Tokyo, Zee and a hacker

March 01 2015: Gar and Vorpal discuss and upcoming trip to Tokyo. Zee fills them in on the news of the day. Jericho appears. Which is odd.

Titan Castle

Titan Castle Kitchen has a Pizza Oven! Also Vorpal and Gar. Also Zee. Also Jericho for reasons unknown to science.



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"It would be a challenge, and I'm always up for a challenge. If anything goes wrong halfway there, Zee could always teleport us- but it'd be a good test of how far I can go, right?" Keith sets his mug down and crosses his legs under him on the desk. "Of course… I could always try and see if I can get there in one leap. I've done things like that before." He tries to recall… yes, "That one time when I was drunk. But I knew what the castle looks like…"

"Yeah, we're NOT going to teleport the whole team through a rabbit hole then let Zee grab us from midair if you missed. Just, no," Gar says. "I love you but let's not invite the cat ass trophy."

Gar walks from the atrium off the kitchen into the kitchen proper, and starts another pot of hot water for cocoa. He looks over to Vorpal, at the desk they've pulled out to do scheduling.

"You want more? I'm getting munchies."

Speak of the devil, or perhaps just the Mistress of Magic, and she will appear! Zee wanders into the kitchen at roughly the same time as Gar does. Dressed extremely casually, spaghetti string tank top and loose pants, it looks like the young magician has just got out of bed… although she still wears that collar around her neck.

Throwing Gar a big smile, she hugs him "Morning…" she's not exactly sure what time it is and opens the fridge, looking for something to drink.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing," Darth Vorpal says to Garfield with a smirk. Fortunately Princess Zatanna walks in, so the dark lord of the Sidhe has someone else to torment.

"Zee, if you insist on wearing that collar around, I am going to go on strike. I'm the only genuine feline in this group and I still do not have a fancy collar." Nudge nudge, Garfield Logan. Keith grins and sips his cocoa.

"That's because I don't know ancient Etruscan for 'if found, return to Gar Logan' so I can put it on the tag," Gar answers reasonably. Because that's what he would put on it.

He stars mixing more cocoa, and peers at Zee. "It's actually kind of late-evening. Are you teleport-lagged? Also do you want some cocoa?"

Finding some Orange Juice, Zee pours herself a glass and smirks back to Vorpal and Gar get's a shocked look… "When you know what I do about it, you might not quite feel that way." Replacing the juice in the fridge, the young magician stretches before taking a seat.

Gar gets another look "Not exactly… I've just spent some time in Limbo and I time runs differently there." Drinking the orange juice, Zee looks between Vorpal and Gar "What are you two talking about, anyway?"

"About our upcoming trip to Tokyo. And if it snows tonight, that we should make a snowman in the morning- one that resembles Bobby. Just your usual run of the mill discussions." At least, the kind of discussions Keith and Gar tend to have. This explains a lot about their relationship. "Limbo, eh? Did you become queen for a day again?"

Jericho Trent walks out of Zee's room. He looks like hell. Certainly a bit hurt but there's also an amber glow to his eyes that isn't normally present (well, rather that isn't normally so constant). He looks about, spots Zee and lets out a sigh. "Ah. There's the Kitten." He murmurs as if to himself.

Then he walks over and flops down next to Zee with his head on her lap. Immediately his traces start to glow violet. "Don't move." He says, and closes his eyes.

"About what?" Gar asks blankly. "Cocoa? Etruscan? Teleport-lag?"

The tabasco and cinnamon are added to the cocoa along with the boiling-hot water, and Gar adds a tablespoon each of condensed sweetened milk. Stirred in the big heavy mugs, and then a handful of deadly artificial marshmallows.

"OK," Gar says. "Do I know your neon friend? Wait, right, the one who gave you the collar Vorps is jealous of. You think I should use a bell instead of the tag? But the tag is more fun. Bells mean he can't try to sneak up on me."

"But you like it when I sneak up on you," Keith replies, in turn trying to throw a little of the embarrassment in Gar's general direction. "And Zee, you have a man on your lap. I think you might want to shake him off, I have heard they have cooties."

Zee blinks in surprise at Jericho's appearance and then looks far more shocked at his head in her lap. Back straight, hands held up out of the way, Zee looks down in confusion. "Ahhhh, Jericho?"

Blowing out a deep breath, Zee focusses on Gar and Vorpal, trying to pretend that did not just happen "Jericho Trent, Gar. I've been helping him with his HYDRA investigation." Shaking her head at Vorpal "No, not queen this time. I was pretty badly injured and Jericho's imp found me and took me to him. And I'm not commenting on what the two you may, or may not like to do."


The hacker has his eyes closed, and seems to be quite relaxed as his circuit traces fill with purple light starting from the neck and working down. "She slept it off there a couple days and came back. No big deal." He offers, not commenting on the fact that he's laying across Zee and it's making her uncomfortble. She is, after all, not moving as he told her, so that's all good.

She was… absolutely not gone a couple of days.

"Of course I do, that's why I'm pro-tag and anti-bell," Gar says to Vorpal.

He quirks an eyebrow at Zatanna's delicacy. This from a woman who can wear a pair of fishnet stockings like few others, and who has a man curled up on her lap glowing in purple neon TRON-stripes. Besides, there's nothing that unusual about what Gar and Vorpal like to do. Hunting down good restaurants. Chasing mice together. Singing karaoke in the shower.

He looks at this 'Jericho' fellow. "Ah…huh. Right,. She did just say time runs differently. You want some cocoa, Purple TRON?"

He hands a mug to Vorpal, and waits for either of the other two to say they want cocoa. Meanwhile he's going to sip his own while the marshmallows are still frothy.

"How goes the HYDRA thing, by the way? Do feel free to let us know if you need any help, Zee. I dought HYDRA demons with a little hairy man over in Iceland once. It was fun." Even if Gar nearly turned light blue* when hearing about the demons. Something about demons corrupting him, potentially.

As Jane Francesca Elgee Wilde reported in the nineteenth century, some among the Irish believed that the Faerie were really fallen angels who were cast down by God out of heaven for their sinful pride- they were not rebellious enough to be condemned to being demons, but annoying enough to be kicked out. While The Cait Sidhe has never said anything to confirm nor deny this bit of folklore gold, his roundabout way of answering questions does lend a great deal of credence to the theory that the Fae were really angels who were cast out of paradise for being, in few words, completely and absolutely insufferable.

In any case, Keith isn't sure whether his soul is susceptible to demon taint or not, but he'd rather not find out. Not that this will keep him from actually trying to trounce demons when and if they become available…

*At least, that's how Keith assumes Gar's skin will look like when he blanches.

Zee glances down at Jericho and sees the traces slowly going violet "You tapping my magic, Jericho?" She gives up trying to keep her hands clear and relaxes back into the chair "Thought I was the Kitten… Did you want cocoa"

"I'll stick with the O.J for now, thanks Gar… " raising the glass in her hand, her attention is directed to Vorpal "HYDRA thing… is getting pretty serious. Not only did they try to take me, we've found another person they've targetted… but still no real leads… "

"Yes. Illyana's occupied at the moment." And hanging around Limbo injured isn't always a good idea. Depends on how hurt he is. Which doesn't explain why he's tapping her magic, only that he is. "No cocoa thanks. Got what I need right here." Which is apparently a Zee-pillow. It's a good thing she hasn't tried to move yet.

"There's a chance there's some info on the computer core of the Insight. I'll be following up on that myself tomorrow."

"I don't think we — the earlier teams, that is — ever ran across Hydra, particularly," Gar says. "Kobra, yeah, once, just before I went off to college."

He personally doesn't think the Cait Sith is intolerable, but then, there's been something of a humbling and refocusing in the creature's life. He reaches over and scritches Keith behind an ear, just for grins. And what's the Insight anyway?

"Insight? Wuzzat? OK, I give. I'm heating up a pizza. We just have the cheese ones, and some pre-made toppings. Any preferences?"

"Anchovies," Keith grins, leaning against Gar's hand, because some reflexes cross over species barriers. "And we were there when they tried to take you before at your show… we need to do something, hon," he says to Gar now, "We need to drive the point home that trying to take one of the Titan family members is not a sometimes food."

Of course Zee hasn't tried to move, yet… but she's going to have to at some point to get more comfortable. "I can speak about that, Jericho?" Zee nods slightly "A helicarrier that HYDRA tried to take over today. In fact they did…" Jericho might be able to explain that better. "I helped reclaim it, I suppose. And Pepperoni please, lots of it."

This is really actually kind of odd behavior for Jericho though only Zee would likely know it. "And yes, she has the right of it. SHIELD Helicarrier that turned into a hydra and flattened part of the Bronx. I think it made the news." They do get the news here, right? No food for him obviously. The hacker opens his eyes which are bright, bright amber. "Yes, kitten?"

Gar Logan pages: Is Jericho still human enough to read as human?

"Wait. The thing in Yonkers? I thought that was some sort of giant robot fight," Gar says. He pulls out a can of anchovies, and some bay shrimp, and some smoked baby clams, and mushrooms… Hmm. These won't go with pepperoni. OK, two pizzas. They're not really 'large' anyway. There's a brief flurry of assembly and cheese-adding, while, because the Titans eat pizza often enough, the oven with the pizza stones exists and is quickly heated. The stones themselves are kept pre-warmed anyway. It will be ten minutes before things are done though. Meanwhile, Gar's looking at the Tron guy curiously, because something feels a bit weird. The magic tapping thing… what's with that anyway?

"Titans are not an anytime food at all ever," Gar says, changing the subject of his internal line of thought.

Keith must object at this point. "There is only one kitten in the Titans. Keep that up and I'm going to have to sue for copyright infringement," Keith says with a smirk at Jericho. He hasn't watched the news today, he's been busy training in the underground…

"Not a giant robot fight…" Zee had been on the inside of the helicarrier heading to the Bridge, and isn't paritcularly aware what happened on the outside. "HYDRA had transformed the helicarrier into a Hydra… " Glancing down again at the Jericho-lapdog "I told you, I'm not a kitten." Keith gets a look not my doing or my name "You simply had to ask… I would have helped you anyway." Watching start to make the Pizzas, Zee nods slowly "No we aren't anytime food… but the HYDRA threat is difficult."

The hacker's amber eyes dance with amusement. Not the lightly impish kind that's usually there either. "Mmmmhmm. So you say. What was it you wanted to speak with me about?" He says with a smile.

"Resident Kitten are you then Keith?" The glowing eyed man glances over toward the redhead. "Good to know. Contented Kitty, perhaps, then. That was what Zee originally agreed to be anyway. At any rate, yes, the helicarrier became a monster. Got infused with transformative power from… somewhere. Hydra tried to walk it through New York and then portal it out. Fortunately, that didn't happen." He may have had a small part in that, but there were many others as well. Including Zee.

Now is not the best time for Raven to be gone back to Azarath on one of her retreats. Gar's hackles are up hearing the thing about a freaking helicarrier being turned into a giant hydra … something like that, her Dearest Daddy would have considered to be a proper Surprise for his foes. From 'somewhere'?? Really?

Gar considers what it would take to become a Hydra… his skin goes darker green, scaly, for a second, then he returns to his normal self.

"Any idea where that power came from? It doesn't seem like it would have been anywhere, uhm, usual. For that kind of thing." He glances through the glass-window at the pizzas in their furnace of heat.

"That'd require a lot of power," Keith speculates idly while swishing his cocoa in the mug. Sip. "Nice power you've got there, HYDRA. It'd be a pity if something chaotic were to happen to it…"

He sips his cocoa and wonders. Yes, maybe it's time he try to find out what exactly his chaos magic does to other magic. Even if it ends up being an unpleasant surprise, it would be an unpleasant surprise that HYDRA would have to deal with…

Zee hasn't caught up on the news of the day, she'd teleported out pretty quickly once their job had been done. "From what I understand HYDRA have been playing with different disciplines… " She shrugs and looks down at Jericho "Why are you tapping my magic, Jericho? How badly did you tap yourself out…" which might also lead into 'why were you in my bedroom….' but maybe not. "And right now, Jericho, I'm far from contented… so calling Kitten, seems a moot."

"Enough that I'm off balance." Which is quite a bit not that anyone present would necessarily know. "And I'm tapping it so that I can be relatively normal later." Jericho knows he's a bit different when he's tapped out. What's actually happening when that occurs he doesn't know but with Hydra on the loose it doesn't seem like something to let go.

Pizza is ready in 3, 2, 1 … Gar slides open the oven and slides the pizzas out using the fancy flipper thing. Slice with the big slicer thing, and then he's dishing onto plates. Three of them. There's still pizza left. This will probably not go with cocoa, but then, what wine do you serve with seafood pizza, or pepperoni?

There are so many tapping jokes Keith could make- that the Cait could make, but Keith is being a good boy, and so he makes none and he mentally tells the Cait to shove it. "I smell pizza. Lady and gentlemen, let us partake in the wonderment…" and, because he will be making up for missed breakfast (and lunch), the rest is silence.

Jericho will actually probably remain right where he is for an hour or two before he recovers himself enough to get elsewhere. Until then… well Zee might be in for a surprise if she tries to move. Not an unpleasan one… but certainly a surprise.

"Any red wine, Gar" Zee holds out a hand to take the plate. She's obviously not going anywhere, quickly. Glancing down at the Jericho-lapdog, she sighs "I guess I'm not going anywhere, soon." They may have words about this.

There happens to be a bottle of plonk in the fridge, in the corner of the door, and Gar pours a generous cup for Zatanna, since she has a lap fungus. Speaking of things that cats do, and usurping the feline perogative.

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