Kitten in Limbo

February 28 2015: Jericho talks to Zee about the realities of Limbo and dealing with demons


Illyana's bedroom is the one truly safe place in Limbo… but one must remember it's still hell.



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Time passes oddly in Limbo. There's no sun, and so no day and night cycle. Watches often disagree with an internal sense of how long things have been. It's hard to tell how long you've been there, often even for those experienced with it. For the rest… well…

Jericho's sitting down, going over a large, thick, black bound book when she awakes. Demon is a language he's pretty fluent in but he still studies up on it. Quietly. Speaking it out loud, in the wrong way, can have effects. Intended or unintended.

Zee stretchs, the silk of the sheets caressing her skin. It takes several moments for Zatanna, or Zee, to orient herself with the current environment. A huff, a look at the ceiling … and Zee finally deigns to speak "How long, Jericho?" she stretches, arching like the content kitty Illyana imagines…

"Here or there?" Jericho says looking up. Illyana's room is… very gothic. Large bed (very large) guttering torches, bookshelves, tapestries depicting… demonic and slightly gory things. Interspersed are normal things. Posters. Pajamas. The floors are stone, softened with furs. It's… very unlike the music room she had been in. Most importantly - Zee can tell better than other visitors likely, the room is heavily warded. Absolute privacy and security in this room.

"On Earth? Hard to say. Some hours. Maybe a day or two." He's been here that entire time, too.

Zatanna Zatara says, "And here…" the nineteen year old can't help but stretch, lnaguorously. Zee is fuzzy on details and she peer at Jericho from her vantage point of the bed… "How long have I've here, Jericho?""

"It's kind of hard to tell time here." Jericho chuckles, closing the book and sitting up in the chair a bit to watch with eyes glowing amusedly. "But probably most of a couple of days. You needed a lot of rest and this is the safest place to get it."

'Safest' is a relative term when considering magical influences, but still Zee stretches again as she peers at Jericho and processes his answer "I've been gone for a couple of days?" she exclaims plaintivelly… Without thinking about it, the young magician snuggles under the covers and peers at Jericho.

"No…" Jericho chuckles, watching Zee snuggle under the "You've been here probably a couple of days. Limbo days. Which are not like real days." The fact is the difference in time isn't consistent. Sometimes it's quite dramatic. The only constant is that time runs faster here than on earth.

She did need a lot of rest, to heal properly and recover from her magic use. Slowly her eyes start to track the room and they widen at the decor. "Nice room…" she says faintly "So a couple of days here, which aren't real days on earth."

"No. Well yes and no. The time has actually passed. But here and not there. You've probably only lost a couple hours there and Illyana can fix that for you too. She's got some control over 'when' her disks exit as well as where." Jericho says as his eyes track with her. "It is rather, isn't it." He means that unironically. He's been here often enough that it's normal.

Zee gives Jericho a flat look "I was being ironic, Jericho." Her eyes resting on one particularly gruesome tapestry, the raven haired shudders slightly and wraps the covers more tightly around her "Not exactly my style… " She's not rainbows and unicorns either, but certainly something much lighter.

Returning her gaze to Jericho, she sighs "So about the collar…."

"Yes?" The hacker had suspected the conversation would return to that after she was no longer tapped out and confused. And, predtictably here they are. It's like he's psychic, some days. "What about it?"

"What is it?" Zee won't mince words, that's probably what led to this in the first place. "Illyana said I name my price and she paid it." The young magician is definitely not smiling, something that doesn't happen often.

"Just a collar. With a tag written in demonic." And really, it is just leather and diamonds. It's quite pretty, and the brass tag is… just that. The words have power of course but many phrases in demonic do. "It's what it symbolizes that's important. She made an offer, you set your terms, she met them." Jericho is kind of surprised that Zee hadn't thought of that before. He doesn't think of Illyana as a demon, but she' isn't fully human and she did spent a good portion of her life around them. Is it a surprise that she sometimes acts like one?

"So why don't you spell it out… what it symbolises…" She really dislikes being called Kitten. "I just thought she was trolling me… " like Jericho does, on a regular basis. The look on her face probably says it all … dawning realisation mixed with a healthy dose of self mockery.

"She was." Jericho chuckles as he sets the book aside and stands, walking over to the edge of the bed. "And then you made her an offer. You offered to be her Kitten if she got you an appropriate collar. Which she did. Which you accepted."

Zee hadn't really, not in her own mind… it had been made and accepted in jest. As Jericho moves to the edge of the bed, the young woman moves further across the bed, putting distance between them… she's so not comfortable right now. Sighing she adds lamely "It was a gift…"

"Yes… a gift made to you in acceptence of your offer." The hacker can see she's uncomfortable so he puts his hands in his pockets, safely out of the way. "Look, Zatanna, think about it. Illyana's spent most of her life around demons. She thinks like them, a bit." He understands those thought processes quite well which is part of why they get along so well. "You've studied up on this kind of thing yes? More than me anyway, I presme." THough given his practical experience, perhaps not.

"You said… she thinks like them a bit… not she thinks like them all the time" Zee notes "And yes, Constantine tutored me when I was 16, so I've some knowledge but… " another sigh "I didn't consider Illyana, a demon. Still don't really." Just … troubled … she guesses. "I could be forgiven for mistaking it as a gesture of friendship and mutual respect." She sounds a bit bitter "Not a gesture of what? Ownership?"

"Well she hasn't tried to actually claim you, so I don't think it's quite like that." Respect? Mmmmm, Jericho's not sure about that. Friendship… well that's not the collar. Whom Illyana likes, she trolls. It's a sign that she's comfortable around that person, comfortable enough to push their buttons. "Though you should know that the fact that you are seen as hers probably saved your life tonight."

"Really?" Zee's eyebrow rises "But she still calls me kitten, like I'm a pet… and …" shaking her head "Phrases like 'seen as hers'… so what is it like then?" Blowing out a breath, she bridles a little "I could have got home to Shadowcrest… except your imp interrupted me." That's her story and she's sticking with it.

Mmmmhmm. Jericho will let her think that too. "Of course she does. She likes you. She's pushing your buttons." On Earth that is. Well, in Limbo too. "Here though, anything that isn't hers is fair game. You might have had to fight to prove that you weren't worth the trouble and let's be honest, you weren't up to that."

Zee is still grumpy, pain and having to heal herself may do that. "Well she's pushed them." the raven haired woman glares at Jericho "And no, when your imp bought me here, I couldn't have fought. I knew I was injured, which is why I was heading straight home." She notes. She's obviously feeling more confident "Wait, what, she likes me?"

"I just said that, didn't I? Goodness do you think just anyone gets to come here? This is our home. And it's kept secure for very good reasons." Typically only friends are invited. Others may stumble in from time to time but they tend to get either eaten or shown the door.

Friends…. Invited… Zee doesn't feel either of those particularly at the moment. The young magician is feeling quite vulnerable "Explain the tag… if someone reads that aloud, what exactly happens" She's not against it, but she needs to understand: Friend or Foe… If Jericho or Illyana aren't there when she's 'summonsed' …. what … then?

"Demonic words have power. If it's read aloud, then you'll be returned here." To the safe room. Honestly. Illyana wouldn't dump anyone into Limbo to be eaten by her critters… that she likes. Or… doesn't actively hate.

"Returned here… where exactly? You've already just said the denizons of Limbo will eat me… " Zee needs reassurance… she may actually get someone to read the tag to ensure her safety… if she knows it's safe.

Jericho points ot the ground to inidcate the room they're in. "Here. Returned here. Goodness you don't think Illyana wants her content kitten getting eaten, do you?" Or otherwise assaulted. She tends to be fairly protective… and a bit possessive, of her friends.

"Face it Jericho… if there's a situation that I get someone to read that tag…" Zee is still tucked under the covers in the middle of the bed "I'd want to be doubly or triply assured that I'm going to the right place…" and .. given noone had explained this to the young magician, who could really blame her?

She sighs "I doubt at that point, I would be contented or anything similar to it." Zee chews her bottom lip and wraps the covers more tightly around her "How do I contact her or you, once I'm here? I don't want to be stuck here indefinitely." Seems… contented kitteh might be happy to be that way, with some boundaries in place.

Illyana is really, really good at pushing boundries. "She'll know when you get here. Trust me. Limbo is linked to her being. Disturb it and you disturb her. She'll know. As for me…" He might feel it. He's linked to Illyana now in ways that he hasn't mentioned to most, mostly because they'd lack a frame of reference to understand. "I'm here a lot. Odds are good someone would tell me." Demons do talk to him. Sometimes.

Zee can be disturbing when she wants to… and she nods slowly as Jericho speaks "Not particularly reassuring… I could be stuck here for ages, with no way of returning home… before Illyana realises I'm disturbing her patch her or a demon thinks they should speak to." She peers a Jericho from under the covers, "Is that correct?"

"Well you could be stuck here, in theory, sure. But I don't think you quite understand. This is her realm and her room. She'll know, trust me." She's not all knowing it's true, but something that personal would definitely ping on her radar. Or possibly his. Also K'nert seems to be keeping an eye on her. There's a story in there, somewhere, surely.

Trust… trust Jericho, trust Illyana… "Under what circumstances would Illyana or yourself, wish me harm?" That's been weighing on her "Tonight, you

"Tonight, you're imp fetched me… it thought I needed the help…. " she blows out a breath "What happens if someone reads the tag… can I be assured it will be safe?" A touch more relaxed about the 'kitten' thing, Zee is still looking for answers.

"Nothing is 'safe' Zee. Least of all magic. You should know that better than I." Jericho looks amused. "But as I told you, if the tag is read, you'll find yourself here. I'm not sure how many more times I can say it."

Zee probably doesn't need reassurance about where the tag will lead her and she sighs. "My name is Zee, not Kitten…" the raven haired woman smirks a little at Jericho "An you probably need to say it, as many times as it takes for me to truly believe it." The young magicians' eyes droop a litte "Can you send me home now? I still need to sleep… " And she would prefer her own bed, to this one in Limbo no matter how comfortable it is.

"K'nert can't get us to Shadowcrest, I'm going to guess. I suspect you'd have it warded yes? But we can get back to New York. You've slept enough that you should be able to get yourself back." Jericho's says a bit gently. "One other thing. Outside this room, do not say that you're not Illyana's kitten. Not unless you want to fight every time you wind up here. Do you understand why?"

On some level, Zee kindof understands Jericho's statement, but it still grates and her eyes flash. "But I'm not…" with a force of will, she doesn't finish the statement "I'm my own person…." Breathing in through her nose and letting out a long, slow, controlled breath Zee finally nods "It's an Alpha / Dominance thing… Under the protection of the Alpha, or not. Black and White, no shades of grey."

She won't correct whether she's going to Shadowcrest or Titan Base, but New York will work for the afternoon "New York will do fine, thank you Jericho."

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