What Makes Us Human?

March 2, 2015: Jericho checks in on Cricket after the HYDRA attack on the SHIELD Helicarrier (Backdated scene)

Crickets Apartment, Upper West Side - New York



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Jericho has some recovery to do after being tapped out, but that doesn't mean he isn't going to check in on his friends who were involved in the battle. The hacker arrives at Cricket's apartment at night and comes on in. The doorman doesn't stop him anymore and he only goes one place ever anyway. When the elevator opens into the penthouse he steps out and peers around. "Cricket?"

Having flown into her penthouse suite, the mechanical woman walks about her apartment. She sighs softly, her body language and tone of voice still as human as ever, as she waits for the vat to finish developing her skin. Her form is female in structure, two beams of light from her arc reactor on her chest. "Dr. Trent. Jericho. It's good to see you. Are you alright after that incident with the hydra?"

"Tolerable." The hacker's eyes glimmer as he watches robo Cricket and descends the steps. "I heard you got knocked around pretty hard and I'm glad to see you're up and operational." Beat. "How do you feel?"

Cricket's smile can be heard in her voice, though there is no other evidence of it. "I'm fully operational. Metal was there and helped to realign the loose connections from my fall. It seems there is a flaw in my combat protocols. I was designed to deal with one target, since I was created to primarily be an assassin. In, kill target and out. So, being attacked by four heads at once proved more then my program could handle. I have decided to rectify that error in my programming as soon as I am able." She closes the distance, scanning Jericho for any damage to his body or circuits.

There's not much physical damage to Jericho. Some burns from combat but not serious this time. The worst he's feeling is low on magic which always sends him a bit out of balance. Makes him act… different. Seems to emphasize parts of his personality that aren't normally in evidence. "Do you need help? I can work on that in a bit, if you like?" The hacker sits down on the couch and pats the seat next to him.

Sitting down beside Jericho, the robot looks at him with a total lack of emotion that is not evident in her voice. "I would really appreciate the help, Dr. I know that you have experience with multiple targets." She holds her hand up, skelotal and chromed. "Sorry I don't have any skin right now. If it was anyone other then you, I would be so mortified. Why is it that I don't mind you seeing me like this? So… naked?"

"Maybe because of a quirk in your programming." Jericho says with a smile, nodding to Cricket's request. "Or, perhaps you trust me not to be to worried about doubting your humanity because of this." He lifts a hand. "Do you mind?" He gestures at her arm. He's curious naturally, just because it's an aspect of the robot not often seen.

"That makes sense. You have taken the position of my creator, so it makes sense that I would not feel uncomfortable without my skin in front of you." She rests her head on his shoulder. "Well, I'm glad that you don't doubt it. I know I do when I look at myself like this." She holds up her own hand, taking his so he can look at the musculature of her carbon fibers and metal skeleton.

"If humanity isn't a matter of birth… and I don't think it entirely is, then I wouldn't doubt yours. I know some born humans that have become pretty damn inhuman. And I try not to think most days about how human I am." Though he regards himself as still more or less that. "But if it can be lost by those born with it, might not those born without find it?"

Cricket chuckles softly. "You always know exactly what to say to make me feel better. Your girlfriend is very lucky. If I was programmed for jealousy, I probably would be." She takes a deep breath, though she certainly doesn't need it. It's an affectation of her programming to make her seem human. "It is interesting. The dicotomy of my existance. The part of me that thinks of myself as human can feel one way while the part of myself that knows I'm not feels another. It is an interesting paradox."

Jericho runs a finger along the carbon fiber muscles and the skeleton. It's masterful work really. His eyes glimmer with interest as he examines the way her arm works before looking back up. "And how does that leave you feeling overall?" The notion of Illyana being the lucky one makes him chuckle a bit. He tends to think of it rather the other way 'round.

Cricket watches as Jericho fingers her 'muscles and bones', her interest more about studying his interest. "I feel confused sometimes. Like I am two people in one. And yet, it can be very freeing at times. Like my shopping habits. I know that it was a quirk that was programmed into me, that I could reprogram myself to stop it. But it is a flaw that makes me…. unique. How many shopaholic robots are out there?" Her head tilts to one side. "I am curious though about what will happen should MODOK ever show up. Do I fight with him or against him? Is he technically my brother?"

"Who?" Jericho's never heard of MODOK. "Flaws make us human yes." He ends his examination of Cricket and smiles up at her. "As to strengths. I'm glad you decided to come help today. It would have been much worse without you.. and going wasn't an entirely 'logical' decision either."

"SHIELD asked for help. I have the ability to do so, considering my ability to fly, my strength and my weapons. Also, if I could prevent a human life from being damaged by taking that damage onto myself, it would have been easy enough for me to repair myself from something that could easily have killed a human, so it was actually very logical." The way she bobs her metal head to one side, Jericho knows that if she had her skin right now, she'd be rolling her eyes. "Dr. Schodt was on the team to make him. They had creative differences. He believed that something as monstrous looking as MODOK wouldn't be an effective killer. MODOK. Mechanized Organism Designed for Only Killing. It was human. Once. I have much of the same technologies inside me, from when Dr. Schodt was a part of AIM."

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