Bamfed Briefing

March 02, 2015: The JL:A prepares for their Russian Mission and is joined by an unexpected guest.


A remote Russian airfield.



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Cold. Russian cold. Dark, Russian cold.

Once the Javelin hit Russian airspace, the team was in almost constant communication with the officials there. True to their word, landing instructions are given, and there's a small airfield outside of Povarovo, about 20 miles away from Moscow, that's been set aside for the team's use. Small concrete-bunker-style buildings dot the line of the airstrip; warmer than the sub-freezing temperatures outside. Each are lit with bulbs that burn brightly against the seemingly constant darkness (even if it's not always dark!), and one of those buildings is set aside specifically for the team to gather.

It's in this building, then, that maps are provided, some food that consists of Russian black bread, cheese, a samovar in the corner, and some meat. The maps on the table are all in Russian, but all the basics are there if compared with something off a GPS satellite.

"Right," Hawkeye's got what few notes he's been able to gather, along with printouts of the chatter about the 'mysterious' place that's been all over the web. "Colonel Supranovich has been kind enough to lend us a couple of vehicles. Figure first, interview a few of the townspeople, see what's really going on?"

Kara wasn't cold but that didn't stop her from wearing a fur-lined parka and other cold weather gear over her costume just so she could fit in with everyone else. She ignores the food given how unappetizing it looks, a curious expression on her youthful face as she listens to the plan.

"Soo, since I'm not really much of an investigator type and I don't speak Russian." Kara also manages to think about how little she wants to learn before continuing, "Want me to maybe fly around maybe go check out a hole or two? I could take Steve with me in case I get in trouble."

Steve Rogers, Captain America, the Sentinel of Liberty, looks down over the map as he takes an inward breath. Blue eyes leap from point to point as he stays quiet for a long moment. His mouth opens abruptly, but he does not talk immediately. Instead, his eyes trail towards Hawkeye and linger there before he speaks.

"What's your read on this Barton?" Rogers asks in a low tone. "Historically the Russians are not open to much collaboration outside their borders, much less inside. It seems odd."

Steve turns to look at Kara, but doesn't immediately respond. He's not sure whether that's a good idea or not and it doesn't seem like it is his call to make.

Shayera didn't much know these people. Didn't trust them as far as she could throw them. Mostly due to lack of communication on her part, being apart of something bigger always calls to one of the birds and yet she was not with her own. Fine with her. She didn't need them anyways, just like she didn't need the cold that currently threatens to shake her bones. Thick cloth, at least, was wrapped around limbs that fall prey to the winter, wings occasionally shivering once she finds herself relaxing, only to tense up again to keep them still.

The food was briefly picked at, sniffed, smeared along the tips of her fingers and dropped aside with little regard to the mess that she makes, taking a liking to the salted meat that was offered and chewed upon with bulging cheeks. She keeps herself in the back, away from the main riffraff who offer to scout and other things just to observe.

Shayera's a real team player. That ol' gal.

Diana is present, and in this case not as an agent but in her renown Wonder Woman regalia, something that perhaps will assuage any ill thoughts on behalf of the people in this country, but also let it be known that this whole thing is serious business. Though it does not take her presence alone for that to be known, others that are ambassadors in their own right stand around this table, though cerulean gaze does not yet rise to them, having spent most of her time in a silence, one that comes further with the presentation of the maps.

Translating is the easy part for her, but as Hawkeye inquires, she nods. "Hopefully they are compelled for the truth on their own volition, it is not uncommon for fear to be a token silencer." Truth is the one weapon Diana has and can easily compel, but hopefully force wont need to be utilized.

Glancing back at Shayera while her hand withdraws from the map she waits for anything else to be released before they leave the bunker.

Not too far away from the airport in question sits a tiny figure, hidden within the darkness with his eyes narrowed in suspicion. The model of craft which comes in next, the clearance which it is given upon landing, it all speaks of something greater about to take place. Something not of the norm.

Moments later this same figure is just outside of the hangar, peering in through one of the few grimy window which the hangar has to offer. Ever suspicious, though also curious. What's going on here, then..?

"No, I've got someone in mind to do some research up there. That's secondary," Hawkeye doesn't look up from the map in the answer. It's the ground, the topographical information that he's actually the most interested. Russians aren't known for wanting to share maps, even, and this bit of a find is a treasure trove. "We'll be calling Mockingbird in for that." He pauses for a moment before he adds, more to himself than outwards, "She volunteered."

Blue eyes lift to Cap and Hawkeye nods his head ever so slightly. "Yeah, I know. Something has them spooked too. And with all the stuff that they're dealing with, I think they're doing the old 'we'll follow -you- in' like a little kid hiding behind their bigger brother." Which is strange when one is dealing with Russia. But, the country is steeped in folklore, and outside the cities, they're still superstitious folk. Baba Yaga and all.

"And when there are reports about strange fog and a 90 minute bug-out?"

Hawkeye cants his head sideways to listen, or rather more to it, watch Wonder Woman speak, and he nods his head. "It probably depends on who they're more afraid of, honestly." Shayera is still an unknown, met only once before. Since then? Nothing that he's heard. But, Barton's not going to close the door on help, or rather, someone who professes to want to be part of the nascent team.

Kara shrugs her shoulders when her offer to do something is declined, "Fine.".

Diana and Shayera are total unknowns to her and so she decides to settle her curiosity upon them; having never seen either woman around before today. They may even notice her staring.

Steve sits back in his chair, unsatisfied by Barton's explanation. He tears a piece of the bread off with his forefingers and pops it into his mouth as his eyes stay on the map. When Diana speaks, his eyes turn towards her, but then back to the map.

It was possible that Shayera was the odd man out when it came to sitting at a round table of JL:A knights; she remained standing (with the assumption that everyone sat), not out of sheer anonymity, but there was nary a chair that fit well with the wings that were upon her back. Lest she break custom and get them all kicked out by damaging a chair so that she could relax, she fared better standing.. or flying.

The map was studied, the piece of meat she chewed upon tossed aside as she backs away from the table, her hand drawn up a little into a fist as her glance falls upon Diana and then Kara.

Who was staring.

That was creepy.

She opens her mouth wide, her tongue stuck out to show the chewed up meat resting there, then snaps it right back to continue chewing, Hawkeye's words drawing a little smirk upon her features. "Kiski." She mutters towards Diana, then breaks out into a small little chuckle.

Stepping back from the table, her eyes finally sweep over the group. She knows of Captain America, it is hard not to. Hawkeye by current work alone with the merging of SHIELD and the former JLA. Hawkgirl… Let's just say she has hope! The rest she has taken to observing, dealings in Themyscira having reached a bit of a lull, but only because mentally she has put it there, not because her people have allowed her to. The tactical aspect of this seemingly is in Hawkeye's hands and he has laid everything out, though much to the chagrin of the team - making the point moot.

Standing back now, bracered arms fold over her chest that bears the breastplate of a hawk upon red reinforced bodice, now wandering in thought she stops on the window. "As it seems, you have this planned out Hawkeye, let us know where we fit…. Especially that one." A tilt of her head to the silhouette at the window.

Shayera's word gets a purse of Diana's lips in her direction. "Not all are raised warriors."

Person, person, person, person, person-


A dark-hued and foul-smelling cloud of smoke suddenly appears in the middle of the table with a prolonged *Bamf!* Two of them, actually. Back to back, happening so quickly that it's more of a split-second mid-teleport pit-stop than an actual landing then departing.

A hunk of cheese is now missing, as well.

It would be easy to miss the last report from the small creature's teleportation, happening in the very same instant further within the hangar and from up above. A puff of smoke, then nothing at all. Nothing more than a small blue creature half-hidden beneath a thick Russian rabbit-fur hat with a piece of cheese halfway stuffed into its gaping maw.

"Sorry, sorry…" It's hard to hear the apologies over the snow outside as Kate drags herself into the building, bundled up heavily and carrying an extra bag of equipment. "Wanted to make sure we had the tracker tips." She flashes a grin, then pulls off the top of her heavy mittens, showing fingerless gloves beneath as she comes closer to get a look at the map. "Just in case. I figured we're dealing with radio frequencies, so maybe having something in the same family would be useful. What's up?"

"It'll come, Kara. Promise. Then you can go spelunking. We'll need all hands and eyes on this one. Friendly faces.

Clint's sure that not everyone is happy; it's cold. Food sucks. But what else is new, really? "Half can hit the village, if we want to split. Other half we can explore the outer perimeter of the place. See if there's any residuals for the fog."

Straightening from his lean, Clint catches the staring going on at the table and clears his throat. "C'mon guys. Stay with me here."

The vote of support from Wonder Woman brings a brief smile to the archer's face. This doesn't get old. Captain America AND Wonder Woman. "Two teams, then. Constant communication, that way if the village team catches something the bunker team should know, or the other way around?" Time could be saved. His words slow and he pauses, nodding his agreement with Diana's quiet admonishing-sounding words. "Everyone's got a part."

Kate's entrance is noted, but the little- thing that appears and is gone brings Clint's pistol out of his holster, ready to track the creature. "What the-"

"Kate!" Kara can hardly hide her excitement when the other woman arrives, likely interrupting something important with her unnecessary calling out to Kate. Noticing all of the extra gear, she offers, "Want me to give you a hand with that?" Not that it would be any effort at all for her to lug it around.

Since she has no clue who Shayera and Diana are she introduces herself, "I'm Kara Zor-El, it's nice to meet the both of you." Then there's some kind of weird teleporty thing in the hangar which causes her to mutter in Kryptonian, "<What in Rao's name?>"

"I'll volunteer for the perimeter," Captain America says. He's not sure what his presence might bring in the village, and he's also not sure how much following he would have in a country that probably spit at his image for 40 some years. He gives Kate a nod as she enters and begins to eat the food a bit more earnestly now since it seems as though things will be moving shortly.

Diana's words to her causes her to frown deeply; as if the thought itself were truly troubling. People of this terra were made from squish. She wanted to break them and rebuild them into constructs of stone. At least to further her own goals.. wink wink hint.

All further words and introductions were tossed right out of the window in Shayera's mind, the smell first hitting her nose as it wrinkles, her body soon turning to the table to point and snare the meat that she had eaten to bring to her nose a sniff.

But yet, the puffs of smoke gain her attention, the missing cheese, her eyes darting around the room as she takes a few steps back, following her own lead with a withdrawal of an Nth-metal rod which hums to life; an arch of electricity passing through the top.

She's already in a place she doesn't like, surrounded by people with whom she doesn't know who stares, more people entering with big bags of things that could possibly make them all go boom and this:

"Kill it with fire." She intones. It seemed to be the only way.

Wonder Woman nods towards Captain America, looking towards Hawkeye then. Perhaps she would have better luck with the villagers. "I will go in town…"

But it is all brought to a pause, not by the entrant that uses the door, it is apparent she is known amongst the others, it is the clouds of smoke followed by a foul smell, followed until the resting form is taken in with a tilt of her head.

A brow perks and she shifts her gaze back to Hawkeye who seems to be in the similar unknowing position as the rest of them. Perhaps it is one of the native fauna/lore-folk, and before extending a hand in violence she speaks in Russian to the bamfing creature. "<Can we help you?>"

Forget even speaking further on the mission at hand, unless this proves to not be a spy…

In Soviet Russia… (Plug the rest here.)

When someone below says 'kill it with fire' there's yet -another- *bamf!* Before the smoke can clear a hunk of cheese with a large bite out of it thunks back down to the table. Hawkeye's going to feel a few extra pounds weighing down on his sidearm as well, with something whip-like twined around his wrist.

Just as soon as the fog starts to clear there's two glowing yellow slits staring at Shayera, hidden behind a small pair of makeshift goggles. The expression comes complete with bared teeth, which includes four cute little fangs.


A moment later the creature's head twists about, staring at Hawkeye. Narrowed eyes quickly widen as the blue gremlin recognizes his face. "Bamf!"

In another instant he's leaping away from Clint's arm and latching onto the sides of his head until they're nose-tip to nose-tip. Here is where a string of completely incomprehensible chatter begins, all based off of the same peculiar word.

"Hey, Kara," Kate grins to the other girl, shaking her head at the offer. "I'm good, I've got- Whoa, okay, maybe something a little bit between doing nothing and kill it with fire, yeah?" She looks between Shayera and Clint, quirking a brow in Cap's direction. He's Captain America, of course he'd know what's going on here.

In the meantime, she moves to drop the bags in a safe, out of the way place before shedding a couple more layers. "I don't speak Russian, but I do good harmless. I can go wherever you need me, Clint."

And then there's a thing on Clint's face, and she pauses, brows rising. "Smells like Henson," she says, stepping forward to try to tap at the back of the bamf on Clint's face. "Did someone call Illyana?"

Clint catches the acknowledgments and the offers of where they'll go from Kara, from Cap. Both are fine! Even Wonder Woman's offer of the village works for him. With pistol out, and he's tracking, he nods distractedly. "I'll take whoever is left with me."

In the next second, the blue fuzzy creature lands on his pistol hand, and he can feel the tail wrapping about his wrist like a little cable. Clint only gets the chance to shake his hand a couple of times to try and extricate the little thing before it pulls something very much out of the movie Alien and hugs his face. "What the — " Whatever else he's saying or would say is muffled. "What.." The chattering, that's not so familiar. The blue —

"Oh .. geez. It's…" Now, Clint tries to peel the imp from his face, all while talking. "Did anyone ever meet the girl that looks sorta like that…" thing? "She…" What was her name? "Uh…"

Kara looks on curiously at the situation, teasing Clint, "Hey Clint, I think it really likes you." She doesn't bother to help him out in removing the little imp-type creature known as Bamf, it was far more entertaining this way.

Captain America frowns at these creatures who come in and run amok. He gives a look toward Diana, who seems to be handling the situation. He stays quiet, eyes flickering across the room, eager to actually get to work.

Yeah. Any attempts at rebutting Shayera was lost. On most days, Shayera could hardly ever bear to listen to Diana, which led to fights more often than not. Imagine taking on a crew of Amazons and getting torn down for it. Valkyrie swine.. not!

She possibly was the only one who saw that she had a voice of reason in this entire hangar, her eyes flitting from one to the other, her gaze growing more and more trepid until the thing forms with little goggles and decides to.. hiss.

It's on.

That rod soon shuts down from it's Nth'ly grace, soon flipped not once, but twice within her grasp, clutched hard with a white knuckled grip as her hand draws back to launch that piece of metal right towards the face that the *bamf* lands upon.

Kill it with fire? No one liked that idea.

But she was sure that the masses would enjoy 'Beat it til it bleeds'.

Diana is already in business mode. A small remote is in her hand as her attire ripples, shifts with the inducer, changing from the star spangled to that of red and silver of the Red Sun. This tribble with appendages is getting a scrutinizing gaze but Hawkeye seems to be getting its endearments and when he pulls it aside there is no blood.

This leaves Diana a split second to act as Hawkgirl springs into motion, many a rounds in the arena at the Themyscira House giving them time to know what the other is about to do. To to toe, blow to blow when that rod is released from her fingers towads the bamf and Clint's face her hand snaps out, at first bare and bracered, now gloved in a silver gauntlet lined in red. Cerulean gaze a storm as eyes narrow and the Nth stick is held at arms length.

"We have work to do." Heading for the door of the bunker she seeks to go mingle amongst the people and see what she can gather, obviously taking Shayera with her, flicking her Nth-metal rod back to her with an over-the-shoulder toss.

When something starts tapping the blue critter's back its head snaps around, about to take a bite out of Kate's finger. It just might have as well, if not for that question. Instead its head cocks to one side, one eye larger than the other, asking "Bamf?" as if it's saying 'really?' It all happens right in time to see something flying toward the air at-


Both critter and Hawkeye vanish in another poof of smoke, complete with customary rotten egg smell. They both appear in the same instant, three feet further away from the ..crazy..masked..lady. Who is, fortunately, being intercepted by one of their own.

Once more no warning is given before the creature jumps back to the table, scurrying about on all fours while very quickly examining the map which the group has laid out. Enough time is permitted to narrow its eyes in thought before looking back up to the group of people all gathered within the hangar, pivoting about until its had a chance to look at them all. (And looking warily at Shayera almost the entire time.) It would appear that the archer guy has some friends. Capable looking friends, at that. And perhaps just slightly blood-thirsty.

The discarded hunk of cheese gets reclaimed by the creature's tail without another thought, absently chomping another piece out of it while working out a question which so frequently comes up within the lives of these little guys.

How the -heck- is Larry going to ask for their help?

Hawkeye's question comes to the rescue. Larry's attention snaps right back to the archer for a second. Frowning. Thinking.

Doing an about-face he instead runs back over to Kate, promptly stealing her phone right out of her jacket pocket.

He returns to the center of the table with it, jabbing at the device until he can get to a keypad. Then he dials out the tone for 'Help Me, Rhonda.'

That accomplished, he sits back and gently clears his throat before responding to Clint's question in a high pitched, somewhat nasal sounding voice.


"Hey!" But there are people - and bamfs - much faster than Kate in the room, so there's no need for her to do anything about the flying rod. "Okay, we haven't met yet, but you-" And then she stops, taking a deep breath and forcing it out slowly. "Whatever," she mutters instead, turning back toward the map and the explanation from the little blue dude.

"No, sure, it's cool, you can use my phone." She leans down to try to get a look at the phone, squinting at the creature. "TJ?"

As Ozymandias comes up to meet the rest of the group, he is speaking on his encrypted communication line, "Thank you for letting me know about this. Just follow what we discussed, and the problem should be resolved. Yes, I will check in on Matvei, before I depart. Now, do not try to access this communication line again. I will contact you.

Ozymandias is able to read Hawkeye lips, "It doesn't matter to me. Bunker or village. I …" Ozymandias pauses as he watches the little creature play with Hawkeye, "This seems like a private conversation. We can speak later."

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