Justice League: Avengers Assemble!

February 28th, 2015: The JL:A assemble for a mission to Russia! (Follow-up Scene to Hawkeye's big announce before)

JL:A Lakehouse

Sometimes called the Frat House by Hawkeye



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It's been a week. Never, ever let it be said that life is dull; at least not at 'this' level.

The sun is shining, however, and the temperatures are trying their hardest to at least come up to the freezing mark, though it's not yet quite there. 'Warmer', comparitively, in the sun, though, and it can do a person good.

Clint is back 'home' once again at what he calls 'the frat house', and has the phone tucked between shoulder and cheek, giving him 'hands free'. (Why he doesn't use an earbud at home, he's not telling!) While nodding and listening, his hands are busy signing rapidly. For the last year or so, the rustiness of using ASL is gone and he's full force 'fluent' once again. He's 'up to speed'.

Yeah, yeah. Airspace. Getting clearance from the Russians. We'll have a fighter escort in. It's the way the JL:A works now. Above board. Colonel Supranovich will be our contact. They have no idea and haven't ever had the manpower to investigate, but they'd like us to take a look at… 'holes' in the ground..? It's his own signing that draws the question, brows rising in curiosity.

"That's fine. We can do that. We'll have a scientific team there. We may have to set it off-limits, within reason of course. And also interview anyone who might have seen something." The last bit draws a smirk from the archer; Russians hate it when Westerners do that.

Yes, yes… of course. <re>

Kate has been out for the last couple of days. She went to Detroit to help consult with some shelters there, then returned via a Stark jet, escorting an injured hero of some sort. She was quiet when she came back to the lake house, disappearing into the bedroom to decompress. Now, though, it's morning, which means it's a new day and there are new things to do. Like going to Russia!

She's sitting on the kitchen counter, munching on a glazed donut as she watches Clint's signing to see what's going on today.

Any personnel on the ground, or are we going in just us? she signs back to him, an awkward, one-handed thing thanks to sticky glaze.

Kara has been mostly hanging around at the Lakehouse since her close-call with the 'Slenderman'; which had turned out to be a hoax perpetrated by Cyborg. Although it didn't explain the strange fiery Slenderman-like thing her, Cap and Booster had fought.

Walking around in a pair of sweats and a tank top she sits down at the counter, eating a donut herself, "Why are you guys making strange hand motion thingies to each other?"

Ozymandias comes into the the room in his full gear and mask. "How is everyone?" He peers at the different members, before making his way further into the room. "I could not overhear you speaking about the Russia signal mission thing. So even the Russians want us to investigate this. That seems incredibly odd."

We'll have an information officer with us. Clint's on the phone, with the thing tucked up between his ear and shoulder. As he paces, his hands are busy motioning, and it seems that it might be some form of communication, as Kate's doing the same thing (one handed) in return. (Makes for eating a donut a lot easier! Sort of.)

Clint doesn't answer Kara immediately, instead he turns his back so he can keep talking; he'll answer after he's done with the call. "ETA will be in about 24 hours. We'll radio when we're in the air, and radio on standard channels right before we hit your airspace."

Morien's, or rather, Oz's appearance brings blue eyes around, but whatever it is, he's responding more to the phone than answering. "Yes, yes.. got it." Now, rather than relaying to Kate, Clint's doing the blah blah at her as he tries now to end the call. "We'll be seeing you. And yes, the Colonel."

"It's sign language," Kate answers Kara with a small smile, hand still moving with her words. "Developed to help people who'd lost their hearing communicate with the rest of the world. I learned it from Clint, because sometimes you need to say things without everyone around you hearing it." She pops the last of the donut in her mouth, then grins. "Also, it's cool."

She leans back to snag a paper towel, wiping her hands clean and tipping her chin toward Ozymandias with a grin. "Morning," she calls over. "Looks like we should have a plan soon."

Kara has no clue what the pair of them are signing, but she's still trying to figure it out; her thoughts are better left to herself on what she thinks the hand motions look like, "Oh, like military battle sign. I learned a bit of that from my mother but it was more like 'go there' 'attack here' and in Kryptonian, so yeah you need to teach me your sign language sometime."

She picks up another donut and tosses it to Morien, "Morning!"

"You should have told me that you needed transportation. I could have provided various ways to get you there." Ozymandias takes the donut and takes a bit of the doughnut. "Morning, Kara." Ozymandias tips his chin in return to Kate, "Plans are always good, unless they just arrive rushing someone. You will be amazed at how many plans through out history just boil down to rushing someone with superior numbers.

*red button*

Off. There. Done.

Clint catches the last bit of signing and nods his head. "Yeah." The cell is put into a back pocket as he is the fourth now to approach the kitchen area to nab a donut. "Hmm? No. Well, sort of. Military has different signs. This is purely civilian use. More like, 'Hi, how are you?' and 'Take the dog out', day to day stuff. And sure. Might come in handy." For him.

Reaching to nab a chocolate donut, his hand is stayed. "Aw… chocolate." Guess it's a glazed morning.

"And yeah. Flight out. Need to call Falcon on it, then first landing is at the airbase near the signal. We'll be given vehicles and have an escort. Information officer by the name of Colonel Yuri Supranovich." And that name is going to be searched very, very soon. "After that, apparently they're discovering some really big holes in the ground. Hit the news last year some time, but there were only three. Now, there are seven or so of them."

Clint's given up on a donut and instead moves around Kate, while putting a hand on her as he passes, and gets to the coffee pot. "We have the planes, and Falcon. Plans are that we're gonna go in and investigate. We're not the sneaks, so all of our moves, okay… most of our moves are with the official Russian blessing. This'll be high-profile and the last thing they want is to -not- work with us. We're gonna go as slowly as we want, but I do want to get out there soon. Even rushed, a good team that knows their teammates won't fail in a defense. Gotta have each other's back." Clint pauses before a shrug gives a shoulder rise, "'Course, I'm used to small teams and being outnumbered." Gesturing towards Kate with the coffee pot, he adds, "So's she."

"I thought those holes had something to do with natural gas and permafrost?" Kate asks, pressing her hand over Clint's as he passes. "But sure, we'll teach you, Kara. Comms are better if people are in different places, but comms can be hacked. Granted, ASL isn't exactly a secret, but it's not the sort of thing most bad guys learn. They're not usually big on working with other people's disabilities." Leaning back on her hands, she legs her legs swing over the edge of the counter as she looks to Ozymandias with a wry smile. "Hey, if you've got the numbers and the firepower, it's an easy plan. But like Clint said, we're not usually on the numbers or the firepower side."

"Sounds like fun." Kara replies to Kate before moving on to her third donut because hey you could always use more energy and it's not like she didn't have a hyper-metabolism, "I don't think I've ever been flying except that one time with Sam, it seems way safer to like fly yourself around." Of course not everyone had that advantage and for Sam's sake she doesn't mention Sam's flight performance…

"Small numbers are fine. I have done both types of fighting in fighting, but I must confess I have never done small numbers in Russia, especially in winter." Ozymandias finishes eating the doughnut and picks up a napkin, "So, you are thinking that these massive holes that have sprung up in Russia are connected to the signal, or is this just something we are investigating since we are in the area?"

"Natural release of methane, yeah." Clint also read about it, probably only after it was pointed out to him. "But there's more. And while the area isn't populated, or heavily populated, they're a little concerned." So, JL:A geeks will get something to play with. "Told 'em we'd look into it."

The coffee is poured into a mug (See? Training is progressing!), and Clint wanders back around to stand behind Kate. "It's not something someone really thinks about learning." He's game to help teach, but Kate is probably the better 'hand' at it. (Pun intended!) "Can start with the basics. Alphabet. Simple phrases."

Coffee is sipped tentatively, and nods towards Oz. "'In the area', figuratively. Give or take a thousand miles. But, as I said, it's high profile, and it's better than kissing babies."

There's a moment's pause before, "I just have to ask… any chance for the secret ID bit to wear off? We're all teammates, and pretty much relying on each other to watch our backs." At least Hawk hasn't seen the 'non secret' Oz. Not yet. "Or is that just a fashion statement for the moment?"

"Clint!" Kate aims an elbow at the other archer when he asks about secret identities. "If people want to protect their identities, they can. Some people have reasons," she points out. "Like, you know. Family they like. Or girlfriends who can't protect themselves. Foreign concepts, I know," she teases with a faint smirk.

Kara still doesn't fully comprehend the whole secret identity thing, it's not that she didn't understand it; she just felt silly being called by a codename, not to mention she wasn't overly fond of what the public had dubbed her.

"Awww Clint, just leave him alone." She eyes a fourth donut suspiciously out of the corner of her eye before pouring a cup of coffee for herself, "So when do we leave to go kick some butt?"

Ozymandias tilts his head towards his left shoulder, then back to his right shoulder as he ponders the question that was asked to him. "I do trust you with my secret identity. You do have the resources to found out who is beyond this mask, but I like to take precautions on my identity. Ozymandias raises his left hand to air and peers at it for a moment, "You have my word that I have your back until your last breathe or mine.

Oof. Clint exhales in a soft, theatric 'woof' at the elbow, though he puts a hand up on his ribs. Bullet! "Hey, just asking," and there's a moment before he simply can't resist, "Hawkeye."

The coffee cup is emptied, and a grin is leveled at Kara. "I'm not picking on him. Sheesh."

Clint turns to Oz, his tones serious for the moment. "I could, but it's sorta like sneaking. I get the superhero thing, I do. When on an op, Kate and I are Hawkeye. Well, we're both Hawkeyes. On the ground and in plain clothes, Kate and Clint. Hell, we would even answer to 'Hawk' off-duty. But, dressed up like that, you're 'Oz'." Clint lets that set in for a moment or three before he exhales and sets his mug to the side.

"I can't read lips with people with masks on, and I'm not always gonna have a hearing aid in. Not at home."

Kara rolls her eyes at Clint's claim of not picking on Ozy, "Of course not." She sips at her coffee before smiling towards masked man, "You have my word to, but like, of course none of us will be breathing our last breaths for a loooooong time." The coffee cup is set down before she twirls around a little, "I'll be back! Please don't eat all the donuts Clint!" In a blur of speed, the young woman is gone towards the upstairs of the Lakehouse.

"I know sign language. I know sign languages of variety of different cultures, and I also speak Khosian languages which I have used in operations myself, so you really do not need to read my lips. Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "I am Ozymandias with or without a mask, but obviously I do not go by my public identity in the world."
Ozymandias watches Kara depart and turns his attention back to Clint, "She is amazingly fast, but I digress. I have been around this Earth, not in another plane of existence, but walking this Earth for over 3500 years. You encounter a lot of friends and a lot of enemies during that time. So I have a lot of responsibility that comes with a long life, and part of that responsibility is not revealing my identity to everyone. Perhaps, a time will come, when I walk these halls without my mask on. I do have a lot of time on my hands."

"Do you know Fenris?" Because obviously, anyone who's been around for 3500 years knows all the other people who've been around for 3500 years. "Speaking of, we should invite him over some time," she adds to Clint, as if it's entirely ordinary. One of Kate's gifts: making even the strangest things seem ordinary.

"Wha? Wait. Me? Eat all the donuts? What about her—" And Kara's gone. Clint mumbles, peering into the box again, "Who ate all the chocolate ones? The ones left, I might as well share with Puppy." Bleh.

Surprised, Clint looks to Oz, brows rising in question. "You know ASL?" That'll be helpful, to say the least. "Okay. That.. uh.. works." A glance is given to Kate, some of the wind pulled from the sails, so to speak. He likes having the secondary input that reading lips allows. It's the 'whole thing', as it were. "Sure."

Okay… "Okay, here is where reading lips comes in handy. Did you actually say 3500 years on Earth." Statement rather than question. "I suppose that's understandable. I mean, some good friends of mine want people to not know they're alive and.. uh.. stuff."

Clint looks at Kate before he rolls his eyes at her. "What? You think there's a club or something?" Shaking his head, he's answering Kate's question, "No. Because not everyone wants their cover blown in their own house. You can have him over at the apartment or something. This is where we go to decompress. If we want to throw a housewarming party or something, that's gotta have a full vote."

Now, however, Clint puts his mug down and sidles past Kate. "Gonna go check with Sam and make sure we've got wings to go." The offer from Oz isn't unremarked, however, "It'd give Sam some more flight time. We're not going into aerial combat or anything. And the Russians need a recognizable transceiver signal. So…" Not before he gives the brunette a quick kiss on the top of her head. "Back soon. Make sure you pack warm clothes." For him too! Please?

"Actually, I just met Fenris this year, so I guess we do know each other. I guess the Immortal Club lost my membership." Ozymandias smirks behind his mask and peers at Hawkeye, "Yes, I have been on this Earth for over 3,500 years. I didn't get a t-shirt either. Ozymandias smirks behind his mask, "Let me know if you want to learn a Khosian language. I found that most people do not know them, and they really get nervous when they start hearing clicks around them in the dark.

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