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March 1, 2015: Peter "saves" Cindy and a new dynamic duo is born.


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A lot can change in seven years.

This condo isn't covered under that policy. For seven years now, ever since the old man shut her in, Cindy Moon has looked at the same… stuff. Sure, she's moved it around here and there. The TV used to be over there. The bed used to be… wherever. But she's working within the constraints of what she has.

The 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Tropic Thunder' and 'Taken' movie posters are still up. She doesn't even know there's a third one. It never even occurred to her that that fool's family might get taken two more damn times.

Just Cindy, alone, with her stuff, and her videos. Videos of Spider-Man. Right now, though, it's just 'The Carter III' on the stereo as she paces around on the ceiling.

Outside, it's a warehouse. It's one of many. It's of no interest to anyone. But the warehouse district at the docks is currently being seized by the villainous Moses Magnum, seeking a ransom from the shipping companies or he'll quake their docks clear into the water. Surely, someone could stand to do something about that.

And that's precisely why Spider-Man is here. This Moses Malone guy (or whatever his name is) has been up to far too much mayhem of late not to get a personal visit from ole Webhead. He's been researching this goon for 2 months now, and it's all gotten so close, he can almost taste it.

He shivers a bit as the cold wind breaks through his costume and chills him to the bone. Man, he hates the winter time. But, crime doesn't care about seasons and so he pushes it from his mind as he focuses on the task at hand. Finding Moses Magnum and catching him in the act with some sort of evidence.

He slinks downward, upside down with the bottoms of his feet helping to slow his descent as he slips into the warehouse in question.

Spider-sense… tingling! That must mean Magnum is near!

And indeed he is, holed up in one of the warehouses, barking orders at his goons.

"They have thirty-five minutes left… but they're dragging their feet. So maybe I should give them a little taste of what I can do… just enough to bring a few walls down."

Magnum's power is to generate earthquakes, so when he threatens to sink the docks, he can do it. It looks like he's got some sort of machines, too, to amp up his power level, or maybe keep him safe from their consequences. He's engaging with the machine now, and the ground vibrates just a bit as he prepares to harness his energy into a destructive burst.

Oh, this will not do at all. Not at all.

Spidey reaches out both arms and depresses his webshooters straight downwards in an attempt to web either side of Magnum. If successful, he gives a giant tug upwards, trying to pull Moses straight up and get him off the ground where he can use his power.

Spidey shoots — he scores!

Well, mostly. The tremor agitates into something bigger for a hot second — walls shake, and outside the warehouse, the sound of a few facades crumbling can be heard. But Magnum is contained by the webs. "Damn you, arachnid!" he cries, as his goons scatter.

"Haters gonna hate," singsongs Spider-Man as he begins to web Moses up. He does a quick mental calculation, and looks up at the rafters.


Better make sure he's well protected, just in case the roof comes down on him.

Spidey switches out cartridges on his wrist and begins to cover up Big Mo with a protective cocoon, leaving enough room for air of course. That's right, all in a day's work ladies and gentlemen. And a couple months worth of work is finally ready to be put to an end. He's got Magnum and he's got the earthquake equipment. Game. Set. Match. Spider.

Well, that's Moses Magnum in the bag. But why is the Spider-Sense still faintly tingling? A reaction to new deodorant? Or more trouble on the horizon?
If the sixth sense can be trusted, it's something distant, something not in this warehouse. A back-up, fail-safe thing by Magnum? Well, he's chewing sticky webs right now, so he probably can't even answer.

Spider-Man walks gingerly towards the direction that his spidey sense is tingling. Once it's clear that it's far enough out of the way, he swings out of the building and into the harbor area. What he's looking for, he has no clue, but if Magnum has another trick for him, he's not going to allow some innocent to get hurt.

Once Spidey is out in the open, what he's looking for is pretty obvious. The exterior of one of the warehouses has crumbled, a gaping hole revealing its contents: nothing!

Nothing except for a silver structure, like a giant shipping container. It has exactly one door. Has the Amazing Arachnid stumbled on some kind of CIA rendition black-site? The Spider-buzzing is definitely coming from ~there~.

Inside: Cindy is still on the ceiling, looking around as she tries to figure out what that huge shake was. Her first move is to bounce towards the door — and hope that it didn't get knocked loose.

Spider-Man feels kind of funny. Like when you used to climb the rope back in gym class. He approaches the door slowly, arm outstretched, hand on the door. Gently he turns it and opens it up, ready to backflip out of the way should this be a trick. But the sensation, it's … different.

The outer door opens easily enough — into a hallway that leads to a vault door of some kind. It's the kind of thing that one might see in a sci-fi movie, to contain a xenomorph or something. Whoever built this thing wanted to keep whatever's in there inside there for a long, long time.

There's an intercom by the door. It flares to life!

It flares to life because inside, the perimeter alarm is going off. Cindy leaps to the wall by the intercom, crouching by the panel and stabbing the button so hard she nearly breaks it. "…Ezekiel? Is that you? What's going on?!" she blurts, the first words to come to mind, crackling through to the outside and vibrating around the hallway Spidey is in.

"Nah nah, this aint Raymond," Spider-Man says to himself, having no way to contact whoever that is and having a healthy adoration for the movie White Men Can't Jump (ironic aint it?). Also, he has no idea who Ezekiel is, or the woman behind the voice. He begins to saunter slowly down the hallway, ready for anything.

The intercom has a panel for Spidey to respond, so he choose. Cindy, meanwhile, blurts out again: "Ezekiel?! Seriously, what's going on?!"

Slowly, Spider-Man approaches the panel, "Uhm…Ezekiel can't come to the phone right now, but if you'd like to leave a Spidey message do so after the Spidey-Beep."


Next to the door, the Spidey-sense is buzzing fiercely, directed seemingly all at a spot that, through layer upon layer of metal, corresponds with where Cindy is stuck. There's a keypad for opening the door with some kind of access code, but failing that, it looks like it could be torn down with some effort.

What might complicate all this further is the genuinely shocked response Spider-Man gets over the intercom: "~Peter?!~"

"Uh…what? Who's, uh…who's Peter?" Spider-Man has that voice when someone is obviously lying but trying to convince you otherwise. "Are you okay in there? I'm going to get you out." Spider-Man wraps his hands around the moorings and gives a quick exhale. One more intake of air before he grits his teeth and gives it a biggole yank, tryin' to rip the darn thing right out.

"I mean, I mean, Spider-Man! Did Ezekiel send you? Did he tell y—" Cindy cuts herself off when Spider-Man says he's going to get her out of there, at which point she panics, her voice rising.

"NO! NONONO! Don't do that!" Too late, the door is buckling. The biggole yank is enough to crack its frame a bit, but it'll take another to get the door free. "It's not safe! It's not safe!"

"Not safe? Hold on! I'll RESCUE YOU!" Spider-Man says, mishearing Cindy as the crackle of the intercom gets in the way of them full communicating. Well, that shouldn't be a problem after…UNFH! With all of his strength, Spider-Man rips the door away and chucks it triumphantly. She can almost see the smile behind the mask. Truly, a hero come to save the damse…Wait. Why does he feel so funny?

The door wrenches, and buckles, and finally RIPS—

"NO! NO! NO!" over the intercom—

The door lands with a WHAM or maybe a WHONG, loud enough to betray that it weighs more than a truck just by its lonesome. There's a quiet moment as the dust settles.

Then Cindy, a pretty young Asian woman, pokes her head out through the doorway. Her hair hangs down at an odd angle. This is because she's sideways, crawling on the wall. She's just stunned, taking in deep breaths as if trying not to have a panic attack. "…what have you ~done~…?" she asks, quietly.

"R-r…..rescued you?" The voice raises at the end as if this sweetness of the tone will make whatever happened much better. "Because, it's not safe….right?" Spider-Man's head tilts at an awkward angle as he tries to get his bearings back and figure out just what in the world is going on here. "Uhm…you crawl on walls? Gotta say I'm a fan."

Cindy hops to the ground. She's in shape. She's in Spider-level shape. She's wearing a tank top and sweat-shorts, looking like she was having a lazy sleep-in Sunday. "…I meant it wasn't safe to break the seal!" Cindy says, her eyes tracking from Spider-Man to the door, crumpled on the ground. Her hands come up over her mouth. "Where's Ezekiel?! He said he'd come back when it was safe to come out! Morlun… you're going to lead Morlun right TO us!" She's freaking out, but… 'Ezekiel?' 'Morlun?'

"Morlun? What does he have to do with this?" Spider-Man asks. "Break the seal? Is that some frat thing? Is this a joke? Am I being punked? Also, who is Ezekiel? I don't know no Ezekiel."

Cindy looks like her brain is going in two directions at once and tying her up between them. "Ez— Morl— You— I— Morlun has everything to do with this! By opening that door, you're going to lead Morlun right TO Earth! He'll come and he'll kill us all, you, you maniac!"

"Lady, I don't know who you are or what's going on, but one: If either one of us is a maniac, maybe it's the girl who has been locked inside a vault. Two: This sounds insane. Three: You do realize that if this Morlun person was going to come, that he'd have come already to get me because /I have spider powers./ Which brings me back to the original point. You have spider-powers?"

"No, you don't understand, it's—" Cindy balls up her fists and puts them against her temples. It's what? Ancient prophecy? It's not like Ezekiel told her much. 'When you're older,' he'd joke, in that gruff voice… and now she's older and he's been gone for ages. Where?

"I got… bit. By a radioactive spider," Cindy says, breathing deeply to calm herself down. "Just like you."

Wait. How does she know that? "And I got powers. I didn't know how to control them. And Ezekiel came, and he trained me… but I had to go in here… so Morlun wouldn't detect me. So he wouldn't come to Earth. But… you said Morlun's name, like — you know him…?"

"Slow down, slow down. You don't even know anything about me. Radioactive Spider? I mean, really?" Again with the lying that sounds like lying, Peter is clinging to his secret now. "Morlun? He's just some chump who thinks he's Dracula. He aint a thing."

When Spidey plays dumb, Cindy puts her hands on her hips. "And ~you~ don't know anything about ~me~." She shoots a web, right out of her wrist, to snag a spindle-case of DVDs and yank it over. She's had practice. She throws the case to Spider-Man. DV-Rs. Labeled: 'Spidey 2nd fight with Electro.' 'Spidey 1st fight with Rhino.' 'Spidey swinging, var. dates.' All of it seems to be from within the first six months of Spider-Man's career.

"…wait. Chump?" Cindy's eyes go wide again and she reaches in to grab Spidey by where his lapels would be, if he had lapels. She's fast. Faster than him. "You fought Morlun?! And you survived?!"

Spidey plucks the dvd's out of the sky with little effort. Under the mask, he's shocked. "So, what you're saying is…you're like me?" He nearly pffts at her bit about Morlun. "Dude is a straight up chump. I schooled him easy. You'd have prolly beat him too, by the looks of it."

Cindy stands there and her arms flop to her sides. She looks like Spider-Man just told her that she won Powerball. "You… you mean…"

Cindy looks over at the doorway. "If Morlun is dead… then… then I can leave. I'm free. ~I'M FREE!~" With that excited yelp, Cindy bounds for the door, suddenly overjoyed. She dashes out and immediately web-slings up into the air, swinging herself up and doing something like a zillion degree flip with a triple twist, exulting in the open air as she swings hither and yon before finally settling on the wrecked roof of the outer warehouse. "I'M FREE! I'M FREE! I'M FREE~EE~EE~EE~EEEEE!"

"Well, correction," Spidey says holding a finger up and pretty much putting a damper on her parade. "Morlun isn't dead, per se. He's sitting in some cell down at the SRD. But yeah, you're free. That's the whole reason I ripped the door off in the first place."

Cindy pauses, peeking over the edge of the roof down at Spidey. Again, she's stunned. It seems like she's easily taken aback by stuff, but maybe that's just her way, after being locked in a box for seven years. "…wait, what?" is her agitated response. "He's not dead…?"

"Nah, I'm not big into that whole killing bit. More with the beatdowns and the arrests, you know what I mean?" Spider-Man leans against the opening to the door, watching her, trying to figure this whole bit out.

Cindy, after looking like Spidey just handed a winning Powerball ticket, now looks like he just tore it up. "That means he'll know I'm ~out~!" she yells, with a sudden fury. She jumps down.

Spidey-sense tingling! In fact, the Spidey-sense registers that Cindy is coming at Spidey about a half-second after Cindy impacts to tackle him down. She's faster than Spider-sense. Maybe… the fastest woman live. "HE'LL COME FOR ME, YOU— YOU— HE'LL KNOW I LEFT! THE PAST SEVEN YEARS ARE FOR ~NOTHING~ NOW!"

Spider-Man is knocked to the groun—what the hell? He looks up at her, "Re/lax/, woman. Good gracious, I won't let that scrub hurt you. I promise. Now would you get off of me before I have to chuck you off?"

Cindy stays perched on top of Spider-Man, her tip-toes perched on his abdomen while she has a grip on his upper costume. She looks absolutely enraged. The air is electric with the possibility of a fight. Or maybe — the possibility of something else? Her face gets in closer and closer. Something about this feels, well, only right and natural. No more shouting. No more words.

Spider-Man's hands wrap around her small wrists and he's about ready to yank her off, throw her against the wall. But for some reason, he just doesn't. For some reason, he copes with the toes digging into his chest despite the sting and just sort of sits there.

This means that Cindy can basically claim victory in the fight when her thumbs hook into Spider-Man's mask and roll it up to his nose. Then she presses her mouth down against his. It's not a chaste, demure kiss. It's some raw animalistic stuff. Wasn't she about to beat him up a second ago?

Spider-Man returns it, though he's not sure why. He was just about to rage against this chick. She seemed a little bit off to him, and the note about 7 years makes some sense, given how weird she is. But, still. Animalism is a good word for it.

Finally, a break, for air or whatever. And then a long pause, with accompanying heavy breathing. The girl from the vault says: "I'm Cindy, by the way." And then she goes in for more.

"Spider-Man," he muffles back, unsure of what the hell is going on, but eager to forget the whole cold piercing through his back from the floor, or any of the million other things he should be worried about.

This continues for a while. The fine details aren't important.

What is important is that eventually the ceiling of the warehouse starts to collapse further, finally providing a good interruption — when a big chunk of roof suddenly snaps and is falling right for the two. With that amazing quickness, Cindy leaps clear — and drags Spider-Man with her. The moment for raw passion seems to have passed. Her hair is all mussed.

"I don't know what came over me," Cindy says, apologetically. "I just, um, I don't know. But… I guess… what's done is done. If Morlun comes after us… if you could stop him once…" She's justifying it to herself. A weird girl, who has to justify being free from a vault. "I guess I need some kind of spider-identity too, then, huh? Spider-Girl…? No, lame. Spider-Woman, eh, lamer…"

"Thanks," he says as she pulls him to safety. "And don't apologize. Takes two to tango and all that. It was…It was nice…" He's found his thoughts about her have changed a bit, mostly on account of her soft lips, velvet tongue, and how she smells like vanilla. "Nah, you need something silky smooth."

"Hold that thought," Cindy says, and extends her hands outward, like she's about to perform a magic trick on herself. Webbing shoots out of her wrists, covering her seemingly head to toe — but deliberately shaped, until she's wearing a bodysuit of it, with her eyes and hair left uncovered. "Call me… ~Silk~."

"Silk," Spider-Man says with a nod. "I like it."

And just then it dawns on him. He was sure he was late to deliver Aunt May's groceries. He was gonna be in deep trouble. "I should uh…you know, pro—" And then it dawns on him. If she's been out of commission for 7 years, she likely has nowhere to go. "Do you have some place to sleep?" Coming up with a story for May won't be /too/ hard. "Maybe you wanna go see your parents or something?"

"Yeah, I do have a place to sleep actually, you kinda ripped the door off it," Silk responds, with exactly the kind of snappy patter that people probably hate from Spider-Man. The comment about her parents does give her pause. "I… yeah. Yeah, I need to go see home, I need to… look. I need to take care of stuff like that. Can we… I'll meet you somewhere tomorrow and we can talk more? Because I think we both have questions."

Spider-Man nods solemnly. He was irritated as all get out with her at the beginning, but now as she's about to leave, he can barely deal with it. Part of him wants to fall to the ground and flail his arms, wade them through his river of tears. What in the hell is the matter with you Peter Parker? Get a grip on yourself. This is dumb, childish sort of stuff. "I'll meet you whenever you need me to."

"How about… the big Daily Bugle sign on top of their building… noon?" Silk pauses. "Noon-ish."

Spidey sounds kind of sad, "Noon is good."

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