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March 02 2015: Not every kick ass blonde is the Partisan, but tell HYDRA that.

Metro Narrows Bridge

A city street near the highway from Metropolis to Gotham.



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Jericho hands the picture of a blonde young woman to Partisan as they walk down the Metro streets. "Almost thought that was one of yours there. It was mixed in with the file on you I pulled off one of the HYDRA networks. Don't think it is though. It's date tagged recently and you were in… er…" Jericho thinks for a long moment. "Pruor at the time, I believe. Kind of curious who it is they've got here that they think is 'The Partisan.'" He pauses glancing around and tracking cameras, looking for the woman he's tentatively identified as 'Dinah'. Cameras showed her in the area not too long ago…

Jericho wouldn't have to look very hard for Dinah, the sounds of a human bones snapping and trash cans being knocked around could be heard in an alleyway. A pair of men in cheap suits, the kind governments agents tend to wear are sprawled against the wall of the alley.

The blonde woman was standing over them, warning dangerously, "Next time, I won't be so gentle. Tell your boss I'm not interested." Dinah really should just have killed those Task Force X bastards, but it wasn't really her thing.

Partisan accepts the Photo with a raised eyebrow, before handing it back to Jericho. "Yeah ok, I sort've see the resemblance I suppose."Part's, well casual today. Riding casually aside Jericho on her skateboard, with her hands shoved into jacket pockets. There is a big backpack, but lets be honest she does blend in with just about every other skater this time of year. Well not that many are girls, but beyond that she looks as err..skatery as it gets. "Well we're not certain they don't still believe I'm like, an entire network you know." The sound of snapping bones though, well that gets her attention quickly enough. Offering Jerry a casual wave of the hand before dismounting and kicking her board up at the end of that alley where she pauses, rather than make the girl feel boxed in of course. "Evening there, we were just looking for you."

Jericho is in a plain grey shirt, jeans and a short leather coat. There's a case slung over his back, fairly large one too. But he looks normal… apart from the eyes glowing faintly in amusement as he examines Dinah's handiwork. "You wouldn't happen to be 'Dinah' would you now?" They had indeed been looking for her. How often is someone mistaken for The Partisan? Or at least, one of the Partisans.

Dinah snaps her fingers at the pair of beaten agents and motions to the exit of the alley, "Don't make me count to 3." The pair are warned, they don't need her to count, they just get the hell out of there.

"I think you already know the answer. So why don't you tell me who you are and we'll go from there." Dinah Drake, the woman better known as 'The Black Canary' smiled at Jericho and Partisan, taking the opportunity to size them up while she waited for a reply.

Once upon a time, pretty much every female revolutionary, mercenary, assasin, resistance fighter or terrorist was suspected of being a "Partisan" by the CIA at least. They still think she's a network, and well you really can't even blame them. Of course the NVA, the Russians and the various South American assholes she's fought over the years have all made very similar mistakes. So no, no this is absolutely not the first time she's met somone thought to be "a Partisan." Casually, Part ashes her cigarette before thumbing over to Jerry. "Good evening, I do apologize for my friend's distinct lack of manners. Hello how are you Miss, I'm the Mother Fucking Partisan. You know the wolf skull and everything, there are videos on the internet and everything very spooky I'm sure. Unfortunately it would appear that some third rate new world order jackasses have misidentified you. Namely they think you're me, and that does certainly complicate things are they're all brute force and civilian casualties. So I thought we might discuss the problem, and see if we can't find a resolution that works for both of us."

"What she said." Jericho chuckles. Partisans manners are distinctly old world which is one of the things he finds simultaneously endearing and terrifying about his best friend. Well, honestly, actually, most things about her are simultaneously endearing and terrifying. He puts his hands in his pockets and looks past Dinah to the folks she just beat up, running facial recognition while opening a few more search windows on the woman.

Jericho, being a man of seemingly amazing resources would probably find out the pair of goons Dinah had just finished clocking out for the evening worked with Task Force X who seemed to have an unhealthy interest in following her around. Of course, if Jericho had come this far, he could probably find out that Dinah had served as a member of Stormwatch's extremely dangerous and secretive Team 7 for many years.

"I've been used to people trying to kill me since I was a little girl. I don't see why I won't be able to deal with these assholes any differently." Dinah seems rather confident in her own abilities, then again she had reason to be. If she had heard of The Partisan she seems to give no hint of it, but she likely had.

Partisan shrugs "Because they really wouldn't flinch to use a chemical or radiological device to kill me, if they thought they knew where I was. The technical term for that would be a 'mass casualty incident', and well I'd rather avoid such things. They see you talk to somone, that person becomes a target for kidnapping and torture if not outright magical mind control. Trying to kill you is one thing, but they think they're dealing with me and they've already tried all the usual routes to get there."Part pauses, dropping one cigarette before snagging her next. "I don't know you, but i'm sure you can handle yourself. That isn't really my concern though, it's the health of everyone else."

"Except me." Jericho teases. Partisan is actually quite protective of the hacker. "Would you like to discuss this over coffee?" He tilts his head out of the alley. "Also do those people there need dealt with?"

The information on Dinah is noted. Interesting. Veteran, this one. He also comes from a black operations background though he doesn't usually advertise it. If things go south it tends to become fairly evident.

"You've piqued my interest. Coffee it is, but you're buying." Dinah gives a glance over her shoulder towards the fleeing men, "No. That would only provoke a bigger response and I'm not in the mood to deal with that and whatever this is at the same time."

A smile is flashed at Jericho, "Hey Tall, Dark and Mysterious. You still never gave a name."

Partisan reaches back to stuff her board in, why yes theres a sleeve just for this purpose. "Excellent, See this is why women do this kind've work so much better. We don't have to have some big dumb fight for no reason, no we can just go discuss this like adults over some coffee. "Elbowing Jerry firmly, before she steps away to start towards the nearest diner. "I am terribly sorry about this whole mess, I really don't wear the mask to be all secret squirrel and shit. I mean it's a gas mask, it does shit."

"Jericho Trent." The hacker replies as he stands aside, making room for Partisan to lead the way and Dinah to follow. Depending on how plugged into certain communities the blonde (the non werewolf one) is, she may know the name either as a soldier or a cybersecurity expert. He doesn't tend to be known as a hacker by that name and does a decent job keeping his private war with HYDRA out of the papers… huge incident in New York yesterday notwithstanding though that wasn't about him. "Just Jericho is fine, though. Do you prefer Dinah or Miss Drake?" See? He can be polite. Ish. Partisan gets a grin. He won't argue, partly because all the women in his life are scary, scary people.

Dinah definitely agreed with Partisan, giving her a brief nod, "See, this is why I don't wear a mask though, less chance of anyone mis-identifying me. I'm not sure why anyone gives a crap about identifying people like us when guys like Superman run around, but some people need a hobby."

"The name rings a bell and you can call me Dinah, since we seem to be friends." She follows the pair wherever they want to go, but she is still on her guard. If it was a trap, better to walk into it then have it hit you in the back of the head.

Partisan finds a cozy little diner, which is incidentally totally empty. "Well it's a practical consideration, I used to just use face paint back in the day. More for the psychological effect than trying to hide anything, you know give them something concrete to fear."She doffs her bag, before sliding into a booth just like that. "Then again I've also had tons of folks claim to be me when they ain't, the Iraqi's claimed I was working for them during desert storm. I'd have really fucked Saddam's day up for that, but I was sitting in solitary at the time."

Hopefully the name rings a bell in a good way. If not this could get very… um, interesting. Anyone who worked with Stormwatch is not to be underestimated, meta or no. "Also Partisan has been a major pain in these people's backsides so they have a vested interest in getting rid of her. Well, they think she's a group but you get the idea." He has too, but they already had a vested interest in getting rid of him. Yay him. Life is so annoying sometimes.

Dinah settles into the booth listening to Partisan's tale with interest, "Sounds like you've had your fair share of fun." Jericho she gives another once over before asking, "Who might these people be? I may have danced with them before."

"Hydra. I wasn't on such a short leash in the second world war, so I mean I did pretty horrible things to them. Shot down their aircraft, dumped several thousand pounds of explosives on their facilities and personal residences. I sunk their ships, I stole their prototypes, I put them in the ground faster than they could build cemetaries and I made it a point to let them know that I alone was the one responsible for this. Made sure every last asshole would know that one woman, and that the great mass of them couldn't do shit to even so much as slow me down."
Part pauses as a waitress wanders by "Three coffees, an ashtray and some space honey?"Offering the woman a fifty, which produces a wink and a off she goes for their coffee. Wonder what a little spare change can do right?
"Anyway I kept at it until about 47', but I had commies to worry about and I figured they were done for. Imagine my surprise when they turn up out of the blue about a year ago, they've apparently forgotten all about me. So I've been reminding them, and well they've gotten somewhat angry over the whole affair."Part lights up a fresh cigarette before slumping down comfortably.

By 'reminding them' Partisan means attacking them wherever they can be found. And Jericho's good at finding them and not too shabby and dealing with them himself. "They've been up to a couple things in recent years. The genocide in Syria last year was them. Disappearances in Central America are them too and they were the ones behind the Helicarrier incident yesterday. They're well resourced and not shy about coming after people. Not saying 'run, hide and don't look back' just yet. This is more of a… heads up."

Dinah had heard of HYDRA, but she had never to her knowledge tangled with them personally; as far as she knew they were just another bunch of Neo-Nazi wannabes, "I guess they're lucky they haven't annoyed Batman, coming into Gotham would be a quick way to do that." She was honestly surprised Batman tolerated her operating in the city.

"Got a way we can keep in touch if anything comes up? I'm happy to help take these creeps down, I'd rather get them before they get me."

"Gotham is no kill, Hydra are not no-kill sorts of fucks. If you run across them just drop us a line, Jerry will handle the details. I'm not lacking your capability sweetheart, but roll the numbers. The risk outweighs the reward here, you see them making moves you ring me. It's not your fight, it's ours. Until you want to pick up a gun and start filling body bags, thats the way it goes. This is war, not a police action."Part offers a smile, and a shrug. "If you see the wolf's skull, thats my mark."

"Also Hydra's the kind of group that has armies to waste on things they really want." And while Jericho is aware of what the people say the Bat does (the man, or woman behind the Bat is rather elusive and he's not bothered trying to track him or her down), he doesn't seem to have an army to hand. "I stomp down Snakes nests wherever I find them. That includes Gotham. So if you're working there, you may see me about. Or others. I know some have been mobilizing."

"I'm not a stranger to death, soldiers are different than petty thugs." Dinah finishes off her coffee and writes down her number on a napkin for the pair, "I'll keep in touch, try to do the same. I'm a pretty good dance partner, whether or not killing is involved."

Standing up from the booth, she flashes a winning smile, "Nice to meet the both of you, let's try to avoid having me mixed up for any of your other friends when this is sorted out."

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