February 26 2015: Zee winds up in Limbo after being injured. This… precipitates a realization.


Limbo is… not safe. The music room is safer… bu still Limbo.



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Sometimes K'nert just wanders off. When Jericho is in Limbo that generally means he's bored. Or that there's something he wants to check in on. So long as the imp is about when Jericho wants him, the hacker doesn't generally kick up a fuss about it. Sometimes, though, K'nert is checking on something important. Like Mistress' Kitten. Who appears to have gotten herself banged up, or so Jericho deduces when a stepping disk opens and deposits Zee in the music room. He peers over the edge of the piano as K'nert saunters on back toward him.

"What happened? Need a vet?"

Zee is obviously having trouble standing straight, one arm wrapped loosely around her chest, the other held gingerly by her side. Blinking at Jericho, she sighs… "I was trying to teleport back to Shadowcrest, Jericho… your imp grabbed before I could." despite her pain, or maybe because of it, her eyes flash "And I'm not an animal."

Illyana was lounging in one of the windows (if you can call the large openings in the foot-thick walls with no glass or other means of keeping things from falling through them 'windows'), going through one of the books from her library and making some notes in another when K'nert shows back up. Probably another reason K'nert figured he could leave Jericho to his own devices. Illyana could take him wherever he wanted to go. She's dressed in a lot of leather and silver accents, looking over with an arched brow. A smirk is added to that at the hot reply. "My. Kitten has claws today." She drawls. She doesn't get up, knowing that Jericho's better at playing medic than she is.

Jericho quirks an eyebrow and gets up, coming around the piano to get a better look at the young mage. There are medical supplies in Limbo. Which are here for a reason. Normally they don't see a whole lot of use. "Mmmm. Claws and fangs." His are bigger though. And sharper.

While the hacker is aware Zee can heal herself, he reaches out to touch her side gingerly anyway. It probably hurts a bit. "Broken ribs. I can wrap them but unless you're going to heal them with magic, best thing is rest." Which, actually… well if you don't want to loose too much Earth time…

Blowing out a breath and then wincing, Zee nearly glares at Illyana "Hello Illyana and I'm not a Kitten either." she's definitely not in a teasing mood. Jericho's touch does hurt and Zee stiffens trying to not flinh. "And I've done something to my arms." She looks thoroughly unimpressed. "I'll heal them… and yes, I'll need rest." K'Nert gets a bit of a dirty look "I was heading back to Shadowcrest to do just that."

Now Zatanna has both blonde brows lifted her way. Illyana closes her books and sets them aside, swinging her legs down and rising to her feet. She strides over towards Zee, the tread of her boots heavy against the stone floors, then muffled across the area rugs. The blonde reaches out to flick the charm hanging from the other sorceress' diamond collar. "Still look like my kitten." She drawls, eyes half-lidding as she waits for Zatanna's retort.

Jericho shakes his head. He's seen the look on Zee's face in Illyana's eyes before. "I don't think you'll be getting to Shadowcrest. You're tapped, which means you're stuck here until you rest up." The hacker points out. "And if you're not a kitten…"

Zee ignores the two of them for a few long minutes, concentrating through the pain and discomfit

~~ laeH yM seirujnI yltcerroC ~~

As her magic resets and knits bones, the young magicians eye close tightly and she bites her lip. By the time the healing is done, Zee's breathing deep, like she's run a marathon "I hate healing myself… " Now she is totally tapped.

Looking between Illyana and Jericho "He…" she fixes Jericho with a flat look "told me it was a gift… for helping. It doesn't make me anyones kitten."

A slight frown plays around Illyana's lips as Zatanna casts her spell. She can feel herself how wiped the sorceress is. She looks over to Jericho and nods to Zatanna before she starts towards the door. "That implies being my kitten isn't a gift." Illyana says, voice lifted so that Zee can still hear her even as she's walking away. Not that she's going far. Her bedroom is right next door. "You made your price known, my dear. I offered, you accepted."

Jericho chuckles and leans back on the piano. "No. I said thank you for your help and that it was for you. It was only after you accepted the collar and told your friends that it was a thank you gift that I agreed with you. And I think we both know I was saying that more to Keith than to you."

Deals with Demons. Jericho made all of his quite willingly. The price? Depends on who you ask. But he does know a thing or two these days about accepting gifts and striking bargains from hanging around Limbo.

After a moments regard, Jericho leans over and just… picks the spent mage up. "Okay, come on. You need rest and I think Illyana might be willing to let her kitten rest in the bed." They can talk more about this later. In fact, Jericho is fairly sure they will.

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