Sins of the Future #4: Havoc

February 27th, 2016: Members of the X-Men follow up on a lead they had found in New York City concerning the sisterhood. When they arrive at the estate, they detect a mutant presence in great pain; it was Alexander Summers and The Sisterhood was preparing to use him as a living weapon that would destroy a large portion of the Eastern Seaboard. If the X-Men didn't act quickly, Gotham, Metropolis and New York would be lost.

Late Night - Outskirts of Gotham City

This is a large estate in the countryside of Gotham, surrounded by a large forested area. The estate itself is located along 24 Sideroad on the outskirts of the Gotham County Limits. The estate itself is at least 150 years old and is a massive triple story affair with a basement and subbasement.

IF the rumors were true, the estate once belonged to a family that rivaled the Waynes of Gotham before being sold to private interests in the 1960s. The house has changed owners multiple times in that period and has been owned by a non-denominational religious group known as ‘The Sisterhood’ for at least twenty years.

Security wise, the property has multiple security cameras visible from the outside, a large iron fence that somehow happens to be electrified and a gatehouse that prevents entry from the road.



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After the grisly murders in New York City that were investigated by members of the X-Men's Red Team along with field-trip loving Lunair; the group had continued to follow up on the leads and information uncovered.

While the labs were analyzing the evidence and trying to cross-check data, Berto had organized a mission to investigate the 'Chapterhouse of The Sisterhood' located on the outskirts of Gotham City.

Having arrived not long ago, the group of you were able to 'case' the joint from the outside while hiding out in the woods; undetected so far thanks to the telepathic shielding of Rachel Summers who had offered to lend a hand with the mission.

Turning to Roberto, Rachel smiles, "So far, so good. I'm positive nobody knows we're here, of course, the moment I start probing into that house, there's a chance they might detect me if they have a telepath of their own." She places her hands on her hips and asks, "You want me to try and take a peek?" Almost always a team player, she would leave it up to Sunspot.

The sound of an owl hooting in the forest can be heard.

A few feet away, a curious little chipmunk approaches; his chubby cheeks twitching as he examines the group of you.

It's true. Lunair does love her some field trips. The young mutant seems to get up to an awful lot of trouble of and on her own volition, too. Field trips are maybe something normal people do, and while Lunair's life is never gonna be normal, it's nice to nibble the metaphorical pie once in a great while.

She is quiet at talk of telepathy. Lunair missed out on the BRAINZ powers. She is briefly distracted by the chipmunk. Aww. Animals are something Lunair's mostly /seen/ more than interactced with.

Still, she seems to be quietly serious.

Crouching in the underbrush and squinting at the distant house, Roberto rubs one gauntleted hand against his chin and hums to himself. "Certo — do it," he answers Rachel after a second. "If we trip an alarm, at least we'll have a clear-cut enemy to fight. If not, we'll have a better picture of the situation, and lose nothing."

He glances around the small, hand-picked group. "But everyone be ready. This situation could get hot very quickly. Literally and figuratively."

Speaking of hot, the Brazilian is wearing a large gray coat over his uniform. Just in case anyone's wondering why he isn't freezing to death in this weather.

This, sneaking around, is right up Audrey's alley. Enough, in fact, that she left the rest of the team to find her own, quieter spot where she could sit invisibly. Closer to the place they're staking out, though she's put in an earpiece to communicate. "I'm ready over here, if they catch on," she murmurs to the rest of the team.

Bobby is… let's be honest. He never feels not-awkward in the leathers that are his suit. They look like motorcycle leathers really, at least from the waist down, with the boots and such. From the waist up… it's a vest. A sleeveless one. He's at least quiet. Ish. Though he's fairly sure that saying that you think no one knows you're there obligates the universe to inform everyone that you are. Still, Berto's show at the moment. "Any idea what's up there Warm Twin?"

Mike actually had to replace a large part of his demonfighting arsenal recently. Why does a robot have a demon-fighting arsenal, you may ask? Well, first off, it's complicated, secondly, ask the Fenris Wolf to explain why and where they're coming from, and third, because they make metal scream in pain. No seriously, the majority of demons do things to reality by simply intruding on it, that makes metal take on a taint, and the pure metals scream when it happens.

"Do you want me to deploy sensor swarm?" the robot asks. His newly refurbished demon fighting chassis has more surface armor, an extra supply of moonsoaked silver, blessed salt, and cold iron, and he's had it blessed. By his mother. Who is a priest. Seriously, she's in the book. Also, it looks slick and nifty, for an armor that doesn't have a human face. It's approximately six feet six inches tall, structured somewhat like a famous asgardian device of destruction, and carries other weapons and sensors specific to the task.

"Stealth activation" he says, lifting off the ground.

Wind whips through the trees, branches cracking and bowing as the pressure moves through the area; one of the downsides to the recent Atlantean crisis that was occurring around the world. Not long after the gusts of wind pickup, snow begins to fall in large wet snowflakes.

At Roberto's request, Rachel uses her abilities to reach out around the estate grounds and the home itself; searching for signs of danger or anything else that might be of use such as mutant presences.

"Ahh!" A cry escapes her lips and she clutches her head.

Blinking a few times, the young woman looks towards Roberto and the others with a grim expression, "There's at least a dozen mutants in that house. One of them is in extreme pain, so much pain when I touched his mind even for a moment.." She trails off, not needing to explain any further why she cried out.

"I'll do what I can from back here."

Lunair is going to call up some sleek, black and navy blue armor that looks yanked right out of Metal Gear Rising. Fortunately, the camera doesn't zoom in on anything. Lunair nods at Roberto, then. Lunair is kind of quietly impressed by Mike's get up. Man, she should've thought of that.

There's an uneasy feeling. It's not the cold that's chilling… Though, she's jarred out of thought by Rachel crying out. "Are you okay?" Her eyes widen. "And I'm sorry. Thank you for looking." Nod. "I can give someone a super soaker with holy water if you think we'll need it." Otherwise, Lunair considers the thing before them.

"Representatives of this group were there when those girls were killed in Queens," Roberto answers Iceman gravely, glancing around at the others to make sure they're listening, too. "At best, they're also tangled up in whatever caused those deaths. At worst, they caused it themselves. We could be dealing with demons, time travelers — the works. Be prepared for things to get bad."

Metal's question is answered with a moment's hesitation, then a slight nod. "If you can get them into" — he's cut off by Rachel's cry of pain, and whirls to put a bracing hand against her shoulder, his expression first shocked, then grim as she explains. He turns back to Mike. "Keep them ahead of us in a wave. I want to know what we're running into before we run into it. But we are running."

He glances in the general direction of Audrey's scouting position, then says to the whole group: "We're going in hard. Let's move!" And he's up from his crouch, running toward the nearest point of the building, shedding his coat and donning the blackest shadow that is Sunspot in a single move. Given that he's sprinting toward a doorless brick wall, it's obvious that he intends to make an entrance. Literally.

Audrey will let Sunspot do the Kool-Aid Man thing. For herself, she moves at a ground-eating jog toward the nearest window, keeping herself invisible. Unless someone is using heat-vision or other senses like smell or hearing, they're not likely to notice the young woman moving in. "Lux, headed for the southeast corner window," she murmurs into the comm as she moves, keeping the team apprised of her movements.

When Rachel cries out Bobby looks over sharply. He's not overly familiar with telepaths but… then she seems to be okay. Aaaaaand there goes Berto. The ice nerd is caught flat footed for a moment before bolts after his friend. "Iceman, following Sunspot in." He replies as he lets ice cover him, making his movement crack and snap. Ah what the hell.


Metal responds by losing ten pounds — that being the mass of the insect-bot swarm that he sends ahead to scan for traps, people, and generally to reduce the possibility of surprises.

He moves forward silently, using occasional holographic shielding to mess up his silhouette, so he can't be easily tracked. The scans running from his main chassis are passive detections, with some variation: a more sensitive and tunable Chroniton detector, a variant on the mutant-power-activation scanner that can record the signatures for later comparison, and the thaumic scanner … which he's tried to refine to be able to identify different flavors of magical energy. It's a work in progress.

And all his careful stealth will pay of when they surprise … "wait, did he just …" Yes, life imitates art.

Psychics to the rear, please. Not late, no. Think, Gandalf. Cable is exactly where he should be, when he should be. He feels the cry of pain, can follow it back to its source. First, however, the protective streak rises, and there's a buffer set between Rachel and the pained mind. It's not broken unless Rachel wills it; just softened.

Only after, does the 6'9" mutant with shock of white hair present himself. He's got a scowl on his face, certainly, and he's not hiding who and what he is; half metal, half skin, one blue eye, one bionic and all soldier.

That single blue eye looks at Sunspot, brows rising as the metallic hand brings up a rather large gun that comes from the drover's coat he always seems to wear. "You mean to tell me, you have no idea what's in there before you go charging in." A statement. "And word of advice; don't touch a teep unless you have to. Not unless you really want them to get a good feel for you. They have to block -you- as well." Looking to Rachel, he's shaking his head slowly, shoulders rising in a shrug, though now his words are for Rachel. "Show me," what you scanned. The touch will tell him, or at least give him a better idea of what's in there and what they're doing. After all, emotion bleeds everywhere; a psychic scream, as it were.

Now, Cable does the scan of the insides even as he prepares to walk forward. He doesn't run anywhere.

Rachel appreciates the concern, but she was more worried about the people inside, "I'm fine, thank you for asking." She would have to get a proper introduction later, so many new X-Men that had not existed in her time to meet; she loved it.

While the rest of the team moved in, she would remain outside and use her telepathic powers to communicate anything she found to the team while aiding them sight unseen.

To her brother she reaches out telepathically without words, showing him the pained psychic presence of Alex Summers; someone who may even be familiar to Cable! Alex seems to be in pain, his powers on the verge of overwhelming him.

Audrey spots a pair of women in dark robes speaking with each other through the window she is looking into, the trio seem to be arguing and one woman is moving her arms flamboyantly before yelling, "Why do we have to stay? It's not fair!"

Mike detects three dozen and one life forms in the building with Rachels statement about a dozen mutants inside remaining correct; but wait! He begins to detect multiple mutant signatures all around them; the rest of the team. Unfortunately his bots aren't able to disable any security systems before—

-Suddenly Sunspot crashes through the brick wall, shattering the masonry and leaving a trail of rubble in his wake. He enters into a large sitting area with antique furniture throughout the room, a pair of young women who are reading books on one of the couches scream loudly as he enters and begin to run through the northern exit of the room, one of four.

The security alarms begin to blare loudly throughout the house, red flashers on the walls starting to go off as Bobby follows him in.

«Don't worry, we're coming to help you.» Alex can hear Rachel speaking to him telepathically, like she was right in his head. Unlike the other presences he had felt, she was friendly; a certain warmth emanating from her link that was comforting.

Okay, then. A super soaker of holy water and a light saber it is. Lunair is /prepared/. She tucks the light saber hilt onto her waist, keeping her holy water at the ready. And then suddenly, things go from stealth to JEEEEEEEEENKINS! Lunair's mouth falls open beneath her visor. Oh dang.

Then there's Cable! It's Cable! "Hi!" Wave to the tall guy. He's so cool. Yup. "Also I don't touch people unless it's okay. I think." Ponder. Oh well. Nevertheless, she is going to walk along, towards the middle/rear. She does not have abs of steel or any major durability outside of armor. She missed the super sexy soldier and regeneration gravy train, it seems. There's a sympathy for Rachel, too. She heads along in, prepared for whatever might be in there. Be it Cenobites, demons, malevolent Avon ladies or those weirdos on late night infomercials.

Sunspot barrels through the mansion's wall like the hero of an American action movie set in Japan. Hope there wasn't anything priceless on the other side. Well… not so much 'hope' as 'who cares.' The runners he'll ignore for now: the rescue takes first priority, and anyone who doesn't actively oppose it might well be another victim, or an ignorant bystander. Any temperate words of caution from Cable, however, are going to be ignored — the last people this Sisterhood put in extreme pain were turned inside out, and he'd like to prevent that from happening again.

He takes a few steps past the him-shaped hole in the wall — enough to let the others follow him inside — and glances back over his black and bubbling shoulder. "Scouts, fan out and search the building. Call out anyone you find, disable them if you can, but bolt if you get into trouble. Heavy hitters?" He faces forward again, lifts his arms, and brings them down with an unholy crack onto the floorboards. "We're headed for the basement." That's where the last unholy ceremony ended in death, and he's gambling that that wasn't just by chance.

"You all are paragons of stealth," Audrey drawls over the comm, still crouched by the window as she tries to get a feel for what's going on. As the alarms go off, she carefully works the windows open, aiming tranq darts at the pair of women in the room she's watching. It's a modified handgun, small enough to travel easily, and she fires it like someone used to more of the real thing. Tranquilizer darts apparently have less kick than bullets. Who knew? "Two in this room, putting to sleep."

There was nothing about Alex's situation that comforted him from the searing pain of his own body being used against him. His mind was like T.V. static, and it's disgruntling wave of nausea only increased by the second. Alex had endured countless hours, and his mind was at the point of fatigue, but there's a parting of static, and Rachel's voice can be heard.

Despite the clarity, it sounded far away to the helpless mutant. It took several moments to articulate his thoughts, and eventually Alex is able to process an intelligble thought…

« uate..»

"Er… Paragons of something, that's for sure." Paragons of Kool-Aid? Bobby slows behind Sunspot, looking for, you know, hostiles. People who might do smiting on an unsuspecting Berto, or more problematically an unsuspecting Bobby, since Bobby's far less tough when you get right down to it. The fleeing Sisters are met with a wall of ice in their way. "Just…" He wants to say chill out. "Lay down on the floor. Don't do anything silly and no one will hurt you." Scare you? Yes. Hurt you? Well…. unlikely, anyway.

Metal is not fond of Chaos that he doesn't actually cause… this situation is already out of control. He didn't bring the crowd-control armor with the knockout-wasps and the shock-beetles and the other weapons of suppression and containment; he came armed for fighting magical summonses. This … means he isn't responding fast enough.

The robot-mutant sends his insect-scanners through the house at high speed, filling it, for Rachel and Nate and other telepaths who know him, with a very diffuse sense of his presence. He'll see every room he can reach, for a moment, as if he were there and sensing it directly, vision, hearing, taste, touch, metal-presence, tech-presence. Then, he'll pull back out of most of them because the backlash will be a headache like you would not believe if he stays that spread out, and that present, over such a diffused body. He learned that after Burning Human.

Luna's wave gains a nod in the girl's direction. Those drones, too? Very cool, and is a touch distracting!

As Cable marches forth, it doesn't look as if anything is going to remain 'standing' in his path. Where Sunspot blows a 'Sunspot' sized and shaped hole, the hole suddenly blows out the moment Sunspot is of reasonable distance away; and oh, hey look. Not a bit of shrapnel goes anywhere near the impulsive young man!

Rachel's sharing allows Nathan all the information he gains, and now there's a 'network' of sorts. Everything he's getting is moved to her in the speed of thought; no words. Tracking back, there's a moment where Cable is actually stopped in his tracks.

« We're coming. » Then, as things fall a little more into place, the question forms, though it's more a prod of that 'familiarity'. « Uncle Alex? » It's there and gone before he sends again, « Alex. We're coming for you to get you out. »

Shifting his own shielding, now it's going to take a little more concentration as Sunspot (and himself) lose a little bit of that protection (though 'Berto may not have known he had it briefly!) and it's transferred to Alex the moment Cable begins his inexorable pace, the gun up and at the ready, ready to blast anything and anyone that moves that doesn't have 'friendly' in their signature. (Oh no. Someone will definitely hurt them!)

Four women wearing dark robes and holding MP5s rush into the room with military precision, any veteran would recognize them as such on sight. They don't ask questions, they just open fire towards the group filing into the room through Kool-Aid Man's (Sunspot) hole in the wall; giving them a nice chokepoint to fire on the X-Men as they came in.

Following them are another pair of women, both in dark robes. The first of the women, looking to be rather elderly laughs, calling out to the X-Men, "You're too little too late!" Crackles of lightning arc out from her hands towards the group of you.

The second woman you notice seems to have a disturbing appearance, she has no face. She discards her robes and leaps towards Roberto, her hands outstretched towards him as the lightning arcs around her. She has teeth on her hands, lots of teeth and a mouth.

The pair of women Audrey sees begin to rush out of the room, only to fall to the ground moments later from the tranquilizer darts that hit them; entering a deep slumber.

Rachel allows her link with her brother to strengthen, the rapport the two of them share astounding. «Uncle Alex!?» She can't help but share her surprise when Cable thinks it. «Why do we need to evacuate?»

Lunair totally wishes she had brain powers. And duuuuuude, Cable's putting holes in stuff. Lunair is gonna have to step up her game or something. Lunair doesn't have time to think about it. And then she remembers that the group *totally* objects to wanton murder (or really icky wontons). That's gonna put a crimp in Operation Railgun. Hmm. Gotta think. Gotta think. Stuff cultists hate that's not bullets… Think think think. Thiiiiiiink. Oh yeah.

Gotta think with portals. One portal over Darth Bea Arthur, one portal below. Infinite cultist loop!

Considering everything that had happened in the past few days, the surprise of hearing 'Uncle Alex' in two different voices is enough to actually throw the disgruntled veteran off. Unfortunately questioning semantics was not a luxury the man had. Focusing his thoughts once more, Alex attempts to clear his mind enough to think clearly, «They're… using me.. as… a massive…..» There is a long drawn out silence before a singular phrase thought with a certain amount of emphasis upon it, «… Bomb..»

Sunspot wears armor specifically so that he can do dumb stuff like explode through walls without serious injury. Still, Cable's assistance does keep the finish shiny, which the Brazilian will certainly appreciate later. "No one ever said I was sneaky," Roberto says over the radio built into his collar, his charcoal lips parting in a grin. Then the inhabitants of the house have counterattacked, and it's no time for banter.

When the creature right out of a del Toro flick leaps at him, Roberto responds with a single motion, fluid and quick. He nudges a toe under a broken piece of masonry, kicks it up into his hand as easily as he might a soccer ball, and flings it at her. "Careful with those teeth, lady! AND bullets. Always with the bullets!"

He dives forward behind a sofa, picking it up and turning it on one side. Portable cover! He runs forward like a cross between a linebacker and a bulldozer, headed toward the gunmen, hoping to block their sight lines.

This is more like what Audrey was trained for. She moves through the house with practiced, smooth steps, clearing each room quickly and efficiently as she moves toward her teammates. Invisible, she's also nearly silent, though that's practice rather than any mutant abilities. "Sunspot, Iceman, do you need backup, or do we have a location on the hostage?" she says softly. "I'm clear so far, over." She keeps her back pressed to the wall in the hallway as she waits for a response, gun at the ready.

Water… has a very high radiation cross section. Which is a really nerdy way of saying water absorbs a lot of energy. It's also highly conductive, which is fortunate for Bobby, since it's the only thing he's got going as he tries to throw a wall up between the lightning and… er… everyone else. Including him. Lightning would be bad for him, see previous note about being highly conductive.

"Oh crap." He breathes, holding the wall in the face of the assault, or trying anyway. "Please don't let me get shot." He mutters to no one in particular as the guns start to go off.

Cable's not overly concerned about the grouping of military-trained women. He lifts his own gun, and shoots into the not-so-neat hole he's blasted in the side of the house. It's not a 'regular' weapon that he carries, rather it's more plasma meets pulse gun. (It's his go-to weapon!)

« Talk to me, Uncle Alex.. » figuratively, that is. « I've got a shield on you so you don't hurt anyone and no one can hurt you. » Physically, anyway. « How'd they rig you to blow? »

It's in the next second that Cable sends out a team 'tell', catching everyone with that tickled whisper behind the ear (Unless one is shielding against it, of course!) « Target is Alex Summers. He says he's being used as a massive bomb. I have a shield around him, but procede with caution. When I get to him, I can teleport him out. »

Metal has a scan of the place. The interesting stuff that he can deal with - the tech - is downstairs. The cultists are focused on the opening that Berto made. He has a clean map of the house. There are rooms that are closer to the vertical accesses and they're currently less full of people. A hole in a wall is an easy enough thing to create: morph an arm into a drill if he can't find a window or a place where it's easier to punch into. Then it's off to the downwards, towards that intriguing mass of technology he can sense in the basement, and not just because it's the likely location of the hostage.

-Back Door Open,- he says on the group's commlinks. -Heading for where the hostage is likely to be.-

A cloud of insects 'spots' Audrey with motion detectors. Metal spawns a second cognitive process, and the tiny robot insects organize into a slightly more coherent mass, hovering near Audrey, ready to assist her if she runs into something or someone hostile. One of them lands on her to provide him with a reference point if needed. Backup is always good, right?

Bobby is able to protect everyone from harm with his wall of Ice, tossing both bullets and lightning aside. The elderly mutant woman spraying lightning from her fingertips yelps out in surprise as she is caught in the series of portals sending her up and down; she would likely have to be dealt with still unless Lunair planned on keeping this up forever!

The woman without a face and the mouth-like hands dodges aside from the masonry turned soccer ball, her mutant powers giving her the agility to move aside with ease. Rather than continue after Roberto, she leaps towards Lunair; a shower of teeth detaching from her hands and shooting out towards Luna.

The couch along with the various armors protecting Sunspot are enough to allow him to smash into the women, knocking them all aside with a great deal of force; enough to knock them unconscious.

Bobby being the dashing hero he is (albeit a bit nerdy) extends his wall of ice to protect Lunair and also encase the lightning woman for the time being. The Iceman engages the faceless mutant woman, signalling the others to move forward while he handles it. (Permission from Bobby)

Audrey sees nobody in the hallways and the rooms she has cleared but she does come across an open door leading into the basement, she can hear voices below, "Hurry, we need to turn the power up. They're coming." Another voice replies, "You still haven't told me, how are we supposed to get out when he blows?" The first voice, frustrated, "It is not our place to question Mother."

Metal is able to start drilling his way down below, his position not surprisingly far from Audrey only a few rooms away. When Cable blasts into the home with his own weapon, he can see the basement entrance that Audrey does.

Rachel is not far behind her brother Nathan.

«I'm coming with you.» Nathan would know she meant, she was going with him when he teleported Alex out.

Darth Bea Arthur is a formidable foe. But Lunair has something up her sleeve. "This is so wildly inappropriate." It totally is. But at least it's not the nudity ray. Also, yay Bobby! Ice is pretty cool, and Lunair can dig it. She will move forward then, dismissing her portal gun in favor of a holy shot gun. That's right. Holy shot gun. She gets ideas sometimes, and left unchecked, well. A super soaker with holy water over the shoulder, and a light saber at her waist, Lunair is slowly, possibly succuming to Liefield Syndrome (Her powers were pretty terminal to start with, but at least she's still got feet). Onward! With the holy shotgun! Thankfully, she hasn't pulled the holy hand grenade yet.

"I'm thinking downstairs," Roberto answers Audrey as he bowls over the shooters, careful to step around rather than into Lunair's portal loop. "I'll need to do some renovations to get down there, but that won't take long. In the meantime…" He gives Cold Twin an approving thumbs-up as he puts more of their assailants on ice. "…I think we're holding our own. No reinforcements needed."

The psychic message from Cable doesn't mean a lot to Roberto, except that he idly wonders whether everyone this cult targets is an X-man's relative. No time for such speculation, though. "Cover our exit," he tells Bobby, then beckons the holy shotgun Jedi with a flick of his head. "C'mon, Lunair." He lifts the couch as high as he can, aims it at the floorboards he already weakened with his first attack, and brings the weighty piece of furniture down like a battering ram. "Going down," he says cockily as he hops through the impromptu trapdoor this bit of wanton property destruction creates. Who needs stairs?

If Audrey can hear the voices downstairs, then they can hear her, too. She forms the words carefully in her mind, pushing them toward the telepathic members of the group. « Two voices in the basement with the hostage. I'm heading in. If the hostage is producing the energy for the bomb, I can try knocking him out if needed, but waiting for backup before risking loss of control. »

Sometime when this is all over, someone should probably be a little concerned about how comfortable Audrey is with this type of mission and dealing with other, potentially adversarial mutants. At the moment, though, she creeps down the stairs, staying close to the wall and centering her weight with each step to try to keep the stairs from creeping as she tries to get a clear shot on the people powering the machine.

Slowpokes, Metal thinks as he goes Brazil-the-movie on the floor: Drill through, drill-bit lock, cutting laser engage, cut circle, remove plug to side, drop through hole. Do not place carpet over hole to provide a very special mantrap.

He senses machines near him and reaches out, trying to feel what they're for, whether they have potential to be awakened and helpful.

There is little activity from Alex as the mental fatigue increases his unintelligible thought patterns. It might appear as if he had gone completely silent, but at the last moment a fleeting thought manages to make it's way through to the surface, «Too much.. energy.. feel like.. I'm.. about.. to… burst…»

There is no doubt about it as as he suddenly begins to radiate an incomprehensible amount of solar energy from every pour. Even the containment field that is surrounding Alex begins to falter in strength. The energy being put-off from his position is enough to rumble his surroundings. Frames and other decorations flake off their shelves, crashing to the floor below. Whatever was happening down there.. it was huge.

« Rachel… » Cable knows that 'tone' his 'older' sister has. He's heard it in his head, and on some days in his most difficult times, he'd wished he could hear it again. Now that he does, it's all he can do not to start a sibling-battle. « It's just .. » Give it up, Nate. « Okay. »

The hole in the basement now where Alex is being kept is more than enough to allow for a large mutant, even if 'Berto wants to make his own grand entrance! Audrey's thought handed in his direction, or rather, in his and Rachel's direction has Cable passing the message on, coupled with his own addendum. « They have two psis. They're holding him back. Don't kill them. Not until Rachel and I have a lock on Alex. » Cable's full link drops momentarily when he catches Rachel on her own; « Rachel. Ready to make their ears bleed out? When that's done, we have to take their place and hold Uncle Alex together. On a three-count… One… Two… »

Whatever way you arrive, through your own hole, another persons hole or the stairs; the basement level of the home is reached. Compared to the rest of the house, this area is very different.

Wires and cables are arranged in a disturbing fashion, snaking along the ground and leading into a man behind restrained on a large metal table; Alexander Summers.

A group of women are standing over Alex, their faces filled with calm as they use their mutant abilities to contain the man within for the time being.

Another pair of women; the pair of women that Audrey had earlier heard are rushing out of the basement, a large metal door closing behind them. If you were at the home in New York City, you would recognize the door as the same type you had seen there; it just lacks the dead-bolt on the outside.

Most of the machinery that Mike reaches out to in the area is mundane, but one particularly curious old 486 Computer stashed in a near-by room replies to him, Greetings. Would you mind defragmenting my hard-drive?The computer appears to be hooked up to the security system as well; it's located in a small side room. The advanced machinery Mike had sensed before appears to be behind the door the women had fled through and is not at all friendly or co-operative to his inquiries.

Rachel was perhaps a little too happy to make their ears bleed out.

«Do you even have to ask?»On Cable's count, Rachel attacks the women shielding Alex with her mind, causing them to stagger for a moment as they feel an immense pressure building in their heads.

When Cable begins to take their place in forming the shield, she follows suit, unfortunately she isn't able to keep the two women down when she joins in the intense process of containing Alex. It's taking everything she and Nathan had.

The pair of women begin to get up, ready to attack.

Lunair is following Sunspot and stuff. She's not sure why, but that is where her path takes her since she stopped to fight Darth Bea Arthur and the Dental Student's Nightmare. "Sure thing," Nod. Lunair pauses. Well, her armor is articulated and fortunately, nature makes teenagers resilient because they do do stuff like hop into and onto things. And then there's a dude. Lunair can probably guess there's no safe word and this isn't 50 shades fanfic gone horribly awry.

Then there's a pair of women and it's like - what's up with that? Fortunately for the brain-mail peoples, Lunair /is/ quite content to deal with the two new women. Pause. "Okay, I'm feeling kind of catty." Twerker it is! Just because she sensed that somewhere, somehow in the cosmos, crowd control is probably more okay than shotgunning them. At least they'll be crowd controlled for now and others can fight because no one likes a kill stealer.

Roberto skids down the side of the couch — it makes a handy ramp, now — and jogs to a stop, horrified by the sight of Alex's situation. He doesn't reply to Cable's mental message out loud, but he does wonder why this buddy of Rachel's finds it necessary to tell a bunch of X-men not to kill anybody. Given that he's thinking this about a psychic, in the presence of that psychic, it's not exactly a private thought. Then again, the Grey/Summerses are pretty busy at the moment.

He's brought back to earth by the energy blast from Lunair's twerker crackling past him. "Oh, hell no!" he yells, rushing forward to throw himself into the doorway and keep the room open. He manages to wedge his armored body into the gap, and forces himself not to think about what the last one said to Mike.

When the two women close the door behind them, Audrey makes a judgment call. People whose skills are needed to hold whatever is going on aren't the ones who are running. Which means these two are fair game. Still invisible, she fires a pair of shots with the tranquilizer darts at both of them. PEW PEW! "Guys, I've got a blast door between me and the hostage. Unless you need me in there, I'm keeping it that way." Because she doesn't have anything to keep her from being blown up. Squishy.

Metal isn't familiar enough with psionic communication to answer with his own 'wait, I can take them out faster' … he has the Brown Note Gun, after all, he can trigger the splanchnic ganglii and increase their rate of intestinal peristalsis to the point that it feels like they're trying to excrete their liver and lungs. It's cruel and he's only done it to Hydra in the past, but these two deserve it but with the Psychic Crush attacks they … aren't down because it seems containing "Alex" is more work than they expected. INteresting. But there are other people here for this. Ninety percent chance of Twerk, in fact. The people in the other room are the ones who need to be pursued.

"In a moment," he tells the 486 box, because he's pretty sure there'll be something useful there, but right now? The door to that room was open long enough for Mike to sense a crapton of weird energy sources; they've been feeding into Alex. He does the Magneto Wave at the door and slams it back open. He doesn't think it's necessarily safe to use any kind of EMI, so he brings up the sonic blaster… and doesn't fire. Two friendlies in the line of fire and his second mind is yelling "staaawp! they've already been darted!"

With them out of it, he issues as strong an order as he can to the futuristic machinery in the room: SAFE SHUT DOWN NOW.

It's like Indiana Jones when Nathan replaces the artefact with a bag of sand that weighs the same; it's a quick *flp*; when two are disconnected, the one steps in with the aid of the other. Now, however, there isn't a whole lot more Cable can do; he's talking to Rachel, having dropped the full connection, holding his own disease at bay, and keeping Alex from going thermonuclear. Walking and chewing gum at the same time would be a breeze!

"Put them down!" Kill. Them. "They're the teeps." Now kill them. As opposed to before! As evidenced by the blood running from their ears. Bonus, they probably can't hear Cable yelling, what with burst eardrums and the like!

"Rachel, next to me." The second he's got the feeling that Alex might be even vaguely ready, those 'ominous' words come to his lips. There are only one, two people in the room who have any idea what it actually means.

"Ship, bodyslide by three."

One second, Rachel and Cable (and Alex) are there. In the next second, there is a light and as it dissipates, the trio are gone, landing several miles above the Earth in geosynchronous orbit in the next second. Welcome (back) to Graymalkin.

Between Berto wedging the door and Mike removing the door, there is no door. Poor Door, he just wanted to let people in and out of rooms and find a nice well-oiled hinge to call his own; so much for his dreams.

The pair of women who had been keeping Alex contained find themselves twerking uncontrollably but it won't last forever and maybe; Cable was giving the best advice possible in the situation.

The room behind the metal door has 2 women who are standing over a bunch of advanced machines, powerful reactors; if Cable was here he could probably tell you precisely how far into the future they were from but he was gone!

One of the women is holding a dagger in her hands, exactly like the kind you had seen back at the house in New York; like the one in the Red Team's evidence locker.

The woman holding the dagger jams it into the gut of the other woman, telling her, "You should never doubt Mother. Doubt leads to oblivion."

When Mike tries to shutdown the reactors in the room; failsafes activate and they immediately begin to go over-critical; not that they were far from it anyways. Whether or not Mike knew precisely where they came from, his sensors would allow him to ascertain that these reactors were extremely efficient and an explosion from them would leave the tri-cities area devastated.

"I'm not picking anyone up, I'm holding a door open!" Sunspot yells back at Cable, bewildered. Is the man blind? He gasps in relief as Mike's intervention eases the pressure on his ribcage, and nods gratefully at his teammate. "Anyone know what a 'teep' is?" he asks as he woozily straightens, rubbing at his sides. Then the women he was pursuing have gone all Brutus and Caesar, and a crisis he thought was ending is just escalating again. He snaps his fingers, and a burst of solar radiation and coronal force knocks the stabber back against the opposite wall. "Cut that out!" he yells.

Oh. Well. Cable is pretty cool. Lunair likes him and his potentially explosive family. Lunair contemplates this a moment. Really… thinks about it. On one hand, railgun. And he DID say to take them down. Usually that means kill, but sometimes not. See, poor Lunair has a dire social problem. She might be on a certain spectrum, and her environment growing up along with being a child soldier really hasn't helped things any, no siree. She considers it a long moment. There's an angel on her shoulder with a shotgun, and a devil with a railgun.

But if Sunspot is dealing with Team Stabbins, Lunair is going to lift a shotgun and deal with the teeps Cable mentioned. Actually, in a way, it works just fine. Their wounds will be bad, but not outright lethal. In otherwords, they would be in the ER, but not critical. BLAM! BLAM! "Don't worry, they'll live as long as they get to a hospital in the next two hours." Hey, she's thoughtful. She shot them in the shins with a holy shotgun. Blessed be thy pants, and shiny metal friends. "I wonder if he means - telekinesis? Teleport? Telepathy? Tee—eep…? Man, brain people get all the cool stuff." SIGH.

Metal shouts, or rather states at volume 11, "Those power supplies are still going critical. Maybe thirty gigaton. I'm going to subsume them. If I can't get control, I'll take them into space. Get out of the house!"

He dives into the room and starts forcibly incorporating it into his own structure. He can't necessarily control all of them but he can sure rip them into his own body… he hopes…

"Telepath, Sunspot, it's a telepath," Audrey says over the comms from her side of the blast door. "Which means they're probably driving this thing, so they're what you need to hit." Which is…well, slightly nicer than saying kill them. Sort of.

Alex remained on the brink of catastrophic explosion. For just a split second he feels the energy begin to release, but just as quick as it had come, it's replaced by Cable's mental barrier.

At the flash of light, the first thought to cross Alex's mind had been, 'Oh god.. I did it..' Yet he was still alive. As his eyes slowly slide open, an exasperated sigh of semi-relief washes over Alex, "Oh.. thank god, you're not all dead.. yet.." So optimistic. He's still glowing, and he looks like he's quickly losing control.

The woman who we'll now call Stabetha holding the dagger throws the woman she had just stabbed with telekinetic energy towards the fireball Sunspot has aimed at her; allowing the wounded woman to take the force of it.

Without warning she teleports out of the room. Appearing momentarily beside TwerketteOne and TwerketteTwo who have just been shotgunned. She gives Lunair a pitiful look, "You could have been one of us, if not for your weakness."

There is a flash of light emanating from the dagger in Stabetha's hand before she disappears along with the Twerkettes; not a trace remaining except the blood on the floor.

Mike finds that this technology is incompatible with his own, it shocks him; sends him reeling when he tries to incorporate it into his own structure. As he fights against it, he finds himself struggling but he starts to overcome; the machines absorbing into his own structure. He had them all save one, a small generator that would be more than enough to destroy the estate grounds.

In space, Greymalkin

The body-slide of Cable brings the trio right where they need to be, a high-tech containment facility with the right kind of equipment to stabilize Alex and allow his body to begin siphoning off some of the excess energy that had been forced into his body.

It seemed unlikely it would siphon off any time soon though and within the ships systems, it found a prototype pair of gauntlets that Havok would be able to wear for the time being until all of the energy had been drained off.

Aw. Her friends are so nice. Lunair is glad for them, even if she sometimes disagrees on combat stuff. She looks to Stabetha, and her face is an expression of pure, distilled DO NOT WANT. "Oh god dammit, why do you all want me to be in plans or could've been one of you!?" What is WITH that? If it's not creepy Nazi grandpas trying to get her to drink the metaphorical Nazi punch, it's weird, stabby (not degrading) women with a fondness for explosive, nonconsentual 50 Shades re-enactments. It's worse than the time tried to escape the internet.

"NO, THANK YOU. NO." Just NO. Oh so many levels no. It's like a fractal of no, atop a tiered cake of no with a stripping firefighter guy of NO. NO.

Still, there's more pressing issues. She looks to the others, "Hey, you guys are okay? I'm not sure we should stick around." Unlike badgers, Lunair do care.

Roberto snarls at Stabetha as she vanishes. Who uses a stab victim as a human shield? Scum, that's who. "Really? 'Teeps'? Makes them sound like toilet paper," he mutters, grimacing at the taste of the word even as he's crouching by the final reactor Mike was unable to absorb and yanking it up out of its mooring.

"Great big explosion, check. Everyone going to die, check. All evidence going to be destroyed, check." He's now running with every ounce of speed his soccer training has blessed him with, carrying the boiling reactor out onto the lawn. "Vai dar merda," he hisses, a second before taking a superpowered leap into the air, reactor and all, and then blasting upward with every ounce of coronal energy left in his system. His flight is erratic and imprecise as ever, and as ever, it's the most draining trick he knows how to do. Which means he has to get as much altitude as mutantly possible before the tank goes dry.

He's high enough to be gasping for breath when the solar battery finally runs out, and flings the reactor upward with his last erg of strength. He turns, falls, and slips out of his high-energy state, down into unconsciousness. His body's equivalent of blood sugar has been totally drained by his powers.

But then the reactor explodes!

Fire, heat, and light bathe his tumbling body, hitting his system like adrenaline. His photosensitive skin drinks deeply, and his eyes pop open, the shadow of Sunspot again descending over his form. "Merda. Merda merda merda merda merda!" he practically sings as he plummets, propelled beyond terminal velocity by the force of the explosion. Now he finds out whether he got enough juice off of that reactor to slow his fall to something not instantly lethal.

"Guys?" Safe behind the blast door on the basement stairs, Audrey can't actually see what's going on. "Could someone sound off, let me know if you're all dead yet?" After almost half an hour invisible, she's starting to get an ache between her eyes and a hollow feeling in her stomach. Cautiously, she starts to let the invisible effect fade.

The other reactors are part of Mike's chassis. He … doesn't like that. They're fractious and still want to blow up. There's one of them that he can channel into his mass drive, though, the one that goes REAL FAST … so he moves, too big to walk stairs, blasting a hole to the outside, and then he's under the sky, and then in only a few seconds, he's in low orbit. It takes 4 seconds to finalize the mass driver, and no time at all to separate a much smaller self-unit from the rest of the system.

"There you go!" he says to it. "You can join the stars!"

The drive engages again and it moves at .5 light away from the ecliptic…

Mike is falling. Sunspot is down there somewhere too, his second mind tells him to find him. It takes so much work shaping into an airfoil, but he manages, and then he's moving toward Gotham, then spotting the signal… he closes in on his teammate, flight pack go! They're going to be a mess when they land, but no worse than they should be. Not dead anyway.

Sunspot's daring action allows the estate to be saved from total annihilation along with his teammates inside; the force of the explosion giving him more than enough power to slow his fall as well as potentially enhance his tan.

The explosion up in the night sky is noticed by most people in the northern hemisphere, a sight that would drive astronomers into a frenzy of curiosity and conspiracy theorists into new stories of alien ships exploding in atmosphere. Nobody would ever know that Mike along with the rest of the Red Team had saved Gotham, Metropolis and New York City from a catastrophic destruction.

Sirens could be heard even from within the house, the Gotham City Police Department had arrived with what was a decent response time for once; likely due to the fact that some trouble had just occurred here a night before with one of their Detectives.

It was up to Berto and the rest of his team whether they were going to deal with the authorities or flee the scene; lucky he was in radio range of the team.

An owl hoots at the approach of the police cars while a chubby little chipmunk perches on a piece of destroyed masonry, sniffing at the inside of the house.

Lunair pauses. Toilet paper? Oh bo. Lunairs eyes widen as Sunspot does his thing. "Sunspot!" Hey! She likes the guy. He's a good person, and Lunair doesn't want to see her friend hurt or lost. Lunair hears Audrey, "I'm here. I think the others - um, our brain peoples went teleporty, and the other two are in space," She offers. Lunair doesn't out anyone and she's really careful with names. She is going to go towards Audrey, and make sure they are well away from explosions. She'd rather not deal with authorities. And if she sees that chipmunk, ooo, boy.

With Mike's timely assistance, Roberto gets to splurge his energy on cool stuff like, y'know, having a baseline metabolism. But even though they're going to hit the ground intact, he's in absolutely no state of mind to be diplomatic with the police. "Let's get the hell out of here," he says into his comm unit. "Rendezvous back at the Blackbird."

"We have police at the scene," Audrey starts to report, buckling down to go invisible again as she starts back up the stairs. "No statements to make?" Dodging police, that's another one of those things she's good at thanks to lots of practice.

The only thing Metal is going to do is to skitter inside, retrieve that 486 box, and skitter back out, using various holes to escape. He's back at the Blackbird and waiting to rejoin his travel-chassis at home as soon as he can get there. Mom is going to be very cranky about having to bless another set of anti-demon weapons already.

The Blackbird is waiting just outside of the manor grounds, the ramp already down so that Mike (After grabbing his new 486 Pal), Sunspot, Lunair and Audrey can hop inside; Bobby already there waiting for them at the boarding ramp to help them in.

Rachel is in the pilot seat, having been teleported back down to Earth by Cable, "Let's get out of here and then I'll explain everything."

With precise movements the signature vehicle of the X-Men lifted up away from the estate that was soon to be swarming with GCPD, the stealth systems hiding it from sight.

The Gotham City Police Department would be in the meantime swarming over the estate; finding the bad guys neatly gift-wrapped for them thanks to Bobby basically going through and taking down most of the threats while everyone else was busy.

It was likely, Batman or another of Gotham's masked vigilantes would be blamed for this.

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