Justice League: Avengers Assembled!

March 01, 2015: JL:A members do some bonding en-route to Russia while flying in javelins.

Inside the Javelin

Inside some Javelins flying to Russia.



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Three Javelins in service, and two are outfitted for 'all possible outcomes', the third is more 'cargo' and 'transportation', even if it still has a fair share of defensive systems aboard. Usually, it's for sending things back and forth from the Watchtower in orbit, but it is easily pressed into service as a courrier to carry the JL:A whereever they need to go. While not as luxurious as 'The Bus', and frankly, what is?, it does have enough accomodations to make it at the very least tolerable. Enough headspace, legroom and storage that those aboard can carry what they need, plus.

And believe it or not, Clint isn't flying! He's kicking back, reading his StarkPad, a scowl of concentration on his face. Every couple of minutes, he shifts his position, rolling his shoulders and exhaling as a finger touches the side of the screen to advance the page. "Okay.. really glad we're not being asked to help dig out the little town near the Arctic circle. You know, the one with four FEET of ice in the roads?" A quirked smirk rises, "Hey dude, where's my car?"

Kara is sitting across from Clint, trying to get used to flying inside of an aircraft instead of being the aircraft herself. She looks utterly confused when Clint asks where his car is, replying to him quite seriously, "I'm pretty sure your Car is back at the Lakehouse… where else would it be?" She had never seen that movie.

"If we were dealing with four feet of ice, I'd've called Bobby," Kate points out with a faint smirk, stretched out across a pair of seats as she sorts through the arrows in her quiver, picking out which types she wants to have at hand. "Which reminds me. After we do our big public reveal, I really want to go after the Got Your Back program harder. We need a network. Partly to be able to call the best people for any job, but also because the little fish and the people still learning what they're doing need to have people they can call for help in case they run into people like Fracture, or that other woman. The same way I had you to call."

Ozymandias is speaking to someone on a secured line, "No, I will be not be reach for about a week, but if emergency contact Mister Taylor. He will be able to reach me if there is indeed an emergency that requires my attention. Have you a good evening." Ozymandias peers out the window on the plane and talks to no one in particular, "Have any of you ever been to Russia?"

"Then that tells me that they should deal with the problem and not us," Clint returns, burying his attention back into the reader. "We're not the only kids on the block. Just the ones that won't get arrested the moment we cross the border."

Kara's response brings something of a chuckle from Clint as the attempt to explain begins. "It's… the ice is so deep on the streets of the little town, the cars are all but covered with the stuff, and…" No. An exhale escapes and he shakes his head, "Never mind. Looks like we have some movie nights that have to happen."

A button on the 'pad it touched, and the screen goes dark before Clint sets it aside for a moment. The smile turns slightly more… mischievous before he fashions a reply. "Are we talking officially or unofficially, because I can neither confirm nor deny my presence anywhere outside the confines of the United States in an official capacity."

When Ozymandias mentions the whole Russia thing, she replies with a sullen look, "It's where I arrived on Earth. The place was called Siberia." She still wanted to ask the others for help recovering her ship, but she didn't know exactly HOW to ask just yet.

Kara looks over to Kate now, asking her, "We're doing a big public reveal? Also what's the got your back program?" Nobody had filled her in on any of this, she sips a juicebox while she waits for a response.

"Oh, okay, Agent Barton," Kate snorts at Clint's evasive response. "I haven't really been to Russia. Not seriously," she shakes her head to Ozymandias. "I mean, I went through to talk to Trent and the Partisan after my friend was killed, but it was just a hour or so for a conversation about dealing with terrorists. In the basement of a church. So. Not really the Russian experience."

At Kara's question, she sits up, tucking the arrows and quiver under the seats. "It's something I've been working on for a while now," she explains. "Every day, there are more and more people like us. Whether they're mutants, people with magical abilities, or just people like me and Clint who want to make a difference. They want to be heroes. But there's no training for that. No ethics class. No support structure. We've been starting small. When I run into them, I give them a card. The Red Team has a line, and the Titans, too. If they find themselves in over their head, then they can call for back up. Or someone to talk to. A place to stay if their parents kick them out, or if they don't have any. Connections to teams that might be a good fit for them if they want to be a part of one. These people, these terrorists, keep picking off heroes. Small groups. Low-level powers without a lot of training. People working alone. They're doing it because they can."

Her chin rises, jaw setting in determination. "I'm going to show them they don't have to be alone. We're going to stop them."

Ozymandias touches the window as a small smirk appears behind his mask at Hawkeye's comment, "Said the person who asked me not to wear a mask." Ozymandias laughs playfully, "I've been numerous times over my lifetime. I have always seem to have stay longer than desired." Ozymandias eyes narrow slightly as he recalls his times in Russia, "Me and whole lot of French soldiers. That was pretty bad."
Ozymandias looks over the window and peers at Kate, "Interesting, I did not know the vision of this group was to provide help to people that lack power and skills."

Clint looks at Kate as she explains her own 'Russian' experience, and his voice is low, "Okay, Kate.. not the best to be around." Partisan. Hard killers. Even to the SHIELD agent, that's a different category than even he's in. And he's killed many people. "I'm not sure she's the best voice in terms of terrorism."

It's concern, it really is. Kate is… friendly. And because of that, Clint fully believes she puts herself into places and positions that aren't the best. And, be honest. There's the protective streak that runs fast and furious too!

"You can't just go out there and start fighting crime. It's not how it's done. You get singled out by law enforcement and you're locked up just as quickly." Been there, done that. Got the card. "But that's what Kate does really, really well. Communication." It's not hard, when Kate gets that determined look in her eye, to see the glance Clint gives her; most decidedly proud, and affectionate. Hell of a team.

Oz's rejoinder to Hawkeye's own wry response gains a laugh from the archer. "..To the person with a mask." Nothing like team bonding! "You and a lot of French…" Didn't. Finish. High. School. "Not in my lifetime, then. Hopefully, we're coming at this from a slightly different direction this time. My guess is, we'll receive a slightly -better- reception?"

Rising from his spot, Clint grabs his 'pad to stow it with his gear. "Lemme go spot the pilot. See if he wants to stretch his legs or something."

Kate always had a way of impressing Kara with her wisdom and drive, it was why she looked up to her so much, "Count me in, I can be your sidekick in the Got your Back Program until I've learned a little more about the way things work." She finishes off her juicebox before peering out the windows of the jet, "You know, I probably could have carried you all here faster than this plane is flying, right?" She doesn't have any big speeches or awesome stories, she's the baby on the team right now at best.

"Actually," Kate looks to Clint, "She's the one who said I shouldn't kill Fracture. That once you started, there was no going back. Cap said I should do what I needed to do. So." She turns back to Kara, smirking faintly. "And that's why I do communications. You have to be willing to give people a chance. There are a lot of people you can reach just by being willing to listen, or willing to open up a little bit." She grins at the offer of help, and the flying. "Clint likes having some things he knows as backup. Like planes." It's half teasing, but it's half true, too. "Besides, now we get bonding time."

"You also don't have climate control," Sam tells Kara, appearing in the cockpit doorway just as Clint goes to find him. "Where we're going, we may not need roads, but we're definitely gonna want a space heater. Zappy vision doesn't count." He walks in, kneels by the starboard bulkhead, and starts to rummage through the mini fridge that is apparently the JL:A's answer to the Bus kitchen in terms of in-flight refreshment for long-range trips. He's not impressed. "Course laid in, autopilot engaged," he offers, by way of an update from the captain. "I can't believe I let you talk me into going back to Russia, though. I hate Russia."

"I hope that we would be treated better in Russia than Napoleon, if not I truly have overestimated your charm." Ozymandias eyes shift towards to Kate, "Let me know more about this Got Your Back program, when we get back. I might have time to help. I had experience training and teaching people in a large variety disciplines in the past.

Kara doesn't have a whole lot to add to the conversation but when Sam appears she waves excitedly, "Hey Sam! I heard you were coming with us, where have you been hiding?" She had totally missed Clint saying that Sam would be the pilot or maybe she was just trying to open up an opportunity to tease him about how they had first met.

"We're still working on setting it up," Kate nods to Ozymandias. "I don't know yet what the final form will be. I still want to be able to respect their privacy, respect their freedom. But I don't want anyone else to die because they didn't have someone to go to when they got in over their heads. Hey, Sam," she grins to the pilot.

"I've been piloting the ship," Sam tells Kara with a grin, tossing Kate a wave. "Yes, really. Even though we haven't crashed, stalled, or run into anything. I told you I would get better." He finally locates the sodas he brought along, grabs one from the fridge, and comes over to join the rest of the group. "Nobody gets treated well in Russia. Least of all the Russians," the flier tells Ozymandias. "It's part of the country's charm. And by 'charm' I mean 'long list of reasons nobody should ever go there.'"

"As I stated earlier, I have been there numerous times in my lifetime. Once with the French which ended very badly, but I have been there several time before and since. There was times, when it was beautiful place full of great art and knowledge. It has always been a bit dangerous. Any place that has severe temperatures, be it hot or cold seems to bring out the worse in people."

Ozymandias smirks softly behind his mask, "Well, if there are nude, they are sometimes in a better mood.

"Yep. The Russians were the first people to greet me when I arrived on Earth. They greeted me with guns blazing and tried to kill me, it was reeaaaal fun. Did I mention how happy I am to be coming back here?" Kara then asks Sam, "So, what bad experience did you have in Russia?"

Kate's brows rise at Kara's explanation. "Greeeeaaaaat," she says slowly. "Well, this should be fun. I'm starting to think I should learn some Russian." She stands up, going over to pull out a soda from the mini fridge for herself. "And I would love to hear you try that line on Natasha, Ozymandias," she smirks.

"The bad experience was Russia. It's always freezing, you're lucky if you have electricity and running water, the people are weird, the government's insane, and everybody is drunk all the time because that's the only way to put up with it all." Sam shakes his head and gives Kara a sympathetic glance. "If that was the first you saw of Earth, I guess we're lucky you didn't go by first impressions and punt the whole planet into the sun."

The pilot settles down into a free seat in the passenger area, giving Ozymandias a skeptical look as he cracks open his soda can. "I'm gonna vote no on streaking through Russia," he says, instinctively hunching his bulky shoulders up against the thought of that cold. "I don't think it'll improve my mood at all."

"It was pretty terrifying and if I had known I could punt the planet into the sun I just might have." She was mostly kidding, she really couldn't do that, "I don't even know what I did to those men when they attacked me, I just reacted…" Kara tries not to think of it, in her time on Earth it's likely that a few of these psychopaths so interested in trying to get their hands on her had perished even accidentally.

"So what do you guys think we're going to find?"

"It is invigorating experience, especially when you are running into a hot spring." Ozymandias turns to stare back at the window and says, "There are some located in Kamchaktka. You should at least try it once." Ozymandias raises his arms in a shrug, "How much longer to we land?"

"It's gonna be a while," Kate smiles ruefully to Ozymandias. "Might as well settle in for some of the bonding. If you're lucky, maybe Kara and I won't break out the nail polish. Confined space and all that." She winks, then goes back to sprawling on a pair of seats, hand with the can of soda dangling toward the floor at her side. "I'm still sort of holding out hope it's just some old automated station, or amateurs playing with radio equipment, honestly."

"Kate, has anyone ever told you you're an optimist?" Sam tells her with a wry expression. "Knowing our luck, it'll manage to be worse than our worst case scenarios." He pauses, then extends one arm, intending to put a hand between Kara's shoulder blades. "Hey — that must have been scary as hell. It takes someone special not to completely lose themselves in a situation like that. You came back from it — that's what's important."

Having addressed this more somber point, he turns to Ozy's idea of an 'invigorating' experience. "I'll try just about anything once," Falcon says, narrowing his eyes and smirking, and for a second it's easy to see him as the daredevil of the barracks that he was a few years ago. "Still, these are the guys who invented whole clubs for streaking through the snow and skinny dipping in frozen lakes. You're not exactly hurting my point about Russians being crazy."

"Nail Polish? Did you bring enough with you for Sam and Ozy? I don't want them to feel leftout or anything." Kara winks at Kate, "Who knows, maybe we could give them makeovers, I mean Sam says he will try anything once."

"Well, I've got purple for me, and red for you, but I'm not sure if either of those are Sam's colors. He seems more like a nice pale bronze, you know?" It's moved on to torment the teammates time, otherwise know as bonding! Kate's back to sprawling across seats, grinning. "Optimist seems like an overstatement, Sam. I mean, it's not that I believe things are always going to work out for the best. I just think there should be a chance for it. We should be open to it."

"I'm open to it! I'm just not gonna hold my breath." Sam tells Kate. He turns to Kara, raises an eyebrow, and grins. "That reasoning only works if you assume I've never worn nail polish before. Maybe I went through an emo phase. Maybe one of those base talent shows got out of hand. Maybe I lost a bet." He shrugs and sits back. "Who knows? I've had a pretty eventful life."

"All cultures through out history have their crazy moments. Russia and some other cultures have just have had longer periods than most." Ozymandias looks over at Kate and Kara, "See, I would let you do my nails, but my gloves stay on like my mask. A small sigh escapes his lips before he speaks again, "I know dam the luck.

A giggle escapes Kara's lips at the thought of Sam all decked out in makeup before her mind goes to more serious thoughts when Ozymandias mentions some cultures and their long periods.

Kara thinks back on Krypton's eventful history and how they eventually came to a 'peace' of sorts before being utterly destroyed. Remembering how old Ozymandias is, she asks curious but hopeful, "I know you're like, older than anyone I've ever met or heard of on Earth sooo, have you ever met another Kryptonian? Like before, not Superman or I."

"Hey, all I said was we didn't have a great color for you," Kate grins at Sam, though the expression fades a bit as Kara asks her question. It's an interesting one, though, and one she wouldn't mind hearing the answer to. Staying quiet, she twists to see Ozymandias' answer.

"That's an excuse if I've ever heard one. What's she gonna do, lift a print off you and run it through AFIS?" Sam challenges Ozymandias with a smile. Surely the guy can't be that paranoid. "I don't know about throughout history. I just know about right now, and Russia is not my favorite place to visit."

The joy of 'autopilot' is that it's, well, autopilot. Which means that a curious Clint can look over the cockpit, the controls, even mess with a few things without screwing up the nav system! It's something to do for an hour during a trip that'll take roughly… more than an hour.

Ducking back into the 'cargo' area, the first place he, too, heads to is the refrigerator. Soda. Soda. Soda. Staring at the offerings, he closes the door again soon after before digging into his bag for some chips. "C'mon. Russia is awesome. What's not to like? The food? People? Politics?"

Ozymandias leans forward in his seat and clasps his hands together, "The short answer is no. The long answer is that I have some idea how many people in the past that I heard stories about or witness their deeds first hand were truly people with powers. I was born of time that myths were common, so I am product of that time. I just have a better hindsight. I know that I am not the only person that has lived a long time, but I also know that people expressing their abilities seems to have grown since what you people call World War II happen.

Ozymandias continues, "And even then the closest I came to encountering anyone was during War World II, and that was basically hearing about Captain America and other heroes had cleared out some trouble spots ahead of everyone. Now, there a lot more heroes making their presence known, and a lot of those myths are not making their presence known as being real. I guess I have always tried to keep a low profile, except when I spoke to this female poet. That was indeed a long answer.

Ozymandias peers over at Sam, "As for Russia, that is fine you feel that way, I have the same feelings about parts of Mexico, since the Spanish American War.

Kara looks incredibly dissapointed by the answer, even if there were very little records of her people ever exploring other worlds. Her father must have known something about this world to send her here, but it seemed that even the oldest man she knew of alive hadn't met one of her kind.

"Thanks anyways…" She sighs softly and moves over to the fridge to grab one of Sam's sodas.

"You're still under 'Tash's brainwashing," Kate smirks at Clint when he defends Russia. "She probably got you trained so every time you see a snow flake you start longing for the old country."

"Those are all good places to start, Clint," Sam answers the man darkly. Or at least, in his best approximation of a dark tone. He doesn't take his Russophobia all that seriously — it's just a country he largely doesn't like. He leans back and sips at his drink, giving Kara a concerned glance. He feels for her, but knows he can't really empathize with loss on the scale she has experienced.

"Hey, I'll take 'Tash's brainwashing any day," Clint brushes at Kate's legs, reaching out to lift them up so he can sit down. Of the whole plane, he's wanting to sit there! The bag of chips is open, and one after another is crunched. He missed Kara's bit, so he can only imagine with the 'air' in the cabin. "I won't eat borsht, though. Or caviar. Or… drink vodka. So, I'm a pretty bad Russian."

"If you showed me examples of your written language or tell me more about your daily culture, I could at lest theorize if a culture had encountered some from Krypton." Ozymandias leans back in his chair, "I am just one person and the world is a big place. It is highly possible that I just missed a person from Kyrpton coming to Earth, but they might have left clues of being here."

Kate picks her legs up long enough for Clint to sit down before dropping them across his lap again, folding one arm behind her head. "Just because there might not be other Kryptonians here, Kara, doesn't mean they might not have visited somewhere else," she points out. "There are a surprising number of people who've been elsewhere in the universe. Maybe one of them might have a better idea about what happened."

Kara seems to brighten up a little at the offer, "When we get back, I'll write down the Kryptonian alphabet for you. Thanks Ozy." Settling back down with her soda, she looks between Clint, Kate and Ozymandias, asking, "When we're done with Russia, would you all be able to help me with something?"

A quiet ping sounds from Falcon's headpiece, dangling around his neck, and a moment later a crisp, feminine voice reports: "Inclement weather along planned flight path. Please adjust." Sam sighs, picks up his drink, and stands. "'Scuse me, guys — guess I've gotta steer us around some turbulence. Wouldn't want any of you to get airsick," he says with a slight smile. There's a little bit of relief, there: he knows even less about alien cultures than he does about ancient history, which left him feeling pretty out of his depth in the discussion.

Clint's 'latched' in with Kate's legs, and that's fine. *chomp*chomp* Looking around to the others, he's obviously missed something, but this… the request from Kara, he can actually answer. "Sure, shoot."

Falcon's attention to the cockpit gains the man a salt and grease wave and a laugh, "Tables in the upright position, turning the 'no smoking' sign on.. yup. Glad you learned how to fly this bird. I'll need a few more hours."

"As long as it is not too soon after this trip from Russia, I might handle some things when I get back." Ozymandias says, "But if that is not the case, or if I am quickly able to wrap up any problems that might have arisen in my absence, I will gladly help you.

"Of course," Kate replies to Kara without hesitation. "As long as we're all in one piece. I'm planning on being in one piece, but I don't make plans for Clint," she adds with a grin for the other archer, nudging a heel at the side of his leg.

"When I arrived on Earth, I came in a ship. I wasn't exactly flying it, I was sort of asleep in kind of a stasis or something. When I woke up and came under attack, I never had a chance to get anything from it. Whoever attacked me, also took it and I'd like to track it down, my ship and anything that was inside. It's all I have left of my homeworld." Kara seems sad as she discusses this favor, "I would be really grateful. Plus, I'm sure it has some more outfits." Not just any outfits, Kryptonian outfits!

"Aw, Kate." Clint doesn't sound too upset, but in revenge, fingers dig to tickle at the back of Kate's knees without looking back at the other archer, now. "I'm healing fine, thanks for being concerned." Concern was done some time ago, he knows. 'You're okay? Good. Dummy.'

"Okay…" he begins again. It's one thing to -know- mostly, sorta. It's another thing to hear it, hear it. Well, and read lips, which he does as a matter of course more and more. "Under attack… okay. We might be able to help with that. We'll get signatures from you, as in, what your ship might put out. Any weird metals. Or electronics. Or something." After.

"Not a problem. I can even start putting out feelers among my contacts to see if they have heard anything." Ozymandias unfastens his seat beat and heads towards the back of the plane. "Excuse me, I brought my trumpet along, and I want to practice some new songs with it."

"I'd feel hurt that our shopping trip wasn't enough, but if you really don't have to clean them, I totally understand," Kate grins back at Kara. Whatever she was about to say, though, gets cut off by Clint's tickling. Laughing, she jabs an elbow at his ribs, pulling her knees up. "Jerk," she chuckles, carefully stretching back out again with a suspicious look for Clint. "I bet the Watchtower has records of it, too," she suggests.

"It's not that they're clothing like I wear around normally because trust me, I love the stuff we got shopping, even the stuff I really can't wear around." Kara smiles, "It's possible my father put other things in there, you know, less ceremonial versions of battle armor. Just because I can stop a bullet with my skin, doesn't mean I'd rather not be shot in my armor and what I wear usually doesn't leave a lot to the imagination. I'm a member of the JLA not Victoria's Secret."

See, now here's where the footing starts getting a little 'funny'. Clothes. Shopping. Clint knows Kate is the ultimate in shopping, and he's more than happy to let her at it. Now Kara? "Well, yeah. Just because you can doesn't mean you want to have to." Wait.. wait.. doesn't leave a lot to the imagination? "You had a whole planet of…" A soft whistle sounds and he rolls his head back for a moment, just imagining it. "Man."

"I told you that!" Kate rolls her eyes at Clint with a smirk. "You were just busy thinking about what I was buying at a lingerie store. But you're right, Kara. And that's a good plan. Something to start with. Maybe Superman will have some suggestions, too. I'm sure he's had a chance to at least start thinking about these things before. Your ship could be a fresh start in his investigations, too."

Kara just rolls her eyes at Clint's response, "Let's just leave it at Krypton was so awesome, if you ever went there you wouldn't want to leave Earth." What she doesn't mention is that PhDs on Earth learned the stuff she was studying in middle school, "You would have fit in great." She smiles at the thought of Clint on Krypton, that would be worth anything; she's trying hard not to laugh the more she thinks on it.

"Hey. One thing at a time, you know that," comes back as a complaint. "First, you. Now… an entire planet." Clint can't help himself, and there's that lopsided smile. "Oh, I might want to go home. One day. I mean, where else do they have good take-out?"

Clint looks surprised, and pleased, "You think so? I mean, I can't stop bullets or anything.."

"And also your girlfriend. Your girlfriend is on Earth," Kate points out with a smirk, looking back to Kara. "I can't imagine what it must be like, Kara. Only a little bit, from things I've heard from Fenris about Asgard, and even that's different. If there's anything we can do to help, you know we will."

"Thanks, I've never heard of Asgard but it must be pretty nice to. To be fair, on Krypton we don't really have all the abilities we seem to on Earth. Then again, it could be why our Science Council didn't like us travelling to other solar systems. Maybe they knew we gained these kind of powers." Kara goes back to staring out the window, "Also, Superman isn't Superman. The guy flying around Metropolis is General Zod, he's a war criminal on Krypton, a total perv and a very dangerous person. I'm sorry I didn't say something sooner, but I just don't know how we can deal with him." And he hasn't been causing trouble at the moment.

"Yes, and my girlfriend. But, I was thinking I'd bring…" But then there'd be no point to going to Krypton, right? If Clint had Kate with him, then… Damn. "Never mind. Just… never mind." Better to stay out of trouble.

Oh, hey. Potato chip!

"I would guess that any world is pretty much different than ours. Different everythings. Not better, not worse." Yay, Earth?

Clint crumples the bag in hand into a ball and makes the shot to the bag he's got stowed. Of course he makes the shot, but he doesn't miss adding, "Yes, two points!" is a quiet breath.

"Wait.. wait. We have a Superman wanna be criminal? General Zod? Who is… wait, wait. When did we become a landing strip for Krypton?" Clint's not too happy in the news, but thankfully, this 'Zod' hasn't come around Superman's allies. At least not the JL:A.

Kate pauses, twisting to look at Kara. "That's…kind of important," she says slowly. "You mean that he's impersonating Superman right now?" She looks back to Clint, brows furrowing. "When's the last time you saw Superman? I haven't seen him since you introduced us at the Watchtower, but if this General's been up there, or into our resources…"

"Yeah." Kara gulps just a little, "I'm pretty sure that's why none of you have seen him around the Watchtower or at JLA meetings. I wouldn't have even known, but he sort of tried to kidnap me twice. Well, the second time he MAY not have been trying to kidnap me but he was trashing metropolis."

Now she looks angry, "I could have stopped him, but this idiot, the Green Lantern rushed in and STOPPED ME. Started telling me he would kick me off Earth and wouldn't even listen to me. Then later on, he told me off and still wouldn't listen to me. So basically, I was scared nobody else would listen to me but now I realize it was stupid not to tell any of you sooner."

"More than a little important," Clint confirms. His gaze moves from Kate to Kara and back again. "Been some time, actually. Since you were there. He hasn't been really talkative, and now I know why." Because it's not him. "The guy may not know about the 'Tower, or how to get in." There are failsafes, thankfully.

Clint pushes forward a little, moving Kate's feet gently before he sets them back on the seat that he's vacating. "Kara, never, ever worry about something like that. That's exactly why we have a team. We have each other's backs. Okay?" On his feet, he looks to the pair, "I'm gonna check on Sam, see how he diverts us." Just in case. For later.

"Not stupid," Kate assures Kara, shaking her head. "You're new here. All of this is new. You were being careful, and that's not stupid. But yeah," she adds after Clint, a small smile curving. "Next time, go ahead and tell us. We're here for you. We're on your side. We might ask for more information, or try to find out more details, but we're never going to just assume you're stupid, okay?"

Kara seems relieved to have finally told them, it had been a weight on her shoulders keeping that secret this entire time, "I'm sorry, I do stupid things sometimes because I don't think or maybe I OVERTHINK. Hopefully we can find a way to deal with him, I mean, he's like Superman or I but he's stronger because he doesn't mind hurting or killing."

"We'll find a way, Kara," Kate promises. "Going up against ridiculous odds is sort of my thing, anyhow," she adds with a small smile.

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