Helicarrier Hijacking: Brains of the Operation

March 01 2015: A small team of X-Men, Zatanna and Spearhead respond to an urgent request for help in battling a twisted SHIELD helicarrier

Helicarrier Insight

The Bridge of the Insight is now the command center of the mecha Hydra and must be retaken to halt its progress into New York



  • Demonic Hardsuits (emits by Rowan)
  • Zyklon
  • Unknown Mage

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The pride of the SHIELD Helicarrier fleet is the Insight, the newest, largest, most advanced power projection platform in the arsenal. Or it was until about fifteen minutes ago. A garbled radio transmission indicated that the Insight had been boarded by unknown forces while en route to New York and that something unnatural was happening . Then the ship went dark.

What arrived over New York wasn't the Insight. Or at least, it wasn't immediately recognizable as such. A massive, metallic seven headed beast eleven hundred feet long, the only hints of what it had been the four glowing blue repulsor-lift engines at the bottom of it's feet and the word 'Insight' painted across both flanks. Clearly, something horribly had gone wrong.

A call breaks in on the radio, all frequencies. "To anyone who can hear me, this is Aspect. Most of you won't know me. HYDRA has managed to twist a SHIELD helicarrier into a monster and it's making right for Manhattan via the Bronx. It's being directed, somehow. If anyone can manage it. Get in through the hangar in the back and make for what used to be the bridge. Get it to stop. Or at least take control away from it. Others are headed for the Computer Core, what seems to be the heart. We hope to reverse the transformation but if we can't someone needs to turn this thing away from where it can hurt people. Under no circumstances should HYDRA be allowed to keep this thing. Aspect out."


Rachel Summers arrives in the hangar by way of the X-Men's impressive Blackbird spacecraft, still a bit pouty at the fact that her father Cyclops had insisted he pilot the craft; she loved flying that thing.

Dressed in the dark colored skin-tight outfit the X-Men seemed to wear she reached out with her telepathic senses up ahead trying to get a sense of what might be going on.

"We have no idea what to expect in there, don't hesitate to use force, we're not fighting normal enemies." Her voice far more serious than usual.
Ooh, Blackbird. Lunair probably could learn to pilot it, but she's never fast enough to call dibs. Never. Also, they seem to have so much fun! So why not? Lunair's never been on a helicarrier, but it is pretty cool. Right up until it goes full HYDRA (You never go full HYDRA!). Lunair will reply with a hi, Aspect! And she seems to know the voice over the radio. For now, Lunair is in a sleek, futuristic set of armor that looks yanked right out of Mass Effect. She even figured out how to use small rockets, so she has rocket boots. It's good times!

"Okay," Nod. Lunair doesn't really have any problems with killing, but she does try to keep it in check around polite company.


Zee, getting Jericho's call, teleports onto the bridge carrier with a soft 'pop' sound dressed in her stage costume, complete with the diamond encrusted collar at her neck. Appearing just beside Rachel, she catches the last of her words and the serious tone, and smiles grimly "No, they are not normal… I'm Zee by the way, we didn't get to introduce ourselves the other day."

"On site, Aspect." Zee speaks through her comms unit before nodding to Lunair, she likely doesn't recognize the woman as she's dressed differently to the other times they've met.


Nate was around when the emergency call got to the mansion, so he has volunteered to join the X-Men team, although he is still not up to date in procedures or protocols. "Who is this Aspect guy? Can he be trusted?" Damn, a Blackbird, the more things change… Some day he will learn to pilot this thing. Because… who wouldn't want to pilot the sleek, hypersonic airplane?


Spearhead is in full heavy gear, heavy armor, and toting a heavy arsenal, a 50 cal sniper rifle on his back, a very heavy machine gun in his hands, a pair of Desert Eagles on cross body holsters, a bullpup style PDW, and a large caliber Assault rifle, and that's just the guns! He is with Rachel, who he met just moments before, and is now helping to retake a high-tech carrier. Spearhead loads his weapons in preparation for the coming battle, he has absolutely no problems with taking lives, he has spent much of his adult life taking them! Spearhead listens to the radio, he is just here mostly on chance and by goodwill, and maybe just to do something… Spearhead turns the comm system on in his helmet, "Ok sounds like a good plan to me." he says, a bit flatly, making sure everything has bullets in them, and his knifes are sharp.


Zee, unfortunately, doesn't get to the bridge. There's something scrambling any attempts to portal in. It's… well, it's not intentional really so much as a result of so much magic twisting things around that her destination gets twisted too. She winds up in the Hangar with the others. There's a Quinjet parked there. Apparently someone else has arrived and gone in ahead. And a lot of rather unnatural bodies laying about. The door is open and the hallways quiet, but from the scraping and growling inside, that won't last for long. At least the sinage seems to be intact… so maybe finding the Bridge won't be hard?


Rachel replies to Zee with a friendly smile, "Rachel. Nice work the other night." She's reaching out with her senses even as she talks to the others, giving Nate a puzzled look, "No idea who this Aspect is but he's on our side, so let's use that to our advantage for now."

She doesn't waste any time, taking point as she heads towards the area the bridge is supposed to be, "I'm detecting the other team." She begins to raise a protective but invisible bubble of protection around the group with her telepathy, a cloak that would keep them hidden for a short time.

As she uses her telekinesis a golden phoenix symbol appears over her left eye, along with a protective force-field is layered around her body invisible to the human eye, "Lots of nasty things up ahead to, including what I can only describe as potentially zombies."


Lunair is ready for FIGHT! Wait. "Oh! The voice on the radio - he's my friend, Aspect." She uses code-names when on the job, rather than people's actual names (most of the time). "He talks to computers and stuff." It's the best way she can put it. King of the Internet might just sound weird. And Lunair never sounds weird. And apparently piloting the Blackbird is like the new pokemon for X-men. Who knew? "Hi!" Zee might recognize the voice at least. And then there's a Spearhead, too.

"So - I guess explosives are a no." As are flamethrowers. Okay, okay. Maybe just a nice railgun for now.


Spearhead stays close to point, easier to fire a gun and not have anyone jump in the way by accident that way. He slings the machine gun onto his back, and pulls out the AR, aiming down the sighs as he moves forward, looking like something out of a SEAL scene in a movie. Spearhead takes the safety off, "As soon as I see one, I'll make sure to shoot it in the head." Spearhead remarks. Zombies? Surely not…. but still……


Nate uhs. So they are jumping into a warped helicarrier called in by someone… okay, Lunair vouches for him. So that is a problem less. "Zatanna," states Nate, recognizing the dark-haired woman. "Fancy meeting you here, do you know what is going on?"

He turns to Rachel, as she is using her telepathy and that is good. She is probably better than Nate with it. "Okay, let me go first. I am good being the tank 'cause my TK is stronger. Can you set up a mind-link… do I have to call you Marvel Girl when in uniform? You need a better code-name," he smirks and flies ahead. Zombies. Avoid bites.


"Thanks, you too." Zee returns the smile to Rachel. "I know Aspect, he's good people. And HYDRA is on the top of his list to shut down, I've been helping where I can." She's not even going to try and explain any more than that.

Zee'll position herself just behind Rachel as they move… she has some offensive magic and would rather not have anyone get in the way. "Hey there, Lunair, Spearhead."

Nate gets a slow smile from the young mage. "It's Zee to my friends, Nate. And yes, fancy meeting you here. …" and then he's gone before she can answer the question he posed.


Zombies? Well those not so much. There are bodies in the hallway as the group moves forward, apparently fought by others. And there are odd… warpings in the deck, but all too soon the path leads away from one already blazed to a new one and… then they get to see the 'zombies'.

Or should we say 'Mechanized Hardsuits possessed by demons.' Lunair's seen these before, once at the factory and once at the compound in Colorado. There's dozens of them in the hallway. Guarding… something. But Rachel's psychic invisibility seems to be shielding them. For now.

That is until the whole beast lurches sideways in response to something going on outside and the hardsuits suddenly snap to life, as if, almost, worried. One of them bumps into Armory's armor…

And then the entire corridor is filled with flashes of hellfire. They don't have any clear targets thanks to Rachel, but they know something's here.


«It was good enough for Mom, besides she goes by Phoenix, we don't really want two of those or it might get more confusing.» Rachel replies to Nate telepathically not wanting to bother the rest of the group with their personal chat.

As everyone tries to rush by her into combat, she steps aside, "Those aren't men in those suits, let's get this done quickly."

A golden fiery aura surrounds Rachel as she begins to really use her telekinesis, the mark of the Phoenix that would follow her forever; just like the golden brand that had appeared over her eyes.

Reaching out to the Hardsuits she analyzes the machines with her mind, finding the location of every joint, seam and piece of electronics before explosively disassembling the ones closest to her.


"Those are demons in armor, I shot some before," Lunair offers helpfully. She looks to Zee and nods. Lunair really does need to remember her code name more often, but she's only had it a few months and hopes no one notices she isn't the first Armory. At any rate, there's things happening.

And while she's considering how to fight in an enclosed space with everyone going for the front like there's free pin-ups and coconuts (something for everyone!), she bumps into a hardsuit. "Oh, sor— waitaminute." Turn the - well, a railgun's no good in here. It's time for the holy shotgun! A silver shotgun with intricate designs and she's just going to go all Evil Dead on it. BLAM! Mind you, Lunair is always gun safety conscious. Never shoot if there's a danger of someone being hurt that she doesn't mean to.


Spearhead raises his rifle, he aims right for the neck of the second closest armored being, a common chink in armors, he's noticed. Full automatic gunfire from the AR erupts, heading straight for the hopeful chink in the armor, making sure that he doesn't hit any team mates by going to a knee and firing from a low angle at the thing.


"Not zombies, alright," Nate seems almost happy, as close quarters is fine for him. He just charges them, ignoring the one that Rachel is dissembling to punch the second one of the line with a telekinetically charged first.


These look somewhat familiar… demons bound to the suits by way of a sigil and the last time Zee fought these things, her magic got a lot out of hand. "They most certainly are" Zee confirms to Lunair "Bound to the suits by magic, really." shared so the others in earshot will hear that too. Taking her time, the young magician focuses on one of the suits not already under attack.

~~ evomeR ehT ligiS etalP morF ehT tiuS ~~

"Let's see if that disables that one, if it does… we have a way forward…"


That does it. The suits are blasted, exploded, shot, pummeled and magicked into submission. Zee's spell makes the last of them literally fall apart as the animating energy is released. Whether or not that might also be a problem is something to worry about later. The bridge is ahead.

Standing there, amid a guard of several larger, bulkier suits, are two men. One appears to be a magi of some form. He takes cover the moment they appear. The other? He's in some kind of suit perhaps? Or maybe he's augmented, but he turns to look at the intruders. Lunair's seen this one before. "Ah Fraulein Lunair. How nice of you to join us. Now, all of you lay down your arms undt I promise you zat I shall make your deaths swift. Except for Lunair. She's coming with me."


«Nate, is it racist to assume he's a Nazi? Nevermind.» Rachel inquires of her brother in a telepathic link.

"She's not going anywhere with you. You must be HYDRA. Phoenixes kill Hydras." As Rachel speaks in a determined tone, an edge of danger in her voice; she's already rushing towards the man who had addressed Lunair, ignoring his magical compatriot for those better suited to it.

Psionic energy wraps around her body and a glowing form of a Phoenix surrounds her body with claws and all. She looks positively terrifying and that isn't even the Phoenix Force, that's just her and whatever strange connection she has to it.

Her intent is clear, if she couldn't get in this bastards head she was going to rip it off; her claws reaching for the man's head. She had no qualms about killing someone like this, a fellow mutant? Yes, but this man, no.


Holy shotgun: Surprisingly effective. Lunair is relieved, and nods to Spearhead. Then Lunair's blood runs cold hearing a veeeeeeery familiar voice. And now he looks like a Power Rangers villain. Meep. "Hi, herr Zyklon. I'd really rather you not try to take me or kill my friends." If that's, you know, cool. But it apparently is not. Then Rachel goes all phoenix and she blinks. "Also, what she said." Really, she'd rather not go with HYDRA. Really.


Spearhead listens "Hmm… I don't think so…." Spearhead almost opens fire on the dutchman, but then Rachel seems to be trying to do something that may either be trying to do something with his mind, as Spearhead found out she could do when she found him, or try and rip the mans head off, both would suffer if he shoot at the mans head.

Ta-BOOM, Ta-BOOM, Ta-BOOM! the AR sends a volley of fire into the room, brass hits the floor, and adrenaline pumps in Spearhead as he instead decides to mow down as many suits as he can, pumping lead into them until they fall, taking them out one at a time.


Nate eye-rolls at the Hydra leader words. "Seriously, has anyone ever accepted those kind of conditions? Or it is you just love to hear yourself talking shit?" Wait, Rachel! The redhead jumps ahead him and Nate growls. They need more practice working together, or someone like Scott organizing them.

But he follows his sister, ready to give her some cover if she gets into trouble, as she strikes 'herr Zyklon' (is that a name?!) Nate fires a broad telekinetic blast from his left eye to the armored men closest to him.


Zee reaches out with her senses and her eyes widen… "There's an awful lot of magic floating around those two…" Well above her fighting weight, that's for sure. Leaving the others to deal with Zyklon for now, the young woman focuses on the magi

~~ riA dniB dnA gaG ehT igaM. oN gnikaepS rO gnivoM roF mehT ~~

Disabling the other magic user, may give the group a fighting chance.


Rachel's first blow connects, scoring long furrows in that metallic arm, but then he's just… not in front of her anymore. As Lunair might have warned them, Zyklon is a speedster. And he's fast. Very, very fast. In a blur he slips around the raging Phoenix, leaving her for his brutish hardsuits to deal with and makes right for the group behind her, with Zee right in his cross-hairs and a 100 mile an hour punch wound up to deliver in a flash.

Said hardsuits swarm around Rachel. Demonic dog-pile in the works. Well… not that one. Nate just send it flying over a railing. That one might be a minute. Spearhead finds, sadly, that he's missed… but he's going to have another chance. The guy is suddenly right next to him.


Rachel lashes out at the armored figures who attempt to dog-pile her, not that there seems to be many after the precise teamwork of her teammates except Spearhead; he was going to need to step up his game.

Spearhead might feel Rachel momentarily inside of his head, helping him visualize the enemies weak-points she had learned from her explosive disassembly of them earlier. «Aim. Then fire.»

She wasn't about to let Zee take the hit from Herr Zyklon, instead she trusted the other woman would be able to deal with what was to come next from her.

Trying to time it right, she uses her telekinesis to rip up the deck plating in front of Zatanna when Zyklon is about to hit her; if it works hopefully the man will smash into it instead of Zee.


Lunair looks more than a little worried. She hates fighting speedsters. They're so damn FAST. And relying on contingency tactics or them ignoring their back? A total pain. Her eyes widen as Zyklon does he things. "Oh, hell."


Zyklon is technically a name, maybe. She doesn't know much German, really. With people fighting Zyklon, unloading a gun into the fray is gonna prove perilous. So, railgun the other mage! Or something. She's gonna try since there's no people who aren't bad guys over there.


Spearhead is an expert marksman, how did he fucking miss?!?!?

Spearhead grits his teeth ~I /did/!~

Spearhead spins and and draws a bead on Zyklon, and steps back; at those speeds, close combat is suicide, Spearhead doesn't care about how fast the man goes, WWII warplanes go over 200 MPH and got hit all the damned time, not to mention supersonic (700MPH+) speeds! he instantly fires, hoping to rake the speedy man with gunfire and if Zyklon tries to move, Spearhead will lead his target.


Nate curses. Zyklon, cyclone. He should know his German. But no, life is too short to learn German. Speedsters are tricky, but the still have minds. So trusting Rachel can take of herself for a few seconds, and since surprisingly they forgot to shot at him, Nate closes his eyes, and seeks Zyklon's thoughts patters. Should be easy because they are so fast. Then he delivers a mind-shattering telepathic blast.


Several things start to happen at once. Rachel is dismantling the hardsuits in the most literal and brutal way possible as Zyklon closes… to smack right into some deck plating. There's an imprint of his cybernetic fist. Before he can disengage, Spearhead shoots him. Several times. Then Lunair begins fire on the mage who skitters to cover. Then Nate Blasts him, which… actually does a lot less than it should. Trying to get a telepathic bead on Zyklon is like trying to do it to Magik. Too much 'something else' in the way to get through. But the blast doesn't do nothing.

"It is time to go, Herr Schmidt." Staggering backward from multiple attacks, Zyklon blurs back, grabs the mage and yanks him through an emerging portal.

Leaving the heroes in the command room of a rampaging beast.

"Zee, Lunair, it's Aspect. We're about to turn this thing back. Take control of it or the damn thing's gonna crash when we do!"


Rachel was none too pleased that the Hydra operatives had escaped but they had secured a path to the bridge, "Come on, let's move! Zee, I assume you'll be able to reverse this since it's magical."

The golden fiery aura fades away from her body along with the psionic firebird, the young woman appearing her normal self.

"Spearhead, you cover the door, make sure nothing gets through to us." She's waving everyone inside the bridge so they can get this show on the road. They needed to stop this from crashing.


Lunair glowers at the mage. That's right, you skitter! There's no time to think about it, an uneasy fear settling into her gut as the two leave. "… I really hope that means he's giving up," Even though her words are hollow and filled with worry. Uneasy. "So um," Yeah, Lunair will move to help Spearhead. "I've never piloted a giant mecha-hydra." Nope.


Nate is somewhat familiar with demonic minds. He can't read them, but he can sense them and usually break them telepathically. Apparently Zyklon had a mystical shield of some kind too tough to break through. Next time he will hit harder. Or maybe he is possessed too. He will ask Zatanna-Zee afterwards.

Taking control of a helicarrier? He missed that course during SHIELD's training. Along the whole SHIELD training. "Yeah, right… does this thing has an auto-pilot we can turn on?"


Spearhead nodds, and stands guard on the door, his pride smarting from his missed shot, how had he missed a /grunt/?!? If something comes for the door and looks like anything decides to try and force it's way in, Spearhead has a little bit of steam to blow off on them.


"I don't think I have too, there's other groups handling the transformation" Zee can sense a heap of arcane type energy in the area, some good and some bad "We just have to control it, to stop it crashing…"

The bridge controls quite a mess, and nothing is recognizable as they pulse, glow and look just ick. "When they make the change, we're going to have to work quickly. And I'm not sure there's an autopilot, Nate."

Considering the group, she frowns a little "Anyone, got piloting experiencing? I can throw some magical oomph at it, to slow it down, but someones going to have to drive this thing, when I do." Speaking into the comms unit "Aspect, it's Zee. We're in position… I'll try to slow it down, and hopefully one of this group can drive it." It's times like this, she misses Agent May..

The young magician focuses intently on the air around the helicarrier

~~ riA esnednoC dnuorA sihT reirracileH oT wolS tI nwoD ~~


The bridge is disgusting. Fleshy. Full of fluids and control panels… but as the group takes control it starts to untwist around them, bent back into it's proper form by Magik's magic. And then…

Then some young X-Men, Zee and Spearhead are flying the Insight, over a ruined section of the Bronx.

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