Lunair and Old One Eye

February 26, 2015: Jericho, Cyclops and Lunair discuss the HYDRA threat

Salem - New York City



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Jericho is a connected man. In more ways than one. But he's not all knowing, nor all seeing and there are… simply some blind spots he has. Case in point. The X-Men. He knows the name, has had contact with them before but most of his friends there are the younger members of X-Red. And the rest he has… history with. Some good, some bad, some neutral, but it always makes any kind of potential interaction interesting.

This though, seems like it's not something that can be ignored. HYDRA is using magic to manipulate events toward some kind of planned end and part of that end seems to be the weaponization of certain mutants with an eye toward 'whomever they can shanghai/coerce/convince'. Jericho prefers to handle problems himself where possible but he is only one man. Accordingly he's asked his fellow Outsider and friend Lunair to meet him for cofee in Salem Center… and to bring a friend who might listen, if she can.


And Lunair is a token, undecided student. She might not even opt into being an open X-person or whatever. Depends, really. But Lunair knows a dude. A dude with EYE LASERS (guitar riff, explosion now). She's also totally meant to catch him up on stuff like her misadventures with suspiciously creepy old speedster guy, getting a dumpster flipped on her and other little bits of mayhem. She's also figured maybe he and Jericho might talk and stuff.

"This is the coffee shop he mentioned," Lunair peers at the place. "Kinda out here."


Given who Lunair has mentioned he will be meeting with, Scott has opened to wear his ruby quartz glasses. Granted, he didn't need them at the moment, but the headaches were getting worse by the day. At any moment now, he knows his control over the optic blasts will wane. Better safe than sorry, not to mention the fact that Jericho Trent is under the assumption that he needs them.

Usually that's the case.

When Scott walks in, he's dressed in a pair of jeans, a brown sweater, and a leather duster. After ordering a coffee, he approaches the duo with a brief smile. "Lunair." Then, he looks toward Jericho with a telltale eyebrow shooting upward from beneath his glasses. "Hello, again."


"Hey there." Jericho's…. undergone a few changes since last Scott saw him. Most of them aren't visible under the man's bland, concealing clothing. Jeans, workboots, long sleeve. His eyes however, those used to be grey with little bits of amber in them, then banded. Now they're not only completely amber, but they seem to shine and glimmer as if backlit sometimes.

So this is who Lunair brought. Well… there are worse choices. "Make yourself comfortable if you like." There's a pause as the hacker sips his own coffee. "There's a problem. Has Lunair told you anything yet?" He looks between the two mutants.


Lunair smiles, waving to Jericho. "Sure thing, thank you. Did you guys want anything to drink?" She asks. She seems to trust the man, glowing and all (glowing is good, right?). "There's a lot…" She looks to Scott. For her part, she smiles back to Scott. "Hello." Beam. She doesn't really seem to think much of thinking linearly.


The change to Jericho's eyes is noted. With Scott's glasses on, it's impossible to see the reaction in his eyes, but a lingering look might suggest that he's noticed. He sits down, rests the mug of coffee at an open space, and leans back into the seat to help give the appearance that this is an absolutely normal meeting between three people who otherwise look to be worlds apart.

"She mentioned a few things," he says, glancing toward Lunair with a nod of his head, before diverting his attention back to Jericho. "Nasty stuff, about a nasty organization who wants to do bad things." At this point, he leans forward, resting upon his forearms and drilling Jericho with a ruby-lensed stare. "So, what, you've got a deeper scoop on this threat?" His voice drops lower so that only the three of them might hear.


"Yes and no." The hacker is good at talking quietly. He's had a lot of practice in the last couple of years. "I wish I could say that I've cracked their master plan, but sadly that's not the case. I do have a pretty good idea about their next move though. Yesterday HYDRA used it's criminal connections to make a grab at a friend of Lunair's. Susan. She's a telepath with a talent for emotional manipulation and mental control." Had been a CEO, apparently not real shy about using that talent. "When Lunair and I recovered her, we took her to another friend for safety and chatted her up a bit. She told us that HYDRA had wanted her to leverage her abilites for recruiting other potential assets." Like Lunair here, no doubt.

"She also mentioned that they'd been 'stockpiling magic' and that their next move involved the acquisation of some 'large war machines'. I'm not quite sure what they want them for yet, but that can't be good. They've also made repeated attempts to grab Lunair here… and some have been odd. I'll let her explain those."


Lunair is also pretty quiet when she wants to be. And hey, some metahumans and/or mutants are just fine with using their talents to get ahead. Why turn away a free advantage? Especially with all the weighty problems. Lunair nods back to Scott. She seems to trust the older mutant. "She was a friend of mine when we were in the medical trial together. We still talk now that we found one another, though." And it seems Lunair is uncertain if her friend is a mutant or metahuman. Genes are personal, and odds are, most people don't bother to get tested. "Though, she was really good at business stuff, too." Hmm.

Still, Lunair wishes she had cool brain powers sometimes. "Well. I think - I did find that metal armed guy, he tried to grab me." Though, she kind of instigated that one. AEROBICS BEFORE HYDRA. "Then there was the creepy old guy with a really thick German accent…" She's trying to remember where she left Scott updated at. "Hmm. Sorry, I've been telling this story a few times. Did I get to metal arm guy?" No sense bludgeoning the older mutant with a repeat.


Scott listens carefully to Jericho's words, nodding his head a couple of times. The concern is generally masked from his face, save for a frown that steadily becomes more apparently.

When the conversation shifts to Lunair, he sits back in his seat and reaches for the coffee, sipping at it lightly. "From the top," he presses her. "Timeline of events, locations, names or descriptions of people. I need everything, Lunair." He won't mind hearing it twice.


Lunair listens, too. She looks to Scott. Oh boy. "Uh." Oh geez. She REALLY (and so does her player) wishes she had weird, eidetic memory brain powers. "Okay, well, the first big one were these Lockdown guys. I guess they're the metahuman hunters… they made me really slow, and also destroyed my car." Pause. "Though, my grenade probably didn't help that. They slowed me, and started wrenching my car's door off, so I tried to drive away and they sort of smished my car with the SUV. I chucked a grenade at them and my friend here totally saved my bacon, along with a detective lady."

"That was the first." There's a couple of minor incidents, "And then… let's see." Think. She is also giving him chances to interject.


Beneath the glasses, Scott's eyes are narrowed. He has a certain appreciation for Lunair in the way that she is, and would rather see her involved in his team than anyone else's, especially considering how dangerous her metahuman abilities could be.

"This was the first attempt they made to collect you," Scott recounts. "And this was when you realized that it was somehow connected to the medical tests you were a part of when you were younger, correct?" He needs to understand the chain as much as she does, it would seem.


"Well, sorta. I think my friend found that out. I'm kinda used to people trying to grab me now and then," Because people do kinda wanna vivisect the odd, useful mutant and stuff. And some people would just like to wipe mutants off the face of the planet (good luck with THAT). "There was a place with HYDRA and a bunch of records," She explains. "Myself, and some of the others in the medical trial I was in. And some government people." Lunair is deliberately vague, allowing Jericho to fill in the gaps when he wishes.

"The second attempt, hmm… Well, I remember - I was visiting a friend with a spaceship and Skeleto— Ehm, Taskmaster, shot the spaceship and that was pretty messy. His shield hurts if you get hit in the head with it, by the way. I think he stole the throwing thing from Captain America. They had some big exosuit guys and stuff," A bunch of COBRA/HYDRA (sssssuper) agents. "I managed to blow up his spaceship cannon thingy, and they ran off." She also appreciates Scott and his lawn destroying eye lasers. She seems to be incredibly uncertain on what to do with herself. She used to do a lot more mercenary work, and her capacity and acceptance of violence might be problematic. She also seems pretty okay with following Scott around. At least it's easy to get her to stop or go do things.


"Lunair and I raided a HYDRA nest a bit back that had a lot of files in it. HYDRA likes paperwork." The hacker shakes his head. "They had the documents there. I'm led to believe that they had a hand in the formation and administartion of that and a number of other projects in connection with the Department of Defense, though that's another can of worms. I suggest contacting Berto and Audrey at X-Red for that one… though I am involved." Isn't he always?

"He knows about the ship?" Jericho cants his head. The Outsiders aren't nearly as secretive as the X-Men as an organization. He's just wondering if he's going to have to explain 'shot the space ship'.


Scott isn't about to ask about this space ship. To the contrary, he seems quite more zeroed in upon HYDRA and their paperwork.

"The DoD," he echoes. "Possibly involved in these medical tests?" He cants his head toward Lunair. "The ones that gave you your ability?" He simply wants to get all of the details straight.

Contacting the Red Team is noted. "And now they are utilizing the arcane to target something big. Military. We could be looking at anything from battleships to military satellites, a helicarrier, bases, supply depots…" He shakes his head and pauses to take a drink from his coffee.

"What else do we know about the people who've been hunting you, Lunair? If we need to confront them, we will. More to the point, if there's someone else driving them, it may be an ugly distraction to spend too much time looking in the wrong places."


Lunair nods at Jericho. "Yeah, they shot a hole in the side of it. It's why stuff got fixed and upgraded." She goes quiet at the mention of tests. "Maybe. We were dying kids. So they tested medicine on us. Most of us made it out, but all of us gained some kinda power. Still totally jealous of the brain stuff." SIGH. And the super soldier bodies. She totally missed out on THAT gravy train. It seems fairly cruel, but is a life as a weapon better than death?

Lunair nods again at Scott. "Um. They have a lot of money. I ran into some Russian guy with a metal arm teaching evil aerobics or something, and he came at me," Bro. "He got away. Then I saw him again when some Russians were pretending to be cops and raiding some dudes. I may or may not have chucked a flash bang at him," Oh, Luna, always flash banging guys. "And then he flipped a dumpster on me. It took me a looooong time to get out." SIGH AGAIN. "But that wasn't really the most recent. Oh! And some dudes with drones. But the crashing drones were kinda funny…"


Jericho considers what he knows that might help Scott. "In addition to that we know they're using a mixture of magic to help find their targets and move around. They were responsible for the recent attacks on the Triskelion. We also know that they've been messing with Ley Line manipulation." Beat. "Mostly we know this thanks to Magik." Scott, he assums, will be familiar with Illyana. And presumably familiar with Jericho's connection to her though it's not like they've advertised so perhaps not.

"Yes, now they're targetting something big. Something, I think, that they can reuse. I warned SHIELD to put the Helicarriers on alert since they'd be good targets but they're not the only ones. A missile submarine would be problematic. A few other possibilities. I gave Lunair and some of my other friends a list of places I know that they're operating. Feel free to make them unwelcome. As for who's behind it…"

Jericho shakes his head. "I don't know. Yet. But I do know that they're a new player with HYDRA. And Susan gave me a name. A man in charge that she culled from someone's head." He looks at Lunair. "A name you've mentioned before, actually. Zyklon."


Theres a chance that Lunair only likes Scott because she can't see how many times he's rolling his eyes at her.

Scott gathers all of the information given to him. He's got a damned good poker face when he wants to; no real response is given to Jericho's mention of Illyana.

"Give me that list and I'll put the X-Men on alert. We'll keep the Blackbird mobile and disperse the others into targeted teams so that we can respond quickly if an attack comes." He levels an 'eye' upon Jericho. "Might want to give your 'friend' a little heads up." Beat. "And remind her to keep her hands off my glasses."

Scott then levels a look toward Lunair. He doesn't need to tell her; he's interested in this Zyklon character as well. News to him, it would seem.


Poor Lunair. She really can't. But then, maybe she just chooses to ignore it because it means he's not sad or angry. Or destroying the lawn. As a member of a botany club, Lunair could only describe the plant destruction much in the terms of someone who just witnessed his favorite clothes taken apart by a triathalon team of cats, small children and puppies.

Lunair is a good audience, at least. Magic isn't her thing, so she zones a little. "Oh, yeah, creepy German grandpa guy." Shiver. Lunair seems less than thrilled. "Maybe she really liked your glasses? They are kinda neat." Always helpful. She looks to Scott. "Well, I was riding my scooter when this guy in a trenchcoat and fedora runs up beside me. He was like, hiiiiiiiiiii Fraulein. I mean, I'm not gonna judge someone just for being a speedster." Imagine all the savings on transportation. "But then he whips out some syringes and starts talking about me bringing some plan for a seven headed beast to fruition and I insisted that I am organic and no thank you." Pause. "So I sped up and tried to get away, but he starts swinging a lamp post and going after me. He threatens me with more extensive modification while being all creepy. Fortunately, I got to an open field, slowed him and a friend of ours teleported me away." Phew.


"I did a little checking after she mentioned to me." Jericho says simply. "Not a whole lot on it, but if I get anything relevant I'll send it your way. I know you have some info savvy folks, so maybe you'll have better luck." By which Jericho means he'll have Lunair send it Scott's way. Or Illyana. Probably Lunair.

"Lunair can give you the list. She's got it. And as a side note… if you guys track this kind of thing, my sources tell me that the Brotherhood took a big hit to memebership about five months ago in Central America, which is near as we can tell where and when this started. I've not heard of any other mass mutant cullings but I'm tracing their network directly and inferring things from public and private databases rather than keeping an eye on the mutant populations. I do not doubt that HYDRA has a lot of targets and I don't doubt that they've targetted or are targetting other reigons for gathering recruits and research material. With the addition of magic, that might be both effective and problematic. Just a thought." One that the X-Men might want to look into.


Scott just looks blankly at Lunair for a moment, before tapping his finger onto the table again. "List… my desk, by nightfall."

Back to Jericho he looks, pausing long enough to take a drink of coffee. "Funny that we haven't seen any response from Magneto on this." He chews on his lip in a thoughtful way for a few moments. "Well. You will know how to reach me, Mister Trent."


Nod. Lunair will be a good messenger. Or something. "Sure thing," She replies. "By … nightfall. Wait, you have a desk?" Oops. Did she see his desk? She can't quite remember. There's a distinctly sheepish look across her face. She frowns faintly. The idea of people and mutants being culled is more than a little unnerving. A lot unnerving. "Well, I'll take it there," She promises. She could also be pulling his leg and teasing Scott. Hard to say.

She doesn't comment on the Magneto thing. "Thank you both for coming."


"I'm given to understand from exposure to them that the Brotherhood is large enough that keeping track of it is a bit of a chore." Jericho's got no idea how large. They're pretty secretive, but so he's inferred. "Anyway, I'll let my 'friend' know that your folks may be about. Hopefully save us both some hassle." It's good that May has a direct line to Fury now… not that Fury will like the idea but the man's a realist. He'll accept that he can't control everything.

"As for Magneto… you'd know better than me. I saw the man in the Savage Lands trying to rescue a woman named Lorna and that's about it. But I'll be about. And hopefully in contact. If you need me, just send word." He's not hard to get ahold of if you know the right people.

Lunair gets a nod and a smile. "My pleasure. You headed back with Mister S here or with me? I'm headed out and back to New York in a few."


Scott looks between the both of them. He's not much for small talk. "Be safe," he tells them, before taking his coffee and heading for the door. There's work to do.


"…" Well, then. "You too. It was good to see you." Wavewave to Scott. Lunair looks to Jericho. "Also I have a thing to give you and should figure out how much repairing your poor car is." Lunair does feel a little bad. "I don't know." Sigh. "He's okay. Kinda like a really murdery grandpa, except he's sorta chilled out lately." Wait. How the hell does Lunair know about Magneto? What DOES she get up to when no ones looking? Oh dear. "I guess I am going with you."


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