Helping Jim Unwind

March 2, 2015: Pepper decides Jim needs some 'down time' and invites some friends to help

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Finally. Stark Tower is FINALLY back to original condition (probably better, to be honest, but not in any glaringly visible way) and as a way to celebrate this fact, Pepper has invited a few people over. Of course, because she is sneaky this way, not everyone got the absolute truth. For example, Jim was asked to attend a meeting about the new quality control checks in place during the last half hour of his work day. Oracle (and presumably Rowan) were invited to hang out and socialize. Others were invited besides, but whether or not they will attend is up to the individuals.

When the QC meeting ends and the other department employees start to leave, Pepper stops Jim. "Could you stay for a bit longer, please, Mr. Reha?"

The front lobby was instructed to see Oracle and Rowan through to a conference room on the ground floor so newly completed it still smells new.


Jim's still moving a bit slowly as he recovers from being shot. The miracle of his health is that he's still not in a hospital bed somewhere waiting to recover more quickly. And a large part of that was in part due to the diligence of his boss, Pepper Potts. When she requests a slight bit longer of a stay, he gives a bit of a nod and a smile.

"Sure thing, Miss Potts. This related to the other project I worked on?"

Well, at least he's nimble enough to come up with a rationale in his mind as to why he might be asked to 'stay behind after class', as it were. Though, he does give the other departing members of his department a slightly envious glance. THEY get to go home.


Babs has received an invitation from her friend, Pepper Potts, it was marked for Babs Gordon +1. There's only really one person that Babs would invite along, and conveniently, they can act as a transport from Gotham to New York.

The pair are now, quite literally, winging their way towards the refurbished Stark Towers, Babs smiling broadly as they do. "It's wonderful you could join me, Rowan." The redhead genuinely enjoys the Blues company.


Rowan smiles back down at Babs. "I woldn't miss it." He grins as he settles down in front of Stark Tower, a literal thirty foot, six winged lizard. Carrying a wheelchair. That doesn't last for too long though. In moments he's a muddy haired young man again, setting Babs back down in her chair. "There." Then they're escorted inside and Rowan has time to admire the place.


Pepper Potts offers Jim a smile. It's now Pepper the friend that's addressing him instead of Pepper the boss. "How are you feeling? You look like you're starting to move around a bit better." She glances down at her phone with it pings softly, then taps at the screen twice to acknowledge whatever message it had. "Also, how is your avian friend? I haven't heard much mention of him lately."

If people in the lobby are surprised by the arrival of a wheelchair toting dragon, they're good enough to not let it show by the time Rowan and Barbara enter the lobby. The place is crisp and clean and new-looking once again.


"Oh, I'm sure you've heard it from Mister Stark, Pepper. Getting shot hurts like a sonuvagun. And it takes a bit for things to get back to normal, and it won't be just quite the same as it was before?"

He's openly pretty casual about the whole affair, but there's that slight haunted look to his eyes that may be a bit familiar as he grimaces a bit then considers the second question.

"Haven't heard from it in a while. I think it may have flown south for the winter. It was interested in concept of 'sharing time', so who knows what it was thinking?"

The notable silence from the partner has had Jim worried a bit. Did the thing break itself trying to save his sorry butt?

"Wish it'd drop a line or something, y'know?"


Babs smiles at the Blue "I'm glad, then…" After entering the lobby and introducing herself, Babs and Rowan are ushered to the conference room with Pepper and Jim.

Offering a big smile to the other red head, and a nod of head to Jim, Babs smiles a little shyly "Hello, Miss Potts. It was a pleasure to get your invitation. You know Rowan, of course." Tilting her head towards her companion, Babs offers her hand in greeting. "And you to, Mr Reha. A real pleasure."


"Hello Miss Potts… and…" Rowan doesn't remember if he's met Jim. He wasn't there when he crashed into the tower so perhaps not. The Blue sticks his hand out to the portly man. "And you. I'm Rowan. Sorry if we've met before, I've been back and forth a lot and I'm not remembering terribly well just at the moment."


Pepper Potts smiles as introductions are made, apparently completely unsurprised to see Barbara and Rowan there. As much as Jim says he's physically healing at a respectacle enough pace, she knows that sometimes the spirit needs a bit of a boost. Hence the variation on a surprise party. Hopefully Jim takes it they way it's meant.


That's the guy that was with Mera that day on the beach…

Jim straightens up a bit as he has that memory strike home with a clarity that he doesn't normally expect.

"Hello, Miss Gordon. Been a while. Glad to see things are working well for you."

He takes the offered hand and shakes it firmly but not in the jerkish 'crusher grip' method, repeating the same for Rowan as he fights to keep a wince or a flinch away from his features.

"Jim Reha. We met on the beach over the summer, you were with a monarch?"

Either the guy is a really good actor or he's very much to his word, either way Jim is not going to drop any cards down that don't need public display at the moment. In fact, the recent experience he's had has kind of pushed him to be a bit… cagier… than he can ever recall being.

Well, hopefully he's not here to attack us. Because honestly I don't know if Corv would even register it tonight.

If he caught wind of any party preparations they were quickly shuffled into the 'Must be for Mister Stark' category, so such things could blindside him quite easily here. While there's the cake for folks' birthdays and anniversaries, he's not due for either one of those for a goodly while….


Babs is genuine in her fondness for Jim and Pepper. "It's good to see you, Mr Reha." Jims straightening is noted and Babs smiles warmly.

Relaxing slightly as Rowan takes some of the initiative to introduce, or reintroduce, himself to Jim.

Turning a bemused look to Pepper, the wheelchair bound redhead, quirks an eyebrow. "It was a surprise to receive your invitation, but not someting I would miss willingly."


"Ah right… Jim, was it?" Rowan hasn't got the best head for names. He keeps calling Vorpal 'Cheeseburger.'

"Is everything okay here? Everything looks like it's coming back together nicely. Did you need any help?" He's not sure what the invitation is for.


Well, to be fair, it's not THAT kind of party. There aren't any balloons or streamers, and there isn't any cake. Well, not unless someone wants some and then a takeout order will probably happen. In the meantime, there is at the very least a fresh pot of chamomile tea and a pitcher of chilled water arriving with appropriate cups and glasses while Pepper gestures for everyone to settle at the table. "This is more of a social visit. A chance for us to relax and talk about out we've been lately, if anything interesting has happened, things like that. My big news for the week, I think you can tell." She looks around the very newly appointed room. "I cannot even begin to say how glad I am to have this building back to normal."


"Yes, it's Jim. And… is everything okay by you, sir? I mean, with the troubles going on and the situation with…"

He just kind of lets that trail off. How DO you discuss such a scenario? Not easily, to say the least.

"There's been a lot of hard work put into things and I think we beat a couple of estimates getting things back together?" Though the words are somewhat questioning, there's no mistaking the pride that Jim has in his fellow workers, who've been really burning the midnight oil to get things aright. He'd tried to help some, only to get shoo'd away by same overprotective coworkers.

He remains standing until Pepper has a seat and Babs makes her way to the edge of the table — etiquette can be picked up by anyone, and he's not a slouch at it.

"It's great to have things working the way they are supposed to be." he comments, then considers. His big news this week is that he's not as winded walking around and everything is healing, but that's hardly the kind of social making commentary, and it would actually bring things 'down' a fair margin.

He gives Pepper one of those 'Okay, now what?' sorts of looks. Coming from him, it's a bit comical, usually the portly fellow is a bit more focused on matters at hand.


Babs settles at the table and smiles warmly at Pepper and Jim "Well Miss Potts, I didn't see what had happened but it's nice to see you up and running again." Babs tilts her head towards Jim "How have you been, Mr Reha? It's been a while since you and I caught up."

Babs thinks about her news… no Ninja's, No Birdwatcher… nothing to note just yet. "For myself, Miss Potts, I'm going to celebrate that my IT security business hasn't had to thwate any serious incursions…" That will do won't it. Casting Rowan a fond smile, Babs holds out a hand to him… it's not an ''official'' visit, she can relax a little.


"Mmmmm… well…" Rowan found out that Arthur isn't dead. Which is good news. Awkward though. And he's not sure he should share. "Been doing thiings over the water. It's been… rather busy actually, out there. I hope it gets less busy soon."


Pepper Potts says, "Oh, speaking of, Barbara, I wanted to thank you personally for all of your help in getting SI's systems back from the damage they took." Pepper gestures vaguely to the building in general. "Tony's still working with JARVIS to make sure he's back to one hundred percent, but pretty much everything else is back to the way it was before." If not better.

When Rowan mentions that things over the water have been busy, she looks honestly concerned. "How is everything going? I wish I had a way to help." But right now, with the communications interruptions, she can't even get messages out to the SI remote offices or subsidiary companies across the oceans much less send missives offering condolences and moral support."


The salt and pepper'd fellow cracks his neck a bit and pours himself some tea, taking a sip of it while gripping the mug on both sides with his hands. "I. I'm doing better, I think? I… we… I got shot a few weeks ago. Corv really put itself out watching my back, apparently. Something like one hundred seventy-something hours consistent awareness, or so I've heard? Haven't heard from it in a while. Pepper really called in some folks to do work, and thank goodness. Because that…."

He trails off a bit and sips at his tea, forcing his focus on his hands to keep them from shaking (as much).

"Keep trying to tell folks, less busy is better. Because that's when you get a chance to recover from when it is busy. They think I'm nuts."

Another measured sip from the tea.


Babs pulls two cups closer and pours tea for herself and Rowan, offering the Blue a cup whilst listening to the discussion. A big smile is offered to Pepper "Oh, that was my pleasure, Miss Potts. Jarvis is extremely entertaining." and really Babs had a ball, interacting with the personable AI. Jarvis might have been nicer to Babs than some of her own team mates…

Jims statement has the redhead frowning, as Oracle she'd been peripherally aware of the issues. "One hundred and seventy something hours, Mr Reha" Babs sighs "Poor Corvinus, he must have been delirious." Looking to Rowan, Babs smiles faintly "I've had the pleasure of meeting Corvinus… and helping." Rowan knows that Babs has secrets she can't share…


owan nods. Babs doesn't tell him everything but then he doens't need to know everything. After all. He's a dragon who consorts with water royalty, so he's really got no complaints in that department. "As far as I can tell… things may be about to get better… if they don't get a whole lot worse first. Sorry, I know that's not much of an answer, Pepper."


Pepper Potts looks over at Jim consideringly for a moment, then offers Babs a smile. "Once JARVIS is feeling like himself again, I'll be sure to let him know that you won't mind if he wants to chat with you occasionally. Just… we'll need to talk with Cricket first. I don't know if she's prone to jealously, but better safe than sorry." Yes, she's concerned that her PA will be jealous of Stark's AI talking to another woman. How is this her life?

Rowan's admittedly vague explanation gets an understanding nod. "It's all right. I know there's only so much that can be shared safely."

She seems to have intentionally waited for the others to serve themselves first, because after Babs pours tea for Rowan and herself she finally reaches for a cup of her own.


"I couldn't tell you. It's been incommunicado since I woke up. Pepper might have a better inkling as to what was going on there. My… focus was on something else when I woke up and I was trying my darndest to not think about it."

He takes another sip from the tea then sets the mug down, lest he add it to the shattered collections in Pepper's office.

"I honestly can't wait for JARVIS to recover, personally. Miss the fellah a ton." The portly fellow considers then rubs his temples a bit. "Sorry, bit of a headache coming on."


Peppers offer to have JARVIS chat with her, has Babs smiling broadly. "Oh, I fully understand, Miss Potts. I would like to chat with him some more though. Perhaps Cricket and I could converse too, reassure her I don't mean to poach?" This seems to be a familiar concept to the younger red head. Seeing Pepper pour herself tea, Babs flushes slightly "I'm so sorry, Miss Potts, I should have offered…."

As Jim mentions a headache, Babs looks to Pepper with a frown "Is this common, Mr Reha? If it is, it might be indicative of something more."

"The Atlantean thing… such bad business" Babs throws Rowan a smile "Did I tell you, Miss Potts, Rowan actually got me to swim with Dolphins?"

An alarm sounds from the arm of Babs chair, and the redhead draws forth her tablet and focusses for a few moments before looking at the group "Duty calls, I'm afraid… Would you mind terribly, if I had to leave, Miss Potts?"


"Ready to go?" Rowan stands up. He can take her back to Gotham… well, far quicker than a car that's for sure. "Thank's for inviting us Miss Potts." He glances out toward the ocean. "And I do hope the weather improves soon…"

Jim gets a smile. "Nice seeing you again. Whatever you and Babs are working on, good luck. Sounds complicated."


"Oh no, of course I don't mind, Barbara. If anyone understands about being on call twenty-four seven, I do. But don't think you're going to get away without telling me about the dolphins. I'm envious! Thank you so much for stopping by." She moves to stand when Rowan does, though she seemingly innocently puts a hand on Jim's shoulder to keep him from doing the same. "It was good to see you again, Rowan. Please do send my regards." Once the couple have departed, she'll give Jim a more scrutinizing look. "Why don't you go relax, Jim? And take tomorrow off, things are kind of slow right now with the communications problems. You should take advantage of that while you can." And if Mike is missing having Jim's help around his workplace, Pepper will send someone in Jim's place or if need be go cover his shift herself.


"I've only been having the bad ones since I woke up. It's not a hangover, either. I haven't had a drop to drink since getting shot." That he leaves for Barbara before the programmer departs.

"I… the work… the maps…"

He shakes his head a bit. "Going to get some sleep, Pepper, and… yeah, I think I'm calling in tomorrow…"

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